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File: m19168_KodiSteam[1].jpg-(152.18KB, 914x1200, KodiSteam[1].jpg)
19168 No. 19168 watch
Anyone know whats going on with this site or if content will be about?

This image is something I desire to see..
Expand all images
No. 19170

It's owned by the same people who own Sexyfur.com, and they'll probably post a DNP to all the sites. Lulz.net already got one from them.
No. 19171
looks like a gay scappo site too......nuuuuuuuuuu!

i want gay scappo!
No. 19173
No. 19174
holy shit do want.
No. 19175
Uh, If anyone bothers to got to the straight are you will see that Sexyfur stuff is posted here.
No. 19178

Twinkle Sez
Jessica Elwood
Spazzy Koneko

Roland Guiscard
Red Valentine

Braford would be the main reason i would pay this site. still not going to pay but if i did.
No. 19183
I expect it to be a while before content is leaked. Until then...

I'll begin the search for new content via the major torrents and other sites like this.
No. 19184


Hahah, yeah okay.
No. 19209
om nom nom nom do want is it worth the money though?
No. 19262
so...who's gonna be the 1st to pay 7$?
No. 19272
No. 19275
File: m19275_PepperPeppered.jpg-(353.78KB, 841x1200, PepperPeppered.jpg)
Shiiiiit, do want.
No. 19303
I would pay the price, but I live in Finland and I don't have visa.
No. 19316
File: m19316_1266092303_KodiSteam.jpg-(591.41KB, 914x1200, 1266092303_KodiSteam.jpg)
you mean these, right?
No. 19319

please moar <3
No. 19329

No. 19335
File: m19335_Moar.jpg-(44.25KB, 750x600, Moar.jpg)
No. 19349
File: m19349_1266092596_Ricardo_Wilhelm.jpg-(838.22KB, 1091x1200, 1266092596_Ricardo_Wilhelm.jpg)
No. 19350
File: m19350_1266092837_PoolsOpen.jpg-(716.18KB, 794x1200, 1266092837_PoolsOpen.jpg)
No. 19351
File: m19351_1266102940_Addisoncolorreference.jpg-(0.98MB, 1200x1200, 1266102940_Addisoncolorreference.jpg)
No. 19352
File: m19352_1266103022_BeachNun.jpg-(473.88KB, 733x1200, 1266103022_BeachNun.jpg)
No. 19354
File: m19354_1266103261_PlayfulInvite.jpg-(550.30KB, 729x1200, 1266103261_PlayfulInvite.jpg)
No. 19355
File: m19355_1266103346_JamesjammingKeoni.jpg-(654.92KB, 1200x936, 1266103346_JamesjammingKeoni.jpg)
No. 19356
File: m19356_1266103437_Keonicharactersheet.jpg-(404.63KB, 1200x960, 1266103437_Keonicharactersheet.jpg)
No. 19357
File: m19357_1266103557_Ricardocharactersheet.jpg-(353.02KB, 1200x960, 1266103557_Ricardocharactersheet.jpg)
No. 19358
File: m19358_1266103652_Wilhelmcharactersheet.jpg-(534.10KB, 1200x960, 1266103652_Wilhelmcharactersheet.jpg)
No. 19359
File: m19359_1266103727_Baphomet.jpg-(480.30KB, 954x1200, 1266103727_Baphomet.jpg)
No. 19360
File: m19360_1266103798_Dognwolf.jpg-(477.67KB, 1200x930, 1266103798_Dognwolf.jpg)
No. 19361
File: m19361_1266104162_Vampireslave.jpg-(566.70KB, 1200x931, 1266104162_Vampireslave.jpg)
No. 19362
File: m19362_1266104276_Addison.jpg-(822.91KB, 813x1200, 1266104276_Addison.jpg)
No. 19363
File: m19363_1266104383_Addisonafterwork.jpg-(578.75KB, 1200x900, 1266104383_Addisonafterwork.jpg)
No. 19364
File: m19364_1266104572_Loungechair.jpg-(645.70KB, 1200x900, 1266104572_Loungechair.jpg)
No. 19365
File: m19365_1266104658_Shottime.jpg-(632.71KB, 900x1200, 1266104658_Shottime.jpg)
No. 19366
File: m19366_1266104754_Wilhelm.jpg-(730.03KB, 900x1200, 1266104754_Wilhelm.jpg)
No. 19367
File: m19367_1266104964_WorkingSascha.jpg-(739.40KB, 900x1200, 1266104964_WorkingSascha.jpg)
No. 19368
File: m19368_1266109892_BradJerkoff.jpg-(717.89KB, 1200x1094, 1266109892_BradJerkoff.jpg)
No. 19369
File: m19369_1266110226_MiloSunbath.jpg-(881.95KB, 1200x1200, 1266110226_MiloSunbath.jpg)
No. 19370
File: m19370_1266110416_Jimmy1.jpg-(359.50KB, 1200x848, 1266110416_Jimmy1.jpg)
No. 19371
File: m19371_1266110577_JimmyJonesRefsheet.jpg-(575.35KB, 1200x995, 1266110577_JimmyJonesRefsheet.jpg)
No. 19372
File: m19372_1266110734_Addison1.jpg-(674.54KB, 1200x961, 1266110734_Addison1.jpg)
No. 19373
File: m19373_1266111059_GhuntherBow.jpg-(682.01KB, 1200x1094, 1266111059_GhuntherBow.jpg)
No. 19374
File: m19374_1266111234_AceRearView.jpg-(829.16KB, 1200x1200, 1266111234_AceRearView.jpg)
No. 19375
File: m19375_1266111485_ProfessionalDistraction.jpg-(871.75KB, 1200x1029, 1266111485_ProfessionalDistraction.jpg)
No. 19376
File: m19376_1266111697_Leo3exp.jpg-(409.34KB, 817x1200, 1266111697_Leo3exp.jpg)
No. 19377
File: m19377_1266112104_Addison2.jpg-(612.47KB, 1200x848, 1266112104_Addison2.jpg)
No. 19378
File: m19378_1266113554_Bunnyboi1.jpg-(534.81KB, 1200x1127, 1266113554_Bunnyboi1.jpg)
No. 19379
File: m19379_1266113739_Bunnyboi2.jpg-(463.48KB, 957x1200, 1266113739_Bunnyboi2.jpg)
No. 19380
File: m19380_1266113857_Bunnyboi3.jpg-(470.95KB, 957x1200, 1266113857_Bunnyboi3.jpg)
No. 19381
File: m19381_1266114558_Leo1exp.jpg-(507.58KB, 848x1200, 1266114558_Leo1exp.jpg)
No. 19382
File: m19382_1266114807_Leo1expv2.jpg-(512.98KB, 848x1200, 1266114807_Leo1expv2.jpg)
No. 19383
File: m19383_1266114945_Leo2expv2.jpg-(448.21KB, 848x1200, 1266114945_Leo2expv2.jpg)
No. 19384
File: m19384_m19275_PepperPeppereds.jpg-(10.73KB, 196x280, m19275_PepperPeppereds.jpg)
>>19275 No uncensored version for this one?
No. 19385
File: m19385_1266115739_ChuckInJaccuzi.jpg-(490.61KB, 1200x1094, 1266115739_ChuckInJaccuzi.jpg)
No. 19386
File: m19386_1266526213_PepperPeppered.jpg-(840.76KB, 872x1244, 1266526213_PepperPeppered.jpg)
No. 19387
File: m19387_1266526334_OpenForSuggestions.jpg-(566.36KB, 755x1200, 1266526334_OpenForSuggestions.jpg)
still uploading. =P There's gotta be a faster way to do this...
No. 19388

Thanks! yeah I think he missed that one
No. 19389
aright, that's the last of it, for now.
No. 19390
You sir are a god among men.
No. 19394

You sir... you have just won over 9000 internets.... plus a worshiping day, please choose it so we can begin worshiping you, please.
No. 19398

I require no holiday. Though if you must celebrate, then the 31st of January is acceptable. I'm not worthy of more frequent revelry than that.
No. 19400
hope they dont take control of this like Onta and BAWLETED the thread :/
No. 19403
This thread is now totally awesome.
No. 19404
Thanks man.
No. 19415
>>19365 TailHeat crew is ripping of old Inuki art?????
No. 19416
File: m19416_534233134_sexy-doc.jpg-(134.30KB, 400x563, 534233134_sexy-doc.jpg)
No. 19417
File: m19417_957935875_west_bunny.jpg-(447.59KB, 588x815, 957935875_west_bunny.jpg)
>>19384 Lulz
No. 19422
Sorry Inuki, but other people are indeed allowed to draw pictures of lab-coat-wearing furries and random blue rabbit guys without "ripping you of."
No. 19426
>>19422 Thanks for the honour but I'm not Inuki ;0) Scappo is a known tracer just to bad Spazzy does the same now :O
No. 19427
>>19422 someone should link it to her and see what she says :8
Never saw Inuki on this board here.
No. 19433
I see no tracing but maybe same pose and neither of which truly matter otherwise we would be out of ideas and poses by now.
No. 19434
What the fuck? Those pictures you linked are only barely related and they obviously weren't traced.
No. 19444
No. 19452

So who drew this one? Linno or SpazzyKoneko?


