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File 132171568080.jpg - (78.68KB , 600x652 , cover.jpg )
16107 No. 16107 ID: d9f888
The old thread was getting out of hand, so I baleeted it. So here's a pearoast of the pages so far. Thanks to those who submitted pages <3
Expand all images
>> No. 16108 ID: d9f888
File 132171577341.jpg - (286.15KB , 811x1100 , p1.jpg )
Page 1
>> No. 16109 ID: d9f888
File 132171584569.jpg - (262.66KB , 811x1100 , p2.jpg )
Page 2
>> No. 16110 ID: d9f888
File 132171590494.jpg - (237.15KB , 811x1100 , p3.jpg )
Page 3
>> No. 16111 ID: d9f888
File 132171596046.jpg - (249.31KB , 811x1100 , p4.jpg )
Page 4
>> No. 16112 ID: d9f888
File 132171601352.jpg - (188.06KB , 811x1100 , p5.jpg )
Page 5
>> No. 16113 ID: d9f888
File 132171606585.jpg - (229.14KB , 811x1100 , p6.jpg )
Page 6
>> No. 16114 ID: d9f888
File 132171612396.jpg - (152.15KB , 811x1100 , p7.jpg )
Page 7
>> No. 16115 ID: d9f888
File 13217161415.jpg - (151.27KB , 811x1100 , p8.jpg )
>> No. 16116 ID: d9f888
File 132171617377.jpg - (126.75KB , 811x1100 , p9.jpg )
Page 9
>> No. 16117 ID: d9f888
File 132171620055.jpg - (123.20KB , 811x1100 , p10.jpg )
Page 10
>> No. 16118 ID: d9f888
File 132171623710.jpg - (152.00KB , 811x1100 , p11.jpg )
Page 11
>> No. 16119 ID: d9f888
File 13217162695.jpg - (122.89KB , 811x1100 , p12.jpg )
Page 12
>> No. 16120 ID: d9f888
File 132171630871.jpg - (126.53KB , 811x1100 , p13.jpg )
Page 13

that's all I have so far.
>> No. 16220 ID: 911994
File 13218860289.jpg - (119.92KB , 811x1100 , 111120.jpg )
>> No. 16552 ID: 2ca706
File 132226358351.jpg - (62.68KB , 936x500 , fc35435_1192817729_miupix_boobchart.jpg )

I did that on purpose :p.

So, I noticed somebody saw what I did thar :).
Also, Thanks for the bigger Pic ;).
>> No. 16607 ID: d9f888
File 132233936851.jpg - (261.61KB , 776x1200 , 1302656201_miupix_ccpg07.jpg )
For some reason I have a big thing for blueberry, even if she has some breasts which require scaffolding.
>> No. 16622 ID: b111da
File 132236497257.jpg - (76.91KB , 850x686 , mgl081.jpg )
>you wont see any penetration, so have these exciting boobs.

Yeah, and you know what else?
>> No. 16815 ID: 911994
File 132258134959.jpg - (124.69KB , 811x1100 , 111126.jpg )
>> No. 16942 ID: 89dcf1
File 132270201253.jpg - (94.71KB , 900x652 , 129143185054.jpg )
Gyuh, so BOOBITY yet so CUTE!! >.<
>> No. 17231 ID: cc2796
OMG i completely forgot about this comic because my WT box didnt say anything i'm so happy i found it again :D
>> No. 17271 ID: 911994
File 132310525546.jpg - (145.96KB , 811x1100 , 111203.jpg )
>> No. 17302 ID: 4121f1

That is the most adorable lesbian porn I have seen. Ever.
>> No. 17869 ID: 89dcf1
and a BUMP.
>> No. 17965 ID: a4f3da
No new page? I didn't see anything that says that last page was the end, so that makes me sad.
>> No. 17967 ID: 46e69d
The clubstripes news page doesn't say anything has been added ):
>> No. 17971 ID: 911994
File 132372268069.jpg - (203.13KB , 811x1100 , HU2Page17.jpg )
>> No. 18014 ID: 877e9e
File 132376134745.jpg - (37.58KB , 375x523 , Gradual acceptance_.jpg )
>> No. 18255 ID: 89dcf1
File 132399939327.jpg - (186.81KB , 850x657 , fc31216_1222313687_miupix_jamcoverg.jpg )
This was pretty good! Too bad we won't get more PnC comic goodness until next year since the clean comic will (finally) start back up again.

