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File: flash4448_tour-games2-2010-01.gif-(394.72KB, 900x1161, tour-games2-2010-01.gif)
4448 No. 4448 watch
looking for the top 3 if anyone has them
Expand all images
No. 4467
I've been looking for the lost hearts game. I know it was posted on the site somewhere, but I can't seam to find it.
No. 4485
Don't hold back, upload what you DO have please?
No. 4513
I would also like to see any of these that people may share.
No. 4926
please upload any of these games!
No. 4927
Somebody pay for this? Oo?
Naaaa, rip of the site for free! xD

Seriously, I prefer to pay Cs, FaD or another pay site.
No. 4931
I have never been able to find a rip of Ero-Mania anywhere ever. The price is outrageous.
No. 4937
If theres no rip of any kind anywere one must ask..is it real or another rio dvd crowchild type ripoff?
No. 4951
They're real. i've seen a few demos released of some games from there. (non furry).
I heard they're very serious about 'protecting' their content. Even more then sexyfur. >.>
No. 4976
MORE THAN SEXYFUR??!! is that even posable?? im mean hes sued like 4 people literly out of house and home!
No. 4981
Not more protective than Sexyfur. It's just that this site is rather new, not many people know of it yet. Give it some time, something will leak eventually.

Besides, most of that stuff isn't even furry. Don't see how it belongs here in the first place.
No. 5168
No. 5179
http://www.mediafire.com/?cwnmgnmznyz(Lost Hearts)
No. 5180
that link seems to be broken. It redirects me to Yahoo. lol
No. 5240

now it just brings me to mediafire
No. 5413
No. 5414
No. 5415
The last one

No. 5416
aw sweet thanks a bunch :D
No. 5417
Thanks, but do you have the 4th level too? It was released just recently.
No. 5418
File: flash5418_00.jpg-(138.93KB, 806x632, 00.jpg)
No I don't have the Level 4...but if someone can post it.

Bibi's Curse in few minutes
No. 5419
No. 5422
File: flash5422_Bondage-02.jpg-(133.16KB, 806x632, Bondage-02.jpg)
No. 5448
How to I play these files, they wont get past the menu.
No. 5450
by chance is there a way to extract the images from these games
No. 5451
press enter
No. 5457
what the hell..... the files are all deleted
No. 5463
can you please reupload? thanks a bunch!
No. 5476

That was the only GOoD game imho.
No. 5508
Badly need some reups :/
No. 5528
yeah plz reup i ant those xD
No. 5536
I did but like I said it just goes back to main menu.
No. 5599
No. 5618
Everything gone. Need reup
No. 5692
No. 5701

this is just the demo, not the full game.
No. 5707
bump for reup
No. 5751
Anada bump pwease.
No. 5833
Would it help if i said please?
No. 5870
We really need a reup.Come on guys.
No. 5881
i only got two of them, but here they are

Lost Hearts Level 1 and 2

No. 5897
Weather or not its only two, a thanks is in order none the less
No. 5898

Freaking 10 hours.Are these guys the FBI of their Copyrights?

Can you reupload with a name like ''nothinginteresting.rar'' or ''funny videos.rar'' so they cant find it? :D
No. 5908

all right... here is nothing of any interest at all.


... but if anyone has anything else completely uninteresting I would appreciate it if they share
No. 5909
im gonna piss myself in laughter if it gets taken down with a name like that
No. 5910
Hahaha agreed :D

Thank you btw
No. 5912
well maybe its not the name of the file, maybe they just know this site ;) then it's no problem to find these files and delete them no matter how they named.
No. 5913
Nope,im sure thats not it.There are some forums which have threads about those games and stuff.They CANT be tracking like every freaking site which talk about them.

Besides,pawsru.org doesnt have a high ranking at Google searches.So it aint that easy.
No. 5915
So how about a Bondage World reup?
No. 5918
And Bibbi's curse if possible.

No. 5920
Was the archive passworded? If not, that's most likely the reason they're being taken down so quickly.

That, or someone's reporting them.
No. 5921
File: flash5921_LH.jpg-(128.97KB, 299x212, LH.jpg)
No. 5922
File: flash5922_LH02.jpg-(136.58KB, 424x158, LH02.jpg)
No. 5936

guess they found out cuse it's down.
No. 5941
reup please
No. 5942
Can someone reupload Bondage World or Bibbi's Curse?
No. 5962
BUMP for reupload :/
No. 6004

Cant anyone reupload bibbi's curse or bondage world?
No. 6070
File: flash6070_1271593409023.jpg-(30.23KB, 471x480, 1271593409023.jpg)
No. 6107
reup please
No. 6233
Still no reup of bondage world?
No. 6241

ITT:No one delivers
No. 6377
Again wishes
No. 6386
can someone PLEASE reup bibbi's curse,i cant find it anywhere
No. 6476
Again wishes

me too
No. 6486
File: flash6486_mundo.png-(8.81KB, 120x120, mundo.png)
Mundo trolls where he pleases.
No. 6513
anyone know what is in that file?
No. 6518
if you read what he said, its obviously unrelated troll crap.
No. 6533
File: flash6533_mundo.jpg-(3.77KB, 102x102, mundo.jpg)
For those who have been brave enough to download it, password is MUUUNDO and the archive contains few random skins plus BC & VW, both in the Mundo folder.

