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File: m53644_104825_Wolfblade_wb_fratbearjesse.jpg-(144.37KB, 920x836, 104825_Wolfblade_wb_fratbearjesse.jpg)
53644 No. 53644 watch
At least I think that's what they're called.
On a side note, when did Jesse grow the skeevy bro moustache?
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No. 53720
uoooooooo, he´s so loely, so nice, so atractive, so sexy and so handsome, i love jess and whit moustache is better very much, id like to see more pics about him whit it, he is my faourite about three brothers, and now more
No. 53729
File: m53729_m39293_1256269285_wolfblade_wb_jessewardrobemalfun.jpg-(34.84KB, 360x648, m39293_1256269285_wolfblade_wb_jessewardrobemalfun.jpg)
DAMN, 10 years has not been very kind to Jesse. I think he was much cuter when he was younger. Wouldn't mind a pic of him Roni's age now that WB is dicking with the ages.

Also, facial hair on a furry who is already completely covered in hair is... so illogical it makes my head spin.
No. 53735

>Also, facial hair on a furry who is already completely covered in hair is... so illogical it makes my head spin.

Anthros themselves are illogical.

It's fantasy. Just... stop.
No. 53739
File: m53739_WB_YamaJesse.jpg-(50.29KB, 432x648, WB_YamaJesse.jpg)

I hate when people use that argument. It's like watching a movie and having the camerawork be shitty, the editing bad, equipment and personnel visible onscreen, the acting wooden and the plot nonsensical, and then you come along and tell me it's okay because:

"...movies aren't real, anyway."

Seriously? That's your argument? It's okay for it not to make sense because it was already fake to begin with? Do you not understand the concept of "willing suspension of disbelief"?
No. 53741
File: m53741_1275417059.wolfblade_wb_hobbesjesse.jpg-(54.77KB, 427x648, 1275417059.wolfblade_wb_hobbesjesse.jpg)

the threshold of one's willing suspense of disbelief differs from person to person. And it's based on different factors.

furries are anthropomorphic specifically for the purpose of stylizing humanoids, and adding beards to them is just another element of that.

deal with it.

Pic very much related. Jesse is such a fucking hawtie, despite the dog dick.
No. 53795
Everyone shut up and post me some porn to jack it to...
No. 53799
Anyone got a link to dl his CD?
No. 53824
File: m53824_m45085_63667_Wolfblade_wb_bigj.jpg-(67.54KB, 493x864, m45085_63667_Wolfblade_wb_bigj.jpg)
>>53644 cool. stop the b.s.
No. 54243
File: m54243_m27540_1c2ef2f3f013158e37ed4ecef29be657.png-(407.92KB, 427x731, m27540_1c2ef2f3f013158e37ed4ecef29be657.png)
>>53644 more
No. 54604
File: m54604_galeria de wolfblde oh brother 22aa9e2619dae8771cf.png-(196.44KB, 710x648, galeria de wolfblde oh brother 22aa9e2619dae8771cf.png)
No. 54632
No. 54977
@OP - I'm the one who commissioned that pic. I was curious to see how long it took before it'd show up on this site. I'll take it as a complement that it showed up here so quickly.

Anyway, the pic shows Fratbear (a college student/rapist character created by Beachfox) and Jesse Collins, one of Wolfblade's characters. I asked for Jesse at high school age, so 'Blade drew him with a "cheesy high school mustache."

I'll be getting a Roni/Fratbear pic next. Give me suggestions here: https://inkbunny.net/journalview.php?id=6912

No. 54987

I thought he was already in high school, like 14 years old or something around there.
No. 54993
File: m54993_111085_Wolfblade_fratbearjesseshaded-s.jpg-(578.35KB, 1200x1091, 111085_Wolfblade_fratbearjesseshaded-s.jpg)

Wolfblade is not dicking with their ages; he's drawing them according to his customers' requests. If you pay him money, he'll be happy to draw any of the Collins brothers at whatever age you want too.