In the meantime, should we post the other comics too? I got Jam's Sketch~!
>> No. 18258 ID: 4b0b72
Yes. Do it now.
>> No. 18261 ID: 89dcf1
File 132401060546.jpg - (88.09KB , 550x850 , fc31217_1222356333_miupix_jsketch01.jpg )
Wish granted. ;)
>> No. 18263 ID: 89dcf1
File 132401066534.jpg - (101.65KB , 550x850 , fc31218_1222436338_miupix_jsketch02g.jpg )
>> No. 18264 ID: 89dcf1
File 13240107308.jpg - (94.25KB , 549x850 , fc31219_1222537563_miupix_jsketch03g.jpg )
>> No. 18267 ID: 89dcf1
File 132401094461.jpg - (108.92KB , 550x850 , fc31220_1222613329_miupix_jsketch04g.jpg )
>> No. 18268 ID: 89dcf1
File 132401103243.jpg - (81.53KB , 550x850 , image.jpg )
>> No. 18269 ID: 89dcf1
File 132401107951.jpg - (87.35KB , 550x850 , fc31222_1222784273_miupix_jsketch06g.jpg )
>> No. 18270 ID: 89dcf1
File 132401111953.jpg - (68.03KB , 550x850 , fc31223_1222886851_miupix_jsketch07g.jpg )
>> No. 18271 ID: 89dcf1
File 132401116851.jpg - (122.15KB , 850x657 , fc31224_1222967072_miupix_jsketch08and9g.jpg )
>> No. 18272 ID: 89dcf1
File 132401128097.jpg - (88.97KB , 550x850 , fc31225_1223058346_miupix_jsketch10g.jpg )
>> No. 18273 ID: 89dcf1
File 132401131679.jpg - (97.22KB , 550x850 , fc31226_1223130336_miupix_jsketch11g.jpg )
>> No. 18274 ID: 89dcf1
File 132401135689.jpg - (80.91KB , 550x850 , fc31227_1223202632_miupix_jsketch12g.jpg )
>> No. 18275 ID: 89dcf1
File 132401147251.jpg - (93.93KB , 550x850 , fc31228_1223306347_miupix_jsketch13g.jpg )
>> No. 18276 ID: 89dcf1
File 132401153283.jpg - (85.36KB , 550x850 , fc31229_1223387835_miupix_jsketch14g.jpg )
>> No. 18277 ID: 89dcf1
File 132401157230.jpg - (80.28KB , 550x850 , fc31230_1223489659_miupix_jsketch15g.jpg )
>> No. 18278 ID: 89dcf1
File 132401171617.jpg - (49.17KB , 550x850 , fc31231_1223577459_miupix_jsketch16g.jpg )
All done! If anyone has any other comics or has a request for one f specifically, by all means do so! :3
>> No. 18363 ID: d7e2ae
I'd love a new comic. I've got everything that was in http://pawsru.org/fc/res/17377.html

Does anyone have anything that wasn't posted in here? I hate to ask, but I'd greatly appreciate it.
>> No. 18467 ID: 9294c5
I can't help but feel like there should be another page between 10 and 11. You never really see Cream's orgasm, just the build-up and come-down.
>> No. 18557 ID: 89dcf1
File 13246219278.jpg - (296.85KB , 900x636 , rionero.jpg )
Well, I saw some pics of Rio and Nero over on the Male/Gay section. It's somethin'. :/
>> No. 18606 ID: 957703
miu doesnt have much skill

that artist lacks the ability of drawing fucking between a male and a female. you know. basics!
>> No. 18608 ID: 25d847
File 132478855460.jpg - (148.52KB , 950x750 , Midori and Vodka!.jpg )
>>18606 That is quite possibly the most strawman arguments against an artist I've ever seen. Lesbians and gay dudes are awesome: and if you want to see straight porn, it isn't as if it doesn't exist.

Furthermore, Midori and Vodka is straight. And done by Miu. Kindly go fuck yourself and Merry Christmas.
>> No. 18609 ID: 9eaac6
Shhh, it's ok buddy. You're addressing a troll. Don't let it bother you
>> No. 18628 ID: 957703
me fucking myself would be less gay and less waste of nice art.
all that pussy on pussy action is boring me to death. its the kind of shit I skip in all porns.
why do people even fap to lesbians.
you still fap. you still dont get the girls. they are lesbian.
all dicking they get is from ridiculous toys and they keep talking to themselves all the time and seem to have no relationship besides fucking.