All look like Spazzy's style, but I can't read the signature.
No. 19453
wow great, more faggoty ass furry porn.
where are the good new furry sites with tits?
i'm tired of poop dick.
No. 19454
Then /m/ is obviously the right place for you.
No. 19456

And yet they're infinitely better than Inuki's.
No. 19462
I didn't know Jess drew males, let alone gay porn
No. 19501
I agree with you there. I've only seen her draw girls. A very positive surprise though :D
No. 19507
No. 19510
No. 19512
So I guess stealing isnt a big deal?
No. 19514
>>19512 it's Scappo what you're expecting?
he makes money from tracing.
We should play a game and find the pictures he was tracing from.
Ready GO!
No. 19529
Not whiteknighting Scappo, but frankly I don't give a shit about the whole tracing thing. I still like his stuff and usually his version is hotter than the source. I like it better furry than human anyway.
No. 19541
"Professional animators and illustrators use references and other tools when drawing their own or another artist's characters. They use rulers for straight lines and measuring, stencils for perfect circles and ovals, and model sheets for capturing a character's look, personality, and feel. Photos and real-life observation are also used to deal with issues like perspective, posing, and anatomy.

Model sheets have been around forever and the point of them is so the animators can draw the characters consistently and accurately. Sometimes the characters are broken down into exact, numerical proportions and variations from these defined proportions are undesirable and flat-out wrong. It is especially important to get the heads right, since this is the essence of the character and the prime conveyor (is that the right word?) of emotion and personality. An off-model or otherwise awkward looking head sticks out like a sore thumb and elicits many laughs and cries of 'QUALITY'. Model sheets will often contain the head in many positions and expressions so it won't be fucked up.

Watch any cartoon and a certain head position/appearance will be repeated many, many, MANY times. Does anybody care? Fuck no. Does the animator say to himself "Oh no, I'm drawing a head in standard 3/4 perspective, just like the model sheet, but I should purposely fuck it up so I won't be accused of TRACING!"? You can fucking bet your life that he won't. You know why? Because every character has a right and wrong way to be drawn, no matter the pose. There is ONLY ONE right way to draw a certain character's head in a particular position. ONLY ONE. The official model sheets present the right way(s), even though sometimes variations will be required to fit the scene. Since model sheets are often not available, fanartists have to rely on the next-best thing: official art and screengrabs. Even if model sheets are available, screenshots and official art are still useful tools because it is best to learn how to draw characters from artists who typically know what the fuck they are doing (because drawing these characters right is part of their job).

Unless an artist is developing his or her own character, it is foolish to not reference the original work with the intention of making accurate drawings.

Anyway, the only real persuasive evidence provided is based on the heads. Why do we not go off on EVERY skilled on-model fanartist, accusing them of tracing heads?"
No. 19554
No. 19556

a wild wall of text appears!
No. 19568
>>19541 Seriously no one reads your shit. Spazzy nore Scappo copyed Inuki's art and I think she would agree with me.
The fact that Scappo was tracing a lot of his Paysite work remains.You just can't view his work anymore without thinking about what Playboy/Porno picc he traced yet again.
Also his ego goes up to the clouds since he co leads Sexyfur.
He should just stay away from the fandom for a long while until he learned drawing without tracing lines with a Photoshop layer from a porn pic.
No. 19720
what about this weeks update.
No. 19794

Good point, do want, please.
No. 19814
aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh I want teh drawings from baford aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh
No. 19843
Make it so that the people who call us fags never get to see the first page
No. 19874
me likey
No. 19875

You're doing it wrong.
No. 19887
>>1944 Reupload plox.
No. 19920
more plz
No. 19922

Re-upload, mate?
No. 19925
Here you go http://sharebee.com/6855de58
No. 19989
Would it be possible to rip the Flash apps in the site as well? Twinkle uploaded one as he showed on FA and I really wanna play it :3
No. 19996
do want the flashes
No. 20047
mm i wish the artists can undertsand NOT everybody has a VISA, but at the end the owners do not caret hat
No. 20082
Its not that they dont want to support the other cards, its just that Visa will actually work with porn sites with out a crazy ass startup fee :p
No. 20106
>>19367 and >>19375 are so hotttt
No. 20395
No. 20608
Has there been more updates?
No. 20650
File: m20650_fc16942_1234339137032.jpg-(116.64KB, 890x1200, fc16942_1234339137032.jpg)
>>19168 >>19316 this character is straight or bi and got spoof this. from a sexyfur comic
No. 20697

any way to upload it without having to complete a survey that needs my cell number? Thanks.
No. 20698

...nevermind, just solved my own problem. lol
No. 20709
uhm lol
No. 20734
File: m20734_originalscappocontent.gif-(291.81KB, 501x554, originalscappocontent.gif)
No. 20775
inb4 shitstorm

and who cares, it's just porn
No. 20815

why am I not surprised.
No. 20820
Has he no SHAME?
He's ruined the illustrious, glamorous, highly technical, time-honored, world-renowned art of gay furry porn!
Surely the Louvre would be horrified!
No. 20833
Probably nobody on this board cares, but actual paying customers might disagree with you there. $20 a month for reused art? Oh wait, he has new legs.

It's really too bad Scappo apparently thinks gay guys are this stupid. Or that there's nobody who could possibly ever get their hands on content from both sites.
No. 20838
is there more of this monkey? Oo
No. 20935

twinkle-sez is apparently making a flash with him in it

all we can do is wait patiently here for the rip <:3
No. 21059
Has there been any updates?
No. 21160
ok theres going to be a flash but more pictures with the monkey? ._.
No. 21246
so about that update...
No. 21426
No. 21627
File: m21627_1270051777.bng_003_-_willhelm___benjipreview.jpg-(200.33KB, 800x782, 1270051777.bng_003_-_willhelm___benjipreview.jpg)
anyone have the colored version of this??
No. 21628
File: m21628_1270051570.bng_002_-_benji___willhelm___malcolmpre.jpg-(273.12KB, 795x800, 1270051570.bng_002_-_benji___willhelm___malcolmpre.jpg)
and this
No. 21629
File: m21629_1270051273.bng_001_-_giraffesailorpreview.jpg-(117.23KB, 484x800, 1270051273.bng_001_-_giraffesailorpreview.jpg)
and this??
No. 21650

that deer character is so hot :V
No. 21678
No. 21745
No. 21809
No. 21832
No. 21972
it seems as if there will never be an update
No. 22029
No. 22030
No. 22143
god dammit someone should have an update by now D:
No. 22375
update please. there have been updates to the site and even a comic. were are they?
No. 22732
cum on people. someone must have something
No. 23016
No. 23024
File: m23024_BTH-Suck_ib4f.jpg-(853.01KB, 1200x1200, BTH-Suck_ib4f.jpg)
So far I only found 2
No. 23025
File: m23025_pinneddown_ib4f.jpg-(968.71KB, 1200x1200, pinneddown_ib4f.jpg)
No. 23026
oh god more :3
No. 23103
oh please yes more T.T
No. 23258
bump for more
No. 23357
some new art up at the site apparently?
No. 23492
No. 23818
File: m23818_1272455217_twinkle-sez_teaser2.jpg-(42.53KB, 543x300, 1272455217_twinkle-sez_teaser2.jpg)
No. 23820
No. 23824
>>23820 I see a fail in this post
No. 23844
>>23818 oh dear christ someone please post the full images asap!!
No. 23987
No. 23990
No. 24419
No. 24579
No. 24602
I guess Hard Blush is better.....

There are regular weekend updates for that but not for this site...

Anyone with an account: Is it worth it?
No. 24606
There has apparently been quite a few updates.... But apparently, no one here cares/has an account lol
No. 24614

Yes, 7.99$ is much better than Hardblush's rediculous 15$+ price. I usually pay once or twice a month, this is currently my 4th time paying for the 7-days and updating the pics and everything.

