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File: flash10349_default.jpg-(3.14KB, 120x90, default.jpg)
10349 No. 10349 watch
i know there's a page here with an unrelated pic for links, but having all the current links in one easy area seems easier than scrolling through that page.

the first thread http://pawsru.org/flash/res/3283.html

second http://pawsru.org/flash/res/6260.html

3 http://pawsru.org/flash/res/7228.html

4 http://pawsru.org/flash/res/7837.html

unrelated pic http://pawsru.org/flash/res/8287.html

Small thread http://pawsru.org/flash/res/8807.html

Another thread http://pawsru.org/flash/res/8337.html

Different site thread for game http://forums.funny-games.biz/babysitting-cream-18-t26673.html
First upload (bucktooth) http://pawsru.org/flash/src/toon_1257535328253_Cream_Babysiting_game.swf

second (no opening screen) http://pawsru.org/flash/src/meet-and-fuck-cream.swf

3 (opening screen) http://pawsru.org/flash/src/meet-and-fuck-cream2.swf

4 (warning screen) http://www.funny-games.biz/babysitting-cream-v05.html

5 (V 0.83) http://pawsru.org/flash/src/1285897626.aval0nx_babysittingcreamdemo.swf

Hack 1000 health 100 everything else http://pawsru.org/flash/src/1285897626.aval0nx_babysittingcreamdemoHACKED.swf

hack 5000 health 500 all else
Avian home page FA http://www.furaffinity.net/user/avianpictures/

Aval0nx FA http://www.furaffinity.net/user/Aval0nX

Aval0nxstudeo FA http://www.furaffinity.net/user/aval0nxstudios/

"Avian" on inkbunny https://inkbunny.net/FeatheredAdventures

Avalonx inkbunny https://inkbunny.net/Aval0nX

here's hoping i got everything avaliable.
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No. 10702
No. 10718
I realized i missed the link on the 5000 link
here it is
No. 10914
none of the older version links actually work fyi
No. 10918
Avion says open beta first week of February.
No. 10950
Watch as people on a European server down Cream in 25-man heroic mode for a world first.
No. 10953

God help me, I lol'd HARD.
No. 10954
Aww snap son
No. 10962
here is a link to v .84(three times) V .5 and another version
No. 11127
First week of feb is almost over :(
No. 11195
Don't worry, that was a typo!

They meant the LAST week of NEXT February! Ohoho! What a tiny mistake!
No. 11196
File: flash11196_2e932f98d34e2263d04c31e38c33680281360703.jpg-(468.62KB, 551x619, 2e932f98d34e2263d04c31e38c33680281360703.jpg)
YESSS, Guys Avian just released the game!!! its out!! FUCKING FINALLY. MY BALLS ARE SOO BLUE FROM THE WAIT!
Get it on his account:


v.90 Beta on pawsru i will upload shortly
or one of you does it. Happy fapping^^
No. 11197
congratz to avian and Aval0nX thanks so much the game is even better now cant wait for the full release
No. 11198
The new interface rules! i think the time was well worth it, dont have time to fap now unfortunately :( but thanks in advance to you Avian ^^
No. 11199
Considering that the guy is hiding the link i'm inclined to belive its a troll, not gonna klick it.
No. 11200
Where the hell am I meant to find this? Seriously. e621 is not working either.
No. 11201
Your assumptions are correct.
No. 11202
Just click one of the large boxes that say "download" I know it may seem misleading, but that's how it works.

As of typing this, the following links still work for me
No. 11203
>>11199 works fine for me...
No. 11213
Troll, once you have been unmasked, its really pointless to go on. Besides, i dont even know were the link goes, but sense there is no point in hiding it, and that its tinyurl, which is only used by trolls to amuse themselfs.
No. 11215
In case anyone is wondering, the tinyurl leads to discharges.com, which has a looping .gif of a very hairy woman rubbing her vagina.

