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File 132297584013.jpg - (147.15KB , 800x1000 , 1207388752_yamibliss_classmates_cover.jpg )
17146 No. 17146 ID: 41ac9e
Anyone have this?
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>> No. 20589 ID: 1af2f8
His putting the pages up in this Furaffinity he has uploaded up to page 10
>> No. 20599 ID: dab73e
File 132785472961.png - (191.72KB , 800x1000 , 2.png )
>> No. 20600 ID: dab73e
File 132785478764.png - (462.12KB , 800x1000 , 3.png )
>> No. 20601 ID: dab73e
File 132785481742.png - (1.10MB , 764x1000 , 4.png )
>> No. 20602 ID: dab73e
File 132785502242.png - (0.96MB , 767x1000 , 5.png )
>> No. 20603 ID: dab73e
File 132785506097.png - (929.05KB , 784x1000 , 6.png )
>> No. 20604 ID: dab73e
File 132785515240.png - (1.00MB , 755x1000 , 7.png )
>> No. 20607 ID: dab73e
File 132785526410.png - (970.88KB , 786x1000 , 8.png )
>> No. 20608 ID: dab73e
File 13278553659.png - (923.28KB , 781x1000 , 9.png )
>> No. 20609 ID: dab73e
File 132785541292.png - (690.02KB , 779x1000 , 10.png )
>> No. 20613 ID: 8c23d3
"I am gay and I love you!" *sob* *runs away*
wolf runs after him.
"Wait! I am gay too and I love you!"
Then they fuck in this unrefined art style, with awkward dialogue in the background, one of them will probably sprout wings during his orgasm.

And I will fap to it.
>> No. 20614 ID: 9eaac6
Aw what the hell man, way to spoil everything! I was totally enraptured by this compelling story! D:
>> No. 20707 ID: dab73e
There are 20 more pages ahead, according to the author.
>> No. 20715 ID: 507765
Not sure if i want to be kissed by guy who just puked.
>> No. 20736 ID: 126830
my thoughts exactly :P
>> No. 20762 ID: 599223
File 132795920073.jpg - (13.09KB , 200x269 , what_the_fuck_am_a_reading.jpg )
This comic is just one giant plotdevice full of holes like Swiss cheese, lelading to anal fucking.

Fuck you OP
>> No. 20817 ID: 06a2bf
File 132806448174.jpg - (17.29KB , 610x340 , spore-20090417100310454.jpg )
>> No. 20837 ID: 58d0c8
File 132810881795.jpg - (69.32KB , 460x645 , 864911112.jpg )
>> No. 20841 ID: b3956f
File 132811520321.png - (41.99KB , 400x400 , 5.png )
>> No. 20920 ID: d514c2
File 132824755484.jpg - (3.30KB , 200x173 , 1140931363883s.jpg )
>> No. 20921 ID: d514c2
too close
>> No. 20922 ID: d514c2
File 132824771922.jpg - (7.55KB , 245x250 , 1140935054488s.jpg )
>> No. 20923 ID: d514c2
too far!
>> No. 20927 ID: c0710d

Damnit, goldylocks, stop being so picky.
>> No. 20930 ID: 228f5c

Cool story bro.
>> No. 20982 ID: dab73e
File 13283457059.png - (783.83KB , 805x1000 , 11.png )
New page!
>> No. 20984 ID: 221d87
Idk if his style hasn't changed at all or his got awful.
"I was bullied just because i liked to draw"

What kind of school does that happen? I've been drawing for all my school life and the only thing that happened was some guy saying my drawings were horrible. But bullied? that is crazy.

Also his stories are so bland and cliche, im sensing a pattern that most mexican furries always go with this kind of stories or maybe is just me.
>> No. 20990 ID: 44a6b0
The writer probably was working so fast he could think strait so he put drawing instead of "I was bullied because of my size"
>> No. 21017 ID: 085817

I agree too "I was bullied just because i liked to draw"? I mean, lots of guys like it, that's why they can choose Art classes over Music classes in High School (well, that's how it is here, you choose either of the two) so that doesn't make much sense to me.
>> No. 21019 ID: 062b24
Why the hell isn't Dan Savage starting an "It Gets Better" campaign for all those poor artists out there?
>> No. 21026 ID: de4802
>"My sexuality started to change."