(I have it all nice and organized too, cept for the labeling since my Desktop died)

too afraid to post it though, that and I <3 Scappo and his work.
No. 24615

oh and I forgot to mention, they update once a week too, its not big, but that is very false about not updating once a week.
No. 24631
tailheat $7.99 is for one week trial and $19.90 in monthly, while hardblush $11.50 is monthly.

which one is pretty ridiculous? *whistle*
No. 24663
where is the rest of this comic?
No. 24720
File: m24720_wow.png-(19.78KB, 529x448, wow.png)

I have no fucking clue what you are talking about, this $11.50. (sure, I see it on the front page, but when I clicked, I don't see 11.50 anywhere)

if we are talking about bare minimum for least time.

We are comparing $7.99 (for 7 days)


$18.78 for a Month (One-Time) which you are forced to pay if you want the absolute minimum.

I rather just pay once a month and get the same benefits (porn) as someone who pays the month(ly) services.

I prefer the $7.99
No. 24721

of course *bonk*, lemmie clarify

this "$11.50" bullshit is what you get IF you get the 6-month package.

Fuck that, that's 70$

8$ for 6 months is cheaper at Tailheat.
No. 24732
Oh shit. I apologizes for not reading properly. :)
No. 24733
File: m24733_THBrd69er_ib4f.jpg-(849.75KB, 1200x1094, THBrd69er_ib4f.jpg)
No. 24756

Screen cap images, paste to photoshop or another image editing program and save as a new image to avoid image tracing in underlying data.

Compare existing posted images from here to the images you saved personally from the site (unless you were the OP of those images here.) and look for any sort of watermark identifying individual users.

I can understand your fear with the recent account terminations through a currently unknown tracing process but any information you give us will help discover the source so they can be shared.

Thank you.
No. 24794

its no prob, thanks for not raging that hard back at me as I did to you.
No. 24916

What terminations?
No. 25028
Sexyfur/tailheat has apparently found a way to track which users are sharing images in a manner that some of us are looking into. Some users have had their paid accounts shut down after sharing images. There is more information about it on the sexyfur thread in /f/ if you're curious.
No. 25736

yep that happen to me. I appertain shared on a pirate site. now i'm locked out of every site that uses Verotel/Ticketsclub's.
No. 25743
They're just embedding tracking data in EXIF tags. It's easy as hell to strip them. If you're still paranoid then screenshot the picture somehow and save it as a lossy format.
No. 25756
>>23818 bump for THAT!
No. 25801
The best thing about images, is that there is little to no security. Though watermarking in the bit code is really only secure for putting your own name in an image. Don't think you could do that with accounts.
No. 25808

Well, it's already been discussed (in /f/, I think) that watermarking images on the fly would put a ton of strain on the server they have.

Besides that, I think it would be really easy to defeat by just screenshotting the image you see and saving it with a lossy format.
No. 25825
There is an encrypted string in the UserComment section of the EXIF data. Just blank it and you are probably good to go. Someone might want to compare the XMP data of a picture downloaded by separate accounts as well. I don't think you'll need to go to the trouble of doing the screenshot method, though.

I'll also note that everyone seems to be using Adobe Photoshop CS4. I wonder, how many of them actually bought a full retail copy, if they bought it at all?
No. 26031
bump for twinke sez
No. 26646
I don't suppose there's any new content for this, is there?
No. 26946
bump for SEZ.. again
No. 27150
No. 27188
File: m27188_wfu.gif-(46.97KB, 450x324, wfu.gif)
No. 27386
bump for the holy Sez
No. 27575
File: m27575_brf-tailheat_teaser_2.jpg-(105.88KB, 1024x800, brf-tailheat_teaser_2.jpg)
new images teaser
No. 27630
No. 27789
No. 27803
File: m27803_WilhelmPinup.jpg-(1.28MB, 1200x1500, WilhelmPinup.jpg)
No. 27804
File: m27804_BenjiWilhelmMalcolm.jpg-(934.86KB, 1192x1200, BenjiWilhelmMalcolm.jpg)
No. 27806
File: m27806_SaschaBlows.jpg-(569.78KB, 1200x1200, SaschaBlows.jpg)
No. 27807
File: m27807_GiraffeSailor.jpg-(555.06KB, 726x1200, GiraffeSailor.jpg)
No. 27808
File: m27808_WilhelmBenji.jpg-(775.95KB, 1200x1174, WilhelmBenji.jpg)
No. 27810
File: m27810_1275952265_aaron_aftermath.jpg-(608.89KB, 1240x1240, 1275952265_aaron_aftermath.jpg)
made me cum out my ass
No. 27820
Awesome artwork =D
No. 27886
Any new Braford pictures yet? He's the only reason why I'd bother to pay for this site (if I had any cash)
No. 27993
Cool, cool...got anything else? :o
No. 28225
No. 28472
File: m28472_KeoniKneel.jpg-(532.97KB, 796x1210, KeoniKneel.jpg)
No. 28473
File: m28473_MidnightGemini.jpg-(520.87KB, 1200x900, MidnightGemini.jpg)
No. 28557
Post a site rip please?
No. 28564
Aw mang nigga's just teasin' now
No. 28683
File: m28683_1276521332.fluff-kevlar_fk_th01_wolfieboi_cen.jpg-(99.19KB, 421x670, 1276521332.fluff-kevlar_fk_th01_wolfieboi_cen.jpg)
Uncensored version, please...
No. 28701
File: m28701_m_1276299851186_BrfThDuo_ib4f.jpg-(760.07KB, 1200x1094, m_1276299851186_BrfThDuo_ib4f.jpg)
No. 29117
No. 29118
No. 29152
File: m29152_1276923441_modemredpill_fuck_fast.gif-(498.70KB, 600x600, 1276923441_modemredpill_fuck_fast.gif)
Moar BNG!
No. 29212

Thats ModemRedpill. Try again.
No. 29493
File: m29493_Wrk-13.jpg-(880.31KB, 1200x1094, Wrk-13.jpg)
om nom nom
No. 29550
Can someone please upload a full, updated site rip, please?
No. 29587
6/06/10 siterip is out there... evidently your google-fu is a bit rusty
No. 29611
I'll admit i'm not the least bit computer literate, so could someone post a link to the very latest tailheat siterip link, as I can't seem to find a valid link anywhere!
No. 29696
No. 29768
Here: http://rs931.rapidshare.com/files/396660139/Tailheat-Siterip__06.06.2010_.zip
PW: MstrWoH
No. 29771

No. 29808

this one got hidden data, and this user's account will be banned. XD
No. 29810
what hidden data???
No. 29892
No. 29998
thx bro 10/10 i came so hard i piss on catboi he shoot my penis at moon
No. 30059
thanks for the site rip, I have to say I dodged a bullet there only Braford has any talent on there. I cannot comprehend how shit the other stuff is, talk about amateur hour at the wankers guild.
No. 30061
File: m30061_PirateWeek.jpg-(237.25KB, 930x1200, PirateWeek.jpg)
Well, Hardblush has all the gross flatchested chicks with dicks pretending to be guys and the only crap coming out of Tailheat is all that and bunch of extremely disgusting mega-muscle bullshit.

What does a gay guy have to do to get some gay furry art that doesn't involve some weird fetish?
No. 30190
go straight?
No. 30218
>>30190 Which isn't that hard anymore, now that Naylor drew us up a handy dandy "how to" guide on how to be straight.
No. 30231
File: m30231_1276085219_trigger12_1276067128_soulman1_trigger_r.png-(759.73KB, 1000x1000, 1276085219_trigger12_1276067128_soulman1_trigger_r.png)
SAUCE IS http://www.furaffinity.net/user/soulman1/
No. 30249
File: m30249_300px-Fozzie_Season_1.jpg-(21.69KB, 300x339, 300px-Fozzie_Season_1.jpg)

Wocka wocka wocka!
No. 30265

I sorta have to disagree on girly guys (I'm pretty much gay only for girlyboy furries), but I agree on Braford's art. It's as arousing as week-old pig shit, and does everything in its power to make me attempt to scoop out my eyeballs with a rusty melon baller, and then perhaps remove the residue with rubbing alcohol. I don't know what possessed Bernal to hire him; as much as we vilify Jeremy here, I thought for a while that he had to have some sort of common sense when it comes to paying people for his sites' content. Braford pretty much dispels any faith I had in that.
No. 30266
That pissed me off so much. And during Gay Pride week too. He even made a mention of those horrible "gay curing" camps in one of the comments. After reading that his art just turns my stomach now
No. 30304

I just *briefly* went through a bunch of his comments, but couldn't find the one you may be talking about. Perhaps a link?
No. 30429
File: m30429_127759265119.jpg-(108.68KB, 1200x873, 127759265119.jpg)
No. 30692

Why don't you like Braford and his art?
No. 30694
because his art is all so vanilla.
Too much of the same thing with no variation.
No. 30699
"Why don't you like Braford and his art?"

