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File 130459431669.jpg - (126.49KB , 644x519 , untitled.jpg )
13 No. 13 ID: 794827
Post your M/M content here!
Please feel free to add a basic description of what's contained in the flash, especially if any hard fetishes are involved.
Expand all images
>> No. 15 ID: d30a41
File m_1225757459639_animation12.swf - (9.37MB , 800x600 )
>> No. 16 ID: d30a41
File m_1278982595186_chacomics_yiffspin_soundfix.swf - (213.84KB , 176x140 )
>> No. 144 ID: ec0d7c
File Renomons_table.swf - (5.58MB , 608x376 , Renomons table.swf )
Two male renamon fuck on a table until the sub has a hands-free orgasm.
>> No. 221 ID: 3309f4
File Cum_test_dragons.swf - (8.27MB , 640x480 , Cum test dragons.swf )
Two male dragons look at smut on the computer, decided to have more fun by playing with eachother.
>> No. 222 ID: 3309f4
File donamer.swf - (9.54MB , 1000x800 )
Red dragon fucks white coon critter's ass.

Much sound.
>> No. 680 ID: 1a2085
Do you have the other ones made by the same person?
>> No. 681 ID: 1a2085
File Renamons_couch.swf - (8.39MB , 640x480 )
Two male renamon where one gives a blowjob to the other.
>> No. 711 ID: 198537
File 1218547697_snork12_sofa.swf - (4.96MB , 640x480 )
>> No. 778 ID: 3b7609
File 1214856728_h0rs3_kipfox.swf - (4.96MB , 640x480 )
the flash that the thumbnail in >>13 is from
I'm surprised it wasn't already here
>> No. 880 ID: 9e5056
File eviltoboezx1.swf - (8.95MB , 512x384 )
>> No. 896 ID: ebbf97
Bro, but it's bestiality...
>> No. 1045 ID: 872f3b
>> No. 1512 ID: e32d5e
>> No. 1513 ID: 9e5056
File wolfhorse1.swf - (7.76MB , 512x380 )
>> No. 1695 ID: 7619de
File 65.swf - (56.51KB , 500x400 )
>> No. 1696 ID: 7619de
File 133.swf - (43.00KB , 550x400 )
>> No. 1697 ID: 7619de
File 1203142912_onta_devinicon2.swf - (20.46KB , 500x500 )
>> No. 1698 ID: 7619de
File 1203378301_onta_devin4.swf - (78.56KB , 200x300 )
>> No. 1699 ID: 7619de
File 1203385591_onta_devin2.swf - (35.57KB , 400x600 )
>> No. 1700 ID: 7619de
File 1203520214_onta_devin2_02.swf - (246.88KB , 400x600 )
>> No. 1701 ID: 7619de
File 1252182172_onta_frontpage.swf - (138.43KB , 500x500 )
>> No. 1702 ID: 7619de
File 1261471307_onta_index.swf - (625.08KB , 800x800 )
>> No. 1703 ID: 7619de
File HB_O_AN_0003.swf - (150.49KB , 400x400 )
>> No. 1797 ID: 8061b0
Does anyone remember the name of that game where you played as a panda whose plane crashed on an island, and he got amnesia. I think there was a minigame where you had to cut down trees for money while an angel and demon flew around the screen or something.
>> No. 1798 ID: f96e7b

Chub-Pan. http://bigfingers.ca/
>> No. 1878 ID: 327bd7

heard that this game is getting some new features in it. Can't wait to see the other version of it.
>> No. 1880 ID: 109abd
File hammytoy_lex_rims.swf - (2.38MB , 960x540 )
>> No. 1900 ID: e9271c
Is there any more gargoyles? I'd love to see more
>> No. 1935 ID: d30a41
File yfopornoo.swf - (589.99KB , 400x225 )
>> No. 1951 ID: 97df89
FYI the file name should be UFO pornoo. He sounds like Finnish
>> No. 1968 ID: b928af
What video is this taken from?
>> No. 1989 ID: e9271c
There was a site that I found a while ago with all kinds of porn gifs, but for some reason, I can't find it anymore :( I'm still looking, but help would be appreciated! <:)
>> No. 2038 ID: e9271c
Well, while your looking for that, is let's keep posting before this thread dies
>> No. 2057 ID: d30a41
File yfopornoo2.swf - (1.79MB , 400x225 )
>> No. 2091 ID: 24884a
what is that from?
>> No. 2093 ID: d30a41
Bitter Lake
>> No. 2095 ID: 5a234d

Sooooo... is there a full movie of it lurking around somewhere? I'd actually rather like to see the whole thing.
>> No. 2120 ID: 5451e1
Been searching forever, I guess it's so notoriously hard to find a copy because only 3 fucking people bought it. You aren't going to find the movie online at all.
>> No. 2129 ID: 884d56
if you are looking for the full movie you can find it at furplanet it costs $20 on there
>> No. 2134 ID: 2a34c2
is there porn in that video?

on the furplanet site it only says its violence?
>> No. 2153 ID: 072e40
Ok... No porn, good movie, I have a copy. Used to be on Megaupload, but we all know what happened there. If there is enough interest, I'll post it somewhere to share.
>> No. 2212 ID: 072e40
Here it is. No porn. (Deal with it.) Decent movie for the true Furry. Quality reduced from DVD for posting purposes. bitterlakethemovie.com is the official site. Hint - extra plot twisting scene after the credits. Enjoy. http://d_e_p_o_s_i_t_f_i_l_e_s.com/files/jy50euhgn (Remove underscores...)
>> No. 2213 ID: 072e40
File 133625657139.jpg - (27.85KB , 300x424 , BitterLake1.jpg )
http://depositfiles.com/files/jy50euhgn (without the underscores)
>> No. 2222 ID: a185ed
File 133635052255.jpg - (57.30KB , 456x386 , 1297564304391.jpg )
>no porn
>> No. 2223 ID: 2e6779
does anyone have the flash of the digimon giving a blowjob to a human? I can't find it anywhere :c
>> No. 2309 ID: 852541
File 133722961178.jpg - (438.85KB , 900x912 , 133699329963.jpg )
First small poser animation
>> No. 2448 ID: 056faf
There was a flash game I played a while ago where you could do a number of things to a sleeping wolf. It had a bunch of different endings with a little cutscene to show what happened depending on the way you woke him up (IF you woke him up)

Anyone have/know where to find this game?
>> No. 2462 ID: 79046d
I believe you are looking for these two.
Sleepburd http://e621.net/post/show/142643/achievement-anal-animated-ariffrazalin-avian-bird-
Fapwuffle http://e621.net/post/show/143171/achievement-animated-ariffrazalin-avian-bird-canin
>> No. 2601 ID: 7c88bb
Why in the fuck does this guy cum sparks?
>> No. 2692 ID: 9412ad
File washa_pride_02.swf - (2.77MB , 1004x1250 )
FLASH ANIMATION of Kurisu-kitsune and Imperial Lion
>> No. 2693 ID: 9412ad
File washa_straydog_02.swf - (3.97MB , 1280x756 )
Another FLASH ANIMATION of Kurisu-kitsune and Imperial Lion
>> No. 2919 ID: 7eb834
I don't have a picture so i have to describe this as best as i can. I want this old flash game that came out a while back and it was a demo version. It was about doctor that got relocated on to the mountain and meet this lumberjack and they fucked. It was a gay flash. Help?
>> No. 2994 ID: f496fb
Meatlog mountain
>> No. 3320 ID: 99cf7b
Speaking of which, Does anyone have a torrent or a download for meat log mountain 1 or 2?
>> No. 3346 ID: 0e2478
File 1329561650_jasonafex_this_seemed_like_a_good_idea_.swf - (766.82KB , 1024x715 )
my bud ceeb gettin rammed by a stallion :) fantastic animation job as always by jasonafex
>> No. 3370 ID: 81bb60
It should be noted that MLM requires a user specific login when you start the program up, making it unwieldy to pirate. Also, the creators intend to disband over the New Year, so now's really your last chance to buy it, and considering it's only $35 to buy all their games at once...
>> No. 3524 ID: 2928f9
Actually people might crack and share MLM easier after the creators are disbanded since it will be the only way to get it then. It shouldn't be hard to crack.
>> No. 3607 ID: 06e065
File The_Beast.swf - (561.37KB , 400x550 , The Beast.swf )
Forest Ending

Talk: What's that on your wrist?
Talk: You live in this forest?
Talk: Did you make that vest yourself?
Talk: Hmm? Something wrong?
Talk: What's with the bandage? Are you hurt?
Talk: So...how do you look down there?
Talk: I really have to touch you.
Talk: You gotta take those off!
Touch: Penis
Talk: <Growl> I want it! Gimme!