Just use untiny.com if you want to see where tinyurls lead to.
No. 11219
ROFL, that was actually alot less then what i was expecting it to be there, i thought it would be more in the line of guro or horseporn
No. 11221
File: Babysitting_Cream_0.91.swf-(6.09MB, 800x600, Babysitting Cream 0.91.swf)
No. 11228
Updated with 999 in all stats, and ability for most fucking. still buggy as hell, though
No. 11229
File: bsc.swf-(6.08MB, 800x600)
updated with 999 stats in everything
No. 11232
where are all the secrets?
No. 11235
File: 94210_Aval0nX_babysitcreamv0911.swf-(6.06MB, 800x600)
Anyone want to hack 0.91.1?
No. 11249
anyone hack 91.1 yet? And where are the car keys and other secrets in the game> Anyone know?
No. 11252
Yea someone please hack version 91.1 glitches are fixed and it would be nice to have all inventory and max relationship because by the time I get a chance to take off her panties it's the end of the week.
No. 11253
hack it yourself....

get http://sourceforge.net/projects/soleditor/

start a new game, save it, quit the flash. go to /documents and settings/username/appdata/roaming/macromedia/flash player/#sharedobjects/"randomcharacters"/localhost/ and search for the saves. if you saved the flash on your desktop it would continue with /user/username/desktop/flashfilename(for example. babysitcreamv0911.swf)/

testcookie3 ist for save 1, the others are correctly named.

open save with soleditor and you can edit the value´s yourself, even reset the daycount of a specific save to 1 if you want to explore everything normaly.
No. 11255
File: 94649_Aval0nX_babysitcreamv0912.swf-(6.08MB, 800x600)
No. 11256
Wow, nice! This is what I love about this project. Even a Newgrounds flash project would take half a month before seeing an essential update.
No. 11257

Uhh.... no idea what you just said... I'll just wait for someone else to do that thank you very much.
No. 11261

You're not that bright, are you?
No. 11263
only beat her once, fairly, abd didn't have enough rep. to claim a prize if i could
No. 11266
If you choose the skilled character at the arcade, you get three options don't remember what the options are but I remember the order you hit them it goes the 1st option then the 2nd option then the 3rd option then the 2nd option. Thats the combination.
No. 11277

Well I tried this, could not find the folder you specified, /documents and settings/username/appdata is as far as i got. Guess I'll be waiting for a hack as well
No. 11279
Well that´s the folder for Win7, perhaps there are differences for XP/Vista. Also they could be hidden, so be sure you enabled that you can see hidden and system folders.

You could also try searching your whole System-Partition for *savestatetwo* *savestatethree* etc, if you´ve saves your progress in a save higher than slot 1 to find the files.

I´m using Firefox4 with Adobe Flash Player 10.2 64bit, but since there are many different Systems i probably won´t word for anyone.

If you´re willing to try it out (since you would´nt have to wait for a hacked version of every small update (we are at v9.12)) you could try this:

Use firefox with adobe flash player 10 plugin. Get the .swf, save it to desktop. Open the file with Firefox. Play, save some progress to Save slots 1-5. Close the Tab to the SWF for Adobe to create the files. Search for them as mentionned above and edit with the editor. If that doesn´t work you´re on a completely different system than I, so you´ll have to either try something other or wait for someone else to hack the main .swf, i´m sorry.
No. 11286
Aaah, thats more work then i wantto put on a fap, i'll just stick to the 90
No. 11287
hehe, yeah, you´re probably right... i got the information from another thread an just wanted to tell someone about it, i guess... just got fascinated by the technical details of it all, since i´m not that knowlegeable of that at all. have a nice day
No. 11292
I'm computer dumb, can someone upload a hacked 1000 everything of 9.12 for please! Much apprehiated!!!
No. 11298
Yeah, firefox will not even run the .swf (Firefox 3.6 with java enabled and up to date) so I'm out of luck. Got to stick with IE
No. 11300
>firefox will not even run the .swf so I'm out of luck. Got to stick with IE
No you don't
No. 11315
I use firefox and it works just fine
No. 11316
Firefox keeps asking to save, but it won't open with firefox. Why?
No. 11323
File: flash11323_1043587-cream_the_rabbit_super.jpg-(36.99KB, 258x262, 1043587-cream_the_rabbit_super.jpg)
Updated the 0.91.2 version, should be the same as my last hack; everything unlocked, all items [though they don't display], max relationship in all. happy fapping