If he's the one that draws all the hideously deformed disgusting inflatable muscle mongoloids, it's because he draws hideously deformed disgusting inflatable muscle mongoloids.
No. 30746
people there is to much drama on this thread... ok i know furries and drama... don't like one artist/style pass it and leave it to those that do... variety is the spice of live
No. 30748
for those that are displeased with tailheat artist selection can always send a e-mail to the webmasters "dear tail heat webmasters, i saw in a image board a ripe of your site and i'm most displeased with your artist selection...i know suggest you hire X,Y and Z that are the only ones that fit MY personal taste, subscribing, a non paying member that faps to the site ripe"
No. 30859

Well they rage over people NOT paying, but I don't pay because it's what? Like $8 a month for Tailheat? And there is maybe 1 artist who draws anything I actually like. So $8 a month to maybe fap once. No thanks.
No. 31694
I heard that there's a new Braford pic posted up on July 7th. Anyone have it?
No. 31802
No. 31989
Any new Braford content?
No. 32019

These two are the same person. They have to be. There cannot be more than one human being other than Braford himself that can actually like his horribly-proportioned, overmuscled, disgusting "artwork" (and I'm being VERY polite with that term). I'm not paying for my own TH subscription because I don't want to pay for his shit. All he draws are gorillas anyways. Find a nature documentary to wank to. Christ.

Unless Braford is the one posting, in which case, why do you want your own artwork?
No. 32032

I don't know about you, but I'm not Braford. Why would I want my own artwork on a site that is pirating it if I have it saved on my hard drive where I can access it anytime I want?

In any case, I don't find his art that bad. The only thing I find bad are the prices he is said to charge for one pic.
No. 32088
>>32032 Amen to that. He charges WAAAAAAY Too much
No. 32112

How much exactly are we talking about here?

Do you have like a price list? I heard that it depends on what you want in it.
No. 32152

I know the dude personally. he was the reason i got into the fandom. According to what he told me, he charges 90 for a Full Colored, 1 Person commission, and then x2 that for a 2 person commission. the price is always jacked up 90 more, for every additional chara
No. 32203

Wow! Someone just told me that he used to charge US$25 a while back. Still, US$90 is quite inordinate.
No. 32204

Seriously! If you want an artist who's quality of drawings may be better and charges reasonable prices, then Max-Dragon is the person for you.
No. 32208

that red guy was straight until tail heat came out, he appeared on sexyfur a lot. Now he's Bi and appears on tailheat as well. Not that I'm complaining :P
No. 32340
Need more of Braford's stuff.
No. 32365

Definately. I'm quite eager to see the one with Wilhelm.
No. 32518
No. 32602
man get a grip. you don't like, don't see. your opinion is valid but is your opinion, respect others point of views and yours will be respected . there is market to his "all you said stuff" an his FA stats show that there is.
to each their own relax and fap a little to what you like and leave others to fap to what they like
No. 32662
more scappo stuff by anychance?
No. 32761
Need moar Braford
No. 32795

No. 33050
No. 33056

Look at all this samefag
No. 33069
that is samefag indeed plus bradford fucking sucks anyway.
No. 33080
any more BNG stuff?
No. 33132
File: m33132_1279605130.scappo_sascha_upsidedowninks.jpg-(313.90KB, 1127x731, 1279605130.scappo_sascha_upsidedowninks.jpg)
Color version for this please? :3
No. 33142
Excuse me? Can you draw like him? Hell can you even draw at all?
No. 33144
File: m33144_145678932.jpg-(229.65KB, 1387x900, 145678932.jpg)
Just because you said please.
No. 33145
other scappo art please? like the privet workout series?
No. 33146
File: m33146_PrivateWorkout.jpg-(833.77KB, 1021x1200, PrivateWorkout.jpg)
No. 33147
File: m33147_PrivateWorkout2.jpg-(870.34KB, 1130x1200, PrivateWorkout2.jpg)
No. 33148
there a part 3?
No. 33158

this...please? :V
No. 33208
Oh snap, content. Is there anything new by Twinklesez?
No. 33214
We need more Braford!
No. 33255
Too bad Scappo's stuff is either traced or heavily referenced from porn. :|
No. 33305
any one have the pics of tailheat check the updates and many pics...

Posted on May 27 2010

Hey there everyone! Tonight we've got two new horsey pinups from Bonk and Twinkle-Sez, as well as a sexy feline frolic from Braford! Next Scheduled update: June 2nd

Posted on Jun 9 2010

Tonight, Braford, Twinkle-sez, and Bonk all have new gallery images for us, while Roland brings us another chapter of "What the Bartender Hears"! Next Scheduled update: June 16th

Posted on Jun 23 2010

Today we've got new gallery images from Bonk, Twinkle-Sez, and Braford! See you next week! Next Scheduled update:June 30th

Posted on Jul 7 2010

Tonight we've got a new story from Roland Guiscard, as well as three new gallery images from Braford, Spazzy, and Scappo! Next Scheduled update: July 14th

Tonight, Bonk has a cute cowboy for us, and Braford gives us a hot shot of Wilhelm in the shower! Finally, Twinkle's got a sexy beach scene to wrap up this week's update. Next Scheduled update:Wednesday 21st July

Posted on Jul 27 2010

Tonight we've got new, hot gallery images from BNG, Bonk, and Braford! Enjoy
No. 33344
File: m33344_1280701078_scappo_scp_privateworkout3ink.jpg-(242.63KB, 960x840, 1280701078_scappo_scp_privateworkout3ink.jpg)
i believe this requires a color version

No. 33346
it's not out yet
No. 33350
Please, we need more Braford material here
No. 33351
Please we need more Braford in here D=
No. 33399
Braford art sucks. No
No. 33459

Well that's debatable... besides, this is a tailheat thread, ALL of the art goes up.
No. 33504
File: m33504_12345e67580267954.jpg-(169.07KB, 700x900, 12345e67580267954.jpg)
No. 33505
File: m33505_12345e67580267959.jpg-(213.26KB, 1272x900, 12345e67580267959.jpg)
No. 33507
File: m33507_12345e67580267962.jpg-(201.75KB, 1284x900, 12345e67580267962.jpg)
No. 33508
File: m33508_12345e67580267960.jpg-(144.39KB, 811x900, 12345e67580267960.jpg)
No. 33509
File: m33509_12345e67580267955.jpg-(156.39KB, 988x900, 12345e67580267955.jpg)
No. 33510
File: m33510_12345e67580267956.jpg-(134.48KB, 988x900, 12345e67580267956.jpg)
No. 33511
File: m33511_12345e67580267958.jpg-(184.50KB, 988x900, 12345e67580267958.jpg)
No. 33512
File: m33512_12345e67580267963.jpg-(143.18KB, 988x900, 12345e67580267963.jpg)
No. 33513
File: m33513_12345e67580267965.jpg-(189.67KB, 988x900, 12345e67580267965.jpg)
No. 33514
File: m33514_12345e67580267964.jpg-(80.84KB, 635x900, 12345e67580267964.jpg)
No. 33515
File: m33515_12345e67580267957.jpg-(193.58KB, 1440x722, 12345e67580267957.jpg)
No. 33517
those last two images...who the heck were they by? looks like zen or hush husky
No. 33518
No. 33522

