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File: flash12803_pokemon tower defense.png-(11.35KB, 613x213, pokemon tower defense.png)
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I was not sure where to put this link into clean art of here since there's not a Clean flash area yet if anyone gets the codes post them and if someone can make this a download then that would be great the game will update whenever its done
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No. 13166
Can we have that in english please?
No. 13306
The shiny Geodude code is 5231
No. 13308
File: Pokemon_Tower_Defense.swf-(2.36MB, 800x480)
the game

File: hatersgonnahate_001.swf-(14.13MB, 128x96)
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No. 13283
wtf?....how did you get video of me???....WHO SENT YOU?! WHO DO YOU WORK FOR!!!???.....want some yogert??
No. 13285
File: flash13285_222350_lightning.jpg-(103.79KB, 464x464, 222350_lightning.jpg)
Imposter! You dare challenge me, THE LATIN MANWHORE OF SOME RENOWN?
No. 13301

Tee hee I have overshadowed your anti-hate propoganda with weird shit! I WIN!

File: 1282261763.todex_froggy-jerk.swf-(6.46MB, 800x644)
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Let's dedicate this thread furry gay flashes ^_^
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No. 12852
Pssssst... Elijah is a faggot bastard... psssst...
No. 13068
Varenval hasn't offed himself yet? Pity too, motherfucker was gonna shoot his dog in the face, don't think we haven't forgotten Varen.
No. 13279

File: flash3317_1267897718.twinkle-sez_preview4.jpg-(70.16KB, 700x440, 1267897718.twinkle-sez_preview4.jpg)
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No. 10861
twinkle sez <3
No. 11244
File: sucl.swf-(208.64KB, 600x600)
No. 13265
How do you save a flash from tailheat? I cant do it :(

File: flash10982_Girl_furry_dildoing_lover.jpg-(29.85KB, 820x445, Girl_furry_dildoing_lover.jpg)
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You know what you doing.

It has been increasingly difficult to find videos of either of them since Kandi private'd all her videos.

+Infinite internets to anyone who finds any.
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No. 12821
has any1 found new vids/sites?
No. 13154
Ah, after I got out of suit, I was told that someone got into the room and snapped a photo. Its for a project that will be shown at Califur. Total tongue in cheek but definitely up my alley off-cam. :)
No. 13259

File: flash11577_Vroom Vroom!!.gif-(1.64MB, 480x360, Vroom Vroom!!.gif)
11577 No. 11577 hide watch expand quickreply   [Reply]
It's Time to Play NAME THAT SHOW!! Tell Me what This is from and you will receive 1 Free Internets!!! Let's Keep the Game Going Everyone!!!
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No. 13124

Since nobody has guessed this image is from The Daily Show.
No. 13150
File: flash13150_1292405113125.jpg-(106.17KB, 396x303, 1292405113125.jpg)

>He thinks fursuiting isn't fucking creepy

>He thinks everyone should do what he does

>He doesn't understand why someone doesn't want to dress up as a cartoon and fuck with other people dressed as cartoons.

Get the fuck out.
No. 13252
File: flash13252_0.jpg-(13.61KB, 480x360, 0.jpg)
Did someone say dress up as cartoons?

File: flash13170_1141697707051.gif-(484.83KB, 541x379, 1141697707051.gif)
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I found this .gif file and I was wondering who made it, and if this is from a larger video...thingy
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No. 13231
In that instance, taking from the voice on the show, shouldn't it be: WHAT DID YOU SAY NYUKGAH?!?!
No. 13237
Well not while he's possessing what's-his-face. Then it's just Nigga.

But yeah most of the time it's stuff like "YOU GOT A PROBLEM WIT DAT NYUKGAH?!"
No. 13238
File: flash13238_Oldmanyellingatrandomstuffandyoutookthetimetoreada.jpg-(21.40KB, 450x254, Oldmanyellingatrandomstuffandyoutookthetimetoreada.jpg)
Calm the fuck down, Mr. President.