Bed Ending

Talk: Woah! Hi, there
Talk: You live in this forest?
Talk: Did you make that vest yourself?
Talk: Hmm? Something wrong?
Talk: What's with the bandage? Are you hurt?
Talk: So...how do you look down there?
Touch: Bracelet
Talk: I really have to touch you.
Talk: You gotta take those off!
Touch: Penis
Talk: <Growl> I want it! Gimme!
>> No. 3619 ID: 0760f2
to get him to turn around and finger/toy with his balls and cock you do the following:
What's that on your wrist?
You live in the forest?
Did you make that vest yourself?
Go Back
Hmm? Something Wrong?
What's with the bandage?
So... how you look down there?
Go Back
I really have to touch you.
You gotta take those off!
Touch his cock
<Growl> I want it

DO NOT close the speech bubble with what he says after, it sometimes makes the flash freeze there
>> No. 3738 ID: fdf126
File Fox_and_Rat_swf(YAOI).swf - (1.52MB , 555x459 )
>> No. 3739 ID: fdf126
File furry_zen_yaoi_masturbating.swf - (391.10KB , 650x600 , furry zen yaoi masturbating.swf )
>> No. 3740 ID: fdf126
File 1252926192_garekmaxwell_lickin_in_the_locker.swf - (659.01KB , 600x500 )
>> No. 3741 ID: fdf126
File 1263350392_dobermanpinscher_dobe_sucks_yum.swf - (82.00KB , 550x500 )
>> No. 3742 ID: fdf126
File 1288561301_h0rs3_horsefaps.swf - (5.66MB , 512x384 )
>> No. 3743 ID: fdf126
File zenanim.swf - (3.14MB , 550x400 )
>> No. 3744 ID: fdf126
File 1331507432_anhes_warm_s_photo_session.swf - (4.08MB , 550x384 )
>> No. 3745 ID: fdf126
click the yellow/red buttons, then the sparkly things. =3
>> No. 3746 ID: fdf126
File b7e454e85cc8479cf8f0204b6eb73530.swf - (1.89MB )
'Finish' doesn't seem to work.
>> No. 3747 ID: fdf126
File f35eb4866e8427102d5a52df20d9f5ea.swf - (171.39KB , 600x500 )
self suck
>> No. 3748 ID: fdf126
File 1291856197_smuttybloodhawk_tv_timefaversion.swf - (7.06MB , 352x288 )
>> No. 3759 ID: 4f9562
>> No. 3789 ID: 15eb85
>> No. 3799 ID: 2231bc
I am looking for a flash about a male fox, in a bathroom, with anal beads, its been some time since I have seen it, and I was wondering if anyone had it, or knew where I could find it.
>> No. 3809 ID: 36924c
The whole series.
>> No. 3860 ID: 2231bc

Thank you! been trying to find for a long time!
>> No. 3919 ID: 7978a3
File fox_stable_remix.swf - (9.02MB , 640x360 )
Hot re-edit.
>> No. 4031 ID: aef453
More like shitty re-edit.
>> No. 4040 ID: a7e35f

>> No. 4084 ID: f32c39
Don't suppose that any of you have the original? flash?
>> No. 4098 ID: 8e6870

It's a little less intense, almost dreamlike.
>> No. 4227 ID: 67a795
File 00e8ba7b6af61dd7542b232853dd3b18.swf - (199.48KB , 550x400 )
this is all very pleasant, mind if i add?
>> No. 4241 ID: f735f7
Wrong thread.
>> No. 4365 ID: 34b761
Is that from Bloodhawks CD?
>> No. 4367 ID: cd2b82

No, that's one of his older animations, plus the CD wasn't even released yet when this was posted here.
>> No. 4386 ID: 34b761
Aw damn. Oh well.
Asked because I Hadn't seen it before is all.
>> No. 4506 ID: a4f05f
how to download that
>> No. 4548 ID: 3c5042
>>3748 What the fuck is happening at the start there?
>> No. 4655 ID: 8da24e
Okay I seem to remember this flash between.. a dragon and a fox... I THINK those are the characters it's an anal sex flash and all I remember from it is that 'Bad Touch' from the bloodhound gang loops during the menu screen
>> No. 4656 ID: 9b394a
Speaking of Bloodhawk's CD think anyone would be willing to post swf's if they got a hold of one?
>> No. 4674 ID: ca8dfd

I really hope somebody does this ;w;
>> No. 4706 ID: 9b394a
Bump for Bloodhawk CD works, anyone, someone? Random Savior?
>> No. 4710 ID: cb9fa2
I remember seeing something called "Bloodhawk DVD" tagged as furry on piratebay, not sure if I'm allowed to post the link so I won't.
>> No. 4713 ID: ca8dfd

You are allowed to post links to torrents. :V
>> No. 4715 ID: ae9f90
There are several with a white tiger that are frigging excellent. Like really high-quality, gorgeous-looking animation. Help me out, guys. I'm sure someone has them.
>> No. 4718 ID: eb3a18
In that case, I downloaded this:

It has a bunch of animations and pictures in it from 2005-2012, and they're kindly marked with (clean) or (unclean) so you won't accidentally click on something full of scat, blood and whatever else Bloodhawk is into.
>> No. 4733 ID: b9d8ec
Tripped my virus scanner wouldn't download it.
>> No. 4741 ID: f32c39
Same here, My headphones where at full volume to so thanks for the ear rape.
>> No. 4743 ID: ca8dfd

I never got anything. Wait, let me guess, you're using Norton aren't you? :V
>> No. 4753 ID: f32c39
Nope, avast.
>> No. 4764 ID: cb9fa2
I'm using avast and didn't find anything in there.
>> No. 4765 ID: b9d8ec
Using avast, don't know whats going on here.
>> No. 4770 ID: f32c39
File 136656641562.png - (89.33KB , 1920x1080 , Untitled.png )
I clicked this, this is what we are ment to do right? or is their another button?
>> No. 4771 ID: cb9fa2
I usually just click 'Get this torrent'
>> No. 4776 ID: f32c39
I can't download torrents
>> No. 4787 ID: 719f7c
Why not?
>> No. 4788 ID: f32c39
Because the last time I downloaded a program to let me download them it messed up my computer. I only got a new one recently and I don't want to risk it.
>> No. 4790 ID: 719f7c
Well you might as well not use your computer at all, because by that logic you'll wreck your computer with any program. What's with the torrent phobia anyway?
>> No. 4791 ID: f32c39
My old computer was running good as new one day. Then I downloaded u torrent to download some music. the week after that I could barley do anything on it. The computer i'm using now cost more than three times as much so I don't want to risk putting the torrent program back on this one.
>> No. 4795 ID: 5bd41e

I use utorrent, I can very, VERY safely say that it was not the program that fucked up your computer, but rather the music you downloaded quite likely had a virus bundled in with it. It happens often with music downloads.
>> No. 4796 ID: 719f7c
In other words, you didn't bother to do virus checks on the files you downloaded. It's not the transmission protocol that wrecks computers, it's the malware you download carelessly.
>> No. 4802 ID: f32c39
I'm using the same files on this computer now and they are not doing any harm.
>> No. 4804 ID: 719f7c
Not that you know, anyway.

