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File: flash4470_FGG23.png-(84.04KB, 585x481, FGG23.png)
4470 No. 4470 Stickied watch
So yeah..a while back I made a lil game using RPG Maker XP for a friend of mine, just for fun. He suggested I offer it out to whoever wants to check it out. Since it's not a "flash" file technically though, not sure if it should be posted here. It's similair to those adventure hentai games on newgrounds (cept you know, not made in flash). All furry related images of course.
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No. 4471
Doesnt have to be a Flash, As long as it has movement, Im good with it XD
No. 4474
go ahead and upload it to megaupload/rapidshare/zshare/where ever you want it and link it here.
No. 4478
Alrighty. Don't expect quick fap material, it's more of a story to follow along, though it does lead to the good stuff. Keep in mind I'm by no means a pro game designer / writer, I just did it for fun, so expect to dig out some errors here and there. It's also by no means finished really, but anyways.

No. 4479
Made it to lvl 5, with 7 female pics (missing the second one), and 1 male pic in the collection.

Can't find the rope. going back to the carpender guy on the hill after getting charm 2 unlocks a second option which doesn't work. can't flirt with the maid. can't find anything to cut the bush with.

Very unfinished but fairly good alpha so far. :)
No. 4480
oh, and if you go to the collection there's no way back out... the crystal there teleports you to the same spot you came in.
No. 4481
it doesn't work, it says I'm missing some file
No. 4484
So... Any updates?
No. 4490
BTW, you must have the RPGMaker XP RTP to play. can download here: http://tkool.jp/products/rpgxp/eng/download.html.
No. 4491
Hope you work on it.
No. 4492
That's odd, I tested it on my other PC that didn't have RPG maker xp and it worked, hmm..well thanks for posting that!

Yeah, it's very unfinished but figured I'd toss out what's done so far anyway :)
No. 4503
Thanks for pointing that out, fixed now. Also fixed a few small errors that I didn't notice before.
No. 4509
So how far can we get into this? So far I've found 5 female, 1 male, and got to level 7.
No. 4511
LVL 7?! I thought i had done everything i could and i only made it to lvl 5...

At the same time, i also have more pics then you... 7 female, 1 male...

Were you able to get the second pic yet? I think it's probably going to be the one for fixing the bridge...
No. 4512
Check the shell and the bucket of water in the southwest part of town.

And no. I try to hit up the maid and the jogger and nothing.
No. 4515
hmm... well...

There's talking to the first person on the hill. then 2 pics of the fox girl from her room. (talk to her and compliment her, then talk to her at her mirror).
then there's the dancers in the rest-stop in the maze you have to pay 1000g to see. Then there's a miscolored tree on the bottom left of the maze where you find a key. That key is used on the outside of the mansion. climb the vines up to a window on the left side. Inside there's a box with 3 more pics.
No. 4516

Hope to see more updates.
No. 4518
Job keeps me from working on it as much as I'd like, but I am working on it :). Fixed a few bugs and some dialogue mistakes in the current version as well.
I check my mail and this site daily usually so feel free to drop me a message if there's any more bugs/mistakes or any comments/questions
- kupokupo51@yahoo.com
No. 4528
is the game compleet i cant find the library
No. 4536
Another bug is that striped chick back at the start. If you talk to her with a charm level of 2, you can't exit out of her picture. And the guy fapping up in the north of that area doesn't seem to do anything when you offer to "help" him.

Just throwing these out there.
No. 4540
far from complete, library isn't in that version (though Its been added now)

most events that activate with charm 2 (or higher) don't work in that version yet. Thx for pointing that out though
No. 4556
okay, I can't exit the collection room where there's chest with pic and stuff
No. 4558
Already fixed, someone commented on that before
No. 4559

Question: Is the link to the game one to the updated game? If it's not, that might be why you're getting some repeat bug reports.
No. 4564
Nope, I've only put 1 download out so far which is the only version. I've fixed the mentioned bugs and a few other mistakes for the next.
No. 4701
You're gonna keep us updated? Perhaps a FA page?
No. 4723
Thank you for this wonderfull contribution, I know it's a WIP, but it was still quite refreshing to see something new. I hope we get to see more of this game in the near future.
Noticed another bug in the Mayor's house.
First floor > dining room > southwestern tile > in front of NPC, the wall collision is broken on the west wall adjacent to said tile.
Second Floor > Mint's room, when she moves to the mirror, a clone of her appears upon exit and re-entry into the house.
Again, thank you for the work and effort put into this game, and thank your friend for suggesting you share this w/ the rest of us.
No. 4731
Thanks for pointing those out, I've noticed a few errors where if you leave and enter an area the events get messed up, fixing those up.

I might make a FA when it's finished, just to have it on there as well, but sorta pointless till then I think, since the version I put out so far is really unfinished.
No. 4785
I know it's just a porn game, but please add some action into it too, some not-to-hard puzzle plot wise would be good. Also, if, possible can you make a run option? The hero walks at a turtle's pace, it's irritating to make long walks.
No. 4803
This is pretty neat. Please please please keep going! :3
No. 4812
I haven't stopped working on it, just don't have as much time as I'd like between work and school etc. I'll put the finished version out when I feel it has enough fun stuff to keep people busy for a while, since the other version was more of a preview.

The story (gotta have one, even in a porn themed RPG) is about 80% done, but the overall game is maybe 60% done as I'm adding more side quests that lead to naughty pics and such.
No. 4813
you sir are God who else would be able to stuff so much epic into a small preview XD
No. 4822
Can't wait for it to be finished, keep up the good work, my friend.
No. 4856
I'm not sure what changes you've made to the crystal room, but I do have this to report:

Whenever I tried using the Blue Crystal to get into the picture room BEFORE getting Leena to join me and then leaving said picture room, I wound up in the city.

However, I could not leave the city back towards the mountain area, nor could I enter the pub. I could, however, go into the mansion and hedge maze (despite still only having 100G, so I was locked out of anything that required money).

Suggestion: would it be possible to add in an on-screen notification of when the player gets the next level(s) of Charm? It seems unintuitive to have to check the menu every level to see what one has.

If I may ask, about how much of the game is this preview... Percentage-wise, I mean. 25%? 5%? It might be a good indicator, since if the scale of the game is rather large, you may want to release partial versions, just so people can beta test it out and throw the bug reports at you. That way, when you decide to release this as a final product, a few of the bigger (and earlier) bugs can be handled.
No. 4858
File: flash4858_V2.jpg-(45.63KB, 637x490, V2.jpg)
Odd, you shouldn't be able to enter the picture room at all till after meeting Leena, since you need to reach the first city where the crystal is located at(which you need her to open the way for you). Unless you meant something else, or there's a bug I haven't been informed of yet.

P.S Image is something I snapped today for giggles, no it's not turning into a Pokè style catch em all game, but I added a parody event of it for fun. (also I like Lopunny) =]
No. 4859
The third Tip guy (the one that's on the same screen as Leena) gives you a Blue Gem as an inventory item to reach said picture room.

Get it, use it before talking to Leena, and you're taken straight to the picture room. Try to leave, and the problem I described shows up.

However, once I put Leena in my party (still ignoring the guard) and used the Blue Gem, I went into the picture room as normal, and came out without a problem, and could return to the mountain area.

After picking up the fox kit I can't remember the name of right now, I used the Blue Gem again and came out without consequence. I also noticed that, while I had her in my party, that the second picture was unlocked, but when I returned her to the manor, said access to the picture was gone. I was then trapped in the picture room; having someone following me before going in seemed to keep me from being trapped in there.
No. 4860
Ah yes, the gem isn't supposed to teleport you, it just acts as a "key" so the crystal in sacra will teleport you.
This is fixed in the next release :)
No. 4879
No. 4880

No. 4892
I've actually added a few light puzzles to the plot, nothing to crazy, but I wanted to try and have a little bit of everything.

If it makes you feel better, money isn't too essential to the game. Only a few events require it, and there's other places you can get it :P
No. 4903

No. 4915

First, not to be rude, but calm down. Stop shouting.

Second, it's been reported before. The link in this thread is not constantly updated with the newest version; no point in complaining.
No. 4969

That made me lol. It also made me think if that's related to the game or the actual situation you are in in real life.
No. 4978


No. 5009
Any update on this game? I'm really excited for it.
No. 5046
>>5009 If you're a retard like me you could get the same fucking results by looking at the pronz you've accumulated over the years. I mean I've got 25 GBs worth of furry crap I'm sure there's shit I don't even remember putting in there!
No. 5052
How many male pics are there in the game? Just wondering, cause I don't wanna play through the whole thing if there's only 1 or maybe 2.
No. 5054
Err, I was more interested in the game play aspect of it... I'm sure I've got just about every pic in the game already, but that's not the point.
No. 5061
Nice game so far. Do you have a site where the updates etc are listed or anything like this?
No. 5069
Negative, but it's coming along..sadly got some annoyances IRL that have slowed me down, but it'll be done eventually. I'l post it on here first naturally.

Not much to say on specific updates; added more sidequests that lead to pics, story portion almost done, world map 95% done, etc.
No. 5076
Can we get a link to the artist of the bobcat picture?
No. 5083
Think we can get an update that allows us to sample a bit of action?

You know, just a couple of events over level 2...
No. 5140
Where can i find an updated version of this game?
No. 5146
Right here within the next 2 weeks or less hopefully, depends how bitchy work is. :)

the story is 100% done and so is the world map, just need to do some test playthroughs to iron out bugs and maybe add a few more side quests.
No. 5151
This makes me so happy. Finally a good furry RPG.
No. 5156
Good on ya mate i cant wait for this
No. 5162
Looking forward to it!
No. 5166
File: flash5166_4267956ec0f8eec114d59c44162c93bb.png-(8.72KB, 400x400, 4267956ec0f8eec114d59c44162c93bb.png)
hey kupokupo, need beta-testers before you do a wider public release? :P

>P.S Image is something I snapped today for giggles, no it's not turning into a Pokè style catch em all game, but I added a parody event of it for fun. (also I like Lopunny) =]

Fan of Lopunny here too. No idea if this is inappropriate but think you could work this image in somewhere? >:D
No. 5167
File: flash5167_image.cgi.jpg-(55.69KB, 780x600, image.cgi.jpg)
I love lopunny, if you're doing stuff with Lopunny, care to use this image as well? :3
No. 5185
crashes on run even after installing rpg maker and all that
No. 5188
the RPGXP is 404

No. 5196
Try here:

No. 5243
bump just to keep this on the top of the stack
No. 5251
Hopefully this went through okay!

I ran through the game a few times and everything seems to be working fine. Sorry if any small bugs happened to make it through, but it should be playable from start to finish just fine. Same format as the first version to play it.

No. 5253
This is amazing! So much more work then i expected! I still haven't finished it!
No. 5254
Please remove your pants, sir, I have a line of women I have paid to pleasure you.
No. 5255
Where is this Vicas flower?! D;

Also, in the camp inside the maze where you can see the two strippers, if you avoid talking to the guy and just go beside the one on the right you can still see them.

However I paid before finding this so idk if it's the same way without paying...

No. 5256
Can anyone find a pokemon? I got the ball and I found a guy who wants one O.o
No. 5257
Anyone else stuck? :[
No. 5258
Okay, maybe I read the flower name wrong.. is it the hicuas flower from the start that the herm in the library wants? O.o
No. 5259
Glad you like it!

Oh hell yes.