Pawsru.org is being a royal bitch right now with my slower internet; by the time i finish uploading, the captcha times out, resulting in my post being unuploaded. so in the meantime, you get a mediafire link. enjoy it:
If someone else posts the file, i'll delete this post.
No. 11326
Ok, I give up. I tried soleditor, cheat engine, hacker pro. To no avial, none will recognize the game. Any suggestions???
No. 11332
That's not version 91.2 hacked because its got all the same glitches as the first hacked game. You can't go to movie theater because she always says not in the mood, you can't go to electronic store it crashes, can't go to lingerie store button won't work (yes in version 91.2 you can go to the lingerie store if your RWC is high enough, glitches at the nature trail also. So once again someone please hack version 91.2!!!
No. 11334
>>11332 have you considered that maybe the reason why those glitches are showing up is 'because' of the hack...we are talking about the code getting altered here, that can have unpredictable effects.
No. 11335

The hack -CAUSES- the glitches.
No. 11343
That is why the hack should only have stats at 10 and rwc at 700 and only give you items you can't get through the game, ie the batteries but not the carrot toy or camera.
No. 11344
No sex scenes, pictures or movies in this game ?
No. 11355
Nobody has played through the entire game without fucking Cream have they? I suggest you do it and see what Vanilla say's at the end.

Plot twist :D
No. 11360
Any clues for finding the alley and the market. got hints about em when using the phone... Other than the carrot & swimsuit is there any other working collectables ?
No. 11380
Batteries are in the kitchen drawer.
No. 11423
What is the name of the song that plays in the house?
It's like a piano with a bass and a drum.
What is it?
No. 11425
There are a lot of things I wondered after my play through:
-What is the point of the library?
-Where is the secret store?
-Can I actually buy Cream new clothes?
-Where can I find Vanilla's hidden camera?
-Can I actually get someone to come over using the phone?
No. 11426
In reply to your concerns that parts of the game don't currently do anything.....When will you realize that Aval0nX told everyone when this released, and even put it in writing on the main menu page before you start a new game, that this is still a beta, and is still incomplete. The Library, Mochi-Mochi Shop, camera, car, and in fact the "plan" that is hinted at in the postgame teaser for the final version all are not fully implemented yet. When these different areas are implemented, they will be released with the next version of the game.

Here is the complete text of what Aval0nX said when he released version .91.2


Well everyone as promised before the 7th of February, Avian and I are proud to present

Cream Babysitting Game BETA v.91.2

- more rabbits
- more art
- more sex
- more items
- more intrigue
- more characters
- more cellphones
- more town exploration
- more endings

all that said, this version is still extremely buggy so I warn you beforehand...

If you find game breaking bugs, feel free to post them, but read the comments first, and avoid repeated bug reporting clutter.

Special thanks in advance to Munashi for helping us get the colors done, umm lots of people to thank, but all will be in due time.

want us to work faster for the next update
DONATE via paypal to Aval0nX_studios@hotmail.com

much love
Aval0nX & Avian

No. 11427
I am strongly suggesting to those who are interested in actually helping this project get improved, to post your bug reports on Inkbunny.net, where Aval0nX and Avian have both moved to since FA became so difficult for them to remain on.

Sure, on that site if you want to post or to see most of what Aval0nX and Avian have put there, you will need to sign up for a free account, but that isn't all that difficult.

Now, other's have already mentioned this, but I feel I need to also. If you are going to hack this flash, realize that the very act of hacking it, even changing the save file too much without knowing what parmaters certain parts of the game are using, introduces glitches into the flash. Not too helpful to discovering the true glitches in the system so it gets fixed.

So, those interested in hacking this glash, here is a good place for you to stay, but those who atually want to help the system, come on over to the new home of Babysitting Cream, inkbunny.net
No. 11428
If you play through the game completey, and get to the end, you will find out that Aval0nX has plans to introduce a way to make money, and extend the play time in the final version; two changes to the flash that will increase how much can be done with Cream in one playthrough. Put this together with the game saves that has been introduced with this release, and there is very little reason to bother with hacking this flash. As it stands now, it isn't all that difficult to get Cream out of her dress, help her masturbate on a piggyback ride, grope her in multiple situations all within the first three days. Getting her out of her swimsuit, getting her to masturbate you in the tickle game, getting her to blow you when she is hungry, and even having sex with her in the racing game are all possible by day five.

Currently the sex scenes downtown mostly will only occur on day six and seven, but if the time can be extended, you should be able to do all of them multiple times after day six.