Remember that the lifespan of the link will be shorter now & that Mundo goes where he pleases.
No. 6542
thank you,MUNDO
No. 6545
man, for how zealously these were guarded they're actually pretty fucking bad
No. 6546
I gotta agree. With time, they could be better, but as is? It's really not worth THAT big of a price for the whole site's membership. Honestly, some of the free stuff is just as good, or better. Gimme your Jimmy music video is about the best thing I've found from this artist tonight, IMO, and that's free.
No. 6548
bibbi's curse has sort of an interesting spin in that instead of making the player choose between seeing all the sex animations and beating the game you actually have sex with monsters to kill them, but then there are only three monsters and they're all boring and poorly animated

meanwhile I can't actually get past the first boss in bondage world because it keeps glitching out and two of her appear and their attacks are staggered so that it's impossible to actually hit one and I just take double damage until I die

I'm actually having trouble thinking of worse free games I've played
No. 6549
Personally, I like them. Thanks a lot, Mundo ^_^
No. 6550
I like 'em, too. Thanks! Been waiting for these :)
No. 6551
Thanks a ton! ^_^
No. 6557
All link is invalid. Please reupload.
No. 6558
No they aren't. Badongo and Zshare still up.

Thanks for the share, btw! I enjoyed them both ^_^
No. 6566
Links are down.Fucking unbeleivable.

Help?Reupload plaese :(
No. 6567
I think the same.There are tons of FREE flash games that are WAY BETTER than these.
No. 6572
>>6567 >>6548 >>6546 >>6545
Well I personally like them. I have the newest game too, Bibbi's Spells, but I guess there's not much point in sharing it if most people here doesn't like these games. If there are people here who want it though I'll upload it. Let me know.
No. 6573
Could you send me some links?
No. 6581
>most of people here
>4 guys

Oh come on.Of course we want it.Would be good if you uploaded fast because links get deleted in like 6 hours or so.

These guys are either hiring a whole FBI team for this,or,they are no-life faggots who google their games and bring the links down to make us buy their ''games''.
No. 6586
Hell, upload everything from Ero-mania. It's got some good looking stuff!
No. 6588
I agree. I mean, you can hardly find ANY thread here on Paws without a bunch of people complain about what's being shared. Don't mind all those whining faggots. If you've got something to share, we appreciate it! :)
No. 6589
Then upload a torrent site.
No. 6597


Please upload the games you got :3
No. 6599
No. 6603
Okay I will upload what I have asap when I get back home tomorrow :)
No. 6607
Thanks Buddy. :D
No. 6610

Waiting impatiently for that.I hope it doesn't get taken down fast
No. 6617
Tomorrow: Fond Farewell, F5 key's Final Mission!!
No. 6618
*breaks finger*
No. 6632
Versus the Brutal Copyright Police!
One thing Anon doesn't know is that THEY.DON'T.SLEEP.
No. 6633
No. 6634




No. 6635
The fuck is this?
No. 6636
Just spam bullcrap,I guess.Just some troll.

(Hint:google ed2k.)
No. 6637
No, it's not spam.
Just a guy too stupid to upload a torrent,
so he use ed2k protocol.
No. 6638
You compromised it. :(
No. 6639

so how do i get the files out?
No. 6640
>> so how do i get the files out?

Use eMule for the ed2k files.
No. 6641

is there anything i need to know when setting up emule?
No. 6642

emule reminds me of winmx
No. 6643


just as painfully slow as well
No. 6644
Same speed here.
No. 6645
With more people taking these files,
the more the speed will increase.
No. 6655
.Cool! It's Working. XD
No. 6658
Finally,got them all.
No. 6661
No. 6675
Can anyone put them up as bit torrent, im to retarded to figure out this mule crap
No. 6676
Download,install,Click ''Connect'' on the main ''Servers'' screen,go to ''Downloads'',Copy all of the links here,Right click on the empty downloads list,Click Paste links and you are all done.
No. 6677
Thank ya kindly stranger
No. 6694
i'm stuck on trying to find the download section.
No. 6711
I got it up, but it's not downloading them whatsoever.
No. 6771
moar reuploads
No. 6780
FFFFFFFUUCKKK I can't download it anywhere and I really wanna play them.