No. 33523

That one humongous fat fuck blob called Kahmari or something
No. 33529
>>33518 I agree...
No. 33578
Many thanks, anon.
No. 33616
Thank U so Much Anon
No. 33625
many thanks i wazs expecting these from braford
No. 33657
site rip please
No. 33712
File: m33712_1280906757_PrivateWorkout3.jpg-(424.25KB, 1200x1050, 1280906757_PrivateWorkout3.jpg)
No. 33713
File: m33713_1275455408_Wolfieboi.jpg-(392.39KB, 698x1129, 1275455408_Wolfieboi.jpg)
No. 33714
File: m33714_1280906531_KabukiCum.jpg-(455.29KB, 853x1215, 1280906531_KabukiCum.jpg)
My fav artists at Tailheat are Tygurstar, Spazzy and Fluff Kelvar. too bad that they don't post as much as the others (mostly F.K) :C
No. 33716
File: m33716_1277877721_Bunnyboy3.jpg-(496.69KB, 848x1200, 1277877721_Bunnyboy3.jpg)
Twinkle Sez makes good art too though.
No. 33717
File: m33717_1280906618_DawgBoy2.jpg-(499.36KB, 1104x1200, 1280906618_DawgBoy2.jpg)
freshly came out
No. 33722
>>33713 >>33714 >>33716

Look way too much like chicks with dicks. I don't like braford or Scappo but at least I can tell their dudes(occasionally on Scappo's hackjob art) apart from chicks.
No. 33726
File: m33726_1271822134_AddisonInvitation.jpg-(695.37KB, 1092x1200, 1271822134_AddisonInvitation.jpg)

eh yes, Anon. that's why we call them "femboys". concerning Bradford, i don't like his art neither. too beefy and too shiny.
No. 33739
May I know do you have any new updates from Spazzy and Fluff Kevlar?
No. 33744

as i said, they update very rarely. the bunny is Tygurstar's last post
No. 34364

the Panda Punding story in Malcolms Heated Fairs is corrupted
No. 34802
Anyone got the new twinkle-sez dawg boy pic? i love the first 2 and would love to see the 3rd one. i don't like any of the other artists on this site though so i don't want to sign up just for 1 picture.
No. 34884

Can anyone recognise the watch what brand it is?
No. 34901
it's almost like this website is trying to be awful
No. 34969

It's either a Breitling, Cartier or possibly a Rolex.
No. 34970
File: m34970_31056.gif-(3.88KB, 62x70, 31056.gif)

By far the hottest gay pics I've seen in AGES <333
No. 34971

chekct out this brands but did not finde nothing eaither it is one of those but still have not found it or it is but it's a design made for the north american market and not fot the scandinavian:( but who knows maybe it is just a design the artist made up but if the watch on the pic really dose exist would be great to finde out.
No. 35242
Bump for Braford's stuff!
No. 35368
No. 35369
No. 35397
any updates, please?
No. 35445
There has to be an update by now
No. 35483
File: m35483_1281513339_Stripperwuff.jpg-(0.95MB, 1200x1094, 1281513339_Stripperwuff.jpg)

There is! Enjoy!
No. 35485
File: m35485_1283313303_SimonDuncan.jpg-(810.82KB, 1200x1094, 1283313303_SimonDuncan.jpg)
and lets not forget the update from 2 days ago!
No. 35494
lets not forget twinkle sez and scappo
No. 35497
Can we get an update from an artist that doesnt make me want to vomit? These inflatable muscle mongoloids are fun to laugh at, but that's about it.
No. 35501

Not only that but I find some of his pics looked rushed, particularly the one with Duncan.
No. 35502
I wish Braford would do some rimming pics. All his studs have the best asses!
No. 35525

It's better than the chicks with dicks that fill up Hardblush.
No. 35527

No. It isn't.
No. 35538
mmm i love the braford pics horray for the one who post them
No. 35566

Yes. It is.

Take your twink trannies to Fchan or lulz.
No. 35567
Whenever I see one of Bradford's pics it reminds me of a person with tumors everywhere.

Really, it's no good.
No. 35569
pfff better than the rest of the limp wristed fag-fest that is tail heat "artistry"
No. 35581
If Bradford had any sense of how to draw muscular people well it'd be great. Instead you get 'masculine' men that are poorly colored.

Adding lots and lots of muscular lines is an idiot's way of saying 'THIS GUY IS REALLY BUFF' especially when you can't do it well.

Even that wouldn't be so bad with the colors. What the hell is wrong with them? Every color he uses that isn't a dark one has this odd sorta look to it, where it's either too bright or too dull and often paired poorly with the colors around it.

Bad drawings of muscle men aren't better or worse than bad drawings of feminine guys. They're just bad.
No. 35629
Or the problem is just that you don't have talent and you're jealous. You have just see a small part of his artwork. But you have the choice to like or don't.
No. 35681

"Or the problem is just that you don't have talent and you're jealous."

These sort of responses to any kind of criticism just has to fucking stop. It's old, it's illogical, it's bullshit.
No. 35689
Agree with 35681... Try and actually put in some effort when you're trying to contradict someone, instead of a childish argument based solely on your opinion. 35581 has points, and I agree with them. If you're going to do muscular, at least do it right instead of thinking "Oh, I know... I'll add unnatural looking muscles to make them look super buff." lol
No. 35744
Personally I think Braford is quite talented regardless of questionable coloring or musculature that may not be quite right. You must admit that he is in the upper echelons of furry artists. I love Scappo's work, and the works of most other furry artists, but you have to give Braford credit that he does good, if not slightly flawed, work.
No. 35745
I took art in high school and still know how to properly proportion figures. that guy seems to not understand a human body at all.

inb4 "lol but it's a furfag body" you know what I fucking mean.
No. 35746

also his foreshortening blows, he needs to take a refresher course.
No. 35747

In my opinion I think alot of artists mask their mistakes with anatomy and overall artistic ability by adding their own style.

For bradford I'd say its just giving a shiton of muscles to someone.
No. 35831

That and charging a shiton of money.

If what PowerfulHorse told me about him is true, then those who commission him are bein robbed blind.
No. 35849
and you give that much credit to powerfullhorse?
a wanna be something that was shown the exit in many sites he was for sheer obnoxiousness...
do understand that powerfullhorse is a scorned dude... he wanted more from braford and got nothing...
No. 35850
well dude... i do my own share of doodles... and can see that braford is doing a lot of errors recently... but instead of critique for critique sake... submit your own works to tailheat
No. 35859

Hasn't the "YEAH WELL WHY DON'T YOU DRAW YOURSELF" thing been exhausted at this point? Jesus Christ, people, we don't need to be artists to see that he references (poorly) from gorillas used to test steroids.


Also this.
No. 35867

Can someone please tell me the full story of what happened between those two? Braford refuses to talk about it.

More in what way? I know both live in Argentina.
No. 35897

You don't have to be a great artist to critique something.
The fact is, if he were drawing people like that, he would get laughed out of the room and his art supplies burned. The only reason people like it is because it's covered in fur and has a cock.

P.s. I prefer landscapes :3
No. 36184
No. 36231
well isnt it supposed to be alittle over exagerated? its furry art-he's a cartoon character! I prefer brafords art to the other artists, but thats just because i find muscle heads to be fantastically erotic and i am turned off my femmy boys. his art doesn't to seem so flawed....its much better than i could do lol
No. 36254

If you like muscle, then look at someone who actually does it right. I can garuantee you'd find something better if you actually looked.
No. 36271
have any sugestions?
No. 36281

BAM instant mostly good art.
No. 36284

> Jesus Christ, people, we don't need to be artists to see that he references (poorly) from gorillas used to test steroids.

This made me laugh. Thank you.
No. 36289

Seriously, what happened between him and PowerfulHorse? Why is everyone so hush-hush about it?
No. 36290
You know, with all this dislike/hatred of Braford I'm surprised no one has done an Encyclopedia Dramatica page about him.
No. 36291
This is so hot
No. 36305
Any more updates from twinkle-sez?
No. 36351

He doesn't even need one. Everything bad you can say about him he presents quite well.
No. 36352

You know, that being said, one thing which has been getting to me about Braford is that four times prior I asked him to give me a list of his prices whenever I note him because I'm interested in commissioning him.

For reasons unknown, he answers everything else in the letter but leaves out the prices. Another artist that recently got a pic from him reported a similar problem. Strange.
No. 36376
Updated site-up please
No. 36393
could whoever has been posting the recent bradford/scappo art etc please post whatever recent twinkle-sez stuff has gone up as well? :)
No. 36696
bump for new sexy stuff
No. 36887
No. 37195
What's the password for these files?
No. 37196
That is, for the most recent siterip; what's the password for the files there.
No. 37489
Could someone post Braford's latest pics?
No. 37498
fuck Braford, post Twinkle!
No. 37645

Wel if you had not nottice Brafordis the one or the ony one of those pseudo artist who post there who worth , but teh rest just recile the rest of teh charcaters
No. 37653
is your post also available in a non-cyphered format?
No. 37670
nobody likes your shit, gtfo bradford
No. 37709

I beg to differ. Even though it has its flaws, his work is pretty damn good and he creates characters that are sexy as hell!