Once all of the options are completed, it may be that without some sort of hack, even with extended time, you won't be able to see everything in one playthrough, but so what?! Play it again, or create gamesaves specific to certain pathways you want to take.
No. 11440

none of those things do anything yet
No. 11441
No. 11446
>>11441 1 2 3 2
No. 11457

>no sex scene

thx anyway bro
No. 11476
How do I get her to take her panties off? I've already had the jack me off and give a blowjob but no removing her panties yet. ???
No. 11481
>>11476 Get her to go to bed with you.
No. 11493
On day seven you don't want to succeed with the skilled character, you want to fail, and then pat her on her ass.
This leads to her claiming a forfeit from you of going with her to a family bathroom and giving her an orgasm. This will only happen if your stats are such that you have unlocked the other sex scenes, like the ones at the movies, or the successful motorbike videogame sex scene.

The 1232 combo is only good for getting that lust and peep early in the game. I don't even bother with the FCF3 game until my stats get high enough to get the good scene, now.
No. 11494
On day seven you don't want to succeed with the skilled character, you want to fail, and then pat her on her ass.
This leads to her claiming a forfeit from you of going with her to a family bathroom and giving her an orgasm. This will only happen if your stats are such that you have unlocked the other sex scenes, like the ones at the movies, or the successful motorbike videogame sex scene.

The 1232 combo is only good for getting that lust and peep early in the game. I don't even bother with the FCF3 game until my stats get high enough to get the good scene, now.
No. 11496
You need to get to the point where you can have sex with her in the pool, get the special sex scene in bed, usually on day six, or beat her at the videogames in her underwear, and tell her to remove them, but then don't have sex with her the first couple times you do that, but instead get a blowjob, then move to getting her to spread her legs, and bust a nut on her, then,the third time you usually can get her to have sex. Once you succeed in having sex in any way, she usually will remove her underwear on request.

With version 0.91.3 having some of the issues with missing points from actions fixed, it is very easy to get to where she will remove her underwear in the dress-less videogame by day 3 or 4, since now with the vedor working at the fountain everyday, it isn't difficult at all to get at least 150 points every day, plus a lot of stat boosts to exposure, lust, etc. by the middle of day 7, I am above 900 RWC, with 22 peep, 35 lust, 12 jerking off, 17 exposure, 20 touch, 86 happiness, and I still have 68 energy left on this game save to continue to do stuff. On this game save, I still have available the option to have sex with her in the pool, the front room, Vanilla's room, use the carrot toy on her, all sorts of other things. This is where I am at after I came back from downtown, had sex at the movies, and on the motorbike ride. Everyone's concerns about needing to jack up the stats on this can be laid to rest now.
No. 11540
found condom in the living room in a drawer
No. 11579
All you need to successfully get into the lingerie store is at least 550 RWC.
No. 11585
are all items unlocked or are they adding more when the full game comes out. Cuse as it stands right now i can't even find one item. And Creams swimsuit dosn't count cuse i know how to get that one.
No. 11589
I set RWC to 600 and bumped up all stats to 10 and she's still to shocked to go into the lingerie store.
No. 11591
Odd, since before I gave you this answer, I did a test where I created a game save with only 540 RWC. The only things I did once I started the game before going to the mall was play the videogame so I could tickle her, and take her dress off.

So, I will change my answer to say, you need at least 550 RWC, and to have taken her dress off once. Something that is very easy to do in the course of playing the game, easily before the fourth day. My test was done with a day one save.
I am positive that the only things that you need to be able to get to the lingerie store is 550 RWC and to get her down to her underwear.

Here are my stats right before I successfully get into the lingerie store.
RWC 550
peeping 0
lust 1
jerking off 0
exposure 0
touch 2
happiness 1

all of these stats came from the one action of playing videogames with her and removing her dress.
No. 11594
is there a sex scene when sonic jaks off to cream in the park?
No. 11598

Not fully implemented yet. If you attempt to do so before your jerk off stat is at 9 or above, you get caught by the cops. If your jerk off score has reached nine, the button doesn't work.
No. 11618
Hey has anyone found a use for the lingerie or the camera yet?
No. 11631

There is no use at this time for the lingerie, or the camera. These are game components that hopefully will be included in the next version, .92, .93, whatever they call it. They likely won't release the next version until they are done fixing the current one, though. Hence the incremental patches, .91.1, .91.2, and .91.3

.91.3 seems pretty much bug-free, so once they fix typos and the few small bugs that still exist, I expect them to move on to the next release.
No. 11633

In version.91.3 the following items can be found
condom: living room
batteries: kitchen
you can acquire the bikini top, but it won't show in your inventory even after you get it.
You can acquire the carrot vibrator, and it will show in your inventory, though it won't work unless you also have the batteries.
No. 11637
>In version.91.3

where can i found this version?
No. 11641

No. 11645
I Clicked all over the pages to find the batters and condom and cant find them in living room and or kitchen
Can someone help? More info on were they are really at.

