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File 132487413768.jpg - (85.48KB , 831x1199 , 1301694991_1247834158773.jpg )
20145 No. 20145 ID: 437c55
We are in need of a Roary thread. Post what you've got.
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>> No. 20151 ID: 911994

>> No. 20161 ID: 1680c2
Pardon the stupid question. But what's roary?
>> No. 20162 ID: 76df89
File 132493062194.jpg - (305.96KB , 653x1000 , 8a2acc26ae1008b730174a113a222fb2.jpg )
>> No. 20165 ID: 437c55
Roary is an artist
>> No. 20180 ID: 9810ea

The word you're looking for is shameless tracer.
>> No. 20183 ID: 1680c2
>>20165 really, I followed the link, could have sworn all those pics were by different artists. Didn't really look, just glanced.
>> No. 20218 ID: 301c4e
Actually, that's 2 words. But that's irrelivant to the fact of the matter.
>> No. 20232 ID: 957703
so I have 2 options... fap to this cute and hot and accurate trace stuff.

or fap to original artists which their shitty fetishes and ugly OC's.


btw all his stuff is on FA just look for yourself for once.
>> No. 20980 ID: e110c2
File 132621707685.jpg - (227.95KB , 1196x1210 , 0ae78b0311f8f9a96b9376d2f79adb13.jpg )
>> No. 20981 ID: e110c2
File 132621710634.jpg - (173.96KB , 1280x1019 , 4f34fb0838164b5f2a15d76a7e2e583f.jpg )
>> No. 20982 ID: e110c2
File 132621715230.jpg - (83.40KB , 688x887 , 8ed36c72222d8d92afe13a97e4235a3d.jpg )
>> No. 20983 ID: e110c2
File 13262171736.jpg - (179.95KB , 757x1079 , 524b1afc77ae78d3c387d3bf40dd8ca9.jpg )
>> No. 20984 ID: e110c2
File 132621719930.png - (227.97KB , 804x1193 , 815c982ddf35d36f71bcc706d2469e1e.png )
>> No. 20985 ID: e110c2
File 13262172173.jpg - (169.48KB , 1280x905 , 4128ecb46507e2c43bddb9231e52c6d5.jpg )
>> No. 20986 ID: e110c2
File 132621724531.jpg - (184.44KB , 1169x1280 , 4750adc79a8655ce891ea59fcb565316.jpg )
>> No. 20987 ID: e110c2
File 132621726788.jpg - (129.01KB , 1280x860 , 603926ff91a0c2ad80e5dc81c31db1b9.jpg )
>> No. 20988 ID: e110c2
File 132621730076.jpg - (949.24KB , 1547x1089 , 1261791936_roary_open_season.jpg )
>> No. 20989 ID: e110c2
File 132621732860.jpg - (715.35KB , 1521x1740 , 1320253940_roary_provocant_chaton.jpg )
>> No. 20990 ID: e110c2
File 132621736273.jpg - (526.86KB , 1019x1723 , 1320720874_roary_rain_spirit.jpg )
>> No. 20991 ID: e110c2
File 132621738575.jpg - (295.14KB , 1026x823 , ba150df2ee9a620714c9c2f71cff6f69.jpg )
>> No. 20992 ID: e110c2
File 13262174039.jpg - (300.09KB , 1224x756 , c8d57db68202ef54ce9733d53cf9329a.jpg )
>> No. 20993 ID: e110c2
File 132621743039.jpg - (463.81KB , 1011x1528 , f04e74ed34803a98de9e866539821c4a.jpg )
>> No. 21031 ID: 0a7902
File 132627524291.jpg - (120.31KB , 504x756 , Vixy.jpg )
>>20183 giggle :3 thank you for the complement of suggesting that i was "different artists."

the truth is, i cant make up my mind of what type of art style should be. so i try them all, what ever i want.

tracing helps and its fun to develop my skills. and if you dont like it, all i can say is i do it all for fun. not for any prophet, infact i hate people giving me commissions because i like doing my own things.
>> No. 21032 ID: 896e1a
I didn't say i didn't like them. I liked a great deal of images on that page. Just thought they were all different artists from the different styles is all.
>> No. 21033 ID: 896e1a
File 132627622322.jpg - (80.66KB , 699x800 , 6edd71fbacdc7716b160365b967e1bd5.jpg )
Love the Duchess ones by the way :-)
>> No. 21035 ID: 0a7902
File 132627724346.jpg - (308.39KB , 755x729 , 2S3.jpg )
>>21032 i know but i like the suggestion other wise.