I expect more than that.
Especially if someone COULD draw it, but doesn't.
>> No. 18635 ID: 25d847
>>18609 Yeah, I know. But it felt really damn good to write that, despite the circumstances. :D
>> No. 18656 ID: 911994
File 132489655571.jpg - (188.03KB , 795x1200 , JamCS01.jpg )
New comic
>> No. 18665 ID: 0dbeac
Oh hell yes.
>> No. 18669 ID: 957703
oh I wonder what will happen.

I know.
the same as always.
>> No. 18817 ID: 89dcf1
BUMP 4 moar pics! :3
>> No. 18818 ID: 312e82
And it will be awesome
>> No. 18887 ID: 9294c5
Have more pages been posted, or is this still ongoing?
>> No. 18893 ID: 7c8fa2
File 132538778741.png - (351.03KB , 558x686 , Maid You Look.png )
>> No. 18901 ID: e71a0f
We need to make shoops out of this. Any ideas?
>> No. 18906 ID: 957703
she´s waiting for you to put your pussy inside

oh wait...
>> No. 18912 ID: db25d6
File 132546163840.jpg - (180.52KB , 795x1200 , 132544599627.jpg )
o hey dere
>> No. 18913 ID: 940060
File 132546471055.png - (253.87KB , 624x352 , 128191439560.png )
>> No. 18922 ID: 7c8fa2
She's bisexual. >_>
>> No. 18924 ID: 2e2939
File 132548745719.jpg - (65.58KB , 480x360 , sp_0113_01_v6.jpg )
Now, what does this remind me of?
>> No. 18925 ID: 73e657
bump if you came here from /v/
>> No. 19047 ID: 89dcf1
bump for a cleanup of unrelated pics. >BI
>> No. 19049 ID: 957703
it reminds me of refusal to draw straight porn
>> No. 19059 ID: 7c8fa2
File 132563423444.jpg - (98.91KB , 900x584 , 132087523575.jpg )

Also see >>18608
>> No. 19246 ID: 957703
green is not my color

and anal is still anal, thats not why I fuck girls, right. thats like getting a ps3 to watch blu rays instead of a regular blu ray player.
>> No. 19247 ID: 9eaac6
See, now you're just being picky. There's a large difference between refusing to draw straight porn, and not drawing straight porn that you enjoy.
>> No. 19289 ID: 46e69d
And even if she did refuse to draw straight porn, who gives any fucks?
>> No. 19301 ID: 89dcf1
Are we seriously doing this again? Why are we doing this again? >8(
>> No. 19302 ID: 7c8fa2
Because people will always take the bait of trolls? One of which the guy complaining about no straight art obviously is. I mean, "green is not my color" as a reason for Miu not drawing straight art? Please.
>> No. 19427 ID: 89dcf1
File 132607557343.jpg - (92.11KB , 526x800 , 1325916685_miupix_pncbook.jpg )
New Full-Color book by Miu coming out! It's a collection of all his past comics featuring Peaches and Cream and the other heartbutt crew members. XD; 25$ for 96 pages! (not too bad.)
The lineup is as follows:

PnC Unlimited (The first PnC folio)
Midnight Milkshake
Bathtime Buddy
Jam & the fantastical adventures of Left Bunny and Right Bunny parts 1 & 2
Breakfast in Bed
Pillow Talk
I <3 U 2