Like Sam, Simon, Jack, Sarge, Oscar, Dozer and Ace! ^^
No. 37757

I thought we went through this already
No. 37758

Like I said, his work may have its flaws, but's it's still pretty damn good.

I think the amount of watchers, faves and pageviews he has on FA definately says something to his ability as an artist.
No. 37762

Much like the in the music industry. A certain album can be double platinum but it doesn't mean that the artist is good...

It just means two-million people are stupid and tasteless as fuck.
No. 37769

Opinions are like butts. No one thinks theirs stinks.
No. 37770

They all stink of shit but some stink is worse than others. The stink of the anonymous-Bradford-samefag in this thread is pretty damn thick and pungent.
No. 37778

Dude. Bitter is such an ugly colour on you. What is it you have against the guy? What did he ever do to you?

And it's a bit much to call everyone who likes his art stupid and tasteless. After all, Dineegla, a retired Fine Arts Educator with a doctorate in Fine Arts and Masters in Graphic Arts thinks Braford's work is pretty damn good.
No. 37779

Looks like someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed today.
No. 37797
File: m37797_1266382020712.png-(64.65KB, 227x219, 1266382020712.png)
No. 37802

That's not surprising, considering you never added in anything intelligent.
No. 37826
File: m37826_1275622691615.jpg-(4.20KB, 126x126, 1275622691615.jpg)

A hyper-muscular furry artist who sells gay smut to a subculture of misfits and deviants was thought as "pretty damn good" by a "professional"?

No. 37837
Dicks are awesome. Discuss.
No. 37865

I don't know about you, but Dineegla's credentials still stand. Yours don't.
No. 37882
File: m37882_1263957385264.png-(16.53KB, 271x288, 1263957385264.png)

Don't stand up for Bradford by bringing in someone else's opinion just because you don't have your own. Since you brought him up however, allow me to put things in perspective.

Dineegla shares the same musclehyperfur fetish. He faps to the stuff Bradford tosses out, of course he's going to endorse Bradford's stuff. They're part of a minority within a minority of furies who find cancerous looking, unnatural muscle growth on characters aesthetically appealing. Honestly, that makes his "professional" opinion somewhat irrelevant.

I'm not saying that Bradford is a terrible artist in general. He's a decent artist at best but he could be good, hell, he could be great!

If only he could fine tune his style to be appealing to a broader audience.

Something Dineegla could help him with if he actually wanted to see Bradford grow as an artist rather than feed his own personal fetish for deformed meat heads.
No. 37884
File: m37884_who-cares.jpg-(97.77KB, 600x450, who-cares.jpg)

Giving a niche crowd something they dont have much of >>>>> Giving the "masses" something very middle of the road.

The dude draws those "meatheads" well and thats what he's always done. You're quite clearly just bitter because you dont like what he does and other people do. If he really gave a shit then im sure he'd draw something different. But low and behold! He hasnt.

Now, if you please....GTFO.
No. 37895
hummm while this thread had become a drama field about this or that artist... tailheat have put out more images WHERE ARE THEY?
now stop the drama and start the site rip... let all have their tastes
No. 37897
File: m37897_orphan_450x300.jpg-(25.65KB, 450x300, orphan_450x300.jpg)

I do have an opinion, you fool. Braford's art is good, but it's not perfect.

You truly refuse to see any good in the guy whatsoever, if I didn't know any better I'd say you were either PowerfulHorse or Rekhit, both guys who hate his guts for no reason.

Also, because Dineegla likes Braford's art and draws muscles as well does not mean his professional opinion is worth nothing.
No. 37904
File: m37904_oh_hey_guys.png-(230.21KB, 742x600, oh_hey_guys.png)
BNG does musclefurs better

also post moar pics or move to /dis/
No. 37906
File: m37906_1271711159966.png-(51.71KB, 206x215, 1271711159966.png)
That claim is as hollow as my own. Neither of us has the right to gauge what's better for what particular group but we're going to do it anyway, aren't we? Welcome back to a public boards, cool guy.

You're a broken record already. Nobody cares about Dineegla except you right now.

Agreed and this is where I'm going to stop.
No. 37912
pls ralph
No. 37925

yes, it is.
No. 38302
File: m38302_125475123.jpg-(138.19KB, 744x900, 125475123.jpg)
No. 38309
>>38302 god bless you! is there more?
No. 38310
any new rar file updates:)
No. 38370
Yeah, um, can a TailHeat member please upload new pics and STOP ALL THESE DRAMAS?
No. 38390
art + siterip
No. 38429
This one contains siterip from 06.06.10, and some pictures from this topic. Nothing new. Not worth downloading
No. 38444
Brafords art is good in my opinion. I dont see what all the fuss is about. There are much worse pics on the net where artists draw stuff like vore or scat. The only thing i disagree with is the ridiculous fee for the tailheat site when art is hardly ever posted.
No. 38488
stop bringing it up jesus christ
No. 38838
I notice that there's at least one tygurstar pic missing here. I'm positive there's more missing. Anybody want to be a kind soul and upload anything not already in the thread? I'd really appreciate it.
No. 39229
No. 39231
moar plz
No. 39362
File: m39362_1288107249034.jpg-(94.62KB, 719x542, 1288107249034.jpg)

A day late and a dollar short.
No. 39968
No. 40148
No. 40223
No. 40275
No. 40279
File: m40279_1281513191_Cumtongue.jpg-(473.65KB, 746x1200, 1281513191_Cumtongue.jpg)
No. 40280
File: m40280_1282102342_AgainsttheRailing.jpg-(764.14KB, 964x1386, 1282102342_AgainsttheRailing.jpg)
No. 40281
File: m40281_1282102532_008-RicardoWilhelm2.jpg-(355.58KB, 880x750, 1282102532_008-RicardoWilhelm2.jpg)
No. 40282
File: m40282_1282706067_SaunaBoy.jpg-(498.42KB, 956x1073, 1282706067_SaunaBoy.jpg)
No. 40283
File: m40283_1282706098_AddisonBeachBalls.jpg-(449.66KB, 775x1200, 1282706098_AddisonBeachBalls.jpg)
No. 40284
File: m40284_1283914270_BondsofFriendship.jpg-(403.48KB, 914x1109, 1283914270_BondsofFriendship.jpg)
No. 40285
File: m40285_1285121721_ChipmunkSpanks.jpg-(0.98MB, 1400x1698, 1285121721_ChipmunkSpanks.jpg)
No. 40286
File: m40286_1285728586_Overload.jpg-(680.08KB, 901x1200, 1285728586_Overload.jpg)
No. 40287
File: m40287_1286332415_Sexathon.jpg-(833.61KB, 919x1200, 1286332415_Sexathon.jpg)
No. 40288
File: m40288_1286937782_CheetahBranch.jpg-(563.58KB, 1200x1164, 1286937782_CheetahBranch.jpg)
No. 40289
File: m40289_1288751556_GarrisOpenInvite.jpg-(472.59KB, 1200x930, 1288751556_GarrisOpenInvite.jpg)
No. 40292
For the first six pages of the Routine Maintenance comic, see the thread in /fc/.
No. 40295
AWESOME! Any Braford?
No. 40319
File: m40319_1283318691159.gif-(17.00KB, 200x220, 1283318691159.gif)

Oh look, a troll.
No. 40320
spah creepin' 'round here
No. 40323

So everybody who mentions Braford is a troll? Yeah... that makes a lot of sense.
No. 40341
Sorry, when I was getting these pictures I was only thinking about getting the ones I could fap to. If I had thought at the moment that I would be posting any of them here I would have gotten all the current updates before my membership expired.
No. 40357
File: m40357_failford.jpg-(57.68KB, 1024x640, failford.jpg)

I got your Braford right here...
No. 40369

When I said I wanted to be poked in the rear, I meant in my ass with a penis; not my back with a knife.
No. 40371

Braford ain't a failure, but the bull whose pic you used certainly is.
No. 40377
>>Braford ain't a failure

No. 40379
File: m40379_Leo.jpg-(122.00KB, 1222x1280, Leo.jpg)

This sorta response is no different from the people who don't like ZEN because he is one of the most popular artists in the entire fandom and has found true love.

