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File: h634_d96d460f153bd4771a826717da018de4.jpg-(95.22KB, 600x953, d96d460f153bd4771a826717da018de4.jpg)
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Apparently i need to spell things out for some people.

This section of Pawsru is made for herms or any other specification of ambiguity between sexes. This is to encompass more then JUST 'true' hermaphrodites. Cuntboys and the like are allowed, guys with breasts are allowed, ect...
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No. 1768
what the hell is wrong with tater tott butt bot?!

File: h515_Ychan - h - cuntboys - 28263.jpg-(565.50KB, 957x808, Ychan - h - cuntboys - 28263.jpg)
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well this my start a riot but this is the place for hurm. cuntboys are the opposite of the hurms you my think of but they are hurms nun the less.
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No. 1744
File: h1744_53d6b4c24ee355d9ff5713ac9cd3f71526fe6a3b.jpg-(476.71KB, 1000x1000, 53d6b4c24ee355d9ff5713ac9cd3f71526fe6a3b.jpg)
No. 1745
File: h1745_a9f5b8f05290016aef3d5bc45b386d3e6418e4e1.png-(972.37KB, 1018x793, a9f5b8f05290016aef3d5bc45b386d3e6418e4e1.png)
No. 1808
File: h1808_mazzle.taillone_zanderz.png-(209.81KB, 800x547, mazzle.taillone_zanderz.png)
Heres a small update for the C-boys

File: h1035_Snapshot1_001.png-(744.24KB, 1280x962, Snapshot1_001.png)
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No. 1802
Dat giant herm, I'd like to see more of her.
No. 1803
File: h1803_herm avy.png-(207.30KB, 410x783, herm avy.png)
First time posting on pawsru, made this avi today
No. 1804
File: h1804_herm avy2.png-(237.74KB, 410x783, herm avy2.png)

File: h1301_f107497_be7f9ceab7a82ed5dfa3c695d3c781c0d500ceec.jpg-(68.57KB, 600x806, f107497_be7f9ceab7a82ed5dfa3c695d3c781c0d500ceec.jpg)
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post all you can. can some one post the comics
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No. 1738
>>1735 "nick dong dang dong fling dong flew"
No. 1763
Balls? Hermaphrodites don't have balls... I'ts dick and vag... You... are looking for transvestites.
No. 1765


...Hermaphrodites! Now sometimes with balls!

File: h1530_123134234.png-(733.86KB, 900x1097, 123134234.png)
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Let's get this shit started. Post anything!
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No. 1684

is that not-macro gideon


still do not want
No. 1719
No. 1739
DICK erp in herrr

File: h1669_40405_1530569376569_1004768477_1558819_211284_n.jpg-(35.45KB, 390x497, 40405_1530569376569_1004768477_1558819_211284_n.jpg)
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http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xLP2K7cni9Q AWESOME
No. 1670
that is gust some black kid nothing to do with herms you shit stick
No. 1722
>feeding the trolls

No. 1732
both Will up of the shut fuck!

File: h1054_ba12c63a7542387d30c2df4485382f36.jpg-(145.39KB, 800x763, ba12c63a7542387d30c2df4485382f36.jpg)
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Any good ones out there?
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No. 1513
File: h1513_pinup018.jpg-(739.54KB, 1000x1300, pinup018.jpg)
More Taurens!
No. 1527
bump, wun moar.
No. 1723
File: h1723_96998.Worgen futa test by SnakeTrap.jpg-(102.08KB, 563x800, 96998.Worgen futa test by SnakeTrap.jpg)
Random bump

File: h1271_dis16698_b9d4546cb57159c4e64898832912c0087e70410b.jpg-(98.89KB, 660x660, dis16698_b9d4546cb57159c4e64898832912c0087e70410b.jpg)
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there is now real place 4 this so i'll post here and be for you say she is to normal to be a herm plz waiting for my next post.
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No. 1679
Do you have the current page for this artist?
No. 1680
do you have the current address for this artist?
No. 1681

File: h500_f75574_397faee66212cc514f578899eb8aa95as.jpg-(11.96KB, 280x280, f75574_397faee66212cc514f578899eb8aa95as.jpg)
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No. 1270
File: h1270_2f662f3c545da2fd6d025c93fb61ffa8.jpg-(77.21KB, 793x800, 2f662f3c545da2fd6d025c93fb61ffa8.jpg)
No. 1637
Xial (herm in ze pic) is a fox, not a wolf. :U
Also, I drew that. :D
No. 1642