Don't know why Candid Cuties isn't included, but whatever. :/ Also, if you're going to the con this is being sold at, just say some phrase and receive a free heart-shaped folio! BONUS! :D
>> No. 19507 ID: 911994
File 132620086530.jpg - (191.25KB , 795x1200 , JamCS03.jpg )
>> No. 19526 ID: 7be20c
the only dick in a miu comic ever and its on a plushy.
>> No. 19528 ID: dd751f
Miu has done plenty of gay comics and those had lots of dick
>> No. 19567 ID: 89dcf1
File 132630327139.jpg - (92.59KB , 640x800 , 1309301706_miupix_bluesit.jpg )
Along with good ol' fashioned pics of endowed fellas. >B3
(LOL my captcha word was 'coverings.' XD)
>> No. 19591 ID: ebc634
yeah because all of mius shit is gay you emoticonfags
>> No. 19619 ID: 092dfa
File 132637930353.jpg - (1.18MB , 776x5988 , Jam cam (incomplete).jpg )
I apologize for going off track. But since we're waiting for the I </3 U 2 comic, can anyone help me with this? This is all I have of the "Jam Cam". Any more would be greatly appreciated.>>19591
>> No. 19620 ID: 092dfa
.... when did I click on 19591? Damn I feel like a newfag.
>> No. 19622 ID: 911994
It's on Miu's FA http://www.furaffinity.net/view/5338509
>> No. 19719 ID: 092dfa
Thank you. I am greatly indebted to you.
>> No. 19734 ID: 582d5e
its such a waste of art just drawing porn without actual sex
>> No. 19817 ID: 092dfa
File 132669775769.jpg - (162.67KB , 795x1200 , JamCS04_U18chan.jpg )
I hope this settles my "debt>>19622
>> No. 19930 ID: 89dcf1
>> No. 20130 ID: 267b82
she sucks something inanimate.

>> No. 20142 ID: 190ecc

Apparently theres no accounting for personal taste then?
>> No. 20145 ID: 01aa18
It's just the same troll, something about not liking lesbian porn. Go figure
>> No. 20171 ID: 86a6a6
I want mr. Caterpillow (w/o the strapon lmfao)
>> No. 20179 ID: 519757
ur right.
gotta draw them fucked and just give up.
>> No. 20280 ID: 89dcf1
>> No. 20338 ID: a4f3da
It's monday and no new page. I'm sad now.
>> No. 20383 ID: 911994
File 132743574699.jpg - (153.30KB , 795x1200 , JamCS05.jpg )
>> No. 20403 ID: 89dcf1
I agree! That could be a good merchandise opportunity for Miu since he's all out of Peaches figures. :)
>> No. 20561 ID: 89dcf1
Aaaaand a bump
>> No. 20563 ID: 9294c5

I'd buy one! With OR without the strap-on (I've got my own anyway.)
>> No. 20585 ID: 092dfa

I wish I had a strap-on..... and a girlfriend willing to use it on a guy like me...
>> No. 20590 ID: 056f24
>>20585 second
>> No. 20678 ID: 8925a8
File 132790374940.jpg - (179.28KB , 795x1200 , JamCS06_u18chan.jpg )
>> No. 20774 ID: 5624e7
ur all faggots no wonder why you like this shit.

what a waste of girls I could fuck. hand them out.
>> No. 20776 ID: 944b77
I thought I smelled a troll. Take your loserness someplace else you waste of oxygen.
>> No. 20819 ID: 86a6a6
Lolz imma girl but I gotta get one for me n my woman but still...... I RLLY want that catterpillow!!!!
>> No. 20850 ID: b562e9
>on the internet asking for imaginary demihuman females
>> No. 20996 ID: 89dcf1
New PnC Merch. available in the Hot Cider Press store! :D
>> No. 21102 ID: 911994
File 132855795985.jpg - (156.28KB , 795x1200 , JamCS07.jpg )
>> No. 21112 ID: 6abda0
File 132857213680.jpg - (57.43KB , 437x620 , Kamina.jpg )
Believe in you, who believes in your pussy.
>> No. 21121 ID: 283f12
yeah i was thinking it.
>> No. 21129 ID: 7e1f0e
You know, I ussually avoid straight or female artwork mostly because... ugly pussy everywhere. I mean UGLY, unnecessarily detailed pussy.
I like the female figure, a lot - be it petite like Jam [as long as they're friggin bubbly cute like her] or big like Milk [without the piercings, but yeah, fully big is good, not just the boobs]

Miu does simple female parts, and cute girls to boot - Can't dislike his lesbian works at all.
And before anyone says I'm "gay in denial" or something - hate muscular guys, I'd stick with a trappy girly boy than them any day, tnx. [see, feminine figure again]
>> No. 21142 ID: 2d7d25
You're gay in denial.
>> No. 21148 ID: 00b5f5
yeah i was thinking it.
>> No. 21150 ID: 39bd35
Guys, guys. I'm totally not gay. Artists just draw really ugly pussy and really awesome cocks.

I'd take a girl with a cock over a girl with a pussy any day!