File: flash12829_furry_fantasies_2_cover.jpg-(80.52KB, 600x600, furry_fantasies_2_cover.jpg)
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trying one more time...

anyone happen to have the full mp3s to this CD?
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No. 12872
Why not just try it? Can't hurt to ask. The odds of finding a full album to download for free is zero to none.
No. 13196
I have mp3s of two of these tracks, "Immortal" and "When I Close My Eyes". I don't remember where I got them, but they were from some site offering furry music, and I simply clicked links and saved them. They're okay stuff. I saved a bunch of other stuff from the same site, eleven songs total, just the ones I liked back then.
No. 13224

I've downloaded those songs from that same site, but there's a remix of one (Morning in the Jungle) that I really wanted to hear.

The rest would be a bonus since I've been wanting to get the CD for over a decade.

File: flash12624_yaoi furry anal.gif-(785.26KB, 360x360, yaoi furry anal.gif)
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No. 13198
Captcha: jefagg

Artist: Wolfblade.
From his comic "Oh, Brother", from Softpaw Magazine issue 4. Info for those who don't know (and who've probably been living under a rock).

File: flash10891_f99927_wabbit.jpg-(268.39KB, 1350x853, f99927_wabbit.jpg)
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I remember a while back there was a thread with Talking pictures. Think we can make some more people?
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No. 12711
i made a few back in the day but i lost interest very quickly. i did the cream one where she got creamed, ironically, a few other bernal ones and one or two wolfy nails. but the feedback was harsh so i gave up. you want to torrent Crazytalk 6, or something like that. then i used
' Total video Converter '
No. 12722
>>12711 Post all anyways :X
No. 13197
>>12711 Post 'em here and you may get MUCH better response. I know I'd like to see your work.

File: flash13076_entrada.jpg-(97.97KB, 250x483, entrada.jpg)
13076 No. 13076 hide watch expand quickreply   [Reply]
I was looking back at some archived Zebala art when I remembered this game. It's a Jave exe, but for some reason I can't get it to work. If anyone wants to give it a shot be my guest. There are only two Wayback links, but it was only ever updated sometime in 2006.


Good luck, I think you may need it.
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No. 13130

awesome job

a couple glitches i had:

when i cleared all the blocks the level wouldnt end a couple times

also with the life and the point itmes, they dont disapear when you touch them. it makes sense for the point one coz its like you stay still and get points but for the life one i can just get like 50 lives and its kinda pointless
No. 13133
Wait excuse my idiocy, I just realized that the version I just compiled doesn't load... Umm here... Sorry bout' that. Just getting used to all this again.
Not touched any code or the like in a few years.

No. 13192
pretty cool game i remember playing liek a few years ago good job

File: flash12804_resize.jpg-(44.29KB, 450x450, resize.jpg)
12804 No. 12804 hide watch expand quickreply   [Reply]
Does anyone know where I can watch it online?
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No. 13083
>>12875 This movie is almost 50 years old. Back then it WAS something.

Today we have Internet
No. 13142
for some reason its also on netflix instant
No. 13171
And it aged like a used condom

File: bojog_cletissacrifice.swf-(3.88MB, 550x400)
13060 No. 13060 hide watch expand quickreply   [Reply]
Hot. :3
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No. 13077
No. 13085
i don't know why that ass is quite appealing
No. 13169
Is it even possible to win this one? I can get him pretty far down, but...yeah.

File: flash5948_meat log mountain.png-(158.59KB, 320x263, meat log mountain.png)
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Does anybody have it?

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No. 12641
No. 12733
No. 13168

File: flash13120_4812859_m.jpg-(46.86KB, 600x568, 4812859_m.jpg)
13120 No. 13120 hide watch expand quickreply   [Reply]
I used to have this flash but lost it, have been dying to get it back. I used google translate on pixiv and I get the impression zoe (the artist) likes to make people jump through hoops to get his/her flashes, something about an alternate download site that requires a password and crap. If there is some way to download it off the pixiv webpage I can't figure it out but here it is: http://www.pixiv.net/member_illust.php?mode=medium&illust_id=4812859 (you need to be logged in and have adult stuff enabled to view this page)
I orginally got the flash from this board so I suspect someone here still has it, so if you do PLEASE post it.
3 posts and 3 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 13135
The password was zoe FYI, a quick google translate did that. Uploading to e621 now.
No. 13141
It's nice to know I'm not the only one who works with animated .png files.
No. 13143
File: zoe_birddestroyer.swf-(537.78KB, 600x500)

Yeah, they're kinda cool. Massive filesizes though. I need to get a better editor than that shitty add-on for firefox.