I was unaware. She looks like a wolf to me, so I assumed.... but very nice art. It's one of my favorites.^~^

File: h1324_1.jpg-(891.38KB, 953x1465, 1.jpg)
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Anyone have the rest of this comic?
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No. 1564
File: h1564_017.jpg-(1.40MB, 1429x2197, 017.jpg)
And here is the link.
Goldcat empire, chapter 1; HF-gallery of Dandelion an misc pics.
No. 1573
File: h1573_58222.muahahaha by dandelion.jpg-(524.99KB, 960x738, 58222.muahahaha by dandelion.jpg)
No. 1631
I attempted to translate the German, but the difference in grammar made absolutely no sense in several of the panels

File: f102058_h_1264071543564_03ef03a1c273605f8ff0e35aa7ca7bd6[1.png-(1.04MB, 900x1165, h_1264071543564_03ef03a1c273605f8ff0e35aa7ca7bd6[1.png)
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Let's see them.
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No. 1593
File: h1593_b257981a659da2d55895ce7e45873139.jpg-(101.35KB, 568x799, b257981a659da2d55895ce7e45873139.jpg)
No. 1599
>>1593lol nutter lobbed his comdom
No. 1625


File: f70092_ychanherm.jpg-(188.04KB, 1918x927, ychanherm.jpg)
1 No. 1 hide watch quickreply   [Reply] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts]
Enough chatter, minions! It's time for a furry herms thread. There've been a few, I know, but as far as I'm concerned, if it's got boobs and curves, then it's female and should be in /f/. Most herms are female. Therefore, /f/.

I'll start.
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No. 1423
File: h1423_1282714109.ruscfox_asphyxiation_pov1.png.jpg-(135.26KB, 1280x853, 1282714109.ruscfox_asphyxiation_pov1.png.jpg)
Last for today
No. 1426
i fucking love you people
No. 1616
File: h1616_279f134a967350acdaae4bb0559d6bb727497f68.jpg-(545.79KB, 900x831, 279f134a967350acdaae4bb0559d6bb727497f68.jpg)
still looking for more of her but found one more

File: h1240_BONK.jpg-(28.92KB, 371x480, BONK.jpg)
1240 No. 1240 hide watch expand quickreply   [Reply]
non hyper herms
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No. 1488
For her to be real
No. 1596
File: h1596_8b64f12ab76dd0fc789ea9c505f47ae6.jpg-(119.18KB, 935x1280, 8b64f12ab76dd0fc789ea9c505f47ae6.jpg)
No. 1602
take this shit to /m/

1486 No. 1486 hide watch expand quickreply   [Reply]
Could somebody uncensor this?

can it be done? Also who drew this?
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No. 1587
File: h1587_e36e6b6fe727fe2c911901fe7ffaa41c.jpg-(146.74KB, 1024x746, e36e6b6fe727fe2c911901fe7ffaa41c.jpg)
No. 1588
File: h1588_86d2ccc4c8bf89ea59eeba07a18b5e43.gif-(14.78KB, 468x676, 86d2ccc4c8bf89ea59eeba07a18b5e43.gif)
No. 1589
File: h1589_1265156890.artica_1264541472.pacikat_artica-and-kr.jpg-(292.32KB, 800x600, 1265156890.artica_1264541472.pacikat_artica-and-kr.jpg)

File: h843_29f3e18acc9e79c039e1eecf43cb89d1.jpg-(86.60KB, 1000x774, 29f3e18acc9e79c039e1eecf43cb89d1.jpg)
843 No. 843 hide watch expand quickreply   [Reply] [Last 50 posts]
Thread for gideons herms. This board needs one.
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No. 1420
File: h1420_wolfherm2.jpg-(103.84KB, 597x699, wolfherm2.jpg)
No. 1463
File: h1463_Dobies_jpg.jpg-(71.67KB, 1000x774, Dobies_jpg.jpg)
No. 1569
File: h1569_120067681686.jpg-(98.58KB, 900x706, 120067681686.jpg)

File: h820_77349.jpg-(698.42KB, 1600x853, 77349.jpg)
820 No. 820 hide watch expand quickreply   [Reply]
herms with eggs being laid in them :3
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No. 1307
File: h1307_1295329042.amaterasu1_final.jpg-(198.18KB, 1280x1038, 1295329042.amaterasu1_final.jpg)
The black gyphon is a herm, just in case you were wondering.
No. 1308
>>820 Man, with that many eggs, it's surprising that Renamon's balls, breasts, and stomach haven't exploded.
No. 1565
oh murr, i defintally need some more of that!!!