>no homo
>> No. 21204 ID: 89dcf1
>I'd take a girl with a cock over a girl with a pussy any day!
>take a girl with a cock over a girl with a pussy
>a girl with a cock

Hate to break it to ya buddy, but that's not a girl.
>> No. 21206 ID: 39bd35

That was a sarcastic reply to >>21129
>> No. 21221 ID: 8592bd
File 132877382123.jpg - (275.42KB , 676x1000 , Peaches Rainy Days 2.jpg )
Is this comic finished? I only have the cover and the first page
>> No. 21227 ID: 4d9221
Actually, bisexual. I said I hate muscular guys, and prefer femboys. A slim male is ok too.

Just that, I-hate-muscles.

Anyway, what's this last page here? looks cute.
>> No. 21287 ID: f5a3a8

it's Miu trolling us because he'll never draw porn of Peaches' mom
>> No. 21339 ID: 6714f1

Ew! Icky, muscles! Spoken like a true shut-in who doesn't know how to take care of his own body so he loathes the ones who do. I'll bet you're paler than a fucking napkin, you goon.
>> No. 21341 ID: 01aa18
File 132890250487.jpg - (49.25KB , 680x511 , BRTky.jpg )
>> No. 21348 ID: 09fe51
File 132891816672.jpg - (127.84KB , 630x820 , 1298853523_ruaidri_x007.jpg )

No, seriously, muscles are gross. Yours truly, another gay person
>> No. 21350 ID: e8be54
File 132891940570.jpg - (20.26KB , 303x303 , oh-please-listening-to-how-great-you-are-is-so-int.jpg )
First, I'm not Miu. I like the whole manga art and stuff, but if I was him, I'd be doing some amazing art instead of learning 3D.
and second... You don't have the slightest idea of how wrong you are about everything. I'll just ignore your shitty level of trolling and wait for the rest of the story. Have a terrible night, little moron. :) Or just keep trying and wasting your time trying to do better than that.

If it's not more trolling, good. That pic is a good example - it's a normal guy. Just fine.
>> No. 21361 ID: 035c24
Miu decided to start doing non-porn stuff of Peaches and Cream on luvpeaches. That was the only page that I've seen on the comic. Not sure if he gave up on it or what, but I was hoping someone might have more of it.
>> No. 21367 ID: a4f3da
He was ill at one point and ran through the backup pages he had at the time, so the comic is paused until further notice. I believe he said he was trying to get it back for early 2012, so keep your eyes peeled.
>> No. 21447 ID: 092dfa
File 132909388084.jpg - (168.59KB , 795x1200 , 132790374940.jpg )
New pic
>> No. 21459 ID: daa9aa

Truly, Mr. Caterpillar does not wish to be deprived of Jam-snatch.

... which actually sounds delicious.
>> No. 21460 ID: 1e4fcc
....Jam is about to rape herself....with a stuffed animal.
This is why i love this fandom.
>> No. 21484 ID: 0c3bbb
Stay out of the other end of the spectrum then.
The shit I've seen.
>> No. 21497 ID: f7d929
i think jam is having a dream
>> No. 21514 ID: ca2163
..or her pussy is like a great black hole and sucks everything in xD
>> No. 21558 ID: 0ff7ef
oh gosh thats exactly what i wanted to happen!!!
>> No. 21653 ID: d68e7b

Thank you for the update!
>> No. 21711 ID: a498bf
*sigh* i keep getting a Creep Feel from reading This Jam Comic, Like she looks to young...am i the only one?
>> No. 21714 ID: 6dfb77

Atta boy, taking some initiative!
>> No. 21795 ID: 0a22ac
She has small Boobs Plus she is short.
Am sure you've seen >>16552
>> No. 21798 ID: 435cff
shes the oldest of them, shes like thirty according to the creator of her character.
>> No. 21895 ID: f9ee27

She is young, but according to Miu, she's 31. She's pretty awesomely sexy....mmm, Jam.
>> No. 21967 ID: 911994
File 132975083482.jpg - (194.31KB , 795x1200 , JamCS09.jpg )
>> No. 21971 ID: 978947
>> No. 21987 ID: 9f53ff
comes at least close to miu doing something straight once
>> No. 22003 ID: 312e82
You're late
But not unexpected
>> No. 22044 ID: 67ca8b
This is, by far, the cutest Miu comic to date.
>> No. 22219 ID: 70a304
I agree with you whole heatedly
>> No. 22236 ID: 6714f1
So... is she supposed to be like 13 or something.
>> No. 22292 ID: 7c8fa2
She's 31. No, really.