Stuck as in you can't figure out a sidequest, or stuck as in there's a glitch or bug that won't allow you to continue the game? I was able to play through just fine so hopefully I didn't miss any big glitches.
No. 5260
You get the flower after you give the science magazine to a guy hidden in the snowy area under the last town, it's around the middle left. I am stuck trying to find what mint is "looking for" as well as what to do with the mayors note, and Angel clip. A walkthrough of the game with the sidequests would be greatly loved.
No. 5261
One bug ive found is you just randomly get some items, such as the rope is given just by talking to the bunnygirl twice, (Played for over 2hours and still cant find the rope legit). And if you go across the bridge and take the boat, you will not be able to return to finish the game, as the 1st town will be broken without mint.
No. 5262
i think i've almost done everything. dunno how to find the shovel. dunno what to do with the egg. dunno how to find the missing easter bunny.
No. 5263
Also, how can i pass the time to talk to the girls upstairs in the pub? she keeps telling me to come back later.
No. 5264
nvm about finding the bunny.
No. 5265
Shovel is gotten by giving panties to the guy up the ladder in the miner town, Egg is given to someone in the knights place, and not sure on pub, same problem.
No. 5266
I didn't catch those mistakes, damn. Must have left some in when I was testing certain events..Oh well. The rope most certainly exists legit however. Thx for pointing this out.

Sorry for the silly bugs ya'll :P I'm only human here, lols.
should still be playable for the most part.
No. 5267
A walk through would be grand, i occasionally find myself stuck on something (unable to find, no major glitches that I've seen). Been going for 3 hours 11 mins :D
No. 5268
It defaintly is playable, and great work heh, The bug dosen't really stop anything else you use the items before you find them. Oh also, I'm not sure if that scientist lab is supposed to be hidden, but there's no graphics for it. I have been able to beat the game, but those optionals I've mentioned, I've been stuck on for a long time, As well as not being able to get into the pool. Some items are hidden a little too well heh.
No. 5269
Wish we had the option to join in on some of the things I've peeked at.

Also, more male stuff would be nice, but I'm loving the game!

I really wish I could get more time with the little cat boys D;

Anyone managed to get through the cave to find the missing monster? I get stuck in a town like sacra and there is just a goat and the lena chick, and both of her options port me back near the goat... confused x_x
No. 5270
For specifics, the other items other than rope that you seem to randomly obtain are the flower and holy water.
No. 5271
Oh, the Leena option is another bug, There is an invisible third option other than the two you can see, which of is the correct option.
No. 5272
That's not a bug it's a puzzle. :P

I remember that same puzzle from FF8.
No. 5273
File: flash5273_ChestsFull.jpg-(171.98KB, 1060x512, ChestsFull.jpg)

Actually, that was intentional, room is meant to be a bit tricky ;)

Also this is an image of the collection room with all chests unlocked, so you can compare. The right side of the image is the bottom half of the room (so it would go below the left image in proper perspective.)

Since one event branches into multiple possible endings, you'll always have at least a few chests missing since you'll have missed out the other images from the other possible endings. (doesn't mean you can't see the other endings, just save before making the choice and then reload!)

Very few will be missing because of this though.
No. 5274
my charm is 13 and idk what to do x_x
No. 5275
would it be possible to get an upload of all the pics at some point?
No. 5276
Let's compare notes:

* I've finished the main objective.

* Kupokupo mentioned that a lopunny was placed in the game. Hint: it's in the world map on the mainland, and like in pokemon games, search in tall grass lol.

* I know the science mag was mentioned before, but I haven't found it. Who gives it to you?

* I haven't yet obtained the invitation to get into the pool party (damn!)

* I can't find the shovel to give to the foreman to take me into the warehouse.

* Who gives you panties!?

* My charm level is 16 and it's still not high enough to progress from dating Mint!
No. 5277
ditto. dunno where panties are.
No. 5279
Wait, scrap that, I got the oar...

...from the weapons collector in Aster, traded for an old helmet I got from a soldier in Aster academy who needed itch lotion haha.
No. 5280
Cant remember who gives science mag, Pantys are from the girl who is hungry in 2nd town, give her jello, which you get from giving the pikachu doll to the little girl in the same town. You get shovel from giving one of the miners the pantys. I myself am stuck on

*Can not get past what Mint is looking for
*Can not enter Pool
*Not sure what to do with Mayors note or AngelClip
*Can not pass time to vist pub girls sister
(Not sure if flooded house, or advancing past trainee knight are quests)
No. 5281
I also still have a megaphone and sickle after using each once, so if those have a second use that might help me.
No. 5282

I think by "invisible option", it's meant that there's a third option when talking to the impostor 'Leena' that you find in the fake Sacra court, at the end of the ghost caves i.e. the ones you explore to find the missing monster.
No. 5283
>Since one event branches into multiple possible endings, you'll always have at least a few chests missing since you'll have missed out the other images from the other possible endings

Oh shi- I hope I haven't unwittingly done it yet!!!
No. 5284
Right. I have a sickle. wtf do I do with this sickle!!!
No. 5285
what to do with the heart bikini?

I've got almost everything... but i'm running out of things to do. level 23.
No. 5286
Btw, cookie for you. I got the idea when I was thinking of EXACTLY that scene in FF8. :D
No. 5287
Saniku how did you get the heart bikini? Im assuming its in the pool, so how did you get in there?
No. 5289
South of the desert town, in the brown patch in the woods. check in the direction the arrow is pointing.
No. 5290
Uh, deep breaths man. It's just a dream haha.

Actually, I'm with Sainiku here: how did somebody get that rope? Talking twice to which bunny girl?
No. 5291
rope is in the woods town tent.
No. 5293
Ive looked in that patch I see no items heh, and have searched all over it.
No. 5294
Hm, I've always wondered about that brown patch but never worked it out.

Oh hurr durr I know what you use a sickle for. You use it to CUT GRASS.
No. 5295
maybe a different approach.... anyone able to make the holy water? I have water from the beginning, where's the other? I actually somehow got 5 holy waters throughout the game but i never actually made them normally.
No. 5296
it's behind one of the trees in the middle of the area.
No. 5297
Ah ok, Thanks. finaly found it heh.... searched so many times for it. I assumed that it wasent acually an arrow after so long heh.
No. 5298
What items do you have San? I might have done something you havent.
No. 5299
just got the mineral water. nvm.
No. 5300
where is the sickle?
No. 5301

There is indeed an invitation in that "brown patch" place. Keep looking!
No. 5302
Alright, Well now im stuck trying to find what Mint is looking for, passing time for the pub girl, and using my mayors invite/bikini heh.... Id thought the bikini would go to the girl who lost it, but guess not.
No. 5303
my items are:
Blue Gem
Small Keyring
Knight Insignia
Holy Water
Pool Invitation
Small Key
Heart Bikini
Mayor's note
No. 5304

Warehouse in Aster. You have to find a shovel for the foreman in the house just to the north of it (how to do this is explained earlier in the thread).
No. 5305
Where did you use your Angelclip at? and I assume you have already used the Megaphone/Water/Sickle.
No. 5306
>"You can't some of the tents, high tech security systems ya know!"

God, I wish DICE would let us do things like that...
No. 5307
Hm, I'm still missing a few things. But I've got some leads.

Also, SHIT, I forgot to save before talking to the tiger girl in the tall grass, and now I have to go back from all the way in WOODSTOWN!!!
No. 5308
...oh, wait, the pictures are the same. Nevermind!
No. 5309
I'm a knight! You have to charge your iphone in the chest that's in the monster tent thingy! :D
No. 5310
gave clip to leena
No. 5311
Hmmm, After talking to Leena in the river I havent been able to find her again, I guess thats my problem.
No. 5312
After the river leena is in the maze near the big graves.

So the two little cat boys you rescue, anything else happen with them other than the one showing his tail hole? =\

The sister never came home, but I would be fine with some cat boy tail. :D
No. 5313
>Where did you use your Angelclip at? and I assume you have already used the Megaphone/Water/Sickle.

I haven't used this yet. I also haven't got a megaphone yet. And I'm not sure what the water's for, but I got some more from the priest dude at Uba Church. Also, I've already sprinkled water on the Holy Tree and gone to the point where big dragon dude gives me naughty pictures, so I assume that's done too.

This guy in a tent near the starting point tells me that little cat boy dropped something... did he? I can't find anything.
No. 5314
I believe the cat boy's drop is in the bottom right, and thats the megaphone used to get all the guys at the inn away from the drink girl lol
No. 5315
>After the river leena is in the maze near the big graves.

...in the river?
No. 5316

Yes! Thanks a bunch, I didn't realise that weird looking bush thing was it.
No. 5317

Scratch this, I hadn't cleared the crowd in the pub when I wrote this earlier post.
No. 5318
Where is the Pikachu?
No. 5319
Found out that heart bikini goes to the head angel.
No. 5320
Crap, I've forgotten where you get the pikachu from. It's part of a side-quest in progress, though.

>maybe a different approach.... anyone able to make the holy water? I have water from the beginning, where's the other? I actually somehow got 5 holy waters throughout the game but i never actually made them normally.

You have a bottle of water from early on in the game, at the foot of the mountain, that dude randomly gives it to you for no reason. If your charm level is high enough, the striped skunk jogger at the very beginning will give you some mineral water.
No. 5321
File: flash5321_you_sir_are_awesome.jpg-(25.43KB, 446x553, you_sir_are_awesome.jpg)
No. 5322
Cool! I was wondering about that.

Does anybody know how to get the science mag?
No. 5323
I cant rember where pikachu comes from either, What unused items do you have?
*Need to find what Mint is looking for
*Need to use mayors note
*Need to "Pass Time" to visit the sister from the pub(Starting to think this is imposible after spending the night with Leena)
No. 5324
I also don't think he knows how to find the Church.
No. 5325
My items... (Keep in mind, I'm doing this game in no particular order. I have no idea how far along I am...)

Iphone (DEAD)
Fuckton of Holy Water (78 of them, seriously what the fuck, man?)
Mayor's Note
Gold Dust
Angel Feather
Dragon Claw
No. 5326
so i've checked out a few things. i'm missing it looks like 3 chests in all now. (excluding the path split). the one i'm worried about is the very very bottom left chest.
No. 5327
the other two chests i'm missing are in the middle of the leena row. perhaps there's a third accessory you can give her?
No. 5328
I just found a new item yet to be mentioned!

I returned to the tree to see if I could make another wish, but it just took my to the dragon lair which was okay 'cause that dragon is hot (i was sad to only get pictures from him)

There is now a rock there which gives a ring?
No. 5329
and now, as of now this can't be given to Mint.. I tried v_v
No. 5330
I can't find the megaphone or the rope. =(
No. 5331
Awesome find!
No. 5332
The pokeball catches a pokemon in the long grass before the swamp area, The egg goes to somone in the knights area If I remember,

Sain, Have you finished mints quest and found what she is looking for? Or found a use for the mayors note? Im still missing 9 Chests, All Blue, Chest 1/4 from row 2, 5-6 from row 4. and the bottom left most chest.
No. 5333
I lol'd at the holy water, big fuck up there lols. You only really need one to continue so I guess you're good to go :P
No. 5334
i'm fairly certain i know what the bottom left box is now. I'm lvl 23, and thinking i need 2 more levels to get it. as I've done almost everything else, i believe it must be that i'm missing 2 of the "check a random item in the world to get leveled". Please list them if you found them! I found 2 in Sacra, one in the swamp maze. (maybe another somewhere but i forgot)
No. 5335
Since that post I am now up to 79. Seriously. Apparently our noble hero joined the priesthood...
No. 5336
In the swamp maze check out the bookcase where the girl with the whip sets up. Also there is a yellow flower in the swamp that you check out for a level too.
No. 5337
AHA! I know what to do with that ring. ok, just missing the very very bottom left chest. once i get that i'll post all your answers. :3
No. 5338
What two are in sacra? I only got one D;
No. 5339
Hmm which "bottom left" chest exactly? the one that would be above where sir tip is standing? or below him?

