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here's a picture i drew for my best furiend "ALEX HUSKY",commission art as a bithday present


any one like this art work?


no, you can't draw at all. you should work on it for a few years before you go polluting the internet with your creations


It's actually not half bad. The nose and a little bit of the face should be worked on. I'd say continue practicing and use other art for reference if needed and you will become very talented


Is that a pig?


Some bats have weird noses. It's NOT half bad, I've seen far worse. Yeah, you need some word. Ignore Mr. Anon up there, who demands only top-quality art on his personal internet.


You drew tis for alax HUSKY?
not rude... but.
i can´t see what this is.
it looks like a bat to me.
supposed to be a husky?


But it's an utterly adorable bat, in their slightly deformed way.


Not bad, but not great either.
Nobody can do a amazing picture first time.
Like 760 said, use other pictures as references.
I tried to draw the pictures of others to the best of my ability without tracing and it did help by being a sort of frankenstein.
Use the hands from this artist, eyes by that guy, hair and ears by her and eventually you can do a dam fine picture!

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