Can just someone reupload them?
No. 6782

the files get taken down no matter where they are, even emule

there doesnt seem to be much hope

i myself regret missing the download window

has anyone tried encrypting the files in truecrypt and uploading the encrypted file?
No. 6787

Host them yourself?
No. 6791

didnt get the files before they were removed
No. 6825
Ed2k files don't need reupload,
just need to be kept after download.
No. 6849
Could some people seed this on emule? kthx
No. 7063
hey can i reupload the files plzzz
No. 7119
I'll stay by what some people said. These games are bad.. They're not worth what she makes people pay for. :/ Really disappointed.
No. 7120
Well personally I like most of them, and would be happy if someone could share the rest :)
No. 7246
Does anyone have the Lost Hearts episode 4, 5, 6, and so on?
No. 8601
bump, do want working links for all them flashes, horrible or not I don't see much of these around anywhere
No. 8602
No. 8603
Do want the games, wether or not they suck, because apart from ToonPimp I don't know any other games of that genre elsewhere
No. 8608
1.USE the eMule links provided in >>6634

2. WAIT until someone starts seeding it


Personally I really like these games :)
No. 8623
need sum seeds though, eMule's been on all day long and only once has a few kb's been transfered, then the seed DC'd. And does anyone have bibi's spell as well?
No. 8649
thanks to whoever be seedin bondage world
No. 8651

where's the download tab i don't see it.
No. 9670
Reseed on the emule files?
No. 9887
I share it
No. 9888
Max 256 kb/sec
No. 10361
Is anyone still seeding this?
No. 10946
please someone!
No. 10996
i will try to get them through emule
but can some one who got it upload it to the pirate bay so they wont get deleted please!
No. 10997
Can I have the Full Versions of all the Lost Hearts game?
No. 11551
emule seeds please log in and seed it please. please? oh, and please? please? please... Can't make you all a torrent lest the files are available to make a torrent from. :P
No. 11728
1> in a webBrowser:
Download eMule,

2> in Windows:
Install eMule,
Run eMule,

3> In eMule:
Click ''Connect'' at the Top-Left
( Some of you with tricky firewalls or routers
might have to adjust your firewall or portforwarding settings,
You know who you are, Find an adult to ask for help! :P )

2> In _this_ window:
Copy any (block-of/or/single) ed2k link(s) listed below,
by highlighting it and copying it.

4> In eMule:
click the Transfers Tab,
Right click the big-open-blank-download-list,
select option ''paste eD2K links'' from the menu that pops up.

5> Wait for seeders of your file(s) to log in,
Wait for them to have bandwidth availibul for shareing thier parts of the file with you.

6> Continue to seed the file(s) after they are done downloading,
by leaving copies of the file you've downloaded in your eMule Incomeing folder,
so others peers can get some of the file(s) too!

Vanja's Ero-Mania hentai/furry games:










Hentai/Monster-Vore Games:




bukkake-furry flash game:

No. 11823
plases direct link! emule it's full of hackers
No. 11960
Anyone got the paradise hotel in emule?
No. 12046
File: flash12046_scanthingy.png-(1.58MB, 1280x1024, scanthingy.png)

This post is fully legit. I only downloaded:







But they WHERE virus free and did work. Attached image is a virus scan I performed on the above files.
No. 12095
Can you post the background you're using?
No. 12328
Can we get some more seeds on this? I ain't downloading shit.
No. 12496
i still havn't figured out squat about the eD2K links
cause i copied pasted the file is there but the download count is always at 0
No. 12516
This. Could somebody out there seed?
No. 12565
will someone please seed?

think of the pleasure you are denying us!!!
No. 12752
bump for deliva
No. 12812
sounds stupid, but an idea here, if no one can use the emule thing, is to make a specific time or date to upload the games. we swarm in when the time comes, get our fapping material, and laugh when they get taken down again.
No. 12897
bump for seeds
No. 12910
Only one word about eMule :

No. 12931
eMule began really working a while ago, and so far Bibbi's Spells is the only one of the shared links that is still downloading. The thing about eMule is that it takes a really long time to make work, so it's not for the impatient. However, FOR the impatient I'll see what I can do to help. Once it's all finished I'll shove them all into a single rar and announce a week ahead of time when exactly they'll be available a week ahead of time so those that don't check very frequently will know when to go for it.

tl;dr: Gonna finish getting the last of the games then share them a week after announcing what time they'll be shared.

Also, I might leave out the Lost Hearts games. They might put me over a filesize limit and they suck like you wouldn't believe.
No. 12937
And now for an update. Bibbi's Spells completed about an hour after my last post, so you know what that means.