but there are people out there that hates my work because of that. but i do also have to say that not all of my work are traced. i can make a pic with out referencing anything.

my own opinion is that some of the people that where fans of my work, mite have felt betrayed because i was not as good as they haved thought.

all i can say to thows people is that i am just a dude, drawing for fun. nothing eles.
>> No. 21037 ID: 896e1a
Hey, do what you love, fuck the haters!
>> No. 21041 ID: bc0d91

Are those Silgrians from Outlaw Star? Really hope so, there's like NO porn of them at all and I always thought they were hot. Great work :)
>> No. 21042 ID: 0a7902
File 132629267830.jpg - (687.40KB , 1004x1640 , Pinkie Blue.jpg )
>>21041 it a working progress, hear one i prepared earlier :P
>> No. 21060 ID: a5cf80
aaaannndd....BONER ACTIVATED...COMENCE FAP IN..3..2..1..(fapfapfapfapty)
>> No. 22518 ID: 1cf51b
File 132952996237.png - (197.09KB , 1370x1600 , Round Jenna by Roary 2 Colored.png )
>> No. 23380 ID: 0a7902
File 133066624980.png - (284.61KB , 2551x1637 , dragon in heat copy.png )
>> No. 23381 ID: 0a7902
File 133066647641.jpg - (357.19KB , 1523x1134 , The Nala Dream.jpg )
>> No. 23382 ID: 0a7902
File 133066659558.png - (256.35KB , 1600x1200 , 753709 - Captain_Amelia Phillipthe2 Roary Treasure.png )
i do love it when someone goes and does something to a pic of mine like this ^^
>> No. 23383 ID: 0a7902
File 133066696699.jpg - (399.92KB , 756x1224 , Sarabi.jpg )
>> No. 23384 ID: 0a7902
File 133066709874.jpg - (854.58KB , 2000x1500 , krystal1.jpg )
>> No. 23385 ID: 0a7902
File 133066786073.jpg - (202.43KB , 1224x756 , Hot-Dog.jpg )
>> No. 23386 ID: 0a7902
File 133066814518.jpg - (168.93KB , 741x900 , conker&berry.jpg )
>> No. 23387 ID: 0a7902
File 133066819625.png - (102.23KB , 1011x1528 , mothers milk.png )
>> No. 23388 ID: 0a7902
File 133066831433.jpg - (1.15MB , 1547x1089 , open season.jpg )
>> No. 23389 ID: 0a7902
File 13306683912.jpg - (1.61MB , 2995x2013 , Jenny.jpg )
>> No. 23390 ID: 0a7902
File 133066854815.jpg - (428.40KB , 1224x756 , Hot-Dog.jpg )
>> No. 23391 ID: 0a7902
File 133066874686.png - (92.42KB , 1314x1039 , 2coolness.png )
>> No. 23392 ID: 0a7902
File 133066880587.png - (539.51KB , 1000x1194 , boss Dragon.png )
>> No. 23393 ID: 0a7902
File 133066884686.jpg - (86.11KB , 764x993 , Balto Push B&W copy.jpg )
>> No. 23394 ID: 0a7902
File 133066889328.jpg - (102.32KB , 910x731 , Doggy Style.jpg )
>> No. 23395 ID: 0a7902
File 133066899079.png - (323.72KB , 2292x3021 , ml.png )
>> No. 23396 ID: 0a7902
File 133066911842.jpg - (200.19KB , 1275x1750 , Picture5425 005.jpg )
>> No. 23397 ID: 0a7902
File 133066919853.jpg - (698.17KB , 1426x1832 , Vixey_Fish.jpg )
>> No. 23398 ID: 0a7902
File 133066942649.jpg - (607.45KB , 1019x1723 , rainSpirit.jpg )
>> No. 23423 ID: 0a7f15
Fuck the haters! no matter what you draw, there is always going to be some jerk that hates it. Don't stop doing what you like doing because of some hater. They prob mad because they hate girls & like cocks.
>> No. 23512 ID: 0a7902
File 133096035670.jpg - (2.13MB , 2182x2996 , wow.jpg )
one of my fav, spent alot of time working on it.
>> No. 23519 ID: 19400c
Looks awesome <3. I bet Walt would be proud hehe.
>> No. 23520 ID: d66589
I dunno which i more scarring to my childhood; the rule 34, or that fact that I fap to the pics.
>> No. 23954 ID: 6aa035
Hello Roary i undering can you make me a some pictures of a character from disneys tv show Talespin she name is Rebecca i want the pictures this styl like http://e621.net/post/show/21352/canine-female-fox-fox_and_the_hound-nude-solo-stev