>> No. 21029 ID: 1af2f8
I can relate to this a bit. i was also bullied back in middle school do to the fact I just wanted to draw rather play sports. it was bad..one time someone too my sketch book i had and rip some of the drawing I did. But after I left the school is was awsome. so i guess everyone has there own experiences on things.
>> No. 21031 ID: 1af2f8
Wow I dont know if I should be honor or freak out to find my comic here. XD I keep laughting from alot of these comment, as well take them in cosideration to improve this comic. In this comic has alot of stuff I lived through, bullying, yup sadly I was one of those guys that got bullied badly. But tranfered to a new school help me enought, yet in high school was the time when I notices more atractive at the time I was scared of that. So I was more of a loner. Also yes I did have a crush on one of my classmate but never had the balls to confess to him and i thank god I didnt. either way sorry to go into this long story. still I hope you guys keep enjoying this comic, even if it is Cliche and so for. I'll Keep stoping by to read more comments for all of you. ~ hug and kisses~
>> No. 21043 ID: b176b5
at my retarded-ass redneck public school i'm bullied from everything to drawing to liking greenday and not "Jason Aldeen" or some other redneck country singer
>> No. 21069 ID: 085817
The good point is, this comic has quite deep meaning, it's not jsut one of those things like:
"Oh, hello. ~ Let's fuck! ~ *insert sex and cumming here* ~ kthxbai."
>> No. 21158 ID: 44c7a4
I like this history. Is not only sex and non-sense. Histories with plot are beautiful :3
>> No. 21159 ID: 1af2f8
I was in public school and i wasnt bullied. i was bullied in a private catholic school. it started from 4 grade up to 7 grade. still those events made me stronger and the person I am today.
>> No. 21353 ID: 337665
File 132892248813.jpg - (204.08KB , 776x1000 , 1328890432_yamibliss_classmates_pg_012.jpg )
New page! Have fun! <3
>> No. 21360 ID: 7654d9
And then this happened.

>> No. 21368 ID: 599223
"I was bulliedbecause I liked to draw"
:D oh god.. this is the dumbest comic ever made.
>> No. 21369 ID: 3c50f3
Yami, if you are still visiting this site, i just have to say, learn to draw. Can't believe all these years you improve nothing about anatomy and this is coming from someone who read the photoshoot comics and thought it was well drawn in the past.
>> No. 21719 ID: 8c23d3
File 132955147979.jpg - (156.52KB , 778x1000 , 1329532011_yamibliss_classmates_pg_013.jpg )
my dick is as hard as grandmas prosthetic leg.
>> No. 21736 ID: 07820f
>> No. 21749 ID: 2a9a28
>> No. 21770 ID: c14a17
File 132958516063.jpg - (45.03KB , 325x324 , comicsucksraccoon.jpg )

this comic doesnt make sense at all.
and it´s getting cheesy.
>> No. 21772 ID: 221d87
You don't say. Its done by Yamibliss, im just surprised the dog(?) hasn;t spread his invisible wings yet
>> No. 21992 ID: 1af2f8
Yes i am visiting this site and also this comic i drew it over five years ago.
>> No. 22012 ID: 6e0c07
File 13298174055.jpg - (96.73KB , 688x545 , 13288176145.jpg )
>>21992 prove it by posting the fuck rest alredy
>> No. 22024 ID: d2e7fe
File 132983846422.jpg - (72.77KB , 325x325 , draw.jpg )

Is he making this comic still?
i don´t care what those F..... nice young man are going to do in the bathroom.
my biggest wonder would be, how is he ganna fix that >i got bullied becouse i liked to draw thing.
how are you ganna make a comic like this serious after doing that~?
>> No. 22036 ID: d52ccb
File 132985351871.jpg - (53.03KB , 600x417 , demotivational-posters-theres-your-problem.jpg )
you take furry comics seriously
>> No. 22039 ID: c14a17
File 132985533313.jpg - (39.29KB , 325x325 , snap.jpg )