I did them more or less in order as the images appeared in the game so it may be glitched by accident, which I can check on my end so you could discount that chest from the total if it was glitched.
No. 5340

Iphone (DEAD)- recharge this in the chest in the monster town basement
Egg - some pervert dude near Aster Academy asks for this and gives you something in return.
Fuckton of Holy Water (78 of them, seriously what the fuck, man?)
Ghost- the main quest item
Mayor's Note- haven't figured out what to do with this either.
Pokeball- there's a lopunny in the wet grasslands. Look in the tall grass.
Gold Dust- quest item
Angel Feather- quest item
Dragon Claw- quest item. Don't forget to keep visiting big bad dragon guy when your charm is higher... if that's your thing.
No. 5341
>if that's your thing

No, it's not. Though it does bother me that as of now I have more chests of men than women. Thank you, by the way. :D

Now I need that damn rope and megaphone...

If you complete the main quest is the game over, or can I continue?
No. 5342

under him. very bottom left.

Also, i found 3 different accessories but still a missing chest in that row. is there a 4th?
No. 5343
Actually the chest order wouldn't help much, I ended up mixing some of them around when I did the events with Leena and Mint..but I can still check to make sure the chest isn't glitched.
No. 5344
File: flash5344_i found waldop.jpg-(87.68KB, 643x483, i found waldop.jpg)
No. 5345
Ah..I see it, yes, that chest is most certainly in the game ;)
No. 5346
oh fuck I lol'd
No. 5347

You have to be a knight trainee to get it.
No. 5348
can i get a tip for that one chest? :D
No. 5349
Are you 25 yet? Or still missing a level?
No. 5350
sainiku, where are the two items in sacra?
No. 5352
I'm 23.

The two level up items in SA are the sea shell and a barrel of water. both near the south left side.
No. 5353
Egg > Itch Cream > Helmet > Oar > Pikachu Doll > Suntan Lotion
No. 5354
You mentioned you only got one item in the swamp, someone posted before there are 2, One from reading a book on the shelf of the lounge area, another from smelling a flower that sticks quite out.
No. 5355
Sainiku, I'm lvl24 but I'm not sure I would know where that extra one comes from... nor the level that's missing. I'd have to play through the whole thing again and take notes at the same time... and I have too many exams this week to do it until at least Friday ;_;
No. 5356
Also did you get the rock right when you first come out of the docks? Under the Knight town, way at the bottom, Also gives you 1000g (Not that gold has any use)
No. 5357
aha! i didn't get that one.

still 1 lvl missing.
No. 5358
Sainiku, what did you do with the ring from the rock? I'm 23 now :D
No. 5359
I think Sain is planning on writing up all our answers when hes got the last chest, So youve now done the Rock, Bucket, Seashell, Flower, Book?.... Hmmm, I cant really think of any more.... Did you level up from the shaman, asking her what to do next?
No. 5360
asdafasdaf I'm still missing a few chests! I must have been careless while playing through. I'll go back to the start at a later date.

Right now the remaining mysteries to me are:

* What else could I have given Leena?
* What's Mint looking for?
* I wonder if I can find the Mayor's friend in that desert town... what am I to do with these notes?
* Where's this last charm level to be found!
No. 5361

I'm kinda convinced it's just a stupid lvl up item somewhere in the world. i'm currently going through clicking on everything. lol...
No. 5362
Well it can't be a picture event so its got to be, heh. If anyone can think of any level up items from the world feel free to list them, Seashell(1st town), Bucket(1st town), Flower(Swamp), Book(Swamp), Rock (Below Docks), are what I can think of...... Hell, im just going to start a new game and look around, somethings bound to remind me, as im 25, so I found it before.
No. 5363
Hmmm... Something came to though, Did you "Act Cool" or "Be Honest" when Leena asks you on the bridge? Because Being honest gives you a level, and you cant regain that.
No. 5364
No. 5365
I'm stuck. Need rope, need the flower for the herm in the lab... And need megaphone.

Where do I get these, anybody know?
No. 5366
found the bottom left chest. woo.
No. 5367
look on the bright side, at least we know where that level came from!!!
No. 5368
>Need rope, need the flower for the herm in the lab... And need megaphone

The rope can be found in the one tent you can access in Woodsville (security my ass).

The megaphone you get from the "funny bush" across the bridge that has been repaired thanks to the rope. The person says that the kid dropped something; it's nearby.

The flower, for some reason the game may have glitched for me. But I know you can get the flower by giving the science magazine to the crazy scientist just south to the snowy town. Get the science magazine from the Knight's quarters in Aster. To do this you need to be a trainee, meaning your phone has to be charged... to do this complete the monster quest and talk to the chest.
No. 5369
Heh, What were you missing? Was it the level or just something else.
No. 5370
Thanks man, the game is pretty much over after that for me.
No. 5372
>Talk to girl at desert city
>Check her hair for afro
No. 5373
talking to the girl by the tree GIVES you 2 holy water. hurray glitch. lol
No. 5374
That explains why I have over 200 and get more randomly when I'm nowhere near there, oh wait...
No. 5375
Good job getting all the chests :p
No. 5376
Hey... That one drunken bar tiger lady... We ever get any more from her? And after see find Leena in the river, where does she go after that?

And how were those prostitutes I got for you?
No. 5377
>And after see find Leena in the river, where does she go after that?

She's busy exploring the maze on the Estate. Find her next to those big wall thingies.
No. 5378
>Mad Scientist
>South of Snowy town
>Not there
>Wat do?

Can anyone more precisely describe his location or show a cap or where they found him? I can't find him anywhere.
No. 5379
In the snowy area where all the trees are, there are a bunch of vertical rows of trees, its the 3rd row from the left where it comes to a deadend
No. 5380
Anyone else gotten stuck at 23? D;
No. 5381
Ya kunt, Read up a bit heh, Sain was stuck for awhile, listed a few places that you can level up on.
No. 5382
By the way Kupokupo, The fact that this thread has gotten almost 200 posts so far shows youve done a very good job. Once again, Thanks for the work, Im sure wed all like to see more from you in the future.
No. 5383
Was great brah.

Just to clear that up, the drunk sister event just opens up the second floor of the pub. I meant to add a scene with them later but ultimately didn't.
No. 5384
Her picture is added to the collection once you finish that quest however.
No. 5385
You son of a...

So... In my drunken stupor I can't seem to figure out how to combine the clip and that one flower. WAT DO?!
No. 5386
> out how to combine the clip and that one flower. WAT DO?!

Talk to the angel in the top left of that temple thingy on the cloud. You need to have the teleporter in snow city working first.
No. 5387
Has anyone yet tried revisiting the underwater female dragon?
No. 5388
Kupokupo, i think there's a problem with one chest.

4th row down, 5th from the left. No matter what accessory you give her, it'll never show up. The closest is the one pic you get from giving the fire ring, which gives you the 6th chest in that row.
No. 5389
Yeah, I have. Nothing spectacular. She drops you back off at the entrance.
No. 5390
>Yeah, I have. Nothing spectacular. She drops you back off at the entrance.

If your level is high enough you can get a crystal shard which can be worn like an earring. I assume this is something you can give to Leena.
No. 5391
How many accessories have you found to give to Leena? I just looked right now and that image should be working.
No. 5392

FFFFFF... that's the one i missed. XD
No. 5393
hehe :p
No. 5394
Well I'm off to bed, hope you've all enjoyed it and hope any newcomers have fun as well.

I still check this place often so I'l pop by incase any questions or anything pop up. Was fun working on this hehe. Goddamn holy waters :P
No. 5395
yikes. problem with the earring. seeing her in the tree fine, but then the pic stays on the screen indefinitely. even if i go in/out of the menu.
No. 5396
I started a new game and saved over my old one. X-x

What happens with mint in the end? D;
No. 5397
and the mayors note as well, anything go on with that? :\
No. 5398
K now that i'm done with everything...
Mint's ends after seeing the vibe scene.
You get the vibe in the attic.
Mayor's note allows you to access a new screen in the desert town. go east from the intersection, then go above the houses. if you have the note, it'll go to a new screen.
No. 5399
This game isn't made of awesome.

Awesome is made if this game.

[c wat i did there?]
No. 5400
>FFFFFF... that's the one i missed. XD

Ohhhhh yeah I rock.

Not to be a whiny bitch but are you gonna post crib notes? I'm writing some myself but I know I've missed a few things, so something to compare to would be awesum.
No. 5401
>>5398 So you never actually fuck mint? :\

Are there any more male scenes after the new screen in desert city? Other than playing the game itself, the bunny's easter shop was the only sexual part worth seeing.. for me anyway.
No. 5402
Or if anyone around lvl 20ish wants to upload their save game somewhere and let me start back from where I was then that would be awesome, i just really don't wanna go through all 20 again. :3
No. 5403
So how do you give the earing/ring to Leena? Or are those the ones that you can only get 1 of per game, as well as how do you get the very bottom left chest.
No. 5404
You can only give her one of the 4 accessories per game. save before then.
No. 5405
The very bottom left chest is a throw-back to the old Super Mario RPG game. At the outside of the angel area, walk off the right side across an invisible platform.
No. 5406
Awesome, thanks!

Sainiku, do you remember who gives you the pokeball and the suntan lotion? I just played through it again making notes and those are the only things I missed.

(Also guys, note you can peek at Mint after giving her the vibe.)
No. 5407
Can't find the lotion still...
No. 5408
Okay found the pokeball. It's in the SWAMP level, at the far right of the screen from the path just before the top exit. Check in an empty box.

Upon completion of this sidequest the lopunny perv dude gives you suntan lotion.
No. 5409
OH I just remembered what I've missed.

Where on earth is that "Vicas" sample the herm in the library wanted?
No. 5410
Scratch that last post for the last time, on a hunch, I found the *Vicas* sample at the base of the hill, with that guy who's spacing out looking at the flowers.

The FINAL thing I have left... is this fourth accessory you give to Leena!? I have the Hicuas Hairpin, the Crystal Earring and the Fire Ring, but then what?

Otherwise I have a complete crib, but I'll wait for Sainiku to post maybe.
No. 5411
in the game, when i go to the dragon, i need to answer some questions, but at the question "who die in south park(or so)" the answer is kenny, but when i click kenny i am at the start.what is the answer????is that a bug???or am i stupid???
No. 5412
>the answer is kenny, but when i click kenny i am at the start.what is the answer????is that a bug???or am i stupid???

That's because it's not Kenny. Kenny was "permanently" killed once but has been brought back. Another character, however, has been killed off!
No. 5420
hmm, i cant find this attic where the vibe is suposed to be. some help?
No. 5421
Egg, where is it?
No. 5423
question. when i found the little girl(mint or so) under her are 2 people, where are on a platform8the one girl want to watch them) how can i go to them?(sorry for my bad englich)
No. 5425

As far as I can tell you can't.

Okay, enough questions have been asked that I'll plonk my notes here. However there are four chests from one of the middle /f/ rows missing, so it's not quite complete. Also note that you don't have to do it in this order but I found it most convenient. However you WILL get all the charm levels this way.

Charm lv2 from Ayma
Blue Gem from Tip Guy #3
Charm lv3 from Leena if you're honest
Charm lv4 from Mint if you take her along
Bottle of water from man at bottom of Sacra Hill

Mint's dad gives you 4000 gold
Small key for Estate Attic in the suspicious bushes in the maze
Charm lv5 for completing the Estate Maze
Charm lv6 from the bucket in the bottom left of Sacra Square
Charm lv7 from the clam on the beach to the left of Sacra Square
Husky on the bottom left of the beach needs suntan lotion

Charm lv8 from Venus in the back room of the library
Herm scientist wants a sample of "Vicas"

Charm lv9 from 'fraidy cat hiding in the storeroom of the Vistal

Seaman from port Belle has lost his oar, which you get from
Charm lv10 and 1000G from rock on world map just outside port Belle

Foreman needs a shovel, which you get from the shy guy in mining town for panties. Foreman gives you egg.
Armored dude outside Aster Academy gives you itch cream for the egg
Give itch cream to red armored soldier for old helmet.
Give old helmet to armor collector in the southwest of the town for an oar.
Give the oar to the sailor in Belle for a Pikachu doll.
Give the Pikachu doll to the little girl in the middle left house in Aster for a cup of jello
Give the jello to the hungry girl by the fountain for panties.
Talk to captain inside Aster Academy and convince her that your iphone is awesome. It will die. You need it charged (do so in Monster Town).

