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File: fc102497_6265b6e5466d98185cdd522c151a37f8.jpg-(215.18KB, 750x930, 6265b6e5466d98185cdd522c151a37f8.jpg)
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Are there any comics out there where two guys are in love with each other, and they talk to each other like "I love you, man" or "you've got a nice cock, bro."

I sometimes get a little tired of comics where one or both of the guys is this little ball of effeminate girlishness.

pic unrelated, but sexy
No. 102500

Might not be what you want but thought I post it either way to help.
No. 102502
Only If You Kiss and Only If I Love You by ArtDecade are like that. You're gonna have to find them somewhere else those since both are DNP here because AD is a mod, and I don't think they're available on his paysite anymore.

I totally agree with you though. I can't stand when people make stories and insist on making the characters into blubberly love birds 'Oh honey I wub you' - especially when you've got an apparently masculine guy and they make them giggle. Guys don't giggle. Children giggle. Teenager girls giggle. Men laugh, chuckle, or snicker.
No. 102503
I also hate it when people think it's okay to have two characters meet, fuck once, then confess their love.
No. 103002

Isn't that how things generally transpire in this fandom?

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