Whatever makes you think that torrent programs wreck your computer anyway?

>computer stops working
>holy shit it must've been because of this thing that I did a week ago!
>> No. 4805 ID: f32c39
It started after I downloaded the torrent, a week after I couldn't run anything but stuff went downhill after the first day.
>> No. 4807 ID: 5bd41e

>downloads a torrent
>a week after doing so, starts having "problems"
>blames it on the torrent program itself


you are very clearly inept with computers if you don't understand this simple concept of the TORRENT FILE ITSELF was infected with a virus, or one of the files IN the torrent file. NOT the torrent program.

Jesus, I feel like I'm talking to my Grandmother. Oh, wait. No, even she's smarter than this.
>> No. 4808 ID: 5bd41e

>you are very clearly inept with computers if you don't understand this simple concept of the TORRENT FILE ITSELF was infected with a virus, or one of the files IN the torrent file. NOT the torrent program.

oh I should also add in or you ended up doing something else as simple as visiting a website with a bit of malicious code and still think it was just the torrent program.

>> No. 4810 ID: 719f7c
So in other words.
>computer stops working
>holy shit it must've been because of this thing that I did a week ago!

Besides, why pin the blame on _TORRENT_ programs? If you're certain, you could pin it much more precisely:
>it was because of a very specific thing I did with that program, I won't do that again
>it was because of that particular program, I won't use that particular program again

Or go the other way:
>it was because of downloading files, I will never download a file again
>it was because I used a computer, I will never use a computer again
(my money's on the last one btw)

But instead, you're sticking to an irrational claim that your computer was wrecked by the BitTorrent protocol.
>> No. 4812 ID: f32c39
Back to this, why is it tripping my antivirus?
>> No. 4820 ID: cb9fa2
Just give up the animations aren't worth all this
>> No. 4824 ID: b655e4
oi u wot m8?
>> No. 5017 ID: d18eae

If anyone gets full version please post :3
>> No. 5019 ID: 2e4ec7
I agree with this, some one should post this full animation, i tried to buy it but the guy hates me for no fucking reason and has me blocked
>> No. 5026 ID: 7f48bf

I was interested in buying this as well, but the guy seems to be mentally a bit nuts as he blocked me for no real reason.
>> No. 5031 ID: 2e4ec7
man, how does he expect to get donations if he's blocking everyone :3c
>> No. 5033 ID: f97f53
'cause a handfull of people are "everyone"

besides: what do you expect? people getting gay for you folks, if you take everything from ' em (even the menu of home pages, which is kinda WTF?) and freaking out for every "please do not distribute" or "why can't you just ask?". If you cannot show any respect, why should you get some?

It's always the others... and that's twice the case, if the "other" person is some "artist"

Anyways: Why is this flash here anyways? And who said it's gay? It's just a solo-guy, so no M/M. Flame on~~!
>> No. 5035 ID: b655e4

Please speak in english next time, I cannot understand a single thing you said.
>> No. 5036 ID: 50bc5e
for the record: you understand "why don't you just ask" very well... It's drama for 13 years!

you just understand the stuff you WANT to understand. It's always the same.
>> No. 5037 ID: 50bc5e
btw: you realise how off that is, do you? you want the stuff from a non-english Person. how about you try to speak their language?

or how about this: you want the Animation, pay for it. same thing!
>> No. 5040 ID: 5bd41e
It's interesting how the file got set to "friends only" right after this post... :v >>5033
>> No. 5042 ID: 50bc5e
You're doing a bad job at being Sherlock. Everybody knows you cannot stop it from being posted on a site like THIS.

- The sale-system is not working on IB anyways, so people have to contact via PM on FA. Some people did contact via IB as well as FN, so it does get confusing, if they are using different names on the sites. If the sale-system was working, paying for the file and getting it would work on it's own. That's just not the case now... Besides: The whole IB-Account was set f/o in the first place - the regular account is FA.

- You can read that in the file-info and journal (PUBLIC) on both, IB and FA.

- Unless, of course, if you are blocked - FOR A REASON!

Oh well, why bother? You're not paying, you want it 4free. So it shouldn't be your problem, right?
>> No. 5079 ID: 04849a
did anyone save it
>> No. 5082 ID: aef453
It was only an advertisement, not the actual flash. Why do you think people are clamouring over it, if it were free?
>> No. 5091 ID: f97f53
And that's the reason why you don't have to translate anything you write on your pages and submissions.

Once more: The post in IB was only because of the sale-system. However, it's not working due to maintenance. That's why you have to contact via PM and for doing this you are supposed to use the preferred site: FN.

You can read that on IB, FN, etc. JUST read once in a while rather than playing Sherlock and failing at it!
>> No. 5099 ID: aef453
What is with your constant crying of "playing Sherlock"? I'm genuinely curious, do you think it somehow makes your nonsensical arguments more effective or legitimate?

The problem people have been having is that despite not having any interaction with Garyu prior to looking up this flash, they've been blocked seemingly completely at random. This has prevented them from either buying or looking at the rest of his page, including, as you mentioned earlier, his journals. Attempting to shame people for not knowing where to go when the only way for them to find out has been cut off from them randomly is just plain stupid.

Lastly, I've the sneaking suspicion that you're actually Garyu himself. The faltering use of english at best and the sudden burst of white-knighting the second his shitty rehashed animation gets brought up tend to point to that. If you really think it's not rehashed, go have a look at his works, since you seem to be unblocked. I distinctly recall him using the same exact pose and setup three times in three separate animations, one with Yugo, another with some silver wolf instead, and then an "updated" Yugo, which didn't look any different at all. The Anubis one is mildly different with the addition of that weird pot thing, but it still looks like it's made from the exact same base.
>> No. 5100 ID: 5bd41e

I'm pretty sure he is Garyu.

I wanna know what the fuck FN is, anyway. FurNation? Who the hell still uses FurNation, lol

But seriously, I made one singular joke here: >>5040 and then this guy goes on about this stupid Sherlock shit.

Note, by the way.


All of these posts, follow the same exact broken format of English speaking. Two different IDs. Yet I doubt it's two different people.

Now just to say; >>5036

>you understand "why don't you just ask" very well... It's drama for 13 years!

Garyu, since it's obvious this is you, I'm going to say this as utterly politely as I can. The drama "follows" you because you instigate it every single time someone wants to share your work, even the free stuff that you post on public galleries. Once it hits the internet, it is completely out of your hands.

If you didn't want the drama, you should have thought better about your behaviour, and the way you treated people. I quite frankly recall reading a rather nasty journal on your FA page once, written in German, calling people lots of rather foul things.

You want respect? Then you have to give it yourself. It's a two way street, Garyu, and considering you started off with the lack of respect, it's all on you.

>inb4 "i'm not garyu stahp trying to be sherlock"
>> No. 5103 ID: f97f53
Joke... well, excuse me, while I'm in the basement for a laught!

As I said: It's always the others right? Sharing work is one thing, just taking everything, even a simple menu from home pages is another! I mean: WTF!?

Calling people lots of rather foul things? Sure... I did not start with "oh I hope you die, while you are in hospital" or "did anyone else laugh, when he was in hospital". And how about "he looks like a tranny hooker on crack". Of course that's not as "foul" as saying "IMO emos are the new furries - cause they cry and drama all the time".

