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So, about a week ago, I finally found out how to draw furry art, and I want the public's judgement on it, or critiques. Any comment will do, And I know I need to change the color scheme of the guy in purple... It doesn't look right to me.


you shouldn't try to skip straight to drawing complicated things like human(ish) bodies.

art is a skill just like any other, it's not something you're born with or not. some people have a natural talent but anyone who studies and works hard can learn.

it would be much better in the long run if you start with the basics and practice, practice, practice to develop the right skills

if you just try to imitate other people's stuff without understanding it you'll be practicing bad habits and cripple your development.


i highly recommend a book called Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain. it's written by a very intelligent woman and it explains how to train yourself much better than i could

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