I always pictured Jesse as being in early high school, but some people (Blade included) consider him to be in middle school. I needed him to be a high school senior because (A) I wanted a plausible reason for him to meet Fratbear, and (B) Fratbear is not pedobear.
No. 55002
File: m55002_GW340H520.jpg-(48.41KB, 340x520, GW340H520.jpg)
>54993 he got older
No. 55035
Any more of these sexy boys?
No. 55217
File: m55217_103013_Jay1743_wb_lilindianjimmy2.jpg-(125.50KB, 707x864, 103013_Jay1743_wb_lilindianjimmy2.jpg)

Here you go.
No. 55219
Ty for link! :D
No. 55228
>>54993 no, he's a rapist which is so much better.
No. 55234

Seriously, anyone got this?
No. 55252
File: m55252_m51308_65600_SyncSolaris_wb_mouthful.jpg-(172.13KB, 920x825, m51308_65600_SyncSolaris_wb_mouthful.jpg)
>>53644 im hory and my dick hard
No. 55304
Please post more! That link errors out ><
No. 55325
File: m55325_320_Wolfblade_wb_tips.jpg-(85.34KB, 646x648, 320_Wolfblade_wb_tips.jpg)

There's a ton of Collins bros pics in Blade's gallery: https://inkbunny.net/submissionsviewall.php?rid=8afdd0d7b8&mode=pool&pool_id=15&page=1&orderby=pool_order&random=no&user_id=
No. 55347
so is Inkbunny where all the cool pedos hang out now?
No. 55356
>>55347 and the rapists don't forget the rapists.
No. 55436

And the cool kids don't forget the cool kids.
No. 57276
File: m57276_55368_Wolfblade_3973635.jpg-(80.76KB, 959x648, 55368_Wolfblade_3973635.jpg)
Bump with content
No. 57301

Suddenly, memes. Thousands of them.
No. 57361
File: m57361_24369_Wolfblade_fa_thresome_pic.jpg-(652.46KB, 1230x1280, 24369_Wolfblade_fa_thresome_pic.jpg)
No. 57504
File: m57504_54703_Wolfblade_1585368.jpg-(116.15KB, 681x648, 54703_Wolfblade_1585368.jpg)
No. 57722
File: m57722_29601_Yiffyhusky_wb_partners.jpg-(71.74KB, 1176x648, 29601_Yiffyhusky_wb_partners.jpg)
No. 57776
File: m57776_WB_lightfox_Jesse_oc.png-(296.60KB, 884x1124, WB_lightfox_Jesse_oc.png)
No. 57778
File: m57778_brobacks.jpg-(98.10KB, 757x720, brobacks.jpg)
No. 57779
File: m57779_WB_CamCooldown.jpg-(66.24KB, 598x648, WB_CamCooldown.jpg)
No. 57780
File: m57780_WB_CamStrokin.jpg-(50.63KB, 505x648, WB_CamStrokin.jpg)
No. 57781
File: m57781_whyteyote_wolfbladesmall.jpg-(407.86KB, 800x653, whyteyote_wolfbladesmall.jpg)
i might put up more later...
No. 57807
File: m57807_55296_Wolfblade_3499021.png-(737.92KB, 614x648, 55296_Wolfblade_3499021.png)
No. 57821
File: m57821_WB_BroTrio.jpg-(86.76KB, 571x720, WB_BroTrio.jpg)
No. 57865
File: m57865_8407.jpg-(32.93KB, 464x379, 8407.jpg)
So there was a Link here before of a Package of ALL of Wolfblade's art. Anyone still have it?
No. 58190
File: m58190_400px-Chris_hansen_watchingyou.jpg-(6.36KB, 267x400, 400px-Chris_hansen_watchingyou.jpg)

you sick guys....
No. 58341
>>58190 smoke a bowl.
No. 58342
>>18341 smoke a dick
No. 58490
File: m58490_100251_CuriousFerret_hooligans-small.jpg-(319.57KB, 1200x1117, 100251_CuriousFerret_hooligans-small.jpg)
No. 58491
File: m58491_63709_Wolfblade_wb_bigmanoncampus.jpg-(104.94KB, 1090x864, 63709_Wolfblade_wb_bigmanoncampus.jpg)
No. 58506
>58490 hahaha be cool more
No. 58512
File: m58512_63813_Wolfblade_wb_fanservice.jpg-(106.53KB, 1084x864, 63813_Wolfblade_wb_fanservice.jpg)
No. 58594
File: m58594_76933_GothBear_gothbear_1263251604-wolfblade-wb-da.jpg-(76.24KB, 637x648, 76933_GothBear_gothbear_1263251604-wolfblade-wb-da.jpg)
No. 58710
File: m58710_1278826921_darwentheorca_wb_partners.jpg-(92.16KB, 1176x648, 1278826921_darwentheorca_wb_partners.jpg)
No. 58711
File: m58711_m37192_17184_Wolfblade_wb_benrape.jpg-(112.79KB, 728x648, m37192_17184_Wolfblade_wb_benrape.jpg)
No. 58949
File: m58949_21406_Wolfblade_wb_icanfixthis.jpg-(50.80KB, 438x648, 21406_Wolfblade_wb_icanfixthis.jpg)
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