File: h637_ElsieAndCaraFinal.jpg-(768.13KB, 1280x973, ElsieAndCaraFinal.jpg)
637 No. 637 hide watch expand quickreply   [Reply]
Well i'll be the first to start off this thread with one of my own flashes :3


Please enjoy and post up more good ones :)
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No. 778
No. 986
Bump! Loves me some Herm Art!
No. 1487

File: h1017_h_1261790202490_4275.jpg-(214.21KB, 868x1008, h_1261790202490_4275.jpg)
1017 No. 1017 hide watch expand quickreply   [Reply]
Let's get one going.
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No. 1467
File: h1467_Ychan - h - herm tentacles - 77433.jpg-(314.99KB, 700x549, Ychan - h - herm tentacles - 77433.jpg)
No. 1468
File: h1468_Ychan - h - herm tentacles - 77437.jpg-(546.40KB, 1260x990, Ychan - h - herm tentacles - 77437.jpg)
No. 1469
File: h1469_Ychan - h - herm tentacles - 77441.jpg-(44.32KB, 600x634, Ychan - h - herm tentacles - 77441.jpg)

File: h1465_433a5740a54e9f7750a5fee57ffefc1ffbe4cef8.jpg-(170.03KB, 480x640, 433a5740a54e9f7750a5fee57ffefc1ffbe4cef8.jpg)
1465 No. 1465 hide watch quickreply   [Reply]
post what you got
No. 1466
File: h1466_c2ecc605a522c674796383abcb29a60cca866dcb.jpg-(148.32KB, 600x800, c2ecc605a522c674796383abcb29a60cca866dcb.jpg)

File: h1438_1159022251.ignatiushusky_pyanfar-n-orina-screwing.jpg-(96.22KB, 600x784, 1159022251.ignatiushusky_pyanfar-n-orina-screwing.jpg)
1438 No. 1438 hide watch expand quickreply   [Reply]
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No. 1455
File: h1455_1299189268.ignatiushusky_radin-jerking-off.jpg-(157.50KB, 700x869, 1299189268.ignatiushusky_radin-jerking-off.jpg)
No. 1456
File: h1456_1299540826.ignatiushusky_era-maria-jack-off.jpg-(167.70KB, 660x852, 1299540826.ignatiushusky_era-maria-jack-off.jpg)
No. 1457
File: h1457_1300203760.ignatiushusky_karla-hidden-surprise.jpg-(148.20KB, 565x887, 1300203760.ignatiushusky_karla-hidden-surprise.jpg)

File: h1241_nekofuta.jpg-(58.33KB, 950x688, nekofuta.jpg)
1241 No. 1241 hide watch expand quickreply   [Reply]
post half breed herms of all kinds ;3
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No. 1264
File: h1264_6efee25a7543d3265031253868a11803fd8d4b3c.png-(496.74KB, 494x800, 6efee25a7543d3265031253868a11803fd8d4b3c.png)
No. 1268
File: h1268_ebc6b8176308c4239f913f91813a221c3aea34d9.jpg-(90.91KB, 810x1009, ebc6b8176308c4239f913f91813a221c3aea34d9.jpg)
No. 1403
please post more! cheers, mate!

File: h1086_h_1258256156253.strype_minnieshoof_display1[1].png-(534.74KB, 777x604, h_1258256156253.strype_minnieshoof_display1[1].png)
1086 No. 1086 hide watch expand quickreply   [Reply]
elephants? futa
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No. 1267
File: h1267_7bed9d6283758ace208cacc0abcbd90d1b133092.jpg-(49.05KB, 500x625, 7bed9d6283758ace208cacc0abcbd90d1b133092.jpg)
No. 1330
File: h1330_1293920220.theanthropomorphologist_hung_like_an_el.png-(1.53MB, 995x1280, 1293920220.theanthropomorphologist_hung_like_an_el.png)
No. 1396
I'm a Republican, and I approve this thread.