>> No. 22427 ID: 89dcf1
YES. JAM IS 31. It's been established 3 times now. Can we move on, please? >BI
>> No. 22506 ID: 89dcf1
No new page today?
>> No. 22561 ID: 911994
File 133045295688.jpg - (166.75KB , 795x1200 , JamCS10.jpg )
>> No. 22565 ID: a64e03
Accually yes it does look like the face of mercy
>> No. 22584 ID: eb6b1e
The rediculousness of the idiotic comments trolls are making because they are too picky about their precious porn. They bash on other people for being a femboys and people not taking care of their bodies, and complaining about how lesbian porn sucks, yet they post their stupid comment in a thread that's OBVIOUSLY so shitty, and continuously come back to the same 'shitty' thread just to bitch.

I can't even believe I'm typing out this crap, because I'M probably not even coming back to check on it. I actually have a life unlike most trolls that whine and bitch about the specifics of their porn or whatever the fuck. Yeah, I'm stirring shit, call me a troll, I don't care, post your pictures and say your lame remarks. I just had to say something after reading shit after shit of bitchy ass trolls bashing on random strangers for no reason; I suppose for interfering with their little fapping sessions. I'm so glad I left the furry fandom. Almost all furries are trolling assholes with nothing better to do than sit at home, living with their parents, no job, bullying other more INNOCENT furries or even non-furries, over threads of various porn. And before anyone wants to use that last sentence against me, yes, I realize I'm in a furry thread. I'm not saying that -I- don't look at furry porn every once in a while, because I USED to be one, but I don't socialize with furries nor do I put myself in furry groups, because furries don't do or want anything more than porn. In other words, freaks with no life.

Thank you, this has been a wonderful trolling, you've been a terrible audience.
>> No. 22586 ID: 218fe7
Given the dialogue, I'm putting my hopes up for anal on the next page.
>> No. 22676 ID: 9294c5
>> No. 22709 ID: 092dfa
File 133064713452.jpg - (71.52KB , 718x714 , Mercy.jpg )

>> No. 22801 ID: 89dcf1
dude, I gotta use that sometime. :)
>> No. 22813 ID: a5b1d2
NOOOOOO! Have mercy!
>> No. 23030 ID: 6dfb77
>> No. 23047 ID: 89dcf1
Monday already? :O
>> No. 23054 ID: 092dfa
File 133097162567.jpg - (149.35KB , 795x1200 , JamCS11_u18chan.jpg )
New page
>> No. 23064 ID: 01aa18
Nice call man
>> No. 23073 ID: 033363
i always suspected jam was a crazy person but this proves it.

peaches and cream better sleep with one eye open or the next issue we will be reading is jam's rape murder suicide fantasy
>> No. 23083 ID: 8967cd
You couldn't figure it out until now?!?
>> No. 23132 ID: d4c31c
of what i have seen with peaches and cream comics,peaches and cream are this crazy too,its not maniatic,they do it for fun i think?,dont know,sometimes i just dont understands the sanity that miu puts in his characters
>> No. 23142 ID: 758664
>>23054 "My nubs demand it!"
>> No. 23143 ID: 5d0285
>> No. 23236 ID: 22d9e7
maybe some people dont know mius retarded lesbia language, srsly.
>> No. 23284 ID: 01aa18
still trying to hard
>> No. 23461 ID: 8bcabd
Actually i think your thinking about this shit too hard.
I got the joke, its the "nubs" that the caterpillow has for arms. If you somehow thought it was anything else, your the virgin, and a girl. Caterpillow is a guy, he doesn't have a clitoris, he has a dick. Also, a guy's nipples DONT get hard, so thats not what he's saying either. Really its just Miu's kinky lesbo-speak. No, it doesn't make sense, but that's probably the point, and thats the reason i said, "wat?" >:/
>> No. 23538 ID: 40ffac
File 133159170778.jpg - (103.31KB , 323x400 , roflbot-V5vv.jpg )
>a guy's nipples DONT get hard