Give panties to shy guy up the rope for shovel. Give shovel to foreman for key to warehouse. Find sickle and level up to 11.
Sickle can be used to cut shrub at bottom of Sacra Hill. Talk to Tiger girl and get access to 5 pictures.

Find the lopunny in the tall grass. Needs pokeball to catch!

Charm lv12 from dominatrix's study area.
Charm lv13 from flower aroma
Pokeball is at the far right of the screen from the path just before the top exit. Check in an empty box.

Gain clearance to explore the lower levels, pass all the questions and get the ore to meet the dragoness.
Charm lv14 from dragoness
Return to the lair while on Leena's artifact quest to grab a crystal from the rock.

Get the rope from the tent
Talk to the girl and get TWO FREE HOLY WATER POTIONS (alternatively you'll have to go all the way back to the start to get the mineral water etc.)
Talk to the Holy Tree in order to get transported to the Dragon's Lair to get claw.
Charm lv15 from Dragon.
Embark on Leena's artifact quest to get the ring

Talk to the priest and combine pure and mineral water to get holy water
Peek in the confessional booth
Talk to head priestess

They need to find the little monster!
Get the ghost from here.
Charm lv16 for completing this
Grab the ghost
Talk to the chest to recharge the iphone
Charm lv17 from the chest!

Look for an invitation.
Charm lv18 for finding the invitation

Fishmonger trades you fish for naughty pictures. Buy all three fish!
Charm Lv19 for finding the bikini at the pool party
Guy living east of the town wants that lopunny. You can get suntan lotion for this.
Up north one can look through the Nosglass.

They need somebody to find one of their ex-workers, who can be found in Snowfall.
Charm Lv20 once you inform boss of the worker's location.

Get the teleporter here.
Needs the science mag which can be found in the Knight's Quarters.
You can get the hicuas flower and the teleporter rod
Charm Lv21 for completing this

The white crossdressing bunny is the mayor.
Talk to him and the teleporter scientists to teleport to the clouds.

Angel to the top left gives you a Hicuas Hairclip
Head angel gives you angel feather. Need high charm to give her bikini!
Go to the right of the cloud on an invisible platform to find an angel and demon "having fun".

Now the rope is in the inventory. Give it to the fox girl.
Charm Lv22 for doing this.
Weird bushes yield a megaphone.
Charm Lv23 for helping out the two little kids.
Don't forget the pic in the house.
Find Mint's vibe in the box in the attic.
Charm Lv24 at the pub for blowing everybody away with the megaphone
Charm Lv25 for talking to guy staring at flowers at base of Sacra Hill, getting Vicas and giving it back to the herm.
Give suntan lotion to husky and he'll perform a favour.
Find Leena in the Pub upstairs, now open.
Then find Leena in the river on Sacra Hill
Then find Leena in the maze on the Governor's Estate
Then find Leena in the pub again.
Crystal Shard: Find Leena in a tree nursing a cub.
Fire Ring: Find Leena getting action in Akrin.
Hicuas Hairpin: Get lucky with Leena.
No. 5426
Also forgot to add Sainiku's note re: mayor's note. Once you return to Snowfall, you'll find the mayor in his house, crossdressing. Pick up the notes he leaves behind, then teleport to Akrin. Go east, then north, and you'll find out exactly what his friend's "get rich quick" scheme consists of.
No. 5428
For the life of me, I cannot find the attic where Mint's vibe is... Can anybody please help?
No. 5429
Alright i'm awake.
The attic is outside the manor, you can see some vines going up to a window on the left side. The key is gotten in the southwest of the maze.

The four chests missing from the walkthrough are obtained from the one Leena item he's missing. It is the skull ring, found on the dead body leading to the monster area, AFTER you have begun the quest for finding the accessories.
No. 5430
The accessory quest for the earrings appears to be bugged (at least for me). When you see leena in the tree, the picture stays on the screen indefinitely. Even after saving/loading!
No. 5431
Something I've noticed: Everyone is shocked with the iPhone you have, and this is obvious not set anywhere near present time. That being said, there is a woman walking in circles next to tip guy 3 who is on a cell phone? :|
No. 5432
Also, I don't think it was mentioned, but buy all the fish in sacra from the vendors, you can trade this for naughty pictures later in the desert town
No. 5433

She's on one of those huge blocky old fashioned ones ;)

lols :p
No. 5434
>>5433 Woman always on their cell phones, now she just needs a hummer... or a wagon. x_x

Side note, Would someone around lvl 20 upload their save game? I accidentally saved over mine and never got to finish. -_-
No. 5435

Hey kupokupo, any comments on the earring-tree bug thingy?
No. 5436
btw, thread now stickied.
No. 5437
So, if I'm reading this correctly, it's:
panties -> shovel -> egg -> itch cream -> old helmet -> oar -> Pikachu doll -> jello -> panties?

How are you supposed to get even one of those items if you need one to start the chain?
No. 5438
The shovel guy gives you the egg after you check the note on the storage place in the bottom right of the city. You don't have to give him the shovel, you do that after everything.
No. 5439
Yup, I screwed up lol.
forgot to remove the image from the sceen once it was done. Just save before it if you want to see the image that way you can just load out of it.
No. 5440
I'm thinking of maybe making an improved version (director's cut? lol)
with all the bugs mentioned so far fixed. I'd add a few more things to do as well for a bonus. That way no one gets glitched in the Leena event or winds up with billions of holy waters, etc.
No. 5441
sounds like a plan. :)
No. 5442
Might i suggest something?
Have it come with a password protected .rar file with all the pics. Once a person gets lvl 25 and beats the game they get the password. :3
No. 5443
Not a bad idea :P sadly summer "break" (1 week..hell yeah summer...?) is over tonight so I'm back to the college + work grind.

This leaves me with not as much time to play around with the game, but if I do get around to an updated version this is the place I'll post it.

Just to sum it up so I can jot these down, what are the glitches so far?
- getting the rope to early from the fox chick
- Leena event in the tree is screwed up
- girl at the great tree gives you tons of holy water

thats what I've gathered so far *surfs through the thread looking for more*
No. 5444
oh and the person you talk to to get the angel hair clip gives it to you no matter what it seemed.
No. 5445
>Level 25
>Mint locked in her room
>Already made love to Leena
>Done with the Maid
>Pretty sure I've got every chest
>Every side quest done

What now?
No. 5446
fap to your hard earned pics?

go play a console RPG?


lol : P

If you got all the chests (use the image I posted yesterday for reference) then you pretty much "beat" the game aside from exploring and talking to characters...of course if you said that Mint is locked in her room and you can't go inside...then you aren't 100% done just yet ;3
No. 5449

Or...Or...Or... How about I replay this game until I feel secure that I hold world record for fastest full clear?
No. 5454
>It is the skull ring, found on the dead body leading to the monster area, AFTER you have begun the quest for finding the accessories.


A million thanks. I went back to search that body but evidently forgot to do so *after* the quest started.

Also a million thanks to kupokupo for taking the time to craft an RPG which was actually fun to play.
No. 5456
"of course if you said that Mint is locked in her room and you can't go inside...then you aren't 100% done just yet ;3"

what do you mean??? is there a key to open the door???i only know, that i can look from the other room in mints room...
No. 5458

So do that!

And then you can enter her room again but...
No. 5460
there's nothing to do after you get back in the room. lol.
No. 5461
Looking at her from the other room also unlocks the last of mint's images in the collection room.
No. 5470
how do you get past the cave level in Monster town with the goat and odd Leena? cant figure it out
No. 5472
needs more and a way to repeat actual sex scenes
super awesome game i love it
oh and where exactically is the bikini?
No. 5473

I agree with this. It would be pretty simple to code, just make a NPC that redoes certain conversations with NPC's. Essentially copy/paste the coding/conversation :3
No. 5474
when talking to the fake leena, pick the invisible 3rd option.
No. 5475
I just finished the game and I have to say, that you, KupoKupo really really made my day. Well actually my weekend. Thanks for finish it off.
Also the "The End?" messsage let me think that there may will be a sequal sometime... Im looking forward for it.
No. 5477
can you be a bit more descriptive about the weird bush yielding a megaphone? I can't find what bush and I've looked all over Sacra.
No. 5478
File: flash5478_righthere.jpg-(68.16KB, 640x480, righthere.jpg)
I've circled it for you.
No. 5479
Thanks, much appreciated.
No. 5480
I noticed a small bug. Not game breaking, but something I noticed. If you use the Teleporter Rod while in the marshlands where it rains, it will rain where you teleport to. You can can remove the rain if you enter and exit the marshlands.
No. 5485
Kupo. Sent you an email. Might want to look it over, really quick.
No. 5492
oh yeah, i noticed that on my first playthrough but forgot about it.
No. 5498
Great game, only disappointment is the fact that you don't get to sex mint. :/
No. 5503
Kupokupo, I loved the ending! I looked all over the apartment for something before going to the bed. And thought that maybe it was just one of those endings where it wasn't "happy". But a very pleasant surprise. :)
No. 5505
Is there any way to share saved files? If so, would someone upload their "nearly" or "completed" saved files of the game? :3
No. 5509
Alright, just go ahead and call me an idiot, everyone, from your reviews it'll be worth it. I'm trying to play, but it's telling me that RGSS102E.dll couldn't be found. I have everything installed, including the RTP. Help me out here?
No. 5510
>>5509I had the same issue when first trying to play. I can't remember what ended up fixing it though... I think you may need to reinstall the RPG maker or something... sorry, it was way back when the thread first started, so I can't remember. :(
No. 5511
I hope that'll work. I've had the RPG Maker for a while and I've been trying to make my own game. I don't want to lose my game files or anything uninstalling it to get a porno I may not even like to work x_x. According to almost everyone there's not enough gay, and I like me them buttromps XD.

*Crosses fingers and proceeds to make back-up files*
No. 5512
Glad you liked it : p
No. 5513
Ah, OP is here! Maybe you can help me out? I've uninstalled and reinstalled five times, but it's still saying it can't find the RGSS102E.dll file. When I checked my programs files the RGSS folder is completely absent, but when I go to choose an installation location for the RTP, it shows the RGSS folder as a choice for installation, and already with the proper files in it. I finally changed the install location and the RGSS folder appeared, but there wasn't a RGSS102E.dll file inside. Instead it had RGSS202E.dll.

I'm not nearly as tech savvy as I'd like to be, or I wouldn't have to ask, and I was hoping you'd be able to help since you made the game. Can you tell me if I've done something wrong?
No. 5517

No, the ratio of clams to sausages (ignoring the intersexed) is about two-and-a-half to one, but given that this was made for a friend of his it's pointless to complain about (y'know, maybe his friend was straight).

Now, having said that the ending sets up for a sequel. If that comes to fruition (which I'm not going to assume it will), maybe there'll be more of a balance between straight/female porn and male/gay porn (again, discounting herms).
No. 5518
where'd you get your RTP?
try installing this one here: http://tkool.jp/products/rpgxp/eng/download.html
No. 5519
I've never encountered a problem with rpg maker like that (or any for that matter) so I'm not really sure, make sure to try Sainiku's link..you may have downloaded a wrong file?

