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Someone uploaded a link to the first episode of this in the furry screenshots thread in the old clean archive.


He said he was uploading the rest. Can anybody give me a link to them?

Also, if you were the guy who uploaded them, GET IN HERE!

There is an episode called "No Man's Land" seems to be of some significance, as it's in Google's search suggestions. Furries might like to check that one out.



I am that guy, and I am reminding, that the show is dubbed in Russian; unless you know the language, you are screwed. A curious situation, since the show was a US/France co-production.

Anyway, episode 2:


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i fund waldo trape in the boxes

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So, about a week ago, I finally found out how to draw furry art, and I want the public's judgement on it, or critiques. Any comment will do, And I know I need to change the color scheme of the guy in purple... It doesn't look right to me.


you shouldn't try to skip straight to drawing complicated things like human(ish) bodies.

art is a skill just like any other, it's not something you're born with or not. some people have a natural talent but anyone who studies and works hard can learn.

it would be much better in the long run if you start with the basics and practice, practice, practice to develop the right skills

if you just try to imitate other people's stuff without understanding it you'll be practicing bad habits and cripple your development.


i highly recommend a book called Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain. it's written by a very intelligent woman and it explains how to train yourself much better than i could

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i'm lookin for a show which use to be on either CBBC or CITV.The show is about a human buy who is chosen to be part or a team to help save the galaxy. the team consists of a superhero from the 9th dimension, a robot and a pair of alien twins called twoforonean's. can anyone help me find this show.

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So the world is going to end afterall

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Can someone give me a nice picture of a male furry im looking for to show someone... Here is what i need, get as close as you can to getting these please... Thank you guys =D

-Black fur with grey
-Blue eyes
-Full body shown in picture
-Male please

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Anyone have any furry books/novels that they like? What are some books that you recommend to others? Be sure to mention if the books are clean, adult, straight, gay, or whatever if needed.

"Scars" is an Ironclaw novel by Ted MacKinnon. It stared as a pretty slow and cliche fantasy novel, but totally turned around and surprised me at the end. It also isn't filled with a bunch of sex stuff that is far too prevalent among furry books in my opinion.

So, what have you read?


Not sure if this fits since some of the characters aren't furries (it's about 50/50 so far), but I think Forest Keep is a pretty good one:


It's a work in progress, and it hasn't been published as an actual book yet. Chapters 1-47 are available for download from the archive as a PDF file, chapter 48 is on the Current Chapter page, and 49 and 50 (as well as all the previous ones) are posted on FA and sofurry.com under the username "shimrod".

There are a few sex scenes, but they're presented in a tasteful manner (in my opinion). Also, while some of those scenes (particularly the first ones for the various couples) are vital to the plot, they aren't the main focus of the story. Instead, it mainly revolves around the romance between the couples and the resulting clash of cultures/species.


PS: aside from the fan art, there aren't any illustrations


Forests of the night, or any of the four books related to the Moreau series by S. Andrew Swann. its mroe furry than it has right to be and features a fair bit of implied and lightly explore human/furry furry/furry love making. a good series that never got more attention. Nohar remains a favorite for furry characters.



I personally like most of the Redwall series, just because of its dialogue. And that's regardless of the furries in it.



I have read most of this books here The Human Memoirs, Light on Shattered Water, Storms Over Open Fields, Lies in Red Leaves. they are very good books, and you can download it to your computer as well free. there are a bunch of furry books on amazon as well now, even some for kindle.

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I'm looking for some good furry wallpapers. Preferably female, but as long as they are hot.
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But I don't use a Samsung. I have an iPhone. :P


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Dr. Comet is the best!

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I think I'm gonna get banned for this, but if I don't, please, post things like that, I like it


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But if you don't like your planet, you're out of luck. For now...

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