if you want to doet for me Sami juttula one big fan off your work
>> No. 23980 ID: e953d6
keep up the good work, roary
>> No. 23987 ID: c3573a
Roary, if you ever want to be a TRULY GOOD artist, you need to learn to stop tracing. Sure, it's fun to be able to mimic another artist's style, but when you TRACE someone else's work, that's STEALING and, not to mention, ILLEGAL.

Especially with Disney works. You tracing Disney faces is only going to put you more at risk for being sued.

Tracing photos for women's bodies is one thing--tracing another artist's work is going a little too far.

I do like that Duchess picture, though. Despite, you know, the tracing.

If there is one person I know who can replicate a style, it's Kavi. but she doesn't trace, so....
>> No. 24022 ID: 0a7902
the resone why i dont explaining myself most of the time is because i have serious english problems and it takes a lot of efit to tell anyone anything. if i get one or two thing wrong (i dont know how many errors, i cant see it) then people take me as a fall, so that ends up with me not being serious to anyone. and im sorry to my fans for the confusion of not tell. only a few people know the hole story because i was abal to talk about it and better explain myself.

do not assume anything, because of my lack of comunicacion. you think i trace all the time. just because i have, dosent mean it all traced. for eg: those Silgrians from Outlaw Star are 100% not trace ones so ever. youll be surprised to know which ones are not referenced and which ones are.

the argument of tracing photos is better then tracing another artist's work is hypocritical. i know because i have been given as mach shit about tracing photos as i do with another artist's work. why? i dont know why you like traced work of photos more... because you think it take more talent to do that then the other. i can tell you it doesnt. the pic i have selected to reference are the ones i have found to be potentially good and try to be exiting. i actually did not discriminate from photos and another artist's work. it just so happons that artist's work are more exiting them photos.

look there only so little you can do with porn, it does have a limit. thats why people constantly go out to try new things. how i see it is that practically everything is done. evey now and then you mite get something new, but do you reallys how hard that is for real? its like the saying. why try and reinvent the wheel when its alreading out there. there is alot of fucken porn, to which i did not take seriously. i when out to have fun is all. and i am sorry to thows people that take porn serious. i did not attentionally mean to offend you in anyway.

but that doesnt mean im going to stop because i still cant take you seriously :P
>> No. 24030 ID: a0d419
roary, no worries ive seen your stuff hell ive got a lot of it just keep doin what your doing its sexy an nice to look at
>> No. 24039 ID: e2854c
>why try and reinvent the wheel when its alreading out there

People don't like tracing other art because it's just perpetuating someone else's mistakes and adding your own.

That's the worst of the two combined. Your lack of real competence in art shows in the parts you've edited or added, and the flaws of the original drawing show through where you haven't. At best it's just passable, and at worst it's really horrible with broken necks, wrong perspectives, mismatching backgrounds and shading etc. etc.

If you actually drew instead of just copy&paste bits and pieces over things, you'd learn to see your mistakes and correct them.
>> No. 24128 ID: c3573a

Oops, forgot about this thread.
It doesn't matter if you have good or bad English. You can still type it, and it's understandable, so it's no excuse not to "explain yourself".

I didn't assume anything because of your lack of communication. I DON'T think you trace all the time--just most of the time with heads. I didn't SAY all of it was traced, either.

I don't like traced works at ALL. So don't say "i dont know why you like traced work of photos more". I didn't say it, either. Tracing another ARTIST'S work is just so WRONG. Tracing a photo is less severe, but still looked down upon. However, if you trace over an artist's work, then you're going to get a lot of shit.

"because i still cant take you seriously" Why? I've presented you a valid question, and it seems you're trying to put the blame on me that the only thing you can do is trace.
>> No. 24376 ID: d5b023
Tracing is acceptable for practice but I'd say if you want to put something out there it's not. You got talent as an artist, don't be lazy. A trace is only as good as the original therefore it limits ya. Make your won sweet sexy art! You can do it!
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