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File: fc89089_dragons-hoard-issue-1-59522.png-(286.00KB, 350x538, dragons-hoard-issue-1-59522.png)
89089 No. 89089 watch
please upload download locations of dragons hoard issue 1 from rabbit valley
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No. 89179
No. 89559
buy it.
No. 89726
Yeah buy it... and then upload it. :D
No. 89738
No. 89792
need... this... comic... so... bad...
No. 89915
bump again, we need it so bad :o
No. 89924
Guess no one here went to the con =3. Rabbit valley only starts shipping out stuff on 18 from 13 onwards
No. 90199
someone has it yet?
No. 90248
No. 90517
I can't buy it. They're looking at my bank statements.
No. 90518
File: fc90518_dragonshoard1.jpg-(208.30KB, 1024x1518, dragonshoard1.jpg)
No. 90520
thanks! please share the rest.
No. 90528

there better be a page 2 before 24 hours is up
No. 90548
You should be patient
No. 90623

Thanks! :) Looking forward to the rest!
No. 90628
Buying the comic leads to sequels. :D
No. 90662

Not everyone has the money to spend on this kind of thing even if it's cheap. Just sayin'. ;P
No. 90664
i am going to buy this after i have moved to my new place, the problem is that i want this NOW! :<
No. 90669
and another thing what about where to but it i live in england and have never seen any of this stuff
No. 90673
>>90669 You can buy it from Rabbit Valley's website, they most likely ship to the UK. I've brought a few books from Fur Planet and they shipped to my house in England pretty quickly ^^
No. 90897
No. 90905
I hate how people justify this sort of stuff by saying they can't afford it. If your old enough to get a job, then do so. If not, you shouldn't be here anyway.
No. 90933

Ever consider people have more important things to spend money on rather than porn?

you know. Car payments? College? Etc?

I don't give a damn if it's a measly 10 bucks or whatever, when you have to put pretty much all your money forward on car payments, college tuition and groceries, well, fuck you. Plain and simple.
No. 90977

Because when you want something you don't really need, like a DVD or a video game, and can't afford it, you're TOTALLY justified to that shit and should just take it. It doesn't matter if other people need the profits from it for ~their~ college tuition, does it? So long as you get to pet your little dick that's all that matters!
No. 90989

now your getting it!
No. 90990

someone's mad.

No. 91057
Guys, there's no need to argue about this kind of stuff.
Bringing drama and useless conversations ain't gonna help, so just chill.

There's only two options -- either buy it (and post, if you wish so) or wait for someone kind enough to post it here.

-- Bump --
No. 91103
I have the money to buy it, but i prefer to get it for free. And i don't feel bad at all about this :D
No. 91109
im from europe and i dont have a credit card. i practice safer banking, just direct transfers.

soooo if rabbitvalley would support IBAN SWIFT that would be aweseome. but they wont. shipping to europe sucks too. and thats why i request this comic here.
No. 91111
What the fuck do you guys see in this comic anyways?

From >>90518 it really doesn't look like anything special
No. 91137

If you look carefully at that "page", especially the top left panel, it looks like it's been doctored around a bit. So I doubt it's page 1.
No. 91138

Lol, in fact, it was.

No. 91492
And ... Bump !
No. 91568
The way this was posted was freaking terrible, but it would be awesome if we could get this uploaded. Hell, I'd still buy it later when I have the money, it'd just be nice to see it beorehand.
No. 91981
Aww, no one have it yet?
I wonder if we'll ever see it.

Bump !
No. 92140
File: fc92140_1.jpg-(131.36KB, 726x1080, 1.jpg)
No. 92141
File: fc92141_2.jpg-(97.75KB, 720x1080, 2.jpg)
No. 92142
File: fc92142_3.jpg-(128.93KB, 672x1080, 3.jpg)
No. 92143
File: fc92143_4.jpg-(132.04KB, 654x1080, 4.jpg)
No. 92144
File: fc92144_5.jpg-(136.55KB, 662x1080, 5.jpg)
No. 92145
File: fc92145_6.jpg-(123.85KB, 665x1080, 6.jpg)
No. 92146
File: fc92146_7.jpg-(132.86KB, 690x1080, 7.jpg)
No. 92147
File: fc92147_8.jpg-(127.41KB, 720x1080, 8.jpg)
No. 92148
Werent you just on /v/ uploading this? The images are exactly the same nonetheless, Get us a download link ASAP if your done scanning
No. 92149
File: fc92149_9.jpg-(137.87KB, 692x1080, 9.jpg)
No. 92150
File: fc92150_10.jpg-(217.33KB, 1531x1080, 10.jpg)
No. 92151
>>92148 I was not OP in that thread, just uploading what he posted before 404.
No. 92152
Lame. But thanks for the pics.
No. 92153
Yeah, In the mods defense he was posting it on /v/.
No. 92154
All pages.