File: h1316_1299544289.xpray_xpr_aurenn_char_sheet2_2010color2.jpg-(395.77KB, 769x1250, 1299544289.xpray_xpr_aurenn_char_sheet2_2010color2.jpg)
1316 No. 1316 hide watch expand quickreply   [Reply]
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No. 1372
File: h1372_5a27b41a904e9f17bbb0dc1e229b51031683a269.jpg-(353.53KB, 810x910, 5a27b41a904e9f17bbb0dc1e229b51031683a269.jpg)
No. 1373
File: h1373_ffe96a5948e05233cd309ae86789d4e62fa3a155.jpg-(296.69KB, 800x984, ffe96a5948e05233cd309ae86789d4e62fa3a155.jpg)
No. 1374
File: h1374_sample_2ec53b6ec6b3975fc9348f8d2acb0cae69442842.jpg-(613.36KB, 850x921, sample_2ec53b6ec6b3975fc9348f8d2acb0cae69442842.jpg)

File: h1008_h567_h_1283837983669.moonbyrn_pricelessweb.jpg-(150.68KB, 715x1000, h567_h_1283837983669.moonbyrn_pricelessweb.jpg)
1008 No. 1008 hide watch quickreply   [Reply]
Males finding out their girl has a cock
No. 1068
For everything else, there's Masturbate.
No. 1231
No. 1310
revival bump

File: h1223_sample_41e27d8121a47fa2a0b08ecd8ab6c7da.jpg-(100.80KB, 800x618, sample_41e27d8121a47fa2a0b08ecd8ab6c7da.jpg)
1223 No. 1223 hide watch expand quickreply   [Reply]
General herm thread. Need somewhere to dump.
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No. 1260
File: h1260_2ae29eec52930e9370621c45f75b5f26.jpg-(408.82KB, 759x1000, 2ae29eec52930e9370621c45f75b5f26.jpg)
No. 1261
File: h1261_3fcaef697e9021671650026a7a4eed06.png-(327.72KB, 700x700, 3fcaef697e9021671650026a7a4eed06.png)
No. 1262
File: h1262_4d7a768a04301de212d96b7f81fc2b96.jpg-(168.89KB, 968x1280, 4d7a768a04301de212d96b7f81fc2b96.jpg)

File: f102053_h_1278870796186_jurassex_park_part_2.jpg-(133.77KB, 800x800, h_1278870796186_jurassex_park_part_2.jpg)
490 No. 490 hide watch expand quickreply   [Reply]
Let's get some Doral in this place.
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No. 1103
File: h1103_femmy3LR.png-(586.07KB, 1500x1500, femmy3LR.png)
No. 1149
No. 1225
>>490 >>491 >>491 slight point of fact these three are nor doral thet are ESArtist herm trex Luna

File: h1224_36c123c1791eaf6c0d0af181be53443a.png-(253.24KB, 1200x900, 36c123c1791eaf6c0d0af181be53443a.png)
1224 No. 1224 hide watch quickreply   [Reply]
General herm thread. Need somewhere to dump.

File: h987_1.png-(419.74KB, 596x816, 1.png)
987 No. 987 hide watch expand quickreply   [Reply]
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No. 1040
Still missing a page
No. 1143
File: h1143_8.png-(501.83KB, 596x814, 8.png)
I believe this is what your looking for? Ignore the name, I named them all stupidly
No. 1144
That would b correct

File: h562_OMG.jpg-(113.37KB, 411x768, OMG.jpg)
562 No. 562 hide watch expand quickreply   [Reply]
This is what i found :3
1 post and 1 image omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 602
File: h602_00ffd8499606985d79db15846200262b.jpg-(607.75KB, 800x1181, 00ffd8499606985d79db15846200262b.jpg)
No. 610
>>602 can some one post the rest of this
No. 954
The picture is cropped. This is a problem.

File: h503_7b7cac3ec386958008214062e202b78a.jpg-(140.44KB, 1251x1280, 7b7cac3ec386958008214062e202b78a.jpg)
503 No. 503 hide watch expand quickreply   [Reply]
Cats Cheetahs Lepords Cougers Lynx Lyons and uh...yeah.
Carry on.
17 posts and 16 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 914
No idea.^^" Was just browsing e621and found it.
No. 921
No idea. I found it while browsing e621
No. 926
Post more art please!

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