Uh, yeah, you might wanna do some fact-checking there.
>> No. 23539 ID: 40ffac
File 133159182192.jpg - (45.68KB , 330x419 , 130257871756.jpg )
>Miu is neither lesbian nor female
>Jam is not a lesbian
>implying lesbians all have their own special lingo
>> No. 23543 ID: 092dfa
File 133159344292.jpg - (174.61KB , 795x1200 , last.jpg )
last page
>> No. 23545 ID: d01ff2
Okay, listen pal. I don't know about you, and i probably don't want to, but a mans nipples don't get hard. At least not in any erotic sense. The only time they could be VERY remotely considered "hard" is when it gets fucking cold, and they shrivel. The only reason that happens is because the body pulls blood from the dermal layer to keep the core warm. As for the "lesbo-speak" comment i made, i was only the comment made by this guy,
to aid in my defense. I seriously have NEVER read ANY of these comics before, and i was assuming "Miu" was the pink girl character, not the artist.
Lastly, what i said at the beginning still stands, and i was only trying to be funny goddamnit. The "My nubs demand it!" phrase still makes no goddamn sense, and your argument is still invalid [and at this point very creepy]. Its a fucking furry comic forfuckssake. We don't need to have an argument about the specifics of human anatomy.

Tl:Dr- If your nipples get hard when aroused, and you think of yourself as a "guy", then you need to see a doctor because there is something very wrong with you.
>> No. 23558 ID: 9eaac6
Penis? Check. Hard nipples when aroused? Check.

Clearly I am a medical mystery!
>> No. 23568 ID: 1e4fcc
I know for a fact mine get erect when cold. Not sure about arousal, never really checked....I'll get back to you.
>> No. 23576 ID: 64a04e

You are right. Nipples get erect when cold because the body takes the blood from other places to the heart, liver and other more important organs to survive.
So, what does happens when you get aroused? That's right, the body pushes blood from other places to the penis. Same sistem, same hard nipples, diferent needs.
Medicaly speaking, you were (and are) right about the cold thing, but you just didn't see that also you were wrong saying that nipples don't get hard. Both male's and female's have the same composition, leaving the fact that female's have conducts for the milk. That aside, there are the same, react the same way... Why wouldn't male nipples get hard all the same? Just check yourself! When you are relaxed, touch yours, they are flat and soft; do it again when you are fapping, you will notice the diference.
>> No. 23579 ID: 40ffac
File 133164733276.jpg - (16.74KB , 356x239 , roflbot-SbLy.jpg )
ITT: Furry porn comics are serious fucking business.
>> No. 23590 ID: f9ee27
Umm...men's nipples DO get hard, where the fuck have you been?
>> No. 23609 ID: 2979be
>/fc/ - Sexual Education
>> No. 23610 ID: 46103a
File 133165457977.gif - (716.23KB , 448x292 , my-little-pony-friendship-is-magic-brony-art-thou-.gif )

Apparently, he's missed out on the fact that men, for all intensive purposes, chromosomaly, are failed women, and thus share many of the same features biologically. Such as the ability to lactate in rare cases. So attempting to apply a single definition for what male nipples can or can not do to all men on earth is, I must say, nearsighted and ignorant to say the least.
>> No. 23618 ID: f36a0e
Possibly he has a condition called "inverted nipples," isn't aware of it, and just assumed all his life that all men were the same. Perhaps HE should see a doctor.
>> No. 23622 ID: 2c5ea4
the only interesting miu comic ends anticlimatic.

whats wrong with that artist!
afraid to be fucked?
>> No. 23638 ID: 89dcf1
Uhhhh Miu's married (engaged?) to Ponygirl, dear Anon. Good chance he's been fucked and then some before he made this. XD;

Who knows why he decided to end it so blandly, but my guess is to get back to work on the clean comic. :/
>> No. 23657 ID: 01aa18
That anon is trolling. "Draws nothing but lesbians, boring, can't self-insert without dicks, baiting the fanbase etc, etc." He's been at it for a while now.
>> No. 23761 ID: 89dcf1
Oh... Curse the mask that all can hide behind which is the Anonymous name. >.<

Well, nothing to do now but wait for more Miu comic-y goodness. He said over on his Twitter he's re-making (coloring) his Cocktails stories starring everybody's favorite cross-dressing Manwhore Lion, Rio! :D
>> No. 23832 ID: 092dfa
File 133195421339.jpg - (43.49KB , 388x500 , FriendshipSet_u18chan.jpg )
Since it's gonna be a while till more comic pages, please enjoy these MLP crossovers if you haven't already.
>> No. 23833 ID: 092dfa
File 133195426768.jpg - (78.23KB , 622x800 , flutter_cream_by_cookingpeach-d4rkg5b.jpg )
>> No. 23834 ID: 092dfa
File 133195430131.jpg - (75.15KB , 622x800 , can__t____stop____doing____the____monkey__by_cooki.jpg )
>> No. 23835 ID: 092dfa
File 133195435042.jpg - (72.04KB , 800x622 , blueberry_dash_by_cookingpeach-d4t104s.jpg )
>> No. 23857 ID: 4f6a00
File 133200028672.jpg - (390.84KB , 1000x776 , set_2-04(resized).jpg )
Hey guys,