Also I've ran into a new error in the game today, though a bit different than the usual glitch. The scientist that gives you the teleport rod is female, according to the artist's description. I had "him" wrongly classified as a cuntboy and so the chest was differently colored than all the others because of that :P

The extremely flat chest threw me off when I was picking a character for the role, but oh well! the more you know!
No. 5521

Kupo, I threw you an e-mail, we talked once, and was hoping you could get back to me. :3
No. 5559
Just as a note here: I have spoken with at least 4 other furry fans out there that are interested in rpg maker xp and have been playing around with it to get a feel for it. I recommend if any of you enjoyed the game and like the idea of game designing in general to give it a try as well!

The lack of furry RPGs (flash or otherwise)out there is saddening when compared to how many hentai ones exist (granted hentai is more widely popular than the furry craze, but I digress.)

It's pretty fun to make these kind of games (at least for me it was). rpg maker xp is very simple to use and can provide a nice starting ground.
No. 5563
I can't find the Pool Invitation in the brown patch.... And I can't find Mint's Vib in the attic....

No. 5564
Anyone feels like sharing their save?
No. 5566
Vibe only shows up when you need it.
pool invite is behind one of the trees. If you look near the bottom of the screen you'll see some trees that seem to be in a kind of arrow shape. they point towards the tree that it's just behind.
No. 5567

I e-mailed ya about that. I can't find where I can just buy it for download, I'd do that before pirating, but I'll take what I can get.
No. 5568


How I got RPGMaker XP, and it works
No. 5569
So I'm willing to try and make another game for people, thing is I suck with mapping so I would want someone to map, and someone to write out what happens/get the images and I can put it all together with coding and such. It's been a while since I used the program, but wouldn't mind giving it a shot. Is anyone interested in helping out?
No. 5572
I could probably help out with mapping if you have ideas of what you'd want.
No. 5573
In the first area, there are two women standing ona cliff with "I think" a female hyena watching them. I found two invisible walkoff points, but cant seem to find a way to cross scenes. Has anyone found a way to get to the cliff.
No. 5581

Reply to my mail and we'll talk.
No. 5603
So i'm at the gov. estate and I can't seem to back track. I can't get out of the estate and stuck in the square.
No. 5639

I think you get the binoculars from the guy who stares at dog who jogs at the stairs. Tried asking in the every end and I got nothing..
No. 5642
you can't see the people on the cliff.
No. 5643
i opened the box in the attic and didnt get mints vibe... that mean i cant complete mint's thing?
No. 5644
It's a different box that only shows up when you need it. it'll appear there when you need it.
No. 5647
Alright, I'm a friend of Kupo, sorta.
I've been making this game for a little while now, me and Kupo may be working together on some in the future, but for now we're not letting go of anything except for this. Second game made by me, it's still unfinished. Comments, complaints and /constructive/ criticism appreciated. This game is nowhere near done, and I've only just started adding plotline. Half of the images are likely to change and males are being added with the town (if you get there.) I work on this almost daily so as soon as I reach another major point in my work I'll post it here again.

Feel free to email me, or add me to MSN and talk with me a bit, if you have any images you want me to add feel free to post them, and if you have anything you think should be added let me know. If you have recurring images (multiples of the same character, ie; Dr. Comet) that's excellent.

I aim to improve on what wasn't liked on my partner's game (the original and best) so please tell me EVERYTHING.

And before I go, just to make clear KupoKupo is the original, it's his idea and his work. I'm not trying to cut in on his stuff. I'm just a friend who has a lot of time to bring you guys some work. :]

Last thing; first person to tell me where all the current level ups are, and show me a picture of them at the town can add themselves or a character they like into it.
Even Renamon... I suppose...

Chocobo. x

No. 5658
nice game, but there is a bug. in the house, left where is the catgirl who say" don´t drink the tea!!" every time i talk with her, i got a level up(nice bug^^)and at the menu(where is items, status,equip...) the status i blue, that means there stand nothing(sorry for my bad englisch)^^
No. 5659
oh. and the little foxgirl(?) with the bloody knife gives me for each talk a level up,too^^
No. 5664
Yeah, the NPC bugs and the doors etc have all been worked through. I'm just putting this up to say 'here, look I'm working, check it out.'

I'll post a bigger and better version probably next week. I've already sorted out most of the bugs and added an extra two maps since that update.
No. 5665
is there not a way that this can be uploaded to a website so it can be played in a browser? id love to play it. cant download though.
No. 5666
So looking forward to playing this new game when available, especially if it is anything like its predecessor. Was truly a great game for just being a pet project, keep at it!
No. 5673

Link doesn't work anymore...
No. 5676
I'd recommend uploading this on mediafire.com instead of rapidshare.
No. 5684
I usually use my own website to host files so I'm not used to these services.

This should be the more updated version - slightly.
Nobody got to the town yet?

Ignore the spear level glitch. I know it's there. And the glitches with the dungeon -> library. I'm still at college for the next week so time's limited to afternoons.

Like I said, anyone's fine to add me/email me, or just tell me here what they want. Images are good.
And hugs. I like hugs.
No. 5698
Pretty good so far, though I have to mention something and I apologize if this comes out rude or mean it's not my intention. I notice that various parts of your game are extremely similar to Kupo's.. like...way to similar..

There's only so much you can do with that program I'm sure but its one thing to "use" (as not to say rip off) direct scenes and ideas from someone else. I mean if you need an example off the bat, just look at the first option you are given on the first screen of the game...exactly the same options as the scene with Leena on the mountain. Another would be flower in the debug mode with the aroma, the similar level ups, the shy loli drawn by KA (basically Mint), etc..

There's others I can mention but I don't want this to be to much of a rant, I just feel your ideas should be more original in some aspects.

Of course if Kupo gave you permission (as you mentioned you both are friends) to repeat his scenes, then I'm completely at fault for bringing this up and feel free to ignore this complaint.
No. 5702
How did you get the even commands to work while inside the battle screen, for the knight arc?
No. 5703
*event commands, not even commands....
No. 5706
File: flash5706_Copy of 1265975625.shin0r0z_lesson2_1.png-(1.38MB, 1267x1560, Copy of 1265975625.shin0r0z_lesson2_1.png)

Think you can add him into the game?
No. 5710
Seems good so far. Some bugs I've noticed though. If you get to the point where you need the saw and go back to the mansion/castle after that, you can't leave the screen you started in. Another is that after you give the saw to the wolf girl it says that she dragged off Alice but Alice is still there.
No. 5711
I'm stuck trying to get money for the saw.
No. 5712
Yeah I take your point and I appreciate you not ranting.
Most of the things there are similar to Kupo's, that was semi-intentional.

This is actually the first time I've used this program :P So this is actually more of a get-to-grips activity than my own work. I think in the later versions I'll do a near complete renovation once I've understood all the more complex things: eg, I've only just worked out how to make doors. So I'll re-do (or finish in this case) the dungeon room.
>>5710 Alright. I'll have a look at that. The person I use to test these things is away at the moment so it's sorta hard for me to bug. So all the more things you find I'm appreciative of.
No. 5722
I am lvl 7, have talked with the lady in the castle, and have been given permission to leave; however when I atempt to leave I am told that I must find out what I must do to leave by talking to the lady. Do not know if it is a bug, or I am just missing something, but it has happened everytime I atempt to play through.
No. 5738
I have a bug report. If you talk to the lady asking for rope when you don't have it, the game will treat it like you do, and you'll get on the boat with the two brothers, and you get locked into sacra square and mansion eventually
No. 5764
File: flash5764_Pr2.jpg-(70.99KB, 641x506, Pr2.jpg)
Was probably gonna bring this up myself actually, I see someone else noticed though :P

Anyways! I've played around with a new project (unrelated to the first game, besides the main character anyways) and decided to start working on a new idea. This is more of a dating sim-esque game than an RPG like the first one. I just wanted to play around more with RPGMXP and see what I could make, so far I'm enjoying what I can do with it. No clue when it'll be done, but wanted to toss out a pic of it so far anyways for giggles.
No. 5765
Well, I made it into town. Sadly, I didn't find anything there.

Let's see, Level ups... Found the spear glitch. The flowers. uh... The hidden knife wielding crazy chick. Anything else I should be looking for?
No. 5777
I've always wanted a good quality date-sim furry deal, there's so many hentai versions that furry deserves a decent one.
No. 5778

Looks pretty good. :)
No. 5781
Looking forward to your work Kupokupo :)
No. 5788
I can't wait kupo :3 Also hoping for the same female cub options since the last one was awesome :3

Also hoping for more males this time.
No. 5792
Man, I wish I understood that damn program better. Alas, as soon as I get my Bachelor's (Video Game Design) and have to deal with the inevitability of being perpetually unemployed, perhaps I could finally build a nice 3D full furry game in my spare time. In the meantime, it appears you are kicking ass and taking names like a true conqueror when it comes to making good games.
No. 5798
RPG Maker XP Hey my trail is almost up is there anyway to make it a flash or something else beside RPG Maker XP.
No. 5800
I'm sure you could torrent a cracked version somewhere...
No. 5804
can you please please put the updated version on megaupload and post a link? cause for some reason the site links you provided wont work for me but your orginal link from megaupload did.
No. 5813
>>5800 well if you find one let us know.
No. 5827
This is just a suggestion, and I apologize if this has been suggested before but could you in the future consider putting in replayable sex scenes in your game(s)? Like, the parts where the text goes along with the pictures. I found those to be more enjoyable than just collecting porn pics.
No. 5835
I'm pretty sure I haven't seen this suggestion but whatever. How about an item that transforms you into a furry. Then you don't just have to use Human/Furry pics. Just an idea. (suckas)
No. 5859
File: flash5859_tumblr_kz4hl8Mltl1qzlp91o1_400.jpg-(21.93KB, 320x360, tumblr_kz4hl8Mltl1qzlp91o1_400.jpg)


I forgot which link it was on youtube but this is the closest thing I can find that I have. All you need is the keygen and RPG MAKER XP 1.02a.
No. 5952
Kupokupo, thank you so much for making this awesome game. And damn you for keeping me up til 6AM last night with it.
No. 5955

No. 5963
File: flash5963_Bambi and father 2.jpg-(165.03KB, 1280x914, Bambi and father 2.jpg)
After working on two games for ten days, I've finally gotten the hang of crafting scenarios and putting together maps.
And I do mean "gotten," too, because this Maker is particular as -fuck- with how exact you need to be.
Consider me Robin Hood by now.

That having been said, I'm in the works of making a porn RPG, like KupoKupo's, though probably much less expansive and with much more content. I'm also working on a legit, large-scale single-player RPG with character selection, of which I am custom-building every class, monster, weapon, armor, item, and skill to be balanced no matter which class you choose.

It also has a small pet system, in place of other party members.

Meanwhile, the Hentai/furry/shota/etc. game is coming along just fine without all those bothersome things such as "combat" or "opposition" and shit like that getting in the way. No enemies, no skills, just you and your male character spooging on shotas, lolis, catgirls, furries, and your keyboard.
Pic related; you'll be running into these two in one of the forest areas.

With any luck and a continually slow work week, I'll probably start putting out small releases of the porn game and demo stages of the "real" game.

Thanks for your patience, and don't worry; at no point in time do I expect to be paid for making hilarious/awesome games to fap to.

What am I, Onta?
No. 5964
File: flash5964_Forest foursome.jpg-(245.12KB, 940x940, Forest foursome.jpg)
tl;dr making a porn game, expect playable demos in a week
pic related; find them and find out
No. 5967
No. 5972
Muahaha. ^.^
No. 6002
Regarding the already-existing game...