You folks treat "artists" like a piece of shit. They are machines for you! If they don't deliver the stuff YOU want 24/7 you start some kind of war. RESPECT! PFT! Of course the others have to crawl up your butt, before you folks show any respect, eh?
This thread shows how much RESPECT you have. False claims and all the other fun things once more!

Oh and BTW: At least I am trying to write in english, rather than starting a flamewar about "you HAVE to write in english, so we can understand".

For the record: Taking stuff NEVER was the problem. The problem was the way you folks did it and the way you are still doing it!
>> No. 5104 ID: b655e4

>Sure... I did not start with "oh I hope you die, while you are in hospital" or "did anyone else laugh, when he was in hospital"
>in hospital

European spotted
>> No. 5105 ID: f97f53
OH! And there sure is a free version available. Problem is: it got a big watermark and got pixels over certain parts. Or course that's also rather foul from the artist and shows no respect, right?
>> No. 5107 ID: 32b946
>> No. 5108 ID: 0089ab
by asking the creator
>> No. 5111 ID: ced6fa
File 137170057048.jpg - (26.88KB , 309x400 , slbs.jpg )
Here's your sign
>> No. 5113 ID: f97f53
Yeah... You cannot ask the creators for the stuff you want. I knew it! (may be a double post)
>> No. 5131 ID: aef453
Here's an idea, post this "free" and watermarked version here so we can all shut up about it and stop calling bullshit on you. That should suffice.
>> No. 5137 ID: f97f53
nope... respect and such. you already called it bullshit and I don't feel the need to prove your false claims and whatever wrong. that's so kindergarten!
>> No. 5138 ID: 5bd41e
>> No. 5139 ID: 2e4ec7
i actually had to get a friend to buy me the animation to actually see it

it wasn't that great.
>> No. 5141 ID: ced6fa
Totally called bullshit on it, so that's not surprising.

Disappointment comes with a pricetag afterall.
>> No. 5142 ID: f97f53
Is that "it's not so great" supposed to grieve me in any way? Well... it doesn't.

What do you expect to get for that price tag anyways? AND you could have it for free by asking for it. Sure, the free version is cut, but... wow, what a price! ASKING for it!

But to be fair: It's not "monthy 10$ for the same animated stuff over and over" and it's no "300-400$ for changing a models pose and colors".

Why don't you upload it, if you have it? Problem solved!
>> No. 5143 ID: 5bd41e

Garyu, do you need a hug? Because I will give you a hug if you need one.

I'm serious.
>> No. 5151 ID: 2e4ec7
sure i'll ask you for it for free over IB or FA where you have me blocked for absolutely no reason :3 PROBLEM SOLVED

you are a terrible person Gayru, and i wish i never had the displeasure of talking to you at all.

PS: when i had a friend long ago to ask you why you blocked me for no reason, he told me taht your response was "LOL, FAIL"

and with that i'm done with this thread.
>> No. 5152 ID: 65e55d
So long as you bare this attitude I believe the answer to your questions has already been mentioned: Bullshit. I find myself repeating this more and more as you make more and more posts about it.
"Yay, no monthly fee to access material. Yay, no irate starting price before seeing something worked on." Yeah, and how many others do this? If these are your only means to justify the actions taken, then you can always expect the response you have been getting here.

I've seen better work provided at better value. No one here cares if the petulant piece of flashwork mentioned never ends up on Pawsru.

I think we're all done here.
>> No. 5155 ID: f97f53
problem is: you folks just accept no reason. i mentioned the reasons for blocking more than once - you don't accept it? fine by me. you make a second or third account to ask me for the reason? you use a friend to ask for the reason? Sure that's a FAIL! Oh and BTW: Nobody needs to talk to me... Yet some of you try it over and over again. I'd call that a fail as well... If you are unhappy with the communication with me, don't try it at other sites, with another account or whatever... It's just another fail from YOU!

As for the works: Of course the works are not good and stuff... funny, cause they always are good enough to make drama about it (if you don't get it) and they are good enough for all of you to try to get 'em all the time. even unfinished stuff, like a barebones flashsite.

nice story :D

dear 2e4ec7, if you got the file, just upload it! not to mention the fact it was good enough for you to fill my inbox with "when will you send it, when will you send it... did my friend already pay the money", right?

"I've seen better work provided at better value" - sure... As I said before: it doesn't grieve me in any way. You have seen the WIP which was not supposed to be any final work or whatever. I mentioned I did this to test some stuff for another project. YOU folks complained about it being unfinished, about it being unrealistic (furry, cartoon, ... REALISM? HELLOOOO???) and whatever. Most of the complaints can be fixed only if I upgrade from that old Flash 5 to a new version (Puppetmorph and so on). For me, Flash 5 is still okay, but not for you. So, instead of doing the furry-esque "oh I need money to buy something, please donate" I made a "if you want to donate for a new Flash, you get the remade animation in return right away". The content was the same as in the WIP, the graphics were remade, the animations as well and there were some extras added. A preview of the final work was posted as well, so you DID know what you get... from the beginning!

The whole "I've seen better" is just a poor attempt to mock me... And it seems some are upset because I so don't care about that. you are free to not like it, as you are free to post it here. saying "I have it, I have it... oh and it's not so good" - that's bullshit. JUST POST IT, IF YOU HAVE IT! ' cause I will not post it online, no matter if it's the full version or the cut one.
>> No. 5156 ID: 5bd41e
I just wanted to give a hug.... :(
>> No. 5157 ID: f97f53
there are plenty of people who want a hug...
>> No. 5162 ID: 65e55d
For something that barely "grieves" you, it seems to have been worthy of a whole paragraph's worth of an explanation for your own personal problems. Additionally, I hardly believe "I've seen better" is being used as means to mock you, regardless of what language barrier that stands before us. It more or less belittles what has already been said about just how poor in tastes the presentation of the item(s) in question is. Yes, I've seen better, I've also seen much worse and humorously enough provided through more ridiculous means.

tl;dr - Anyone who was expecting anything good has every right to be disappointed in what they got should they have been gullible enough to actually pay for it. Go get a hug or something.

My expectations were already rock-bottom. Either way this is just amusement for me.
>> No. 5163 ID: 5f1fbe
same story as always. as long as the artist is getting gay for you folks, his/her stuff is "oh so great". if the artist is not... well, his/her stuff is "oh so not worth anything". That's why I don't care about it anyways, ' cause it's always the same. YOU did have a lot of praise for my stuff as well. Yeah you did.

For something that's (once more) not worthy of your time (or whatever), far from your own artistic requirements, ..., you people sure invest a lot of energy to get it. It was like that in 2006, it still is in 2013!

Once more: If you have it, just post it. If you don't upload it, you are the one talking BS here.

BTW: Show me some animation you get for 5 bucks. And I am talking about ANIMATION, not some puppetmoprh someone added to a picture. Not to mention you never had to pay for it and you KNEW what you were paying for. Again: There were more than ONE previews.
>> No. 5164 ID: 65e55d
5f1fbe, you're drunk. Go home.

There's a difference between the appeal of a "suck up" artist and a "piece of shit" artist, but there is also something common about both of them: They work better in the toilet.

