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File 139193410235.jpg - (484.73KB , 810x1080 , The Rise of the Wolf Queen part 2 - 00.jpg )
35388 No. 35388 ID: fe0eb7 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Jay Naylor - The Rise of the Wolf Queen part 2

Hoster : Share-Online

Link : http://www.share-online.biz/download.php?id=7AP2ZP0NPU
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>> No. 35551 ID: 36bdb6
>>35499 Thanks veryy much, it works now. =^_^=
>> No. 35568 ID: 285dac
Does anyone have part 1?
>> No. 36118 ID: 5b70b9
part 2: https://u18chan.com/c/topic/1225159

part 1: https://u18chan.com/c/topic/1138406

ur all welcome

File 140539697074.jpg - (749.33KB , 1200x1691 , Temptation_000.jpg )
36049 No. 36049 ID: 50cf42 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Incest goodness from Sindoll
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>> No. 36089 ID: 50cf42
File 14053986132.jpg - (0.98MB , 1471x2100 , 20.jpg )
>> No. 36090 ID: 50cf42
File 140539864181.jpg - (568.59KB , 2100x1446 , 21.jpg )
>> No. 36091 ID: 50cf42
File 140539867148.jpg - (80.39KB , 1200x1742 , 22.jpg )

File 136940261372.png - (537.85KB , 840x1412 , 00.png )
32934 No. 32934 ID: 8defb3 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
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>> No. 35949 ID: 3b3540
So uh, did this comic die?
>> No. 36001 ID: 7cf882
ya if you read way up at the top of this thread and if u've seen this guy's other comics you'ed know that he never finishes his stuff so this comic rly did die
like the rest of his comics rly bad shame
>> No. 36051 ID: 9760d5
This comic is finished you find it on the artists page on inkbunny

File 140357458815.jpg - (108.31KB , 554x802 , 107307 - Darkstalkers Felicia Gallon Jon_Talbain.jpg )
36009 No. 36009 ID: 1d8ecc hide watch quickreply [Reply]
I'm looking for a comic called ruin nature its about a cross dressing cub gang banged by three wolves has anyone seen it or post it?

File 140282891165.png - (972.37KB , 550x713 , png1.png )
35970 No. 35970 ID: e6c50c hide watch quickreply [Reply]
Anyone have this?

File 139726289912.jpg - (1.79MB , 2108x3020 , Mesuinu_001.jpg )
35719 No. 35719 ID: c76e72 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Furry beastiality
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>> No. 35939 ID: dec5eb
However, it does make it gross to that child. That's what a subjective opinion is. Subjective. That's pretty much the key word of that phrase.

Pretty sure the moonspeak artist isn't here to take criticism on a semi-bestiality wank comic, so I fail to see why we need to be thoughtful in our comments. And people are more than free to say whether they like something or not.

You're of the subjective opinion that someone saying they don't like something that you do like makes them a brat. I'm of the subjective opinion that it just means you have different tastes and you shouldn't let what a random anonymous internet user thinks about how you get your rocks off bother you.
>> No. 35961 ID: e99a77
You're all free to bitch about the art but we're not free to call you assholes because you insert you dumbass opinions where they aren't wanted?
If you have constructive critisism, go bitch to the artist, shut up fuck off and let us fap faggot :)
>> No. 35971 ID: dec5eb
You're free to bitch about bitching all you want. You're also free to shutup and fap. So why aren't you doing the latter?

File 139405284538.jpg - (335.31KB , 576x714 , wolf.jpg )
35557 No. 35557 ID: dd2773 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
http://download2022.mediafire.com/zrpawyaza38g/je2r34ujr33c3ad/aot50ftw.rar only one i have atm
>> No. 35887 ID: 3c029f
dose anyone have any more of his works?
>> No. 35962 ID: 3c029f
the 2nd part is def worth the buy
>> No. 35967 ID: 8fc7ae
i hop someone post part 2 soon

File 140132285065.jpg - (739.46KB , 944x1300 , 73.jpg )
35895 No. 35895 ID: 747136 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
I guess since no-one else is posting this, I will. Kinda boring tho.
>> No. 35904 ID: 17ec0a
File 140144832086.jpg - (22.59KB , 500x329 , picard-facepalm.jpg )
>> No. 35948 ID: be1589
why is he acting like that...hes not even tied up and a horse, he could easily kick her and push off<.<

File 140232330743.jpg - (53.44KB , 600x758 , 1.jpg )
35941 No. 35941 ID: c76e72 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
A couple years ago I saw a few new versions of this classic posted here. I assume it was an abandoned project, but just for kicks does anyone have certain info on it?
>> No. 35942 ID: 304e0e
>> No. 35944 ID: c43146
there is a guy working on a rework for several years


he did not wrote anything the last years, but he constantly update a preview gif.


File 140143238512.png - (349.09KB , 970x1500 , 0.png )
35901 No. 35901 ID: bd10ca hide watch quickreply [Reply]
I have the comic, but can someone tell me the artist?
>> No. 35902 ID: f8b551
can u post the comic please
>> No. 35903 ID: 6e790a

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