I have noticed that one of the male pictures shows up twice in the, erm, private archive (It's the one with the young male cat wearing the brownish-black cloak). Was this intentional?
No. 6034

Yes because you get two scenes with him
No. 6037

You get two scenes with other characters as well, but that doesn't give you two of the same pic.
No. 6054
How do you after carrying Mint home Talk to Leeane again? cause when i go to the pub they are doing renovations
No. 6056

Hey, for anyone still having this problem (missing DLL):

RPG Maker uses its own Run Time Package thing, and this game uses the XP version, which can be found on http://www.rpgmakerweb.com/download-rtp.html

Make sure, however, you download the one listed under the "For RPG Maker XP" tab instead of the "For RPG Maker VX" version, as that is the RTP needed (has the 104 version dlls or whatever).
No. 6061

You need to acquire a megaphone and use it in the bar.
No. 6078
i'm at monster town and i'm trying to get through the cave to get the little monster but i can't figure out how the hell to get out of that room where you ahve to find a hidden exit.
halp please?
No. 6122
Kind of an odd question (imo), but..

if Kupokupo is still reading this, could you possibly post a list of music used? A lot of it sounds damn familiar but I can't put my finger on it.
No. 6131
Well most of the music I used was just the default BGMs that came with the RPGMXP...however the music from the world map and the pool in Akrin where from other games.

World map = Home World theme from Chrono Cross
Pool = WookieWookie Pool theme from Azure Dreams

2 of my favorite games hehe.
No. 6145

Ah, ok. I figured out the Chrono Cross one after posting, guess the others just sound generically JRPG-y. Thanks though!
No. 6280
[url=http://toons-empire.com/]Cartoon Sex[/url]
No. 6330
If anyone is wondering, in the brown patch, I found mine 1 tile above just between the first and second trees in the center (and yes, the dark green trees DO make an arrow >.>)
No. 6388
Is there anything to do once you get to the town in Chocobo's game after you give Chloe the saw? <_< Everyone doesn't respond when I talk to them. D:
No. 6410
Is there anything else to do with Mint after you give her the vibrator? :( She won't unlock her door.
No. 6422
You can spy on her through a hole in the wall of her parents' room, but after that there's nothing you can do with her. Disappointing, I know.
No. 6426
So am I the only one sincerely disappointed that you don't get to pair up and fuck with Mint?
No. 6428
You aren't alone my friend. You aren't alone.
No. 6429

No. 6439
I mean it's an excellent game especially if it's your first, but I hate that I'm forced to pair with Leena, not that she's ugly, just annoying, where as Mint has a long chain involving you asking her father stuff, should've been asking for her hand or something. I would have loved for a second ending where you decide to stay with Mint, instead of the current one.
No. 6443
-,- how do you get the money for the saw?
No. 6447

In the castle, go past the curtain, and raid the open chest near the north exit. You get just enough for the saw.

Doesn't seem to be anything you can do after the saw thing, though, since the town doesn't seem to work.
No. 6473
>>6447 thanks :D
No. 6484
lol while I play this accursed waiting game, I've realized, I always forget how attractive furries are until I'm looking at a loli fox girl who has a crush on me, but seriously why did the main character want to go home?
No. 6504
Man. This makes me want to try making a game...
No. 6532
Well, RPG Maker is a pretty easy program to work with. Shouldn't be too difficult. Just get a good storyboard and sketch ALOT of maps before you start the mapmaking. Sketch all of your characters and build bios/profiles for them. Now make the custom character models for them. This is easily the most time consuming and meticulous part, which Kupobro avoided, it would seem.

Now learn how to use the scripting tools and commands...

Now make maps... Now test and refine until everything is perfect. Congratulations, that is game design in a nutshell.

No. 6534
If the furry adventure game, what are the aquoids?
No. 6560
that's too much effort in my opinion. I use RPGMaker to practice theory instead. What you detailed is the beginnings of a game design document. At that point, i'd just get my friends together to form a much larger project.

I'm not saying there is anything wrong with building a decent RPG with RPGMaker. It's just so restrictive that i'd rather just build my own tile-based game engine... or dig up dozens i've already built while i was learning game programming.

But i find that the scripting in this game allows for a few good exercises. Such as, script a banking system! at each major city there will be a bank where you can deposit money, withdraw money, or check your balance. Sleep at an inn, and collect a small amount of interest no larger then the amount spent at the inn (so that players can't just continually sleep at an inn for more money).

This is a very basic example but completely do-able. Add in some error checking and you actually have one of my first RPGMaker projects.

also... a finished game will never be 'perfect'.
No. 6574
Here is me wondering. Updates on the game? have there been any? and if no, will there be any soon?
No. 6604
You know... this is doable.

This is really doable.

I've been monkeying around with RPGMXP over the weekend, and we could totally do this.

So what do you say, PawsRU? I can't recall there being a forum project on here before... wanna start one?
No. 6608
You need a storyline? We could discuss this...
No. 6688
I have other stuff on my plate right now. I'd suggest starting a new thread in /dis/ about it. if you actually get a beta out or work done you can post it in /flash/ and if it's good i'll probably give it a sticky.
No. 6703
This Is where you will find the Bikini (precisely where i am standing)
No. 6717
What image?
No. 6732
just downloaded the game, only problem is my character always walks left, i try to press the other arrow keys with no luck. anyone else had that problem?
No. 6755
Having some serious FFFFFFFFFFFFU~ moments trying to catch the cat in the missing monster quest. Is there a trick to it or am I just retarded?
No. 6765

Why not both lol.

But on a more serious note, observe the cat's behaviour. It is consistent per action, so just figure out what actions you need to perform in order to catch it. Try thinking the steps backwards, this may help.
No. 6830

Yes, there is. move one step. wait. repeat.
No. 6831
Got no image bro
No. 6844
No. 6864
Does anyone know if knight is still running his projects?
No. 6866
>>6864 No, I'm sorry, but shit's been going awry irl for me a lot lately.

I'll try and put in some more work and release a demo or something.
No. 6874
Name change? :p

Speaking of demos, figured I'd go ahead and throw this out there. I don't really get to work on this very much anymore sadly so I wanted to show you dudes where I was going with this project, since it's pretty different from the first.

Most of this one is very behind the scenes, meaning allot of the actual progression of the events is all processed by scripts,timers, and counters behind the player's view. It was fun to work with so much stuff (as opposed to the simple linear style of the first game) since events would depend on allot of crap: what day it is, time of the day, player's physique, intelligence, affection,past choices, etc.

It was basically a big mish-mash of lots of different variables that would decide what events would happen when. (I also liked adding random events that would happen when the player didn't expect them ^.^)

Check it out, yo!
Also sorry for using rapidshare, but megaupload was being a jerkface and not taking uploads for some reason.

No. 6879
hell yes. a new nice game. thanks my friend.its nice^^
No. 6882
by the way kupokupo, do you know other games like your game?
No. 6885

Wow. Is there anything explicit that can be done? I'm on day 15 and nothing sexual has happened yet.>_> Maybe I'm being too impatient. There seems to be a lot in there and it's gonna take a while to figure everything out. X_x
No. 6887
Like I stated, it's a very basic demo just to show ya'll what I was going for. So people don't waste their time looking for secrets in the many days and times, I'll just let you know: there are no hidden events or secrets that occur as time goes on in this demo (though there are a few little hidden surprises, not much though, these surprises would (usually) open a new character / story / etc. Some would just be eye candy).

Well..there ARE many but they are behind the scenes at the time and so they don't actually happen as of yet to the player (I was working on character "arcs" if you will, each with their own story that ends up with you dating them, or..perhaps something else. As you can see, that demo only gets around to the introductions of a few of them).

Allot of text goes into this one as opposed to the last game which was mostly focused on lots of maps (which is more visual) and a linear "go here collect that" type of story. You could technically "beat" this one by just sleeping the entire vacation and ta-da! you win..though not too exciting :P

I may be able to finish it someday, naturally it will be posted here if I ever get around to it. Wish I could work on it daily like the RPG one x_x
I really liked the idea however, and it's fun to add all the scenarios that can happen.
No. 6931
lol where's my lolifur you have a bit if spelling errors too, but its not a bad start
No. 6932
hmmm of not if wow can't spell myself
No. 6941
I can't spell for shit, but you get the idea. :D
No. 6982
Most people won't trust EXEs. I can guarantee that 100 times more people will play your game if you produce it in Flash!
No. 6988

I must say though that I (and others, probably) enjoy the game as it is in RPGMaker, certainly more than I would if it was entirely Flash-based.
No. 6989
Understandable, but I just do this for fun, so it's all I can offer atm.
No. 6990
Can I humbly request an other link to the furry_adventure 2?

Megaupload as well as rapidshare is blocked on this internet. I've tried VPN, IP proxy, Site proxy and so on, but I have yet to manage to download the entire file :(
No. 6991
Scratch that, hooked my android up and used it instead. Fuck you college internet :D
No. 7153
Awww bit disappointed even though it is just an early demo that none of the 6 people you can meet go anywhere just yet. Still looks great though Kupo and I look forward to your progress on this one :3 also meeting Melody causes her picture to stay on screen indefinitely.
No. 7164
random anon here, just saying how much i enjoyed the game kupo. you distracted me from playing secret of mana >:c
No. 7213
God, i kept playing it, for all 90 days, even knowing that nothing is going to happen ._. Definitly need to work on it, its good.
No. 7218
Dis game be flashy
No. 7225
I can not find the mad scientist hideout.
No. 7237

I NEED halp with dis im stuck here too.
No. 7270
great game man. i really enjoyed it. if anyone is interested Gabe has made a game with rpg maker also which i've played for 20 some hours now and have only got one of the 4 endings. not so much furry as beastiality thou.
No. 7275
with that you do mean Legend of Queen Opala from Gabe right? or is their something else i may have missed
No. 7298
So, being the lazy faggot I am - what's the latest version of this? If anyone could link the post, please.
No. 7309
yeah that the one. it's pretty good. more fighting then pics though
No. 7311
hey Kupo, if you are interested I have RPG Maker VX. It is the newest one and I have a crack for it. if anyone is interested let me know.
No. 7313
Sure. I have yet to try it, too used to XP
No. 7319
Here is VX:


In that file there are 3 dll files with it. Once you install VX go to
My Computer>Hard Drive>Program Files>Enterbrain>RPGVX
and put the dlls in there. Let me know if that doesn't work. but it should.
No. 7332
Got a corrupted file error, I'll try downloading again later in case it was just a screw up when it was downloading
No. 7333
no I just downloaded it and it was corrupt. Let me try uploading it again.
No. 7334
okay try this one:

if that doesn't work I will try to compress it again and email it to you.
No. 7353
I have no idea who, what, or where the "Vistal" is and i also have no idea how to get a shovel or talk to the tiger-girl from the pub. if anyone has any idea i would greatly appreciate the help
No. 7354
Also, is there anything that i can do with mint after i peek on her using her "Vibe"
No. 7369
the Vistal is the ship I believe
No. 7380
thankyou, i found the vistal. is in in fact the ship. now all i have to do is find out where to go from here
No. 7382
np and good luck
No. 7383
I can't find the mad scientist hideout in furry2.0 does anyone know where it is?
No. 7385
i think i may have made a mistake somewhere. I've been told that you have to get the oar for the fisherman at the belle port from the rock near the port on the world map and that when you give it to him that he gives you panties but, I've already picked up the rock and i do not have the oar in my inventory. did i do something wrong?
No. 7394
the rock is just random, the oar comes form the armor colector
No. 7405
what do i have to do to get the oar from him? all he says when i speak to him is that "I collect armor mostly, but i've come across a few weapons in my travels as well"
No. 7413
Ok, I think I have this figured out. this whole exchange of items quest starts with obtaining panties from someone right? If your could tell me where to find those i think it would asnwer the rest of my questions
No. 7442
Foreman who lost his shovel gives you an egg.
The egg goes to guy outside academy who gives you itch cream.
Give that to red armored soldier in the academy for helmet.
Give the helmet to the armor collector for an oar.
Give that to the guy at the docks for a pikachu doll.
Give that to the little girl in Aster for a Jello Cup.
Give that to the hungry girl by the fountain for her panties.
Give that to the boy at the mining site for a shovel.
Bring to foreman for key to warehouse.
Get stuff from warehouse.
No. 7486
ok, thank you for he walkthrough but, when i talk to the foreman in aster all he says is that "I wonder where i left that shovel..." and the other person in the house says "I wish dad would stop losing his tools" am I even in the right house?
No. 7487
You have to talk to the girl outside the warehouse who tells you about the key first. After you talk to her the foreman will randomly give you an egg for some reason X3
No. 7488
i tried talking to her all she says is "I tried to find the shovel for that old man so I could get the key to the storehouse but I just couldn't find it anywhere" i then went and spoke to the foreman in his home and all he says is "I wonder where i left that shovel..." he hasn't given me anything, do i have to do somthing else in the game first?
No. 7489
Hmm only other event in Aster I can think of is to talk to the Knight Captain in the academy and have your iphone battery die, might have to do that first.
No. 7490
I've already done that too, if i have to i may start a new game though i would rather not have to. i have already given Leena the hair clip that i got from the angels, and gotten all of the items for the teleporter which when used ends the game, maybe i just have to start this quest earlier in the game for it to work.
No. 7491
i just got the egg. apparently all you need to do is try to open the shed door and read the note attached to it in order to get the egg from the foreman
No. 7627
Any progress on V7 Kupo? :3
No. 7747
No. 8178
also did that download work?
No. 8285
random comment
No. 8286
another time
No. 8292
Nope, been studying for finals and now playing DeadRising 2. Don't bother asking really, if I ever make something new/update, this will be where it goes first :)
No. 8315
sounds good. Good luck in school
No. 8454
I tried it and all but RPGVX/RPGMakerVX1.02/RPGVX_RTP/Setup.exe extracts correctly.
No. 8464
File: flash8464_Mezuki Warrior.png-(8.21KB, 165x220, Mezuki Warrior.png)
I'm still trying to figure out how to Use Xp.

It's a damn fine system with Alot tools. Its justs take's a long as amount of time to get use to how the tilesets work even if you are customizing them to whatever yu what them to be.

As for the Battle System. Its badass. Just wish they gave you more options.
No. 8550

XP is a thing of the past. RPG Maker VX is way better, in terms of... well everything.
No. 8551
Does VX Allow video? XP doesn't really allow for animation, only images. I believe there's some complicated ways to allow for animation, but not as simple as "play movie"
No. 8553
Hopefully I'm posting correctly..

Kupokupo, VX does not support media files of any sort. I doubt it uses .gif I use VX myself and have not seen it on the list of allowed. But I suggest upgrading to VX because it is way better and people don't have to download the RTP to run the game because it imports micro sized encrypted formats of all used material.
I know a torrent for VX, keygen and all, and it's safe. I downloaded it myself. Now I doubt you will trust a post on here but I'm going to email (if thats fine) a link to it. Hopefully you get my message here and off of yahoo. Because I would like to see what new games you will create.

Also if you wanted to use animations you would have to play scene-by-scene. Kinda like a comic book.
No. 8554
Sweet. Yeah it's kinda lame because if I remember correctly the old RPG maker 2000 DID let you you display a video or gif...I could have had some fun with those formats if XP allowed it, or VX for that matter.
No. 8555
2k0? Really? Huh.. I might have to download it now. I have a thing for collecting RPG Maker program and resources. I have a small collection atm. And I also keep a large database of scripts.

I wasn't expecting you on at this hour of night. Then again I'm in a differant time-zone then most people..
No. 8563
>writing 2k0 instead of 2k
No. 8569
I found a torrent for it, too, and I have to say; a day or two and I already understand almost everything I would need to create and put a game out on here. I'd never tried an RPG Maker before, and it's just so simple compared the the type of games I'm used to working with. You all might just see something from me sometime.

Also, a note: VX appears to use a smaller game display window than XP. They say, however, that it is the proper resolution the games should be viewed at.
No. 8607
you could add a video in VX if you know how to program it into the code but you would need to know how to use Python
No. 8685
File: flash8685_f40285_949cc1f52043ef1a3c666810e7c30b72 waf.jpg-(196.62KB, 976x1051, f40285_949cc1f52043ef1a3c666810e7c30b72 waf.jpg)
when is the next update?
No. 8699
File: flash8699_wtf.jpg-(42.60KB, 780x570, wtf.jpg)
I think I just got fucked over. I go to open up the game today and I get this. I read what little info I could find and apparently something got corrupted. Just wow.

If anyone has any idea how to fix this, feel free to drop me some help. It was working just fine yesterday too.
No. 8703

You probably knew this already, but I found an old thread from NeoSeeker about it.


It's not too helpful since I would assume you've done those suggestions already. Sorry if this is redundant.
No. 8704
Yeah I tried those already, totally sucks. Oh well, guess this is as good a time as any to check out rpg maker VX.
No. 8718
Currently working on a game engine in Python. Should be interesting. Probably should have vouched for C++ for faster speeds... But I can get 6x the code with 2x the performance in half the time if I use Python...

Once the engine is finished, if anybody is interested in implementing it for a furry game, let me know.
No. 8751
...dammit, you're gonna make me learn how to program for real, aren't you?
No. 8786
Enjoying the stuff here so far! Wanting to see more progress on V7, gotten through "Furry 2.0" most of the way, just 2 issues that I can't figure out. Finding the Bikini and helping the kids by the river. I've repaired the bridge already and the boy seems unresponsive.
No. 8789
Glad you like it, but unless a fix too...
is found...all the data is lost. I've tried various suggestions, but it doesn't stop giving the error...something must have gotten corrupted, maybe an improper shutdown overnight due to a lightning storm or something. Then again I have a surge protector...
I have no idea.

I have, however, been screwing around with rpg maker vx..I like the organization and further simplicity of it, but the new sprites and tileset system make me angryface. Not to mention it still doesn't allow .GIF animations, which is a shame as I could have added some gooood stuff. I'm still playing around with it though.

I believe if you use the glitch to get the rope for the bridge at the start (instead of finding it later in the game) the event with the kids may get screwed up. Don't forget you have to talk to his brother on the other side first.
No. 8791
Well, I haven't actually figured out how to talk to the boy on the other side of the river. I actually wondered if you could even since he was in an area that seemed inaccessable due to the tree blocking the way. So if I can get an explanation about that I'd be glad.

Also can someone give me specifics on where to find panties in the pool? Because I've checked all around to no avail.
No. 8850

That part was little iffy for me too but yes you can reach him. Walk along the right side of map after crossing the bridge and you will change maps(there isn't really a clear indication that this is a change point which kinda threw me off for this point too)where you can loop around and come out on the side where the boy is. Visit the boys home afterward if you wanna see some shota kitty :3
No. 8904
in VX you just have to use the right sprites and set the sprite to auto walk or w/e to make it appear as a gif.
No. 8974
So if you getthe Leena tree bug you can teleport to sacra, walk straight up and talk to blue crystal, walk straitght up again and talk to chest to see another picture which you can get out of. Unfourtanetly Leena stays in the tree so you cant continue her quest.
No. 8997
Thanks! But still lost on where the bikini is hidden in the pool area though.
No. 8998

It's on the bottom right side near the center. Not visible of course. Just move around on each tile inside pool and smack your space bar on every one till you find it.
No. 9047
I just got RPGMVX cracked, have started downloading some resources - I think I can do this!

Does anyone know of a good resource for RPGMVX sprites? I'd love to get some proper furry sprites in there, so I don't have to use the generic human ones.

...then again, I guess I can always palette-swap them. Just change the skin tone for fur color. It's an idea.

Anyway, stuff to come soon.
No. 9077
made this game for a friend about a year ago, made 1 and 2, and the 3rd was started on but never did finish it. just saw this thred so thougth id add the games i made here.
the first game is a bit short sin its the first game i ever did complit, the second got alot more content.
they containt furry as in miniotaurs, herms, herms on girls and a few herms on males action.
all the characters in the game belong to MuQ and Dulcine.
alot of the sprites are done with a good help from a game called circle of lust so alot gos to him and his prodject.
anyway whouldnt mmind some feedback and if i get enough maybe ill finish the 3rd game in the series


No. 9079
I liked them, but I thought a few things could have been done better. For example, I liked the use of actual artwork in the first, and I also liked the spritework in the second, but I feel you shouldn't have abandoned so much. Also, as I make my way through it, I find myself wishing more and more that I could use any of these numerous beds (or even just the ones in the main character's house) to heal. Lastly, I don't like how when I pull a switch, I don't get a real sense of what it does (i.e. what happens when I pull that 'suspicious book', what happens when I move that box into the depression, what happens when I move that lever to level 1 or 2).

On a positive note, most of the problems the first game had were fixed in the second; good job cleaning up.
No. 9080
>I feel you shouldn't have abandoned so much

The artwork, that is. Typo.
No. 9173
How to free mochan, ceadere and snow?
No. 9187
Anyone know how to free obsidia thats the only one i can't seem to get.
No. 9191
Dear Parents/Guardians,
This is to notify you that the school will remain closed on 26th Kartik on the occasion of 'Chhat Parba'
No. 9248
How many HP does that Dragon Boss have I finally beat him and got the pink Dildo just asking

and I am missing 1 Girls on the missing list the 1 on the left down side (not snow) of the 4 man prison cell and the secret one Talos behind the Crystals were you have to move the Box around where are the Keys?

any Pointers?
No. 9271
am I the only one having a problem with it saying unable to find certain music? When it gets to areas that plays music that didn't come with the rts it doesnt work for me.....
No. 9291
File: flash9291_Sneasel.png-(6.83KB, 384x256, Sneasel.png)
Hey if Kupokupo or someone else is still reading this thread I have some game resources I made that might be useful. They're all pretty much edits of some of G-Sun's stuff (the Sneasel), I just made the sprite sheet.

So I'll just post the edited stuff here and links to Paheal for the originals.

To start, we have the sprite sheet on this post. It's for VX by the way but I'm sure you could find a way to use it for something else.
No. 9292
File: flash9292_Sneaselsex.png-(1.92KB, 384x256, Sneaselsex.png)
I made this nude sprite to look like this image; you can add other ones to it if you want:
No. 9293
File: flash9293_Sneaselface.png-(31.15KB, 384x192, Sneaselface.png)
This one (faces for use in VX's text boxes) and the next are edited from this: http://rule34.paheal.net/post/view/45810#search=G-Sun
No. 9294
File: flash9294_Sneasel Body.png-(18.99KB, 422x595, Sneasel Body.png)
As you can see I removed the background, spread the leg, added the flower, and made her coloring and the lighting more like the first picture I linked.

Hopefully this is all usable! Also I could possibly make more sprite sheets (but not edits unless it's aliased like most of G-Sun's stuff) but you'd have to give me pictures to base them off of.

