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File: flash13043_ghosthouse.jpg-(31.36KB, 400x300, ghosthouse.jpg)
13043 No. 13043 watch
Anyone have?

Source: nearfatal.net/gme_tgh1.htm
No. 13046
No. 13049
Why would anyone even want these? Nearfatal games are so horrible it's almost impossible to imagine before you've tried them. Just look around at his site and see for yourself.
No. 13050
I got an interest in trying out that guy's games after reading www.somethingawful.com/d/game-reviews/dangerous-vaults.php, just to see if they're really that horribly bad. Unfortunately, they are.

I haven't been able to get my hands on the Ghost House 2, and you'd be lucky to do so since he stopped selling it (butthurt reaction due to piracy).

But I found this link to a broken version of Ghost House 1 (not a demo): http://www.sendspace.com/file/3r2qmy
No. 13055
Checked the link and it works, btw
No. 13073
ghost house 2

mocreas universal axis would be nice if anyone has
No. 13078
seems both links refuse to get to the good stuff. the first one game overs just as your going to penetrate and gives a to be continued sign. the other link is a different version and the screen went blank at the same point.
No. 13081
Actually, I've read that's all there is in the first game. To see more people were supposed to buy the sequel, and you couldn't buy it without buying the first. Not sure about the other link here, I think that's the demo version of the first and not GH2.

Glad I didn't pay for this crap.
No. 13084
read the whole thing in swf chan thats why i posted the topic not the actual swf lol

heres for the lazy people:

No. 13094
How we play this game ?
No. 13157
Morcreas Universal Axis full?
No. 13165
ok so i got into the attic and opened the chest but cant figureout what to do next
No. 13185
Okay, So what i have figured out so far is in the first room you break the mirror get the piece of paper and the glass shard, get the key out of the drawer, then you go up the stairs and use the paper and the key to open the door open the chest cut the sack with the piece of glass take out all the rocks and then move the chest to get to the next part of the house...
and thats where im stuck at =P
No. 13188
There's a plunger in the bathroom to take. The kitchen has a wardrobe to move if you have the broken board from the area with the captive girl. Not sure on how to get the fishing pole. There's a pot you can take, can't remember from what room, that you can fill with dirt from outside, then seeds from the yellow dress. DO NOT touch the amulet. Not sure what to do with the pot/dirt/seeds combo yet. You can also get some berries from the same area as the dirt. Think you need the fishing pole to get something from the scarecrow.
No. 13201
Things I've found:
Plunger from the bathroom can be used on the window with the plant to open the window. You can then 'go to' the plant. Nothing I can find here though.
Take the black leaves and berries (in order) and place them into the cauldron in the basement (move the view down when in the area that lets you go to the bathroom, main room, bedroom, etc.) It'll give you a metal bucket.
Bucket can be placed on the second hook from the left in the living room, but nothing else happens.
Touching the snake eyes in the hidden room, one of the switches moves on it's own. Not sure if that's intentional.
No. 13202
Also, I have found three playing cards.
Jack in the attic, in the box next to what appears to be a clock under a sheet.
Queen in the room with the dress.
King in the living room on the floor next to the chair on the right.
No. 13203
Also, just found a rope in the room with the cauldron. Once you get the bucket, grab in the hole that it came out of.
No. 13204
Using the rope on the two lights worked. I was able to move the shield. There were black pearls behind it.
No. 13205
Alright, figured out how to get a plant to attack her:
Once you've gotten as far as the rest of my posts above, do the following:
The following seeds are necessary:
1) Yellow Dress
2) Plant on Windowsill (Next to the root)
3/4) Underneath stairs in basement.
Combine that with pot + dirt, take to girl, and use it on her.
No. 13206
After you have the plant attacking the girl, use the bucket that you found on her tits and get exactly two gallons of milk in it(You can hit it while it's beneath her to get it to empty out). Then hang it on the hooks in the living room to get the fishing pole. Will update more if I find anything.
No. 13207
Wow. Use the fishing rod upstairs where the pipe is on the one cloth. Then use the black leaves/berries again and you'll be able to have it lift it up. Once you have the theater open, put the Jack, Queen, and King inside and you'll be warped to somewhere. The person fishing on the pier has a shell you can give to the guard, but I'm not sure what else you can do.
No. 13208
I know that I've been posting a lot, but I figured out this part too.
Use the shell on the knight. Then wait for the fisherman to fish up a sponge and give it to him as well. Then pick him up and put him in the upper windows. Once you do that, you'll trigger a scene inside the castle. You have to go inside first, though.
No. 13210
To beat The Ghost House Part 2

Skip to when you can start attacking the girl.
Tap behind her head when she pauses.
Take away her flashlight.
Put her hands above her head.
Rip off her shirt.
Pull her legs back.
Use the wall staples to keep her feet on the ground.
Pull down her pants.
Grab the broken piece of wood to the right.
Click her pussy.
Click beneath her to leave.
Go to the stand with the vase.
Hit the drawer
Go to the mirror.
Hit the mirror
Take mirror shard and piece of paper.
go upstairs
Use piece of paper on bottom of door.
Use key on keyhole
Grab piece of paper
Use new key to open door
Go into attic
Use blue key on chest
Use glass shard on sac
Grab Jack (card) from box next to clock.
Push chest over.
Go down through hole
GRab handle of door to open way back to main room.