No. 92173
thank you so much
No. 92182
Unfortunately, they were taken with a camera, but you posted them so thanks a bunch for it.
No. 92207
File: fc92207_marvin1.jpg-(32.53KB, 280x280, marvin1.jpg)
thanks for posting this
No. 92221
please post comic pages
No. 92373
Oh sweet, someone already posted the link. I had forgot that this place existed. Taking the advice someone on lulz, I'm looking around for a used scanner I can buy. If I can find one I'll definitely upload good scans.
No. 92432
File: fc92432_DH11 (Large).jpg-(121.67KB, 679x1080, DH11 (Large).jpg)
No. 92433
File: fc92433_DH12 (Large).jpg-(109.38KB, 631x1080, DH12 (Large).jpg)
No. 92434
File: fc92434_DH13 (Large).jpg-(116.18KB, 651x1080, DH13 (Large).jpg)
No. 92435
File: fc92435_DH14 (Large).jpg-(109.25KB, 686x1080, DH14 (Large).jpg)
No. 92436
File: fc92436_DH15 (Large).jpg-(117.57KB, 690x1080, DH15 (Large).jpg)
No. 92437
File: fc92437_DH16 (Large).jpg-(116.40KB, 678x1080, DH16 (Large).jpg)
No. 92438
File: fc92438_DH17 (Large).jpg-(108.03KB, 673x1080, DH17 (Large).jpg)
No. 92439
File: fc92439_DH18 (Large).jpg-(193.48KB, 1575x1080, DH18 (Large).jpg)
No. 92440
File: fc92440_DH19 (Large).jpg-(129.05KB, 640x1080, DH19 (Large).jpg)
No. 92441
File: fc92441_DH20 (Large).jpg-(135.40KB, 656x1080, DH20 (Large).jpg)
No. 92442
File: fc92442_DH21 (Large).jpg-(137.62KB, 657x1080, DH21 (Large).jpg)
No. 92443
File: fc92443_DH22 (Large).jpg-(132.77KB, 654x1080, DH22 (Large).jpg)
No. 92444
File: fc92444_DH23 (Large).jpg-(126.12KB, 665x1080, DH23 (Large).jpg)
No. 92445
File: fc92445_DH24 (Large).jpg-(123.15KB, 659x1080, DH24 (Large).jpg)
No. 92446
File: fc92446_DH25 (Large).jpg-(255.90KB, 1510x1080, DH25 (Large).jpg)
No. 92447
File: fc92447_DH26 (Large).jpg-(156.50KB, 689x1080, DH26 (Large).jpg)
No. 92448
File: fc92448_DH27 (Large).jpg-(110.56KB, 644x1080, DH27 (Large).jpg)
No. 92449
File: fc92449_DH28 (Large).jpg-(137.18KB, 736x1080, DH28 (Large).jpg)
No. 92450
File: fc92450_DH29 (Large).jpg-(127.35KB, 712x1080, DH29 (Large).jpg)
No. 92451
File: fc92451_DH30 (Large).jpg-(133.20KB, 696x1080, DH30 (Large).jpg)
No. 92452
File: fc92452_DH31 (Large).jpg-(165.03KB, 1443x1080, DH31 (Large).jpg)
No. 92453
File: fc92453_DH32 (Large).jpg-(135.57KB, 708x1080, DH32 (Large).jpg)
No. 92454
File: fc92454_DH33 (Large).jpg-(124.08KB, 682x1080, DH33 (Large).jpg)
No. 92455
File: fc92455_DH34 (Large).jpg-(136.12KB, 677x1080, DH34 (Large).jpg)
No. 92456
File: fc92456_DH35 (Large).jpg-(143.48KB, 637x1080, DH35 (Large).jpg)
No. 92457
File: fc92457_DH36 (Large).jpg-(137.42KB, 724x1080, DH36 (Large).jpg)
No. 92458
File: fc92458_DH37 (Large).jpg-(140.10KB, 657x1080, DH37 (Large).jpg)
No. 92459
File: fc92459_DH38 (Large).jpg-(128.91KB, 704x1080, DH38 (Large).jpg)
No. 92460
File: fc92460_DH39 (Large).jpg-(200.36KB, 1440x1080, DH39 (Large).jpg)
No. 92510
is there any way to make better scans?
No. 92578
Yes, with a scanner
No. 92713

Yes, there is.

No. 92840
Thanks for sharing this!
No. 93039

and nothing of value was lost.
No. 93182
Just wondering, does anyone have better scans of this?
Thanks in advance.
No. 93479
My point being these were taken with a camera, glare like that wouldn't be from a scanner, also carpet.
No. 95462
bump for a scan please?
No. 95463
bump for a scan please?
No. 95525
bump for scanns!
No. 95583
I got scans will be posting after I'm done cleaning them up a bit probably later tonight
No. 95589
Finished faster than I thought enjoy http://shareboo.com/lhjgfg4gd1mhijh6
No. 96221
No. 98249
The download is corrupt. I've tried rapidshare, megaupload and 2shared. All of them eventually give an error on download at roughly the same spot.
Any chance you can just post the scans of Narse+Razrs comic, the one with the dragon and gryph?
No. 98279

Problem's on your end, dude. Megaupload link worked fine for me, and all the images extracted with no corruption.
No. 98280

Problem's on your end, dude. Megaupload link worked fine for me, and all the images extracted with no corruption.
No. 99854
Awesome looking comic. Bump!
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