File: flash10349_default.jpg-(3.14KB, 120x90, default.jpg)
10349 No. 10349 hide watch expand quickreply   [Reply] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts]
i know there's a page here with an unrelated pic for links, but having all the current links in one easy area seems easier than scrolling through that page.

the first thread http://pawsru.org/flash/res/3283.html

second http://pawsru.org/flash/res/6260.html

3 http://pawsru.org/flash/res/7228.html

4 http://pawsru.org/flash/res/7837.html

unrelated pic http://pawsru.org/flash/res/8287.html

Small thread http://pawsru.org/flash/res/8807.html

Another thread http://pawsru.org/flash/res/8337.html
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
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No. 13221
So, no new updates from Avalon on his journal, but two new sketches just uploaded today -- his boss is apparently very Catholic and gave him the entire week off work for Easter.

What does this mean for us? Hopefully that Avalon gets a bunch of lineart done and an update will be in the works for later this month. The less frustrated he is, the sooner we get to fap.
No. 13232

i sure hope he does, so that he'll read all of this and due something. like release a finished project and add pictures as an update. I dont see why he can't do that since he has other people working on the coding, and he's just doing art.
No. 13247
File: flash13247_unblinking.png-(11.75KB, 128x117, unblinking.png)
this is what happens when you get too mad. I know. It happened to me once. I've got better.

File: flash9386_129028672077.gif-(2.18MB, 300x170, 129028672077.gif)
9386 No. 9386 hide watch expand quickreply   [Reply]
Where is this gif from???
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No. 11093
No. 11115

Scanty has the better voice of the two, while Kneesocks is hotter.

Also fuck the haters, PSG was fucking awesome.
No. 13074
File: flash13074_299795-screenshot022.jpg-(457.33KB, 1280x720, 299795-screenshot022.jpg)
>>11115 AGREED!!!>>10981 And here you go dude...Thanks for your help, You'd make a great Klingon on STO. Let me know if you want to join a fleet.

File: flash10658_screenshot11.jpg-(63.06KB, 715x401, screenshot11.jpg)
10658 No. 10658 hide watch expand quickreply   [Reply]
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No. 11052
my first rescource's to furry pron were from there, it takes a few refreshes to get to the actual site indeed..
No. 12137
No. 13052

File: flash11445_VUU.png-(239.58KB, 428x524, VUU.png)
11445 No. 11445 hide watch expand quickreply   [Reply]
Anyone have?
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No. 12767
No. 12823
No. 13051

File: flash8604_hqdefault.jpg-(22.88KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg)
8604 No. 8604 hide watch expand quickreply   [Reply]
******PIC UNRELATED******
Does anyone have any links to gay flashes, game, or animations that can be downloaded and played on a mac
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No. 9963
No. 10306
Pic unrelated?
No. 13042

File: 1283805656.marvin_twink-car-mechanic.swf-(1.33MB, 640x480)
10218 No. 10218 hide watch quickreply   [Reply]
No. 13041

File: dagobah_[ZONE]Krystal.swf-(95.39KB, 240x180)
9002 No. 9002 hide watch expand quickreply   [Reply]
Awsome zone flash
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No. 10206
File: flash10206_1277616564364.jpg-(37.81KB, 480x815, 1277616564364.jpg)
well you got me
No. 10741
I recently saw the most realistic Simpsons parody ever. It's totally live action and Marge is crazy hot, but i seriously almost crapped my pants when i saw Flanders. Its like they pulled him straight out of the cartoon and made him real... it was posted here <a href="http://www.simpsonsporno.org">The Simpsons XXX Parody</a>
No. 13040

File: flash12530___Sonadow___by_Themightytoptoonguy.jpg-(7.85KB, 150x111, __Sonadow___by_Themightytoptoonguy.jpg)
12530 No. 12530 hide watch expand quickreply   [Reply]
sonadow is a couple from sonic and shadow
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No. 13014

"sentences are made of words"

"people come here to see stuff"

"the government might actually lie to you"

"you need money to pay for things"

"if you walk in the rain, you'll get wet"
No. 13016

OP is a faggot.
No. 13027
File: flash13027_master_of_the_obvious.jpg-(60.67KB, 377x480, master_of_the_obvious.jpg)

File: flash11448_Lucario.jpg-(8.59MB, 260x400, Lucario.jpg)
11448 No. 11448 hide watch expand quickreply   [Reply] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts]
Soguys, I'm making this little game thing, of which I have this demo for you to look at.

