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I'm trying to improve my art, canI please have some pointers, that and I want to get my stuff out there, and might as well try here


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Shading and more detailing. Detailing first.


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o thamks, any ideasonhow to do more detailing? also the first two pics are kinda old. this is on of newer ones


Detailing first? Don't listen to that :•
Work on the sketches first.
Its te bones of your skeleton (drawing)
Sketch what you want to draw mirror it once to look if it looks ok. Be careful for the lengths of the arms and legs.
If you can handle the sizes and such.
I would suggest to look at some more expression in your characters/ how you want to put them in your drawing (pose) and start playing with the colors and details.
Maybe you seen my art on this website/ banners.
But remember that is just a style of drawing, not many detail and such, don't link those tips to what I drew on this site my tips here is more for traditional art.
Besides that, nice gowing!


ok, thanks so much :3 i'll work on that and hopefully i wont suck as much lol


>i wont suck as much lol
You mean Trollwololf?


NO! i ment I as me wont suck as much, i love trollwolf's stuff :3


based on what we have here (and im not artist or judge) with a bit more time your gonna draw damn well


thank u very much anonymous! U made my day today :3


When i saw the starter pic, i was instantly amazed.
As someone who comes below your grade of art, i have very little advice.
My only advice is shading, but Trollwololf kinda says no.


thank you so much too stickdude32, i really appreciated the comment and advice, iv worked alil more on anatomy, the starter picture is from about 2 years ago, and i do need to shade more,thank u again deary :3

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