Personally, I have had little (if any) respect for 'artists' and their work over recent years. That being said, if I even had this awful piece of work you've been whining about, I probably would have posted it by now.
>> No. 5165 ID: 5f1fbe
sorry, my fault. 2e4ec7 was the one who had it. Anyways, just for the record:

You are talking about "I've seen beter", yet you don't have the file people are talking about? WOW! What are you drinking?
And for someone "being all done here", it seems to be worthy of several paragraph's worth of an explanation for your own personal problems.
>> No. 5167 ID: 65e55d
I'll repeat since I wasn't already clear: This is purely for my own amusement - Even more so as you continue to use my own words because you have yet to form your own counter-arguments which don't hinge on blaming or criminalizing someone (or something) else.
So of course, any amount of seriousness I had for you ended with "We're done here". In regards to the "I've seen better" comment, I was referring to past works as well as the advertisement which explained as to what was being offered.

tl;dr - Your own incompetence is the only reason I bother explaining your petulant behavior in detail and in summary.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.
>> No. 5168 ID: c49191
itt some serious posts from some serious dorks
>> No. 5169 ID: 5f1fbe
I have a lot of arguments, but why bother using them if you hand me such a great plate? after all you are the one talking about "we are done here", yet you come back over and over again. that's funny because you want others to set a good example. how about doing this on your own?

@ tl;dr: guess it should be "OMGT,CR" (OH MY GOD, TEXT! CANNOT READ"

guess you are just pissed, cause nobody will hug you...
>> No. 5176 ID: 65e55d
Double Standards, oh joy. Are you always this hypocritical or did I strike a nerve with that last post?
>> No. 5180 ID: 5f1fbe

Anonymous 13/06/26(Wed)23:13 No. 5152 ID: 65e55d

I think we're all done here.


"Done here", right? Dunno what you are drinking, but you should stay away from that.
>> No. 5181 ID: 5bd41e
File gaydragonshit.swf - (2.43MB , 1282x1080 )
So anyway, let's get back to fucking posting porn already.

Either post the Anubis flash if you have it, or sit down, shut up and fap.

(can't remember if this one was posted before or not)
>> No. 5182 ID: 65e55d
File anubis.swf - (837.13KB , 320x250 )
>> No. 5183 ID: 5bd41e

That gave me one hell of a laugh over the ridiculousness, thank you.
>> No. 5187 ID: 5f1fbe
good one. that's not even the right file :D
>> No. 5188 ID: 65e55d
File 1356583623_tridark_ultima.swf - (3.69MB , 1000x563 )
No shit, Sherlock. It's a different Anubis flash I dug out of file called "Junk".
>> No. 5192 ID: 5f1fbe
Thanks Watson. It's not hard to play Sherlock if you know the details... As 5181 said: Either post the Anubis flash if you have it, or sit down, shut up and fap.

That being said: Why posting random anubis stuff, if you don't have THE requested one? Fail in so many ways, my dear...
>> No. 5194 ID: 65e55d
File 1284240273_drakemohkami_judgementfin.swf - (1.41MB , 900x750 )
You should start taking his advice, it makes you look less like an idiot. So either post the flash, or sit down and shut up.
>> No. 5195 ID: 1faf42
File 137320689530.jpg - (44.82KB , 500x500 , Respect Yourself.jpg )
Um? Hello?

Yes. I was looking at a bunch of flashes and suddenly this while thing about Garyu popped up, and I just wanted to say a few things.

I follow him on FA. I think his work is pretty good and I wanted to see the stuff he was posting up,if any. When he posted a journal link to this flash with Anubis in it, and said it was $5 only, I was interested in buying it. I tried to say as much on the journal... and found out I was blocked. As far as I know, I had never spoken to him, or seen any but a few randomly drifting around animations of his, and was watching in the hopes of seeing more. I was very interested in buying the flash. Enough that I went and joined Inkbunny to get a chance at getting it. ...And now that too is completely blocked off, with no reason I can name. I would try messaging him, but I have a feeling he's already blocked me there as well.

I don't know what went on 13 years ago to make Garyu do these kinds of things, or hold this level of a grudge against furries to the level of hating people who have only just started to know his art. I wasn't involved in any of that, though. I just found a flash online, and tried to buy something from the person making them. For some reason, he marked me as "evil" or "selfish" or whatever, and blocked me not because I had personally done anything, but because other people had done something to him 13 years ago.

I don't mind taking responsibility for the things I've done, but... is it really right to blame me for something other people have done? I was willing to pay what was being asked for the work, and I got blocked and banned from even doing that much; it seems very wrongheaded to do this.

As for the people raging at him for doing what he did? Stop it. Maybe it makes no sense and isn't fair, but you know... this is how life goes, whether it be furry porn or something else more important. You should be kinda embarrassed letting this get you upset. Stop worrying about it and move on.

And Garyu? If you're going to put stuff up for sale, then you should be able to deal with the occasional theft of your art. If you can't, it's better to not put it up at all and just share it directly with friends you know you can trust. It's kinda sad you have to do it that way, but if it bothers you to this level, that's the only way you're gonna be able to do it. Hopefully you won't always instantly put down everyone you're sharing your art with as some kind of thief or villain. Especially if you're trying to sell that art to them and they're paying for it.
>> No. 5209 ID: 5f1fbe
There are reasons I block People, even for you. If blocked people try to contact me any other way, for example on IB, well... they get blocked right away as well. They are blocked for a reason after all. Just get over it! There's no need to contact me over and over again via sites, mails, chats, ...

Anyways, taking my stuff never was, nor IS the problem. The problem is: People freak out if you ask for the reson why they did not at least ASK for permission, cause that's the only thing some artists do want. It is just a question! It takes minutes to ask, for work that takes hours or days to make. Fair deal, eh?

Another problem: People claiming this "why didn't you ask" quesion is just the same as "YOU ASSHOLE! HOW DARE YOU DOWNLOAD MY STUFF!?". Well, it is not.

Oh and don't forget those lovely "I hope you die" and whatever comments, just for asking that one special question. And how about getting gay and taking even menues from homepages, just because there's some animation in it. Great if you like that stuff so much, but that's off.

Did I mention hacking accounts and editing profiles?

Back to those "artworks". If you did read the whole craptastic-thread you most likely know I am well aware someone will post that new mini-animation. So once more: If you have it, feel free to post it. Just claiming you do have the full thing will not fulfill the request for the NEW one. And acting like you are about to post it, but upload some random animation featuring the character of anubis instead, just won't fulfill the request either.

However, congrats on that one. The very first flash made by me to get a hang of that program. A rather blatant copy of sephs work, but that never was a secret.
>> No. 5213 ID: 5bd41e
File glowsticks_by_jasonafex.swf - (2.22MB , 1620x1080 )

>There are reasons I block People, even for you. If blocked people try to contact me any other way, for example on IB, well... they get blocked right away as well. They are blocked for a reason after all. Just get over it! There's no need to contact me over and over again via sites, mails, chats, ...

Garyu, WHAT reason do you have to block ANYONE who has *NEVER SPOKEN A SINGLE WORD TO YOU BEFORE*? This is the point people are trying to get across to you. You can speak and understand English well enough. There shouldn't have to be some in-depth explanation about it.

You're REALLY being childish about it.

I actually used to like you as a person and as an artist, but the way you act is just... It's appalling.
>> No. 5215 ID: f97f53
right... that typical 10 or so people, crying all the time about "why did you block me I didn't do anything EVER" are "EVERYONE". That's childish.

So is this: No matter how often you say the reasons, nobody cares about it. It's the typical problem of "why should I bother to write more/anything, cause NOBODY is reading it anyways".

If you missed that one: Sorry, but not my problem. Feel free to make up "garyus reasons for nothing". Cause that's not my problem either...
>> No. 5216 ID: 92dc38
File 137332084440.jpg - (41.03KB , 438x448 , Furry Logic.jpg )
This is gold.
>> No. 5217 ID: 5f1fbe
damn right :D

it's like "geez.. that hyper-animation is so unrealistic". HYPER, FURRY... REALISM?