I have for you here all the 2011 Peaches & Cream postcard sets: both Summer Dreamin' sets and the Friendship set, scanned by yours truly. I figure waiting til now has allowed Miu to profit off of these as much as possible-- I'm a nice pirate.

They are too big to upload to the board, so I leave you with a link to the .rar file, and a resized version of my favorite from the sets. A totally boneriffic shot of Merlot.


I spent a good deal of the morning scanning and cleaning artifacts off, so if anyone else would like to resize them for posting on chans, that'd be super.
>> No. 23886 ID: 4f6a00
File 133206205684.jpg - (548.45KB , 1500x1161 , set_2-01(resized).jpg )
Oh, forget it. I did it myself.
>> No. 23887 ID: 4f6a00
File 133206208494.jpg - (492.10KB , 1500x1160 , set_2-02(resized).jpg )
>> No. 23888 ID: 4f6a00
File 133206210273.jpg - (281.88KB , 1000x1295 , set_2-03(resized).jpg )
>> No. 23889 ID: 4f6a00
File 133206213396.jpg - (286.92KB , 1000x1291 , set_1-01(resized).jpg )
>> No. 23890 ID: 4f6a00
File 133206215182.jpg - (364.96KB , 1000x1301 , set_1-02(resized).jpg )
>> No. 23891 ID: 4f6a00
File 133206216993.jpg - (299.46KB , 1000x1253 , set_1-03(resized).jpg )
>> No. 23892 ID: 4f6a00
File 133206222893.jpg - (252.32KB , 1000x1228 , set_1-04(resized).jpg )
I won't post the Friendship set since they've already been dumped in this thread, but they're in the .rar above at higher resolutions.

Happy fapping, or whatever you do with Miu art.
>> No. 23975 ID: 89dcf1
ahhh, so Blueberry was the secret card for these two sets after all. >:3
>> No. 24281 ID: 89dcf1
ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba BUMP!
>> No. 24380 ID: 9a898a
If you're going to try to sound authoritative, please atleast say "intents and purposes" correctly.
>> No. 24611 ID: cbfba5
And a BUMP!
>> No. 24635 ID: 092dfa
File 133308581274.png - (29.94KB , 569x600 , Bump.png )
Maki, I can see a person like you needing this pic.
>> No. 24636 ID: 092dfa
File 133308585948.jpg - (91.51KB , 600x600 , Bump indeed.jpg )
This as well
>> No. 24723 ID: cbfba5
File 133323414212.jpg - (70.78KB , 622x800 , 1333122879_miupix_jambuddy.jpg )
Thanks, but no thanks. Plain text is good until we get more pics like this. :3
>> No. 24842 ID: cbfba5
Hey look a BUMP!
>> No. 24850 ID: d424c3
Where would one obtain said comics by miu
>> No. 24905 ID: cc2796
Which ones?
His clean comic? -> http://www.luvpeaches.com/
>> No. 24912 ID: bf01d3
File 133358833444.jpg - (53.40KB , 850x583 , mgl0178.jpg )
Words cannot describe how much I love MIU, thanks for posting these ^_^
>> No. 24960 ID: fecf0a
What I would give for a GF like her.
>> No. 25120 ID: 73ad5d
Actually yes thank you skynet
>> No. 25578 ID: cbfba5
File 133443024057.jpg - (69.03KB , 622x800 , 1334422238_miupix_peachesswim.jpg )
>> No. 25631 ID: 5864e7
All of a sudden... MLP got mildly interesting.
Btw, there was "truth" written in the captcha >¦)
>> No. 25635 ID: e1f8c1
you mean it gets interesting once someone uses the fame of the show to get more attention by fans?

>> No. 25680 ID: 5dc408

aahahahahahahah fuck off
>> No. 25682 ID: 16712a
But he's absolutely right....
Who are you to say anything you insipid little shit.
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