point made. silly me.
>> No. 22043 ID: d30a41
I actually like the story because its so silly xD
>> No. 22052 ID: 5c09d8
Kissed right after having puked ? Eeeeww ! That was nasty, girl !
>> No. 22068 ID: 81116e
I think you should've emphasized the word draw, rather than fucking.
>> No. 22423 ID: 8c23d3
File 133025598626.jpg - (169.83KB , 777x1000 , 1330108091_yamibliss_classmates_pg_014.jpg )
No wings yet, it stays exciting.
>> No. 22424 ID: 599223
File 133026234990.jpg - (1.15MB , 777x3023 , akbarcat.jpg )
>> No. 22471 ID: f37812
File 133033052298.jpg - (42.78KB , 530x285 , 1298341473598.jpg )
>> No. 22548 ID: 0dcb99
you know this comic writing is getting really corny in a way. desent artwork thou.
>> No. 22549 ID: 0dcb99
or pritty contrived.
>> No. 22775 ID: 8c23d3
File 133076808645.jpg - (194.34KB , 777x1000 , 1330755213_yamibliss_classmates_pg_015.jpg )
What a twist.
>> No. 22776 ID: 8c23d3
Mow I get it! The first speech bubble is wrong.
The Dog is called Robby, so it's Chris who wants to ask a question.
>> No. 22781 ID: 599223
File 133077233693.jpg - (19.09KB , 300x294 , Facial_Expressions___Disgust_by_nigglesworth.jpg )
eew.. that's over the top gay.
>> No. 22820 ID: f2ebbe
>Excuse me sir can I return my gay? It's too gay.
>> No. 23131 ID: 5869cc
Ok, creepy and how long until the sex?
>> No. 23139 ID: 5115a8
File 13310854063.jpg - (68.23KB , 600x600 , 132701003587.jpg )
This is the gayest shit i've ever seen... in a bad way

Extremly corny
>> No. 23144 ID: 452932
God this comic fucking sucks.
Parental advisory my ass, where's the dick?
>> No. 23151 ID: 085817
It has yet to come, be patient!
>> No. 23156 ID: 8c23d3
They will stop after some soft petting and we will rage.
>> No. 23285 ID: 8c23d3
File 133131416581.jpg - (186.13KB , 784x1000 , 1331310021_yamibliss_classmates_pg_016.jpg )
Years of regret blown away by love!
>> No. 23288 ID: 2ee564
File 133132463079.png - (91.51KB , 272x227 , Picture 3.png )
im sure you were made fun of the perverse shit you most likely drew
>> No. 23293 ID: 085817

Warning - You can't make up for a few years in only a few hours... don't try this at home, kids!
>> No. 23297 ID: 5115a8
"Starting my third year, my sexuality started to change"

"I was bulliedbecause I liked to draw"

>> No. 23317 ID: 221d87
No wonder why gay comics should stick with just having sex. This whole romantic scene is so cheesy it makes me puke. Someone's been watching too much romantic anime
>> No. 23321 ID: 529c39
Wow this is even more gay then them about to fuck...
>> No. 23796 ID: 07820f
File 13318975783.jpg - (169.76KB , 793x1000 , 1331872658_yamibliss_classmates_pg_017.jpg )
>> No. 23797 ID: 07820f
File 133189762234.jpg - (190.38KB , 776x1000 , 1331872973_yamibliss_classmates_pg_018.jpg )
>> No. 23830 ID: a7b7e9
Spelled seems wrong. (insert troll comment)
>> No. 23831 ID: 3f6173
LoL, catch a cold in someones house? What kind of shitty ventilation does this guy have?
>> No. 23838 ID: e59d11

It's not hard to make a shitty apartment look not-shitty.

Of course, even though it's possible to polish a turd, it's still a turd.
>> No. 24386 ID: 07820f
File 133258832449.jpg - (161.22KB , 793x1000 , 1332565091_yamibliss_classmates_pg_019.jpg )

You fags better be nice!
>> No. 24391 ID: 4f7538
Dear mr. Yamibliss, i don't hate your comic for the story, style or the lack of *HUMP! *HUMP! *CUM! within the first pages.