Right click the picture, IN THIS WINDOW, and click 'save target as'. Then just open the image in winrar, install game. Enjoy Lucario smex.

If you have any suggestions, feel free to level them at me, this certainly doesn't represent the finished project, and you can only get a blowjob from her. Maybe if you all beg enough, I'll go and add proper fuck scenes. :3

ALSO, captcha made me giggle. 'gethiv'
221 posts and 47 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 13339
will do :D
No. 13341
It isn't a flash, it's a .exe hidden within a .jpg file.
No. 13444
Make me a sammich xD love it!

File: flash290_flash.png-(4.17KB, 86x86, flash.png)
290 No. 290 hide watch expand quickreply   [Reply]
if anyone has some sonic flash games then put them here... all I found was 2 but only the link will not last for long so if anyone finds the real links then we will have lots of fun

34 posts and 8 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 12765
No talia in game O_o Mighty, Sonic, Amy, Tails, Tikal, Sally and Sonia yo.
Probably by doing stuff minus the chaos emeralds.
No. 12768
sorry didnt know i mispelled it hate this phone self fixing. It was tails and Tikal, I like to see it have diffent ending other than work so hard to get them macro and everything then just die like that. But really one time the end was differnt and they got married would rather have that then to die everytime.

If someone dose hack this, see if u can get the RP(relation points really high and or ur stats up too.)
No. 12984
Well I think i found it out how to get married to ur macro if ur choose

1. Is to get ur stats of strenght/charm/Smarts up to higher then 400 of there likeing

2.have them in love with u in the way u can go to the hotel with them.

Work 4/5 times.

Try it and see if it works for u.

File: trololion.swf-(416.00KB)
10343 No. 10343 hide watch expand quickreply   [Reply]
Anyone have the unedited version of this?
7 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 12918
good to know man
No. 12919
Yup. Certainly is.

Stories are wonderful aren't they? :D
No. 12958
I'm bored. If someone posts trololion on e621, and I see it tomorrow on there when I wake up. I'll upload the original.

Or take a picture and post it here, seems anything fun on there gets removed.

But if not, well, that's no fun. Nighty night~

File: flash10988_1233542169.ganador_pfvhs.jpg-(52.56KB, 500x375, 1233542169.ganador_pfvhs.jpg)
10988 No. 10988 hide watch expand quickreply   [Reply]
Other than the following trailer:

What of Peachfuzz ever came out?

Last I recall, there were a few other trailers.

I figure that since we're never going to get a finished product, we should put all the crap that /did/ get out in one place.

Million Internet Bounty to anyone who has stuff Ganador didn't intend to release.
9 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 12483
Hi can someone know where is located the Xanadu club on Second Life please? and if there's more videos like this can someone post them here or send me a mail ^^

tnx on advance.
No. 12885
I'm curious as what this was supposed to be. Were they going upload videos every now and then or did you have to observe in game. I never really got into SL so I don't know how they would distribute content they made.
No. 12926
It was supposed to be a series of videos that you payed for, with some wacky anti-piracy system that would only work if they sold under 50 tapes.

File: flash12103_HTH2_Logo_Blast_a.png-(197.94KB, 640x360, HTH2_Logo_Blast_a.png)
12103 No. 12103 hide watch quickreply   [Reply]
No. 12923
heh heh alright......

File: flash12874_The Beast.png-(204.35KB, 1230x550, The Beast.png)
12874 No. 12874 hide watch expand quickreply   [Reply]
So do any of you have this flash?
1 post and 1 image omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 12891
In fact, anyone have the other ones?
No. 12892
Thanks a bunch
No. 12905

Google is your friend

Just search "site:http://megaswf.com Monthly Manful" and you will get a ton of them

File: flash10257_Ychan - m - self-sucking - 83828.jpg-(51.09KB, 800x557, Ychan - m - self-sucking - 83828.jpg)
10257 No. 10257 hide watch expand quickreply   [Reply]
come on people...does no1 have any gay furry interactive flash games...if you do post em!!!...pic unrelated
19 posts and 12 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 12725
more gargoyals.
No. 12826
hey lets get some dukey test flashes.
No. 12831
>>11207 THIS IS HOT!

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