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File 138903714330.jpg - (742.99KB , 1000x703 , 39881754_p0.jpg )
35262 No. 35262 ID: 7f70a0 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Does anyone have this?
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>> No. 35284 ID: 0533bb
File 138948766538.jpg - (262.22KB , 550x771 , 39881754_p6.jpg )
>> No. 35296 ID: 911994
>> No. 35304 ID: 7908c5
Can someone plz upload the comic pages?

File 137997099433.png - (114.12KB , 960x1280 , Studdybuddy0.png )
34443 No. 34443 ID: 17244b hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
I'm making a comic, It's still ongoing, the pages were drawn with some time inbetween so my style has changed a lot.

Anyway, enjoy.

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>> No. 34773 ID: 6daae5
Skipped one page Bara. Youve skipped the page where he cums.
>> No. 35248 ID: 17244b
Herp Derp, I fucked it up xD, I'm not really active on pawsru anymore, I even started on chapter 2, xD
>> No. 35249 ID: 17244b

Yeah I'm dutch... well not from origin, but yeah :3

File 136861423836.jpg - (394.21KB , 810x1080 , cover.jpg )
32733 No. 32733 ID: 802db9 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Download: http://www.mediafire.com/?zsa7dysfhs8zvbq
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>> No. 34680 ID: d18523
There's a Catalog?
>> No. 34688 ID: 911994
File 138196222220.png - (48.35KB , 595x573 , fuckyeah.png )
>> No. 35219 ID: 787e8b
Fukken hawt, thank you for posting this.

File 138681337140.jpg - (547.69KB , 810x1260 , 1386434102_artdecade_11.jpg )
35117 No. 35117 ID: 526957 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
This is one of Art Decades comics called only if you know. I was wondering if anyone had more of this.
>> No. 35142 ID: 0f62cd
You can find the comic here:

-> Providing the link as i'm too lazy to copy the images =)

File 138363421611.jpg - (480.30KB , 584x900 , 061a3506fxIL6[1].jpg )
34842 No. 34842 ID: 1f155f hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Does anybody here read this webcomic? It's been getting increasingly popular and the story's pretty interesting.

Also there's porn.

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>> No. 35096 ID: c49191
damn, someone's ~jealous~
>> No. 35102 ID: c49191
this comic actually owns

i love all the different art styles and the writing flows naturally and sounds like actual things actual people might say, albeit exaggerated

good shit op thanks
>> No. 35106 ID: ae2986
>writing flows naturally and sounds like actual things actual people might say

yeah no

File 137658114122.jpg - (502.96KB , 873x1200 , 001.jpg )
33984 No. 33984 ID: 93ab75 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
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>> No. 34918 ID: 280f47
File 138436330019.jpg - (47.85KB , 800x600 , fireball.jpg )
>> No. 35075 ID: 63215e
File 13863162987.jpg - (502.36KB , 873x1200 , The Big One - 04.jpg )
Page 4 with Color
Complete Comic : http://clz.to/wf7i5r1y
>> No. 35087 ID: c76e72
Yeah...not even color can correct the fail on this page

File 136939428582.png - (338.14KB , 920x1309 , 516338_Gloebis_colsons1.png )
32920 No. 32920 ID: f7d698 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
this is a comic by sparklemotion aka Gloebis on IB, seems he paid up his owed shit and is postin again.
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>> No. 34911 ID: 9421d5
have a grate day im tom hank
>> No. 34912 ID: cef9e4

Tom Hanks can at least spell and use proper punctuation.
>> No. 34946 ID: 60daba
can't wait for the next few pages

File 137831830359.jpg - (186.77KB , 638x795 , dyoA.jpg )
34247 No. 34247 ID: 7d3f06 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
I'm trying this again for a short time. Once again this ain't *exactly* a comic but I surmise that "comic" is the best category among those availabe for this project.

adventure Praetexta is a lame little project revolving around the concept of drawing and writing a short story based upon the action suggested via comments, much like some sort of textual adventure. The comments are heard by the character like some sort of voices in his head, voices which he'll be keen to listen since he's got very little common sense.
I shall proceed to the same point where I arrived before one of the old wipe wiped the thread away, as a short recap.

"What is this place?
As if I've just woken from a strange dream I walk down a dark tunnel. I can't remember how I got here, or why. From what I can make out in this faint light this appears to be some sort of artificial tunnel carved into the stone."

Suddenly the sound of footsteps can be heard, drawing nearer and nearer.

"What should I do?"
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>> No. 34841 ID: 0e625a
Welcome back. You're looking in one direction... look in the other three. And at yourself. Admire 'your' new 'body.'
>> No. 34882 ID: 7d3f06
File 138395525845.jpg - (118.80KB , 484x800 , dyoa15.jpg )
(Thank you. Also I'm drunk and I don't know what I'm writing).

To my left and right there are unadorned walls of rough stone, behind me there's a door which has been left ajar. I can only suppose that I -I mean the body that's hosting me- has come that way. Inspecting my body I feel... somewhat sorter? I seem to be in good shape and most probably female, also. Does this thing have a gender, actually? Well anyways this body seems to have been crafted and modelled as a mix of various races.
What now?
>> No. 34883 ID: 0e625a
Well that's interesting. You have a few options open to you, I'll leave you (or the other guys/voices) to decide which of them to pursue, according to your own desires or thoughts. You can check exactly where this 'person' who you now are came from (the door behind you), examine the apparatus in front of you (Perhaps you can concentrate and 'read' the runes on it and the item you carry), or you can explore the limits of your new body.

File 138003381531.jpg - (14.81KB , 185x208 , ī�=�_�Ϻ�_rkdtlzhdzhd.jpg )
34462 No. 34462 ID: daafaa hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
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>> No. 34637 ID: 2ca6b7
File 13815283701.png - (41.03KB , 184x208 , Dow2_ork_warboss_portrait.png )

Yer silly spikey gitz, da only godz iz Gork un Mork!
>> No. 34641 ID: cef9e4
File 138159788051.jpg - (23.02KB , 444x339 , FECES MARINE_JPG.jpg )
Can you guys keep it the $%^& down already?! I'm tryin' to drown a few GreenBois of my own, Here!!
>> No. 34700 ID: 2ca6b7
File 138208552483.png - (34.58KB , 184x208 , Dow2_csm_plague_marines_portrait.png )

Yes...create new life for grandfather Nurgle

File 137790963785.jpg - (164.72KB , 386x595 , book 1.jpg )
34203 No. 34203 ID: 7ad9b4 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
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>> No. 34582 ID: 213a2e
Actually, these are edited comics. The real strips are available at http://www.housepetscomic.com .
>> No. 34593 ID: 7ad9b4
File 138114871360.png - (199.94KB , 913x358 , PetzRudeAwakening.png )
>> No. 34657 ID: 70d266
Arguably the description is true for the original comic as well. It's more like a cutesy dramedy than a joke a week comedy. Somewhat like a Disney movie, except with more adult-oriented (yet still PG) stuff.

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