>> No. 24410 ID: 83e724
>> No. 24416 ID: d110ac
Well, it is bullies. Have you ever met a bully? You know, those assholes who go around picking on others and beating them up and harassing them? Yeah, thos latch on to any excuse to bully people, no matter how flimsy or ridiculous. Hell, sometimes they don't even need an excuse. And the idea of bullies picking on a kid who draws and ripping up his pictures and mocking and taunting him about it is really that difficult to believe? Pfffft, what am I saying. These are furry trolls, I forget they have a one digit IQ and a fourteen word vocabulary.
>> No. 24433 ID: 8059c5
> go in some lower grades in middle school (or primary school.. anyways I was like 12,13 y.o.)
> few kids think they are hot shit and make me their target
> being harassed
> Dad is dissapoint. He is a boxer.
> Tells me to punch them in the nose next time
> Bully appears
> before he even opens mouth I jab the fucker in the nose
> he cries and I just walk away (It was awkward.. like what do you do? Wait till he recovers? run :D It is not like a movie when police arrives or you eventually kill the bad guy)
> no bully problem ever again

Bullies in highschool, as seen is american tv shows, is something unheard of .. hard to imagine a bully in my highschool.
>> No. 24435 ID: 9eaac6
File 133271765259.jpg - (56.65KB , 640x480 , 1330888112838.jpg )
>Story about totally being a bad ass in school against a bully
>Posted on a furry board

Boy you sure are awesome, anon. I wish I could be big and brave and amazing like you.
>> No. 24466 ID: d4dd7a
File 133280250178.jpg - (260.67KB , 612x792 , LOL_WUT_by_xHyperShadowx.jpg )

>> No. 24467 ID: 1eeec7
the story is about not being big but to stfu and mtfu (man the fuck up).

or sue them.
Fuck, you are such a whiney faggot I'd bully you myself if I could
>> No. 24468 ID: 042266
What is the name of the animu in that picture ?
>> No. 24624 ID: bce072
>> No. 24645 ID: d30a41
File 13331191051.jpg - (115.61KB , 1280x855 , 1326778912_angelfurrylover9_fc2012_046.jpg )
this shit is hilarious
I demand MOAR
>> No. 24656 ID: 3ee676
File 133313156825.jpg - (189.14KB , 608x638 , wooloo.jpg )
>> No. 24657 ID: 3ee676
File 133313160467.jpg - (360.30KB , 710x663 , lj9t323q.jpg )
>> No. 24676 ID: 07820f
File 133316277495.jpg - (172.00KB , 781x1000 , 1333120972_yamibliss_classmates_pg_020.jpg )
>> No. 24677 ID: bc9955
this just keeps getting better
>> No. 24679 ID: 599191
Virgins sparkle?
>> No. 24680 ID: 5115a8
Hahaha... WOW

This Comic it just fuckin horrible, it sucks in so many ways
>> No. 24687 ID: 3ee676
File 133317661498.jpg - (75.36KB , 328x363 , bb.jpg )
Sparkle, sparkle, sparkle!
>> No. 24696 ID: d30a41
so im gonna sticky it
>> No. 24708 ID: 19400c
File 133320929855.jpg - (308.88KB , 600x321 , Late-to-the-party.jpg )
Wish i read through this thread earlier. This is like Meesh's comic 1000-fold. Wonder if the German Shepard will ditch him at the end.
>> No. 24710 ID: 3ee676
File 133321217889.jpg - (156.49KB , 402x666 , n0t0mw7v.jpg )
>> No. 24724 ID: 18dedd
Best. Comic twist. Ever.
>> No. 24731 ID: 221d87

srsly, he went for ass kissing?
just look the amount of asskissers, i don't hate the guy, i just think his story is stupidly gay and his cheap anime style makes me want to puke.
It's not my kind of comic but goddamn its impossible to make fun of it
>> No. 24732 ID: 221d87
File 133325203853.jpg - (99.55KB , 726x430 , alterend.jpg )
And now for an alternate ending.
>> No. 24743 ID: 7cbcf4
First thing you do when you find your friend piss drunk.

>Take pics and draw on his/her face
>Take off there clothes and prepare a hot bath for them....?
>> No. 24748 ID: 8c23d3
We keep posting your comic and have fun.
You get less shit than Arron with his fucked up physiqe.
Isn't that enough?

Just stop listening to those uber friendly furry fandom idiots who lick your ass and praise every shit you take. They aren't your friends. They just want to take you in their delusional world of mutual love and non existent critique.

