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File yafseg.swf - (286.63KB , 650x530 )
4993 No. 4993 ID: 11b386
Last fall there was a thread here where someone posted a short arena type text based flash game that I made. I decided to take a new stab at it and make a new more optimized and faster version.

This is an early and very unfinished alpha of my game, so it probably has a lot of bugs and improper texts. I've also ran out of ideas for texts so any help with writing or bug tracking would be appreciated.

Hopefully someone will enjoy this. Let me know.
>> No. 5002 ID: f765e2
Hey, I remember Fusega! I did like that a bit. I'm a bit disappointed that you don't have sheep in this one, though.

If you're taking bugs, if you select any species and return to the main menu, then you get turned into a raccoon when you continue the game.
>> No. 5012 ID: 7ae2e1
I like the way this is lookin'. If this carried on longer and got bigger than the other game I think you'd have quite a li'l piece there, sir ;O
>> No. 5013 ID: 7ae2e1
Oh and as for bugs...

- Whether or not a character is masochistic is not maintained through saves
- One of the Prowler moves (where they start fappin' everybody else) is a bit broken in 1v1 situations... description-wise, at least
- When someone is pounced and manages to break free, it says the pouncee releases the pouncer, rather than the other way around
>> No. 5020 ID: 83d364
Sometimes a female character will grind "his" butt against the opponent.
>> No. 5022 ID: b5be68
>Kaitlyn reports to the admins that texts are missing for attack with mainType:4, subType:11 miss:false

>> No. 5041 ID: 7ae2e1
I also notice that, at least in a 3v3 game, the enemies all tend to pile on me ... virtually all the time.
>> No. 5083 ID: aef453
Still looking forward to the next update of this, and you haven't put this version on your FA yet it seems, not even in scraps. Anything holding up development?
>> No. 5092 ID: d901a8
The idea is nice, though the battle itself looks kinda overextended for me.
Maybe I`ll borrow some ideas...
>> No. 5130 ID: e7ff69
I remember the old game, still have the alpha somewhere

I liked the idea then and i still like it now, i noticed how the possibility to make custom match is not present however, loved that option

What is amiss, right
1) Need a trait screen and toll tips on the difference of character classes when i make a new avatar
2) The possibility of seeing firsthand the hit calculation the game make, it would also help you during debug

As for suggestion, well i would like to choose how to punish my opponent when the text will be there and maybe gaining traits dependent on my choice as well, in time

It would also be interesting the possibility to chose where my stat points are allocated, let's say i gain 2 points per level, the first it's automatically spent based on my class but i would like to chose where the other is spent

Gaining feat every 3-4 levels? Dependents on class and maybe reputation or something

Also what kind of written scene would you like to receive for this game? And where to send them?

Also there will be race specific win and loss scene? Post an example scene of sort, so we'll know how the scene must should written
>> No. 5132 ID: aef453
The scenes and such can be sent to www.furaffinity.net/user/hoiah . There's a guide in one of the journals for how to write them in the game's format, I believe.
>> No. 5150 ID: bd00a2
File dagobah_nazi_kitty.swf - (267.72KB , 278x300 )
>> No. 5158 ID: 11e432
I don't get it, the game needs more nazi goosestepping? Less goosestepping? A impressive nazi goosestepping breakdown where hitler and goebbels lay it out funky fresh style?
>> No. 5292 ID: a771d0
So anything new about this game?
>> No. 5404 ID: aef453
Seems like Hoiah's disappeared from the internet, no sign of any activity from them since their posting the game here, and their furaffinity is still only updated to the previous version, in scraps. I'd bet on Maskopatol (Ball Brawl creator) to put out a new game before Hoiah shows any signs of life, myself, since he's finished college recently and subsequently has much more time.
>> No. 5432 ID: 11b386
I'm not dead yet, been working on a game in Second Life that took off like crazy.

I'm torn between working on this game after I'm finished, or making some sort of strip game where players can upload pics and clothing layers of their characters and fight other players or NPCs.
>> No. 5434 ID: b655e4

What kind of game in Second Life? :o
>> No. 5443 ID: aef453
Well butter my biscuits, I lost that bet fast. I'd definitely be most interested in seeing this game continue than the uploadable-image game, as I feel the latter would have its success hinge entirely on whether or not artists actually decided to draw stuff for it. Meanwhile, YAFSEG just needs some nicely-written text to resolve the missing things for a minimal update, or perhaps some sort of championship/story/somethinglikethat mode for a larger one. Either way though, I'd selfishly prefer anything not Second Life, as I haven't touched it in years and wouldn't go back to it if I was paid to.
>> No. 5527 ID: d9e471
I agree, what game are you working on? I'd like to give it a try
>> No. 5794 ID: 11b386
Ok so reporting in 3 monts later, but I finally have it polished enough for everyone to play.

Here's a demo video of that project:
>> No. 5813 ID: 1add39
No console commands available?
>> No. 5868 ID: 57198b
Please continue this, I loved FuSeGa
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