>> No. 5220 ID: 65e55d
File 137338121382.png - (172.61KB , 900x800 , 1252985059_fiztheancient_fenderyoudumbcunt.png )
It's beauty in its most pure form
>> No. 5221 ID: f97f53
I like how 65e55d always tries so hard to get a piece from the cake. Yet 65e55d is the one complaining about people using "others arguments". :D

As I said before: Dunno what you are drinking but you should quit.
>> No. 5224 ID: 65e55d
File 137346512222.jpg - (25.20KB , 400x225 , 418357_137349553072219_281293406_n.jpg )
Fun Fact: It's called an agreement.

It's mildly more amusing than watching you having no idea what's going on or what anyone is talking about.
>> No. 5226 ID: f97f53
File 137352657611.jpg - (216.36KB , 858x350 , 2011-11-11-furry_logic.jpg )
Like you, posting some anubis flash and acting like it is THE requested one?
>> No. 5229 ID: aef453
File 137362809342.gif - (803.92KB , 1307x734 , whoosh.gif )
Where did anyone act like it was the requested one other than YOU? It was a joke, anyone with a lick of sense could see that. Hell, he even said right here in the post after it that it was a joke: >>5188 .
Would a mod please clean up this pitiful excuse for a "discussion" already so the thread isn't half comprised of Garyu being a fool?
>> No. 5230 ID: c49191
no, quit asking.
>> No. 5231 ID: c49191
the only thing that gets deleted is malicious outside attacks like those stupid child porn spammers or whatever else. your opinions about what should or should not be deleted are irrelevant
>> No. 5233 ID: f97f53
yeah... it's as kindergarden as the thread. "oh that was a joke".

For the record:

5bd41e -> Either post the Anubis flash if you have it, or sit down, shut up and fap.

65e55d -> Done

Best joke ever XD The main thing is that everything else is so damn serious business. Another good one. I'll write it down in my "book of jokes" :D
>> No. 5240 ID: 0fcd0a
The only one being serious here is you.
>> No. 5242 ID: f97f53
>> No. 5252 ID: 62c059
What autistic shit is this
>> No. 5254 ID: 5f1fbe
Hyper Furry stuff? That sure is autistic ...
>> No. 5255 ID: 0fcd0a
My ribs hurt from reading this aloud, thanks for the laugh.

Seriously though, it's pretty bad.
>> No. 5257 ID: c49191
and this, ladies and gentlemen, is why shit will not get deleted around here. every now and then you get something like this.

this thread is 100000x more valuable and entertaining than all the garbage wank 'art' in the world
>> No. 5260 ID: f97f53
yeah... till you notice all furry stuff is autistic - according to the WHO it's a pervasive developmental disorder - and everyone turns emo again.

And just for the record: nothing can be autistic just by the way it looks. I wonder... if that is autistic, does it mean seph's stuff is autistic as well? After all it's a ripoff with some additional stuff.
>> No. 5263 ID: b655e4

>according to the WHO it's a pervasive developmental disorder

Do you actually read the shit that you type?
>> No. 5264 ID: f97f53
File 137456450360.jpg - (52.38KB , 220x312 , Sigmund_Freud_LIFE.jpg )

It's a matter of fact autism is a developmental disorder (read the WHO articles about that - it sure is interesting). If you call something autistic, you should know the meaning of that word. Right?
As far as furry-stuff goes, it can be classified as autistic in more than just one way. Most of the community is unable to communicate in any way and the social behavior is far from being normal as well. As far as developmental disorder goes... Do the math!

May be insulting for real autistic people though...

Bet Mr Freud would "me gusta" pretty much about Furries :D
>> No. 5266 ID: b655e4

Who the fuck cares?
>> No. 5267 ID: 0fcd0a
The autistic artist whining about it apparently.
>> No. 5268 ID: 5f1fbe
File 137464413899.jpg - (53.38KB , 749x593 , flash[1].jpg )
Buuuhuuuu... Garyu is so nasty... Good one :D

Let's go back to Sherlock :D Yugo is always the same Yugo. There are just two updates to the original. I am not uploading each of it as a brand new item. Bad job Sherlock... bad job. As far as Anubis goes: The first version was based on Yugo, cause I did try some stuff with layers, masking, etc. It was mentioned in the informations and whatever... The version you have to buy does have mostly redone graphics. His legs are reused and the pose is similar, but not the same.

Talking about using the same model over and over: If you pay more than 100 bucks for a Animation by horse, you get the same model you already know, just with a specific texture and maybe different hair. Doesn't seem to be a problem there, eh?

Anyways: Here's some Flash for the flash-thread :D
>> No. 5270 ID: f97f53
I have to correct something: The outlines of the abs are the same as well. Just didn't turn out the way I wanted so I recycled that. The whole texturing and shading is different though.

And I can get more into details. The balls for example are no graphics and motion tween, they are open vectors with form tweens. The bones are different, the movements, there's even way more programming in the background.

"mildly different" up your ass :D But you are free to think and say whatever you want.
>> No. 5271 ID: 0fcd0a
Horse (or similar individuals) is a many scumbag when comes to pricing - More so because 99% of 3D artists are absolutely ludicrous with their price models. 2D artists are just as guilty, so let's get to that.

The obvious aside, the price model Garyu has been so modest enough to provide us is the "Get what you paid for model", which is based on what artists like -insert_insanely_overpriced_artist_here- uses.
Spending 100USD on a half-decent picture? Spend 15USD on a terrible one instead!

tl;dr - There exists a line between Cheaper and Better, it's called "Value". It can be very poor regardless of whether you're spending 100 USD for 3D work or 5 USD for 2D work.
>> No. 5272 ID: 0fcd0a
On a more serious note, people shouldn't commission anyone online for anything. They'd be doing themselves and the artist community a huge favor.
>> No. 5273 ID: f97f53
the "pay what you want" did not work with the IB-system, so I had a hard time coming up with a price tag - but 5 bucks should be okay. The whole management on IB seemed like a good idea too, because handling that stuff on your own sure is a lot of work. And it is getting even more work, if one person contacts you on almost every site you are on - with different usernames of course. MEH!

Too bad I did not notice the IB-Sale-System was down, unless the first people contacted me about that issue. Means: I have to send the file(s) and whatever on my own now anyways. Meh-Meh!

Anyways, I can see why you have to pay 100-350 bucks for a 3D Animation. It's a hell of a job, even though your computer will be more busy rendering the whole stuff, than you are modeling :D
But I just cannot see any justification for that price if the model is reused over and over again. That's just like those humplex animations. They are very well done, but it's the same over and over again... 10 buck every month for that? NAH... And why is it being called "giveaway"?

But the models and animations of horse are good and way better than crappy poser animations.
>> No. 5274 ID: f97f53
oh wait... you said "Get what you paid for model". *DOH*
>> No. 5275 ID: 5bd41e

I can't believe I'm going to slightly agree with Garyu here. Do you realize just how much work goes into creating a 3D model? A hell of a lot more work than what goes into drawing, I can assure you of that.

For -creating- custom 3D models, a price of above $100 is MORE than justified for its first creation. Using the model afterwards for like, static poses, is another story though, I'll admit.

If you want to talk about animating said models, however, that also has a LOT of work going into it. It isn't just "pull this slider here and there and bam it's done" at all.

So really, while it sucks to say it, a lot of the time the prices are quite justified in a way. Though it still wouldn't kill them to go just a bit cheaper. Just a small bit.