It won't help you improve your skills if they write friendly & praising comments under your pictures regardless of the quality.
Reading the pitiless comments here can help you if you take the chance.

I post this on here anonymously because I don't want my inbox flooded with angry messages.
>> No. 24749 ID: 9cd7d4
^This is the whole reason I don't bother posting comments on FA, because when you do, your legitimate comment is just engulfed by the ass licking furries to further perpetuate their goofy world of mutual love. I'd offer constructive criticism and genuine praise if I didn't feel like I was sandwiched between "Look at that big juicy cock, does he bite?!" and "I'd love to be dominated by that piece of man meat."
>> No. 24763 ID: 221d87
File 133332113299.jpg - (104.79KB , 640x480 , srsly.jpg )
what makes you think im him?
i hope you are joking, you couldn't be serious with that
>> No. 24768 ID: 6f4a96
File 133333432564.jpg - (24.93KB , 520x390 , twist.jpg )
>> No. 24772 ID: 3ee676
he knows man, he knows.. stop covering it up
>> No. 24783 ID: 8c23d3
That wasn't meant as a reply to you but rather to the journal you linked. I am sorry for the misconception. After all I did answer your post.

Yami uses his name if he writes here.
>> No. 24926 ID: f2ebbe
Truth is, different schools are different. Their are shit-holes were things like that happen.
>> No. 24927 ID: f2ebbe
Great story, but your bully was obviously a pussy. Problem is, sometimes the bully is the one with a Dad who is a boxer (speaking figuratively of course). Punching a douche bag in the face doesn't always stop the douche bag. Your one experience does not equate to an answer for the entire world. Try moving to central Africa and using that "hit the bully back" logic. I doubt there is anyone in Africa on this board, but the point is, what was a life changing, magical event in your life may or may not be completely irrelevant to another because everyone lives with unique circumstances.

Wait is this a porn board?
>> No. 24928 ID: d30a41
this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=unZrRVE6sKc
>> No. 24929 ID: f2ebbe
Ugh, I hate the whole "OMG but I'm a virgin" thing. We get it, your a virgin, no one reasonable really cares, stop being so melodramatic about it and just fuck. Your getting your dick sucked and your ass eaten out and your still all "OMG I'm a virgin" *sparkle sprakle sparkle*.
>> No. 24930 ID: f2ebbe
That kid was picking on someone twice his size, try reversing the situation, and add an unfair age difference just for shits and giggles.
>> No. 24941 ID: de4802

Yeah, this. I had a boyfriend for a short time in high school when he was 16 and I was 17. It wasn't until something like SIX FREAKING YEARS later, that he actually got around to telling me that I had been his first time.

I mean, it's just not something that comes up in conversation when you're fucking. Normally, there is NO conversation while fucking...
>> No. 24980 ID: 5c09d8
File 133373482213.jpg - (214.81KB , 782x1000 , 1333726727_yamibliss_classmates_pg_021.jpg )
here we go
>> No. 24982 ID: d30a41
>Normally, there is NO conversation while fucking...

how about before and after?
>> No. 24998 ID: 62f5c9
I swear, this comic is so bad I can't even tell if that's real or not.
>> No. 25001 ID: d30a41
File 133375387415.jpg - (45.03KB , 450x388 , _41.jpg )
>> No. 25002 ID: de4802

I'm pretty sure it's supposed to be some kind of parody comic. I can't imagine someone thinking this is realistic.

You are virgin. This is very funny!
Funny...? YOU! ARE! IDIOT!!! *pounce*
>> No. 25011 ID: 6f4a96
File 133377359596.jpg - (47.92KB , 514x400 , 1316918087001.jpg )
lol this comic is so bad its almost good....
>> No. 25025 ID: 8c23d3
File 133378057652.png - (79.43KB , 440x253 , yami_reactionwolf_template1.png )
You have to admit, the face expressions are cute and exploitable.
>> No. 25041 ID: 0f7da4
I normally don't criticize comics, but I think the artist would be ahead to get someone else to do the writing. The art is pretty good, but the writing is a little silly and forced.
>> No. 25046 ID: 38ddc2
File 133379770040.png - (323.81KB , 395x385 , 60.png )
He's just high. Ridiculously high. Trust me, I know that face. I see it in the mirror all the time.
That's what happens when amateur role players try to role play with themselves and make a story out of it (not saying that's what happened here... that's just what it looks like).
>> No. 25155 ID: c14a17
File 133401731240.jpg - (310.73KB , 800x1000 , trashmates.jpg )
Is it just me or... is this comic alway´s on the front page of the comics.
and oh, not Troll pic. just.. raccoon trash, you got the hint.
and pardon me but, that shit is hilarious.
have we met before?
~Nice going!
>> No. 25165 ID: fe2357
File 133404933382.jpg - (44.13KB , 500x500 , 1303186371580.jpg )
This fuckin comic...