Have a good day!
No. 9305
can someone please say where are the kesys for the first, the third and for the girl number 5?
and what can i do with the pink gildo?
No. 9307
File: flash9307_Bloodmayne title 3.jpg-(86.26KB, 640x480, Bloodmayne title 3.jpg)
first off, picture is the 3rd game in progress, second i could help you with the second game but i cant say im up for it, sin out of 279 downoads of this game iv gotten 1 person whos commented on the game and given me somthing to work off to improve my next game. so if you need my help to complite the game you got to give me your opinion on the game first.

sorry for beeing a bit bitchy, but i like to thank everyone for playing it and hope you guys like it. the next bloodmayne game will hopefully be a bit longer then the other ones and will contain wolf antros aswell as characters already known from the other games, and i will try and make more art for this game too, like speach pictures for the characters and battlers for the combat.
No. 9309
Overall I liked two, I agree that a way to rest in bloodmayne's house would be nice. Incredible job on the sprite animations I'm looking forward to the next
No. 9310
bloodmayne 2 is a nice game. its funny to play but i think there are 2 bugs. first the one with the book in the room with the 4 bookcases, where you can pull a book, but nothing happent, and then when the big boss kill you a second time, and you wake up in the cell, you have 0 hp and can´t fill up. when you then fight against an enemy, you have game over. it would be nice, when you can fix it(sorry for my bad englisch)
No. 9312
The book is not a bug, it trigers somthing, and as B_P said that he wanted information on what it did when he pulled it. but in real life whould a unmarkt switch tell you what you did when tuching it and the event linked to it was in another room? no. its a puzzel figure it out :p
will take alook at the boss bug thougth, i recomend around level 15+ for the boss and get the secret weapon.
and when it comes to healing, getting healed to full health from sleeping one night in a bed is a cliche and if you get stabed by a sword one night rest wont heal it, so im going for magic potions insted. and you should get more then enough from fighting mobs.

if you have ideas for the upcoming game post them here. still early in the gameprogress of bloodmayne 3
No. 9315
I like what you did there, asking us for feedback and then blowing us off. I understand what you're trying to do but I don't think this is the place or subject to use realism as an argument. That said the magic potions are more than plentiful, however I don't think a hint is too much to ask for or at least a string to reassure the player flipping the switch did something. Some do but when flipping a switch doesn't even prompt anything I assume its incomplete code which is exactly what I wrote the book off as. After all this is RPG Maker, not a professionally published title
No. 9316
i just checked the book and i see that i havent added any text on when you pull it down and i guess thats why the confusion on it, but it activates the multi bedroom switch in Archaus room (the boss) and im still not gonna huse healing beds.
my idea for that in the next game will be some sort of drugstore or hospital in a few selected zones rest will go on potions or maybe some kind of first aid.
if there are alot more bugs or fixes in bloodmayne 2 i can fix the switch and reupload a new verson of it. atm there is the lack of information on the book, and the last boss if you die two times.
No. 9339
Can anyone tell me how to get the vibrator for Mint? I'm thinking I just need a higher level and she'll tell me, but I have no idea what to do to get more levels.

And how do I get that damn line of people away from the sexy bunny boy in Akrin, so I can give him the Mayor's note?
No. 9385
Okay, I found Mint's vibrator (and gave it to her, as well as finding some interesting pictures..), but I still need help with giving the Mayor's note to that hot bunny boy in Akrin.

I also need to locate some binoculars for that lady on the bridge (or find some way of getting the pair that the person at the bottom of the steps has), so she can spy on the couple on that lone plateau.

Also, I need to find a way to talk to those two unreachable characters (when you first start the game, when you go up to the top of the second screen past Ayma and go to the right, then cross the bridge with Sheena's help and go down the stone stairs, there's a lady in a fenced in area with a book that you can't reach.

There's also a lady with green hair sitting in a boat when you go to the beach. She's located at the bottom of the screen all the way to the left).

Can anyone help me out? Please?? I can end the game right now (I've had all four of the components for a while), but I want to find everything I can in the game first.
No. 9391
You don't do anything with those characters.
The picture you get from the line is your reward for finding the mayors friend in Akrin and there are no binoculars and no way to talk to the person in the boat.
No. 9392

Where's his friend at, if it isn't the bunny the line's looking at? I've talked to every single person in Akrin, and got nothing. TT^TT
No. 9394
~head-desks~ No wait...you mean the bunny really is his friend? And all you get is that picture, and nothing else? Wow, that's kinda a let down.

Is there anyway of either getting into the palace, or getting passed that guy guarding the pass in the mining area?

Cause, if not, then I think I've done everything else. Though I saw a post here somewhere by someone saying they got to level 27, and I'm only at 25, so I'm assuming there's something else I can do to increase my level (hopefully involving either sex, or naked pics..)
No. 9403
As far as I know 25 is as high as you can get. Whoever said 27 is either lying or was playing an earlier version with possible bugs or something. Your best bet would be to compare your gallery room with the pictures Kupo posted to see if you have all the treasure chests.
No. 9418

Any plans on adding more to this? So far there's only four total things you can do (get a piece of pie, give the pie to the shark girl, get the saw and give the saw to the wolf lady), and only about 7 people to talk to.

Looks good so far, though I'm not sure how Terrah (Ajna) would feel about you using a pic of hers, but then Kupokupo used a pic of hers too, so I guess there's nothing that can be done.

Of course, there's tons of Dr. Comet's pics in Kupokupo's game as well, but then those are floating around all over the net.
No. 9419
Im still havin problems with furry adventure game, when it goes to the world map and the back of the library it says its missing some music file. could someone help me with that?
No. 9426

I haven't ran into that problem, sorry. V.V What version are you using? I'm using the latest one.
No. 9427

Apparently my first reply didn't make it through. Anyway, I'm sorry, but I haven't ran into that problem. What version are you using? I'm using the latest one.
No. 9451
Im using the one from >>5251
No. 9632
can somebody please delect the spam from Anonymous(check this out...) its tresh
No. 9633

I'm using the one from >>4478 and I haven't run into any problems (besides the need for more sex. The pics were nice, though..)


Yeah, really. I had to scroll through a fucking wall of spam just to get to the reply to my post.
No. 9638
the one from the first post isnt finished so I don't see how you got far with that one....also mine still wont let me play the music....
No. 9676

I'm using the one from >>5251 sorry, I meant to say that one and messed up. <.< It's working fine for me. I'm assuming you have the RPGM-XP RTP for it? OF course, I don't think it'll run if you don't, but that's all I can think of.
No. 9729
one problem I've been having is ever sence I've had lvl 2 charm, i went back to talk to people and while i can start the conversations, after i choose the charm option the conversation stops and the picture remains on screen even though i can walk around and talk to people. is there any way to stop this from happening?
No. 9736
to Kupokupo
do you have a list of all the artists of the pics in Furry Adventure?
No. 9763
if you are still updating the first game then i have some suggestions
1.a keyboard shortcut for the teleportrod
2.the ability to run
3.>>5383 how far did you get with the scene? it would be awesome if you changed your mind
No. 9775

Had a bit of a surprise in the works and it was about 80% finished. Basically I went back to the first game like I said and fixed all the bugs/errors/etc. For fun I also added a huge new area that is only accessible after you finish everything in the "old" area. It was pretty awesome with lots of "quests" that lead to porn as usual, but as you may be aware I lost all my data to some stupid corruption thing (check back some posts, I posted an image when it first happened to see if anyone knew a fix.)

After that I pretty much lost interest and didn't feel like starting it over. Maybe some day I'll start up a fresh new idea, furry RPGs ftw.
No. 9782
Wow this reminded me a shetload of...What was it called...... Oh yeah, "Thousand Arms" video game for PS1... Also the music at the beginning reminds me of LoZ:TP main theme/ Midna's Desperate Hour. Fun game, I'm enjoying it.
No. 9825
not that asshole again. ADMIN BANN HIM PLEASE
No. 9865
that basterd is gone 4 go
No. 9873
Fuck that BASTURD!!!!!!
No. 9920
i feel dumb... i cant find mad scientist layer... where is it?
No. 9941
Is there somewhere that has all of the games in one place or a forum for this game? This thread is so big that I can't find anything
No. 9942
South from the snow village inbetween the bunch of trees on the left side. Poke around a bit and you'll find it.
No. 9956
Oh now that you said no and added a tripcode to your name, we are TOTALLY conviced you're not an asshole!
No. 9965
>>9956 Plz stop. you just make trolls laugh harder.
No. 10166

Game doesn't work.
Loads up then RSS player crashes.
No. 10300
At first glance this looks similar to The Legend of Queen Opala, how do they compare? Are they the same style of game?
No. 10301
They look similar because they're both RPG Maker games, so they use the same character designs and such. This one has no fighting though. It's just going around talking to people until they give you the stuff you want and you give it to someone else or whatever.
No. 10375
So have you forever given up on making it? Or will we eventually see the one you were working on before it got corrupted (say within this year)?

Also do you mean that all the data was lost, if you have a mac you could use 'Time Machine' if you have a PC you could use 'System Restore'.

Also if you have a PC you can just search for the file. You could do the same for Mac.

If it was corrupted I know there is always a program that can undo the corruption that occurred. If you still have that file just email it to me and I'm sure I can fix it. Ill send you my email if you want me to.
No. 10624
Have you actually tried to schedule a hard drive fix? Sometimes data goes missing for absolutely no reason and super fucks everything up. Checkdisk works amazingly well sometimes.
No. 11025
Where do you find the invitation to the pool?
No. 11041

"Brown patch". It's an area southwest of the desert town within some woodsy area. Walk around a bit, you should find it. It's on a spot where an area of trees are pointing to.
No. 11057
File: DramaticTomato.swf-(2.27KB, 550x400)
Seems this is the right moment for a dramatic tomato
No. 11105
where can i find Mint's "toy" ? Thank you to anyone who replies i'm totally lost! XD
No. 11131

It's in the attic, but you need a key to get in. After you get the key (forgot where the key was, exactly), you climb up the vines on the outside of the house, left side. Once in the attic, there will be two boxes you can access, one in the middle and one on the lower right. The one on the lower right has pictures, and the small one in the middle has her vibrator. I think you need to talk to her first to get it, though, otherwise it won't appear.

Been a while since I've played it, but that's the gist of it.
No. 11239
So, I was getting some weird error when I tried to run the later version of Kupokupo's game. My antivirus came up with some error about a possible bot...and I got the same error for both of the Bloodmayne installer files. Any idea what's going on there?
No. 11273

You know... I can almost tell you what antivirus you're using, from that description alone, but I'll let you embarrass yourself.

What antivirus are you using?
No. 11359
How can I get Ceadere and minotaur out from the cells ??
No. 11361
AVG. I have yet to find the best free one, and I don't have the money to afford norton, or anything like that. Let me guess, it's giving a false positive?
No. 11398
i went on google under moderate safesearch and typed "Krystal furry" and no relevant results came up...came back later and typoed "krystal furry 7" and Krystal came up...WTF PLZ??
No. 11683
No. 11701
wait for your knot to deflate, dumbass
No. 11733
File: flash11733_1298002099392.jpg-(85.61KB, 640x480, 1298002099392.jpg)
This thread is getting very silly
No. 11781
any news?
No. 11942
>>11781 what news would there be exactly? Kupokupo's last post was on December 1st where he said that he can no longer work on the game because the files got corrupted. If you are waiting for news that somehow it magically got finished, you better hold your breath until you pass out, because it ain't going to happen.
No. 11955

Doesn't stop him from starting on a clean slate.
No. 12355

No, it doesn't. But he's never said anything about doing that. Expecting to see it is folly. Face it, this thing is dead. Enjoy what was already released and get on with your life.
No. 12499
isn't there some way to unpack the version you have uploaded here
No. 12598
I seem to be having some trouble using the direction keys in the game. It won't let me use my left arrow key to move. The game was working perfectly fine before.
No. 12599
I fixed the control problem, but now I keep getting error about the background music. Which is weird considering I have all the mp3 files from the extracted file
No. 12939
To Kupokupo

There are RPG Maker Decompilers out there
I'd rather not link one here, but im sure you
can find it. Just take your latest compiled game
and decompile it, tadah: everything will be ok :)
No. 13070
anyone wanna make a finished save upload w/ 100% everything?? Please?
i know im lazy -__-
No. 13428
File: flash13428_Tirrel gets raped.png-(43.60KB, 962x616, Tirrel gets raped.png)
No. 13452
File: flash13452_no_8_by_taiyangguodu-d3fe84m.gif-(2.41MB, 431x347, no_8_by_taiyangguodu-d3fe84m.gif)
Interested in playing the game, but not exactly sure which files to download. Can someone point me to the posts, I don't feel like reading through mountains of text D:
Duck related
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