In all honesty I probably would've tossed 5 bucks to Garyu for the Anubis animation, 'cause I like Anubis porn and such, but really, his reaction here about it being requested and then reaction towards people saying he blocked them was just...completely silly and kind of mind-boggling.
>> No. 5277 ID: 0fcd0a
I work on 3D models quite often, as well as with those who also make 3D models. I did make the mistake of not being specific about what aspect of 3D modelling I was addressing, so I will correct that.
Making a 3D model from scratch can be down within a mere hour, plus 1 more hour to carve carve the basic shape, plus 2 more hours to map our and properly texture. Actually, texture is perhaps the easiest part if you know what you are doing. Of course, if you're not too familiar with all the tricks of the programs you use, this could end up taking up to 6 hours total or more.
On average, a basic model can be made within 3-4hours - Meaning the 100USD pays for what would be between 25USD-33USD hour of work, which is fucking stupid but I'll dig into that later. This is just the minimum price, I've seen worse models sell for over 300USD a pop.

Yes, equipment costs money. A decent PC capable of rendering these models would run about 600USD(or 1000USD if you want a kick ass GPU), because you'd be out of your mind not to build one yourself(But if you work in a studio, this also shouldn't be a problem). To note, you already paid for this so it has no effect on what the price of products produced by it should be. Moving on...

Animation is a nightmare. These will easily run up and over 100USD. Whole teams are formed just to do this one task, so needless to say any sort of animated 3D work comes with a hefty pricetag. This is also why models, skeletons, props, and their relevant animations also get reused, reskinned, etc quite a bit.

So otherwise, the pricetag on just the model alone(even built from scratch) is fucking stupid for one justifiable reason and just one only: You're trying to pay your bills with it.
Which means that you have no sort of fixed income and you have terrible priorities because you allowed yourself to enter that kind of lifestyle. The standard price on a basic model shouldn't extent 40USD, detailed ones shouldn't extend 80USD.

In Garyu's case on the 2D perspective, what he has done is actually the exact opposite. 5USD for what you're getting, despite how disappointing it may end up being, is certainly an acceptable deal when you have to factor in things like time, resources, etc. Little effort, little cost, little price. Standard drawing idle around a fair 10 USD, animations which are drawn frame-by-frame vary depending on frame-rate and duration of unique content(not to be confused with loops). However, like with 3D works, animations end up getting reskinned or reused so their face value depletes to say... The 5 USD Garyu is asking for.

But why is this still a poor value? Because the animation that is being reskinned can be located at no cost, aside from your own time and effort trying to find it buried in the internet.

In Garyu's defense, he's offering a decent deal and I myself was considering perhaps tossing a meaningless 5USD for something that rarely shows up in flash format anymore - That being an Anubis-based character. However, his actions here have been far more entertaining and he's been willing to offer us more with no additional cost so I think I'll just hold on to that 5 USD, at least until this train has run out of track.
>> No. 5278 ID: 5bd41e

Animating with 3D models terrifies me, honestly. Working with 3D modeling can be quite fun, but damn. It was just a bit of a hobby for me because I wanted to learn something new in my spare time.

Also I like that you actually replied in a civil manner instead of a "LOLWUT" kind of fashion. And supplied interesting information.

Though, I see you're saying "basic models". I think this might be where I got a little bit off-track with what you were saying, because I was thinking of more complex model designs and whatnot--but let's face it, we're talking about people like H0rs3 here, lol.

So yeah, I'll concede and agree with you, he shouldn't be charging what he does for the models he makes. Even just looking at them you can kind of tell they're really only re-textured models (slight edits on the model itself too, sometimes). But people go for it because penis is involved.

I had other things I thought of saying but my mind is derping from lack of sleep, and thus I forget.

>...at least until this train has run out of track.

I think it ran out of track a long time ago. Still funny though.
>> No. 5280 ID: 5f1fbe
the reaction you get is just fitting to your own reactions. again: you may missed the reasony why you're being blocked on most sites, but that's not my problem, is it? I mentioned reasons more than once - but reading seems hard these days. Maybe I should paint a Picture about the reasons and include a giant penis. People would look at it more closely.
>> No. 5281 ID: 5bd41e

I didn't say I was blocked on any of your site profiles. (That would be a hell of a feat given you don't know who the fuck I am.) I said other people.

Maybe you should take your own advice.
>> No. 5283 ID: f97f53
that "you" for not aimed at "you", it was the "plural you".

Maybe I do know who you are...? but I am not getting into that kindergarten game. You say a name, and all you get is a "nope, you are wrong", even if you are right.

Anyways. Why should I be responsible for the stuff people make up?

For example: I am responsible for blocking a lot of people - but not for their "blocking without reason". I don't block without reason.

Or another one! I am responsible for saying "Why can't you just read/ask/respect the artist?" (because I mark my stuff as "please don not distribute without permission/asking me first). So why should I take any responsibility for the made up "DON'T DOWNLOAD MY STUFF ZOMFG I HOPE YOU BURN IN HELL AND GET AIDS IF YOU POST IT".

For the record: Where's the flash in this flash-thread?
>> No. 5284 ID: 5bd41e
File 214ea827c8df58c2ca99bee6e82a7f94.swf - (5.57MB , 1250x833 )

You aren't getting into a 'game'. You literally do not know who I am because I have never posted on any of your profiles. I'm not even watching you on any of your profiles. I only have an FA account, of which I almost never use. So no, you do not know who I am.

>For the record: Where's the flash in this flash-thread?

Don't start. You haven't even contributed a single thing to this thread yourself, other than your petulant whining behavior.
>> No. 5287 ID: 5f1fbe
sure... like you are THE uber-contibutor in this thread... I was about to post my stuff, but than your (plurar your) petulant whining behavior showed up again. Not to mention it started before I was here, cause somebody requested a certain file from ME.

But the main Thing is: You know so much about me and my accounts, right? YOu are just starting gain - and that was pretty obvious.
>> No. 5288 ID: 5bd41e
File 1289279299.swf - (1.31MB , 1200x847 )

lol, kay
>> No. 5293 ID: f97f53
File 559395_Garyu_crayrei.swf - (234.73KB , 500x650 )
silly loop - but the only file I can call "gay" (since male only can be straight as well)
>> No. 5294 ID: c49191
why are furries so pedantic about that? the arguments over all the (stupid and wrong) tags on e621 are the same way.

a gay man would be interested in seeing a solo male. that's all that matters.

the tags on e621 are completely useless for actually filtering what you want to see because they sperg so hard about it
>> No. 5295 ID: f97f53
Thread says "Gay Flashes - Post your M/M content here!". So... why should someone post just M?

Not pedantic about it, just saying. And it's a matter of fact a single male is not supposed to be gay.
>> No. 5296 ID: 5bd41e

>the tags on e621 are completely useless for actually filtering what you want to see because they sperg so hard about it

I hate the fact that they go by a "tag what you see" system.

And of course, if you even try to fix the tags to what they should be on the thousands of incorrectly tagged submissions, the moderators and the community get mad at you. Fuck the fact that it is potentially your art and/or your characters.

It's really not that hard to see why a lot of people don't want their crap uploaded to that site.

>a gay man would be interested in seeing a solo male. that's all that matters.

Also, this.

It's been 2 years since the thread has been posted and I haven't really looked through it in just as long, but I'm fairly certain some solo stuff has been posted. There's nothing wrong with doing so. Solo M doesn't need to be labeled as gay to be posted in here.
>> No. 5300 ID: c49191
ughh this entire post of yours could be in the dictionary as an example of pedantic how can you not see that it makes my head spin
>> No. 5303 ID: f97f53
there c49191 goes again...

If there is anything pedantic, it's the drama about this simple fact: a solo male is not gay right away. The thread doesn't say "what gays want to see" it says "gay flashes - post your m/m stuff here".
Bet you would be one of the first to drama, if somebody was posting M/M cub stuff here, eh? Even though it's M or M/M after all, right?