It Just Gets Worse
>> No. 25166 ID: 07820f


Pardon me, I'm on iphone.
>> No. 25277 ID: 5c09d8
If you don't like it, don't read it and stop complaining !
All you seem to do is whining about fucking everything ! It's free and its author put time in it, god damn it
>> No. 25386 ID: 8d4cfd
If it's free it's free for me to critique and review and the way it is now it is complete shit. Characters are one dimensional, story is so played out and predictable, The dialogue, if you can call that drivel dialogue, is horrendous. "I was made fun of for drawing." Are you fucking serious? This thing sucks. BOOOOOOO!
>> No. 25425 ID: 5c09d8
"If it's free it's free for me to critique".

Wow... You're not a spoiled rotten child, you're just an idiot...
The author of this comic is better than you, because people like you cannot create, people like you can only destroy. The internet is like a giant kindergarden where you can break the toy of kids you don't even know. Go on.
>> No. 25426 ID: d30a41
File 133433941552.jpg - (20.13KB , 435x402 , 1334261992326.jpg )
why do you give a fuck?
or why yami should?

I dont get it
>> No. 25499 ID: 495b4e
File 133437253578.jpg - (151.31KB , 500x375 , 1334080021778.jpg )
my bet is that he is the author of this terribad comic and he feel buttchallenged
>> No. 25520 ID: 9eaac6
File 13343800654.jpg - (21.24KB , 210x222 , 1329796874233.jpg )
>The author of this comic is better than you, because people like you cannot create, people like you can only destroy
Ahhhhhahahahahahaha, haaahahahahahahahahahahaha, hahaha, haaa haa... haaaaa....

Oh christ, you're serious? Wow. Time to laugh harder.
>> No. 25527 ID: 719f6b
i'd totally agree with you and laugh but ...

I don't find it funny, I find this guy is just plain dumb...not funny
>> No. 25528 ID: 719f6b
This love story is WORSE THAN TWILIGHT!
(samefag I forgot to mention)
>> No. 25529 ID: a5cff5
I totally agree. I can't even read this shit when I'm drunk, and enjoy it lol
>> No. 25540 ID: 07820f
File 133439240615.jpg - (155.74KB , 777x1000 , 1334348965_yamibliss_classmates_pg_022.jpg )
>> No. 25549 ID: 9244e0
God Tier:
Enjoying free stuff

Good Tier:
Criticizing free stuff

Bad Tier:
Criticizing people who criticize free stuff

Shit Tier:
Getting angry about free stuff
>> No. 25553 ID: 5c09d8
I am not the author of this comic, but I just am just sick and tired of seeing every comic that I like here critiziced. Like little buddy of meesh. You're jerks who probably do nothing but stay front of their screen 24/24 to masturbate, still living home with mom and dad, and who criticize those who try to create something. Even if it's porn, it's still something.
Criticizing is easy and can hurt. Try to do something better with your life, thank you.
>> No. 25572 ID: 8c23d3
File 133441798728.jpg - (64.99KB , 440x253 , you-seem- to- be-visibly-upset-and-frustrated.jpg )
>> No. 25574 ID: 5c09d8
Nah, I'm good :)
>> No. 25633 ID: 55c07f
Well sir, i believe you have shitty taste in artist
>> No. 25693 ID: 8d4cfd
24/24? oh you make me smile. You sir, are an idiot.
>> No. 25694 ID: 8d4cfd
You are free to call me what you please, but my point still stands. Everything I said is completely true. If you don't see that, or more likely you just ignore it, than I believe it is you who is the idiot.

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