Also how do we get to the backalley?
No. 11652
Need to play V.913 and you can collect Batts and condom as soon as you start a new game.

It depends which back alley your talking about...
You can get in to one back alley once already.!
No. 11654
The condom is in the living room, in the drawer on the right side of the screen behind the wood and beige fabric chair. You have to click on the handle, like you are opening the drawer.

The batteries are in the kitchen in the drawer by the dishwasher. Again, you must click on the handle of the drawer to the left of the dishwasher.

As far as I know, at this point the backalley that leads to the mochi-mochi shop has not been implemented yet. The only reason I know it exists is a glitch that was in one of the previous versions.
No. 11656

So, which backalley are you able to get into, since you mention you can get into one backalley once in the game. As far as I have been able to determine, the backalley with the mochi-mochi shop is only visible through a glitch that existed in one of the previous patches. But, in .91.3, that glitch no longer exists.
No. 11659

Actually, right after I posted the last comment, I realize the glitch still exists. If you choose to continue reading the paper, teh game can freeze, and by pressing play, you will flash through a bunch of scenes, seeing the backalley, and the mochi-mochi shop for a moment, and then the day will end.
No. 11679
if you just want to preview through all the different nodes, you can just "play" the swf in mediaplayerclassic, and seek until you reach the moshi-moshi store. there's nothing in the game in it aside from an amy button instead of cream in the top right
No. 11700

I think the poster is referring to Cream as in her back alley.
No. 11708

requires an account, could someone upload here?
No. 11710

Someone already did in this comment in an older thread on the subject
No. 11712

thanks my good man
No. 11820
I've got 340 RWC but nothing naughty has happened yet. what are the triggers for getting her clothes off and such?
No. 11826
350ish+ should be around the time she's comfortable topless, 600ish would be sleeping with you in bed
No. 11830

I'm up to 510 with no luck asking her to take off her dress. is there some other trigger im missing? I know it used to be playing board games (I think) but that's not working for me now.
No. 11841
Play dolls with her. You can get her comfortable by triggering the action where you both take off your "armor" in the battle.
No. 11842
File: flash11842_man.jpg-(7.24KB, 259x195, man.jpg)
Hello pawsru, how are you? Fantastic.

Did you know that somebody did a new hack for the latest version of this game? Probably not.

Would you want me to link to it? Probably yes.

Am I going to? I don't think so.

Would Aval0nx get upset that I linked to a hack?

Would the rest of this board be upset if I didn't?

Does the hack have large arrows pointing to the word "Cartoon" so the people who don't read can finally play this game?

Does the hack help with the franchise fighter game?

I'm not linking to it

(ye-ye-ye-ye-ye-ye-ye-yet)(read to oldspice whistle)
No. 11873
How do people hack the flash? I'd be willing to take the time to actually remove all the requirements, so that everything will work (unlike the hacks so far). But I don't know how to edit the flash. Do I need a warez version of Flash Builder or something?
No. 11876
File: flash11876_HHNNNGG-1.jpg-(51.13KB, 747x599, HHNNNGG-1.jpg)
U mad Bro?
No. 11880
funny-games biz/adult is where u'll find the perfect hacked version of babysitting cream!!!!!!!!! IDK Y ANY1 WOULD NEED IT THOUGH I GET CREAM NAKED COMPLETELY BY DAY 5!!!!!
No. 11882
File: hacked_cream.swf-(6.27MB, 800x600)
>>11873 Never mind I found a program to do it. I'M NOT FINISHED, but I wanted to upload because I fixed some bugs. If you go to the park, you should now be able to do the part where you jerk off on the park bench. This ends with her sucking you off. Also, you should be able to grope her butt when you push her on the swing. This leads to her grinding up against you, and when you push her on the swing again and grope her butt again (you can now do that in the same day, by the way, I changed that as well), you can screw her while swinging. I have things finished in the Mall and the Movie theater as well. You should be able to do any actions in those places right from the start.
I hope to finish making changes before too long.
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