Maybe you should clean in front of your door, before you tell others to do so? You just don't see how pedantic you are on your own. Just look at your postings. You didn't upload a single shit and all you can come up with is random nagging.

And for the record: I never said gays don't look at single male stuff.
>> No. 5304 ID: c49191
do you even know what the word means? because from that post you don't have a clue
>> No. 5305 ID: c49191
yep, i just checked both my dictionaries and i sure don't see "guy who makes fun of furries being furries" anywhere under pedant
>> No. 5306 ID: c49191
"guy who calls pedophiles pedophiles in their own thread" isn't showing up anywhere either. where did you buy your dictionary?
>> No. 5308 ID: 8793b8
File 137522213789.gif - (205.74KB , 1200x1074 , bowser.gif )
is all the crap going on here about that anubis flash

it doesnt even look worth getting
>> No. 5309 ID: c49191
i dunno about the rest of this nonsense but the latest one is nothing about nothing. im just poking a pedant
>> No. 5310 ID: 5bd41e

you're bored, aren't you?
>> No. 5311 ID: c49191
it literally takes seconds to post a post and i watch the boards when i'm at my computer anyway. i'm doing other things
>> No. 5313 ID: aef453
That was originally the issue, but at this point it's just a sad display from all involved, who are now arguing over pointless shit completely unrelated to the original topic, just for argument's sake.
>> No. 5314 ID: 8361a4
dunno - I don't have the "c49191 - world, world - c49191" DICKtionary.
>> No. 5315 ID: 8361a4
we went back to topic, but someone seems to have a problem with a certain POV and come up with "gays enjoy to look at straight men and that's all that matters".
>> No. 5316 ID: c49191
some person: "well i can only post this one because my other flashes only have one guy and thats not gay"

me: "who cares? you're worrying about pointless details. gay guys want to see guys"

some guy: "YOU'RE AN ASSHOLE"

oook w/e it's not my fault you people flip out so easy
>> No. 5317 ID: f97f53
And that's the problem: I never said "YOU'RE AN ASSHOLE". Thanks for showing once more folks like YOU tend to make stuff just up.

Upload something on your own and don't worry how others manage it. You don't have to do it the same way and others don't have to do it on your way.
>> No. 5319 ID: c49191
so you're super needlessly defensive about your pedantery? cool i guess. you keep on keepin on
>> No. 5320 ID: f97f53
>> No. 5322 ID: c49191
sure whatever helps you sleep at night, just post more content already. this thread is a clusterfuck
>> No. 5323 ID: f97f53
YOU are not in the position to say " just post more content already".
>> No. 5389 ID: f753ed
yep...dead thread...>.<..realy..no one is making anything anymore..geez..did everyone go the crow line of "if im not geting $100 a pop..im not doing it"..seems so.
>> No. 5395 ID: 42374e

I think it's FA's sudden trend of morons turning their half assed loops and cock tease into auctions to make money.

It's flooded the site and turned it into garbage.

It sickens me.
>> No. 5397 ID: 0fcd0a
FA has been garbage for a while now.

It downgraded itself from a site which was meant to promote and feature art into a anthropomorphic 'social' clusterfuck, so of course it was going to stagnate into what it is now.

It's trying too hard to be DA, and as far as I'm concerned it succeeded - At being a shitty knockoff.
>> No. 5406 ID: f97f53
isn't that the issue on all "art" pages? it's more about quantity than quality... at least for about 90% of the people posting "art"
>> No. 5419 ID: 2a4637
idk..SoFurry isnt too bad..waaaaaay better than FA..least they have SOME..quaility requirments..and dont allow the randm seisure light show kinda BS flashes
>> No. 5425 ID: 0fcd0a
Saying something is "way better than FA" is like saying the flu is less life-threatening than cancer. They're both still bad in their own way and require a remedy to fix.

Personally, I'm not a fan of SoFurry for several reasons and I think its the worst alternative(excluding dA). Is it as problematic as FA? Of course not, but that's not to say it doesn't have its own problems.
>> No. 5426 ID: 509f1c
Two dragons fuck in an alleyway


Mrrr jasonafex
>> No. 5427 ID: 509f1c
Flamedramon. 'Nuff said.

>> No. 5458 ID: 6bc032
Mrrrm ferals :3

>> No. 5778 ID: ec95f9
realy...nothing in 2 months?...>.<
>> No. 5780 ID: ca3c03
Nothing worth mentioning
>> No. 5812 ID: 00819d
File CRUISE_CAPTIN2.swf - (854.67KB , 700x400 , CRUISE CAPTIN2.swf )
made this the other day fas in read only mode so you guys get it 1st
>> No. 5824 ID: 904cdc
File 0c64ff134f0061528e8b0a09454a70cd.swf - (4.87MB , 560x448 )
>> No. 5897 ID: a5dfe2
We so need this ripped!

>> No. 5911 ID: 81a722
i'm looking for a flash, i don' remember the species, but it was about a male going to a bathroom to use a glory hole, sucking and jerking off two guys, at the end he was about to leave when a horse dick appears over his shoulder (sry for my bad english)
>> No. 5912 ID: e10a2b

here you go

>> No. 6004 ID: 323b27
>> No. 6026 ID: 99aa19
File 1394483378_h0rs3_tanith01.swf - (97B , 604x524 )
>> No. 6078 ID: 48f4f6
hmmm..guess this tread well..all of the flash threads are dead now :/
>> No. 6167 ID: 909c96
does anyone like inkling's nsfw posts on tumblr?
>> No. 6168 ID: 909c96
File nimin_0_975n.swf - (593.64KB , 1175x661 )
here's one of my favorite flashes...
also if you haven't had the chance go to fenoxo.com to find more flashes
>> No. 6187 ID: 059fdb
If anyone could find good pics of furry males any animal spreading there ass (with or without cum coming out). And furry sucking their own cock while being fucked
>> No. 6340 ID: b01bc6
File 141176783344.jpg - (56.27KB , 250x250 , g249.jpg )
It's one of my favourites although I don't know who the source is. Could someone tell me?

Unfortunately there's a 9 MB file size limit when this file is nearly 30 MB.
I have provided a link below.

>> No. 6435 ID: 598909
There was a website that i can not find that had a lot of furry flashes. I think the website's front page had Amy from Sonic or something... Anyway there were many 3d cgi animations with this cute gay green dragon lizard guy and i can not find it anywhere. does anyone have any clue what im talking about or should i just forget about it?
>> No. 6436 ID: 8be221

You mean rangarig.net?
>> No. 6437 ID: acb2d0
who animated this???
>> No. 6438 ID: acb2d0
Not sure but someone here posted one of the animations i was talking about! >>221
anyone know who it is?
>> No. 6441 ID: 8be221

Oh, that's 3DDinos.
>> No. 6471 ID: 412035
Who animated the fox with kangaroo type creature 3d animation? I want more of that, I've got 3 of his/her work so far.
>> No. 6582 ID: c83793
File dayelyte_dragon_born.swf - (1.25MB , 800x600 )
by dayelyte (source deleted, was a miracle i got it while it lasted)
>> No. 6598 ID: d5df68
check site do
>> No. 6599 ID: d5df68
right link
>> No. 6602 ID: d5df68
File 142730145798.jpg - (369.86KB , 600x595 , logo.jpg )
new update Natsutama Makai Yakyuken and
Ugoku! Kotarogu mini
>> No. 6647 ID: e1c77a
does anyone have like, a guide to the items in the shop for that game? Nastuama makai yakyuren
>> No. 6694 ID: 8dc12b
File weddin0.swf - (710.60KB , 600x579 )
>> No. 6706 ID: 63f7af
File fieronsound.swf - (31.26KB , 700x900 )
throbby rat
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