Go into bathroom
Take plunger

Go to bedroom
take seed from yellow dress.
Take Queen (card) from drawer
DO NOT Touch the amulet.

Go downstairs to main entrance.
Go left to kitchen, take big pot.
Go back to main entrance, leave through doors.
Take black leaves from near the steps.
turn around and grab pink berries and earth.
Combine earth + pot + seed
Grab another earth

Go back inside, and go into the basement
Use Black Leaves + pInk berries (in that order) to summon a bucket.
Grab bucket
Grab rope from where bucket came from.

Exit back out into basement, look under steps for two seeds.
Go upstairs.
Go to main room
Open window with plunger
Take seed from potted plant.

combine all seeds with pot
Use pot on woman
use bucket on woman's tits
Get 2 gallons of milk inside of bucket (hit the bucket to empty while it's out)

Place bucket on hooks in living room.
Take fishing rod
Take King(card) from right chair on floor.
Go upstairs to attic, use fishing rod on cloth with pipe on it.

Go back to basement, use the float spell again (black leaves + pink berries)
Go back up to attic.
Grab back fishing rod.
Open theater
Put all three cards inside.
Grab the fisherman (pier, distance) to fish up a conch, take and give to soldier on parapet.
Grab the fisherman to fish up sponge, give to soldier.
Pick up soldier, place in tower (right side).
Go inside castle

When you have the choice to pick between places, you can go to the swamp to see a rape scene of her, or go to the shelter to see her wtfpwn
the guy following her. Regardless, you get swamp moss and a tentacle.
Go back to cauldron in basement
Use black leaves + tentacle to grow tentacles
Use swamp moss + black pearls + paper to get a demonic spell.

Once you've got the tentacles, use them to suspend the girl in mid air. Then use your penis on her mouth, ass, and pussy.
Once you've gotten her and yourself to cum enough times, the edges of the screen (left, bottom and right) will be glowing blue.
'take' the glowing blue right edge, to see another scene and the girl will run away.

Not sure what else I can find. You can use the plant + demonic spell to have the spell hold her up, but I couldn't find anything else to do from there.
No. 13223
The demonic spell can be used on the scarecrow.
No. 13225
Anyone know how to get the board if you don't use it on her at the start? It shows up broken then.
No. 13226
one you use the multi tenticle use can use the plunger to give her a pink sock use hit to put it back
No. 13227
Ok, for the demonic spell+plant. You get three tentacles in your inventory to use. A sling type, the penis and the seed depositor.

You can use the sling on her tits to squeeze them.
Using it around her pussy either spreads her wide open or partially open. When wide open, clicking with the sling directly on her pussy will cause a vine to rub her while clicking on her ass will case one to anally rape her.

When partially open (click near her ass to get it I find) you can then use the type 2 vine (penis) o the egg laying tentacle. Lay at least one egg (can hold a bunch and too many will cause the excess to pop out) then use the penis vine and fill her up. This will cause an egg to hatch. Need at least three and they form together to create a plant monster that busts through the wall of the house and break the barrier.

Can also use the cock vine on her mouth.
No. 13243
Regarding the two seeds beneath the stairs in the basement, I can only see and find 1 so where is the 2nd hiding?
No. 13244
There's only one seed to get from under the stairs. One in the dress and one on the planter in the first room you start in. Total of three. He misspoke I would think.
No. 13246
Man, went through all that and it didn't save any of the scenes? I didn't even get to cum, the scenes were so short and quick!
No. 13255
cant even figure out how to play or what to click on
No. 13274
If you need to, use the Tab key to find the hot spots. Which might only be up for a few seconds at a time. Like in the start with the girl walking, you'll only find it behind her head when she's stopped. Then the next is on the flashlight when her arm is lowered. So poke around and constantly tap that if you need to find the next one.
No. 13367

I've followed your walkthrough all the way to the part where I try to leave. I cannot seem to find the right space to click. I've tried hitting tab, but no option below her is revealed.
Could anyone please help me a little?

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