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I have not seen a post with shark pictures, so I just start one ^ ^
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Can we start a messy pic thread?


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furries are disgusting queers, that should be shot.
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LOL I love when people make an account on a website just to cry about the stuff on that site. try hard troll much?


You know.... I wonder... If the guy began this thread with those words, "Furries are disgusting queers..." Why use a photo of a guy with a t-shirt reading, "Humanity is Overrated"? That sort of counters their view... XD

Also... has anyone heard.... that the bird is the word...
Well, Bird, Bird, Bird... Bird is the Word... oh well, Bird, Bird, Bird, Bird is the Word... <sings as annoyingly as Peter Griffin>


... make an account? on a chan?

are you eating stupid pills?

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A lovely femme filly: meet Mariette McCain.


File: 138100836151.jpg (834.62 KB, 1696x2075, Lindsey&amp;Nina'svalentin….jpg) Google iqdb

And here are her stepdaughters: the sensuous Lindsey McCain and cute, little Nina McCain.


wow, that's the absolute worst attempt at furry art i've ever seen


try tracing the body, you'll have better results.


yeah i mean if you're not going to take the time to learn how to actually draw at least trace photos like everyone else


Those breasts are worse than mine! And I suck at drawing breasts!

File: 138100977544.jpg (1.12 MB, 1696x2075, Lindsey&amp;Nina'svalentin….jpg) Google iqdb


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so who the hell made this?


this is so hot.

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Hello there! Recently my old computer's hard drive decided to fry, and I hadn't backed it up a few days after I found a picture that I really enjoyed. I do believe that it was a Tsampikos picture, but I can't find it! It was with a girl that resembled a white haired Mikhaila or Mara, bent over a table in a sweater vest, giving oral to someone, and she was looking up at the viewer. If anyone has that picture please post it here! I'm trying to re-build my collection that I lost off that old hard drive. Help a fella out please!

Also, just for the hell of it. A picture. No thread is complete without em!


ooooh- i want this too.


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Bump again



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someone can post more of them?

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