Besides, looking at his most recent artwork of LeoLion13 and Tonka_Wolf, I can almost certainly say he's not a failure, just look at Leo's pic.
No. 40380
Lol, I don't hate ZEN because he's "popular", I hate him because he's a fucking twat.
No. 40381

But how is he a twat? What exactly has he or Icelyon for that matter done? I really ahven't seen anyone provide specific examples other than "Oh, he's an attention whore".
No. 40388
Fuck braford and scappo
we need moar BNG >=[
No. 40411
all we need now is a site rip
No. 40420
File: m40420_1289351013636.jpg-(105.17KB, 1024x768, 1289351013636.jpg)
No. 40452
>>40284 Source, please?
No. 40456
>>40292 Where, link please?
No. 40474
No. 40575
File: m40575_Braford - And the workout goes on _.jpg-(227.93KB, 1024x759, Braford - And the workout goes on _.jpg)
No. 40581

DO WANT!! Who is artist??
No. 40690
braford had shown more pics and a second one of gunther the doberman ... i want to know if someone has them and if they worth or not
No. 40700
I really hope more pics are posted.
No. 40726
No. 40731
>>40474 Thanks... ^^
No. 40893
Bump for Braford's stuff!
No. 40926
hello can we get a update on routine maintainence
No. 41265
bump for braford's stuff!
No. 41816
No. 42070
bump. Anyone have anything?
No. 42206
No. 42490
Siterip anyone?
No. 42594

Come on, someone must have something!
No. 42611
No. 42707

sweet jesus, please let you really be allen
it would make a great story to hear that mister use-all-sorts-of-government-welfare-to-buy-porn-instead-of-necessities is condoning sharing of paid-for artwork, aka stealing

oh, wait, he was stealing since day 1
No. 42708
needs moar sexy deer :3
No. 42725
No. 42783
File: m42783_1257551556.scappo_scp_69thcircleink.jpg-(313.01KB, 963x723, 1257551556.scappo_scp_69thcircleink.jpg)
anyone got the colored version for this one?? i kno its not gay and not tailheat but its scappo... thought i would ask here
No. 42788
Any Braford or BNG?
No. 42838
Gay! Gay Germans say "schwul ist cool" which means "gay is cool".
No. 42874
this has been the shcedule, I hope someone post the items

Posted on Dec 1 2010

Hello everyone! Tonight, Linno continues his comic, "Routine Maintenance", while Braford and Spazzy give us all new gallery images! Next Scheduled Update: December 8th

Site Update November 24th
Posted on Nov 24 2010

Hey everyone! Today, Linno continues his comic "Routine Maintenance", while Bonk gives us a new, foxy gallery image! Finally, Niis helps us celebrate Thanksgiving with a new bunny boy picture! Next Scheduled Update: December 1st

Site Update November 17th
Posted on Nov 16 2010

Welcome back! Today, Linno continues his comic, "Routine Maintenance" while White Devil and Tygurstar give us new gallery images! Next Scheduled Update: 24th November

Site Update November 10th
Posted on Nov 9 2010

Tonight, Bonk, Wolver Mustang and Twinkle all have new gallery images for us! See you next week! Next Scheduled Update: November 17th

Site Update November 3rd
Posted on Nov 2 2010

This week, Linno's back with the next page of "Routine Maintenance", and Braford also returns with an all new pic of Ghunther! Bonk closes off with a new pic of Garris for the gallery. Next Scheduled update: 10th November
No. 43043
No. 43278
No. 43400
BUMP! Anyone have anything?
No. 43608
No. 43669
No. 43687
Bump for Braford's stuff!
No. 43784
No. 43834

i know its supposed to be sexy, but i can't help but laugh every time i see the goofy socks and shoes he has on XD
No. 43944
No. 43953
the new credit card processor and account creation imprints the images you save with a water mark... with you chosen account name on it... soo... unless someone finds a way to do a work around on that technicality... or wish to be blacklisted somehow on the site... i don't foresee may updates in the future... pity...
No. 43999
But weren't people talking about ways to remove stuff like that much earlier in this thread?
No. 44075

Sexyfur used to do this but I recall it was easily broken
No. 44331
Well, they better start crackin'!
No. 44337
Any more of this lion? Murr~
No. 44929
No. 46155
No. 46298
No. 46752
No. 47700
No. 47716
File: m47716_pretty-please-demotivational-poster.jpg-(38.48KB, 640x459, pretty-please-demotivational-poster.jpg)
Tygurstar has somethin' with an otter cutie up.
I must have!
No. 47719
siterip anyone? Screenshots? Anything????
No. 48370
Dammit, we need that otter! Someone get in, get the package, and post it NAO! >.<

(seriously, he's HOT)
No. 48662
No. 49182
why dont they just do a print screen. and then crop the pic so only the image they want is visible?
No. 49268
No updates yet? =/
No. 49372
Could you please post a list of all the artists in this thread and their e621 galleries?
No. 49374
What's with the obsession with girly boys? Sometimes I get the feeling some gay artists are in denial about their attitude toward girls.
No. 49556
still waiting on the otters
No. 49590
I am now offering a grand total of 10 internets to anyone who can find and post screencaps or files of those otters.
No. 49591

Damn, they ARE hot.
No. 49642
waiting on Braford's stuff...
No. 49721
I just worked out that Tailheat is owned by Sexyfur, which is owned by JERAMEY BERNAL.

Why is he not sending takedowns to this site for listing his material?

this is why

fucking jewbag bernal
No. 49825
shut the fuck up bradford you're the only one cheerleading your own shit

you draw like a 14 year old autistic kid who religiously reads muscle magazine. your art has the sex appeal of colon cancer. just fucking stop already.
No. 49840
>>49825 Wow. No need to be so bitchy. Just because you don't like that style. Many do like his style. You fail to make a valid point when you rage at your computer and swear. Theres such a variety of furry art I don't know what you have to go into such a ragefest over his art. For some reason when I read your comments I'm thinking of "angry german kid" from youtube.
No. 49891
If this supposed digital watermark is not normally visible, something as simple as transcoding the images from jpeg to another lossy file format and back again could remove it.
No. 50420
No. 51170
No. 51256
I'm not sure the method used to encode the username into the file. If it's just as simple as a slight watermark backing, or is it more complicated like bit altering code in the beginning or ending binary digits in the image file.

I seem to be more of the nerd here and more so curious at the method they chose to protect the files.
No. 51470
No. 51728
we get gypped?
No. 51750
For anyone who can post those otter pics from the site, I shall pay them twice their weight in internets.
No. 51758

If someone can bypass the method to protect the files, then we won't get anything. :(
No. 51787
For being a cheap bastard who wants everything for free? Damn right you do.
No. 51788
>>51787 this is a chan. Shit gets pirated. Don't play the cheapskate card because we KNOW we are.
No. 51913
No shit. Doesn't make crying about it any less pathetic. Win some, lose some, move on or pay up.
No. 51923
Can someone with some computer smarts get some "watermarked" TH images already and figure out how the hell to beat the system? For fuck's sake, it's a bunch of furry dick pictures, not the Enigma. We can figure this out.
No. 51930

No. 51969

No. 52358
No. 52397
bump for possible malcolm
No. 52520
No. 52543
No. 52592
Who the fuck buys porn anyways?

No. 52617
No. 52630
hey guys, if you know about Scappo's blog then you know what he is working on next for Tailheat. That being said 1 million internets for the first to upload the finished version of his new "Acquired Tastes" comic: http://scapponess.blogspot.com/2011/02/acquired-taste-wip.html
No. 53116
bump 4 otters
No. 53227
bump for scappo/bng
No. 53276
Can u send me stuff
No. 53375
File: m53375_1296695820.anakuro_predpreypreview.jpg-(161.93KB, 640x621, 1296695820.anakuro_predpreypreview.jpg)
Bump for uncensored version of this
No. 53376

And all of anakuro's TH stuff!
No. 53509
Someone who has the ability to retrieve the files -_-.. Send me them and I'll shop the watermarks out.. this is getting FUCKING ridicilous..

Either that or we each pool a few dollars in a paypal and I'll fucking take care of this. Getting absolutely ridicilous.

