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File: fc17134_BB_00.jpg-(275.29KB, 680x932, BB_00.jpg)
17134 No. 17134 watch
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No. 51741
No. 51814

the submitter said that he mislabelled it as 8 intsead of 7
No. 54745
hey >>37188 can you post a link were I can download a program that will allow me to play the full flash version.
No. 54797
use internet explorer or firefox
No. 54857
that aint what I ment but I'll try it.
No. 54896
i havent found a swf player that works for win7 yet. so i use firefox
No. 59929
File: fc59929_00.jpg-(200.85KB, 680x935, 00.jpg)
No. 59932
Note: a new thread was started for PBB chapter 9 and chapter 10 here: >>51328 because this thread had gotten so large.
No. 61549
i have the issue 1 - 9 uplaoded at:
No. 71072
Bump for MOAR
No. 71299
-Sigh- any time now please!!!!
No. 72923
No. 72961
Oh yeah I got the full thing. If you want it just say so.
No. 75337
this is awosome
No. 75639
im on my iphone (that may be the problem) but the link is giving me a 404error
Damn i love this comic, and i hsve everything to the first page of 8
Where the hell is the new pages?
No. 75640
Im this guy ^
No. 77371
As I said earlier in this thread - the new PBB thread with Chapters 9 and 10 is at:
Everyone got it now?
No. 78048
Maby if you put a new URL..... Just sayin i found it once before...gota find it again.....lol
(still that guy ^)
No. 78073
No. 78075
Fuck you...
No. 78263
who gives a flying-fuck anyway, Cunt with a capital C; and anyone who reads this utter shite
No. 78506
LOL, y'all mad?

Don't like it? Then GTFO and DIAF.

Also requesting a mod to clean up the stupid here.
No. 84077
No. 85262
SRSLY tryu and finish up issue 8 an 9 more are bound 2 be out now!!
No. 86358
Well guys issue 10 has been finish'd and is nowhere 2 be downloaded its been finished 18/12/10 AND I CANT FIND IT ANYWHERE D:
No. 86513

BUY IT YOURSELF. You ungrateful thief.
No. 86619
>>28676 >>29839
No. 87542
I've got a sub going right now, i'll upload a few images of PBB10 next chance i get.
No. 87634
>>87542 Sounds good- but I believe updates should go here: http://pawsru.org/fc/res/51328.html
No. 88371
Resurrection bump.
No. 93053
No. 93058
>>93053 Spam Spam Spam Spam, Spam Spam Spam Spam, Not very wondeful Spam
No. 94287
File: fc94287_01.jpg-(296.74KB, 680x935, 01.jpg)
i hope it's alright i finish issue 9 for the crowd
No. 94288
File: fc94288_02.jpg-(235.42KB, 680x935, 02.jpg)
i'd heard of this comic a few years ago but paid no real attention to it. recently i read the stories and i have gone completely mad thinking about them
No. 94289
File: fc94289_03.jpg-(295.68KB, 680x935, 03.jpg)
i've even daydreamed of fan fiction for these characters, although i've been afraid of drawing them. i hope someone will post issue 10 soon. i can hardly wait to see what happens
No. 94290
File: fc94290_04.jpg-(399.25KB, 680x935, 04.jpg)
this might be my business alone, but i do intend on joining the site once i've obtained the funds
No. 94291
File: fc94291_05.jpg-(368.79KB, 680x935, 05.jpg)
its not so much of an obsession as it is a passion. i personally am a big fan of history and this storyline combines two of my favorite things: a classic, old time lifestyle and furries
No. 94292
File: fc94292_06.jpg-(760.29KB, 680x935, 06.jpg)
its like hostess snack cakes. two treats in one
No. 94293
File: fc94293_07.jpg-(704.29KB, 680x935, 07.jpg)
that might sound really lame, but i dont care. its just really awesome to me
No. 94294
File: fc94294_08.jpg-(371.53KB, 680x935, 08.jpg)
btw, i really feel for betty. poor thing's heart has been put through the ringer
No. 94295
File: fc94295_09.jpg-(368.24KB, 680x935, 09.jpg)
this also might sound really lame, but if PBB was a romance novel i would be first in line to buy it. i'd have the damn thing signed
No. 94296
File: fc94296_10.jpg-(743.06KB, 680x935, 10.jpg)
No. 94297
File: fc94297_11.jpg-(724.54KB, 680x935, 11.jpg)
No. 94298
File: fc94298_12.jpg-(743.43KB, 680x935, 12.jpg)
No. 94299
File: fc94299_13.jpg-(368.07KB, 680x935, 13.jpg)
i felt that one
No. 94300
welp, i feel like an idiot. i guess i really should explore the site more
No. 94408
File: fc94408_tom-and-jerry-1280x1024.jpg-(13.97KB, 200x226, tom-and-jerry-1280x1024.jpg)
No. 94662
just bumpin', no reason
No. 95134
HentaiMate is up again, you guys can upload full albums there.
No. 96761
Uploading them all to hentaimate again



I'll get the rest later today
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