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Hey everyone. I decide to make a new Male Furry on Humane Female/Woman thread. However, since the last one filled up so quickly, I decide to make two separate ones so they can last longer. This is the SFW (Safe For Work) thread.

Now, not just human women can go hear as well, but images featuring very human like characters, such as elves or neko characters. Hope you enjoy!


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Love these two XD


File: 136560872766.jpg (285.37 KB, 537x758, 5318954.jpg) Google iqdb

Perhaps a little NSFWish, but it is rather cute. XD


File: 136560880257.jpg (735.93 KB, 614x768, 24851822.jpg) Google iqdb

There are alot of pictures of these two 0_o


File: 136560883753.jpg (185.18 KB, 600x852, 21143858.jpg) Google iqdb

D'awww XD


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