I can't believe these stupid ass watermarks are beating us.. wth
No. 53753
No. 53875
bump in hopes for an update
No. 54918

No. 55047

Seriously, can't anyone crack those watermarks?!
No. 55477
No. 55681
okay, these watermakrs have been cracked from sexyfur, so why not on tailheat? is it that awfulr/not worth it?
No. 55782
For the one who can crack whatever security id protecting those f*cking otters, I will pay them their weight in internets.
No. 56053
File: m56053_liefeld-cap.jpg-(537.75KB, 800x1075, liefeld-cap.jpg)
more badford plz
No. 56300
new siterip pllllz?
No. 56471
Yes, new site rip is needed badly
No. 56525
Oh please! i give to the first who tell what happend with braford arts a big cookie.
or.. maybe not to big?
No. 56621
File: m56621_tumblr_lihu4y7i4z1qf4big.jpg-(15.41KB, 150x222, tumblr_lihu4y7i4z1qf4big.jpg)
And this!
No. 57216
How exactly are the images marked? Could you bypass it by copypasting them into paint or something?
No. 57272
Or printscreening them off the site and saving them as low quality jpegs?
No. 57366
bump in hoping for progress
No. 57436
I posted this idea over on the tailheat archive (which is dead now.)

If someone here has a subscription, we post our email addresses, and this person sends us the new pics. We'd all have to agree not to post them anywhere else though. Seems watertight to me. Sound good?
No. 57449
Not really. What's stopping one of the TH shills from signing up for the emails?
No. 57510
File: m57510_1256273303486.jpg-(6.83KB, 202x174, 1256273303486.jpg)
it wouldnt matter, the person with the account would just have to send the emails from a different email address.

herr derr
No. 57512
I say we do it. Does anyone here have an account on TH? Would you be willing to do this?
No. 57549
??? Is anyone here? Helloo?
No. 57602
Oh hey, you're the lady from the test!
Whats wrong with your legs?
No. 57640
Just delete this thread until we work out a fix, stop giving this fag free advertising
No. 57663
Lady from the test??? Huh? I'm >>57436 >>57512 and >>57549

If we want the pics, I think this is our best bet ATM.

Unless someone manages to get past the watermarking...
No. 57700
Stevie has a new album coming out next month. So stoked!
No. 57975
No. 58027
Okay, listen up. I can personally verify the following problems.

*Copy/pasting an image: Won't work. This was my first idea. The username watermark is applied when you open the image, not when you download it. Therefore, no matter what image you open, you'll still have "SCAPPO" or whatever your username is plastered all over the pictures. You can copy and paste all you want, but it'll be a waste, since your username will be on the image anyway.

*Downloading without opening the link: I considered that possibly the watermark was applied when you open the image for viewing. This is not true either. You can try to download the image file via the thumbnail (save link as) but the watermark persists.

*Mobile: All of these problems persist on mobile.

So, where does that leave us? I don't share Tailheat art because Scappo has very intimate details about your account information. I don't believe he has access to your credit card, but he does have access to your password. When I registered the password was old, but still. He's not a bad guy, but I wouldn't put it past him to lightly dox someone to deter art theft. It sure as hell would put a stop to the piracy!

My opinion is that when you sign in, the system automatically watermarks every image with your username before you can even see it. That leaves two options.

1. Fucking pay the seven dollars, download all the pictures you want, then vamanos and keep it for yourself. Or don't, and just enjoy the art. Do it again later. Their subscription is set up to catch people who sign up, download and vanish, that's what people have been doing to SexyFur for forever. Fortunately I didn't even notice the watermarking until you guys pointed it out, it's pretty subtle, so I wouldn't call it a big deal.
2. Make a bullshit account with a weird username, siterip, upload, hope that you don't get dox'd.

While I can't (and won't) disseminate the site content, do remember that you can't watermark text or flash. If you're just after the TailHeat images, you're fucked until you get an account. As far as flash and the stories go, you could likely share those with impunity.

Regarding the sharing-by-private-email gig: That would probably work if you made a bullshit TH account and didn't care what the watermark said. However if those get posted by the folks you send the content to (if you trust people on the internet that much you're probably a dolt) all the public furry porn website, guess who's gonna see it? Scappo. There goes your account, and again there's a doxing possibility. Don't risk it. If you want the content that bad, pay for it, if you don't wanna pay for it, suck it up!
No. 58028

As a follow-up, I should also remind you sodding lot that screenshots shan't work either, as again the watermark persists whenever you access an image.
No. 58029
File: m58029_1303431084365.jpg-(90.59KB, 550x706, 1303431084365.jpg)
Hi Scappo.
Anyways, the problem is that the watermarks are 'baked' into the images, look up stenography. We need a way to come up with a mask that can remove these subtle watermarks.
No. 58038
>Fucking pay the seven dollars, download all the pictures you want, then vamanos and keep it for yourself.

It still doesn't change the fact they are basically defacing the art. If I joined a pay site that did that I would get pissed and never pay them a dime again. Bad business plan is bad.
No. 58055
>>58029 I wish I were Scappo, shit. Me = >>58027.

I gleaned a bit of information about how this works. It sounds like image content is stored serverside, then when you access the content, a script overlays your picture with the watermark. I'm not really a software guy, but is there any possibility of blocking that script from overlaying the image?
No. 58056
>>58038 Have you seen the latest iteration in action? You can barely see it. It's apparent if you zoom in, sure, but at the native zoom, you have to strain your eyes to recognize it. It's mostly apparent on lighter colors (thanks for having a beach theme, TH x__o) also.
No. 58058
File: m58058_markan.jpg-(68.75KB, 527x668, markan.jpg)
Tripfagging for this shit. I'm in this because it's interesting.

If you haven't seen the watermark yet, it's extremely faint. It's visible in light colors, and less visible in dark and broken-up colors. It appears to be arranged on a grid, whether or not the grid varies in some way I can't tell. You have several columns of watermark per picture. The vertical distance between the rows is much smaller than the horizontal distance between columns.

I'm in a hurry, but here's a taste. The large rectangles are the columns of username. Each horizontal bar is roughly halfway between each username image. Now you might be wondering, where's the watermark?

That's the hard part. If you care *that* much, you could likely plot out all the instances of your username in a picture, then use a healing brush to get rid of them. It's fairly effective, and again would be best suited for darker colored pictures.

Naturally, I saved the .jpg as low quality to mask any remaining evidence of the username. I know it's not a great example (much less technique) but it's all we've got so far.
No. 58287
File: m58287_tailheatsample.jpg-(222.23KB, 999x849, tailheatsample.jpg)
It's good to see people working on this! Please continue!

How long does it take to do each pic? Is it a long complicated process, or just a quick shoop?
No. 58352
>Fortunately I didn't even notice the watermarking until you guys pointed it out, it's pretty subtle, so I wouldn't call it a big deal.

I don't give a fuck how subtle it is. I'm tired of watermarks in art. I'm not PAYING money to see watermarks and I promptly canceled my account the moment I noticed them. It's bad enough most these sites have shit in low resolution with compression artifacts everywhere.

The subscription based porn model DOES NOT WORK.
No. 58363
File: m58363_thwatermarkagain.jpg-(165.04KB, 914x1109, thwatermarkagain.jpg)
>>58287 It's not difficult if some loss of quality is accetable.

Here is yet another howtodoitquickanddirty with Gimp.

0 Check the precense of watermark with filter/distorts/emboss.

1 colors/levels output levels to [0..250]
2 duplicate layer, activate new layer, filters/render/maze 2x2 width lines.
3 adjust maze layer colors/levels output levels to 0..6
4 set layer mode to addition, flatten image
5 selective gaussian blur 3x3, max delta 6. At this point the watermark should be obliterated.

(Check with emboss. If some watermark looks like readable, undo steps 5, 4, 3 and try higher level / delta.)

6 (optional) use wavelet denoise (a free plugin) to remove some of the added noise
7 (optional) adjust levels to match original
No. 58370

Uh... I can see your username in that pic. Is that safe? I don't know if bernal lurks paws though.

Anyway, does this mean that we've cracked the watermarking? The new stuff can finally be posted?

I really appreciate you working on this. It's good to see someone doing something about it instead of bitching about it and waiting for someone else to fix it for them.
No. 58371

Uh... I can see your username in that pic. Is that safe? I don't know if bernal lurks paws though.

Anyway, does this mean that we've cracked the watermarking? The new stuff can finally be posted?

I really appreciate you working on this. It's good to see someone doing something about it instead of bitching about it and waiting for someone else to fix it for them.
No. 58388
>>58370 Fear not, it's the >>40284 one. Check other pics from this thread with emboss to find moar practice material...
No. 58487
File: m58487_example_AddisonBeachBalls.jpg-(708.74KB, 1550x2400, example_AddisonBeachBalls.jpg)
Another example with same method / tweaked parameters.
No. 58531
Moar Tygurstar art.
No. 58545
>>47716 I would like to see as well
No. 58909
No updates in a while. What goes on? >>58058, are you still here?
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