A week from today, at around 10am Pacific Time I'll post a link to the collection, and about two hours after that I'll post the password. Be ready.
No. 13021
File: flash13021_EroComic.png-(608.07KB, 762x400, EroComic.png)
No. 13022
File: flash13022_LostHeart_4.png-(598.55KB, 616x786, LostHeart_4.png)
Level 4 please!
No. 13023
File: flash13023_LostHeart_5.png-(544.03KB, 616x786, LostHeart_5.png)
Level 5 please!
No. 13024
File: flash13024_LostHeart_6.png-(744.62KB, 616x786, LostHeart_6.png)
Level 6 please!
No. 13030

I'd have them for you this friday, but I just don't have them now. I only have the ones posted in the eMule links. If somebody else has them, feel free to contribute during the upload on Friday. Honestly though, after playing all of the ones I have, I can say they're really only worth getting out of sheer spite rather than any sort of enjoyment.
No. 13034
got ahold of one of these finally... just wow. these are the m night shyamalan of pron games, shit seriously gave me negative wood.

boner destroyed.
No. 13044
You got ahold of ONE of them, and based on that you say that ALL of them are bad..yeesh.

Well, alright, I have gotten used to all the bitching and complaining about how everything "sucks" here around on Pawsru, so I thought I could throw in a few opinions from that other side of the coin. I haven't played all of them, but my experience with these games are:

Quest for sexual experience: I thought this was pretty good. Had a fair amount of CG and the play was rather decent. Then again, this wasn't a platformer like most of the others.

Lost Hearts: ugh. I see someone write here that these were the only "good" games. I guess thatn shows how opinions can really differ. To me, they were utter crap.

Bibbi's Curse: not all that great, to be honest, but somewhat enjoyable for the little time it lasted.

Bibbi's Spells: much better than the first, even though it was even shorter. But it had better variety on sex animations and the mixing of spells were a nice add.

Bondage World: I liked this one, but it should have been longer.

I haven't been able to check out any other, but my opinions about these games are pretty mixed. But I can't say that they really are as bad as some people here seem to jump onto without even having tried more than one of them ;)

If anyone could share the rest, I'd be happy to have them.
No. 13047
File: flash13047_thecritic.jpg-(44.59KB, 314x257, thecritic.jpg)
got ahold of three more actually, and they were all terrible too. (queen & dragon, bibbi's curse, bondage world)Can't really imagine if this is the quality that is being put out any of the others will be worth the download.

stand by my rating of "crap"
No. 13048
I have most of these games too, and to be honest, I don't think they are as bad as some people say. My favorites are Quest for sexual experience, and Trick or Treat. I can't say I enjoyed all, but found some of them to be pretty decent. So if anyone can get a hold of the rest, I'd appreciate it.
No. 13151
Can we get some more seeds? This is unreliable as fuck.
No. 13152
Okay, I'm impatient today so I'm putting this up an hour earlier than I said. Here's the multiupload link.

Impatient or not, I'm still only giving the password to it in two hours so that there is some time so it can be shared before the copyright claims take it down. The files inside are all of the games in the eMule links, so it's only the two Bibbi games, Bondage World, Lost Hearts 1-3, Queen and Dragon, and Quest for Sexual Experience. Anybody else who happens to have the others, now would be a good time to share.
No. 13153
I guess I could contribute here as well then :)

I have Trick or Treat (I think this one's pretty good tbh, although my favorite game among these is Quest for sexual experience), and I also have Lost Hearts 4-6. If people want these let me know and I'll upload them and post the link here.
No. 13156
so any1 have the paradise hotel?
No. 13158
Whups, posting the password slipped my mind. Sorry folks. The password is:

No. 13159
No. 13161
Yeah, please upload Trick or Treat at least, been looking for that one. I like most of these games, would be great to get 'em all :)
No. 13183
YEs Plz uploooaaaad
No. 13229
someone upload paradise hotel.
No. 13295
File: flash13295_loli.jpg-(111.56KB, 600x900, loli.jpg)
bump! someone deliva again!!
No. 13347
Quest For Sexual Experience
upload PlzPlzPlzPlzPlzPlzPlzPlz!!!!!!!
No. 13361
I cant download, repost please
No. 13362
Can you ropost the links, i cant download them
No. 13370
repost Plz XD
No. 13380
File: flash13380_syo.jpg-(59.87KB, 407x419, syo.jpg)
Quest For Sexual Experience
repost please!
No. 13385
Post freaking paradise hotel already
No. 13391
can someone plz post emule links for ero-mania lost hearts 4-6 thx
No. 13403
File: flash13403_1297836159134.jpg-(20.56KB, 251x251, 1297836159134.jpg)
reupload plsx
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