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File: fc84298_fisk_jn-mikeycover.jpg-(75.85KB, 467x719, fisk_jn-mikeycover.jpg)
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Anyone got it yet?
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No. 105825

Bitch had it coming.
No. 105827
>>105823 is this ad for real? or is this something that some fucking internet goon photoshopped or something?
No. 105829

this was a TV comercial, someone added the "censor" blocks but that was a real ad, she was supposed to be orange implying an orange popsicle.

File: fc36921_24mx6du.jpg-(68.94KB, 239x319, 24mx6du.jpg)
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Long long ago, in a galactic forum far away, Muushi.net was a wonderful supplier of comics of the furry variety. all of a sudden, it tanked, got revamped, and glossed over. no more image archive, just forums. Well, they had all three comics of this, but though I've looked, I can no longer find the bloody comic. You, oh patrons of Paws.ru, I beseech thee. Dost thou have the three comics?
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No. 88416
Resurrection bump.
No. 105270
Blacksad has been picked up by Dark Horse Books, unfortunately they only published the first three stories. I can only assume that they intend to publish "Hell, Silence" and the Blacksad Christmas in a future volume
No. 105315

In the final panel of this, he's obviously talking about TV Tropes.

File: fc73283_fc22343_P493 (1).jpg-(478.31KB, 860x1133, fc22343_P493 (1).jpg)
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No. 103832
And now we wait for another page.
No. 105272
No. 105320
>>73283 yes

File: fc84568_furronika_tsorgy01.jpg-(270.12KB, 905x1280, furronika_tsorgy01.jpg)
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No. 105860
File: fc105860_NigaBurger.gif-(71.06KB, 334x385, NigaBurger.gif)
more kitt
No. 105925
No. 106241
File: fc106241_firsttime.jpg-(98.48KB, 1100x624, firsttime.jpg)

File: fc97761_01.jpg-(540.97KB, 1200x1715, 01.jpg)
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No. 102509
no lube, what a pro.

also I support this plot. Only 1 page wasted till you get to the important stuff.
No. 106242
File: fc106242_Sobyou_01.jpg-(1.38MB, 1410x2000, Sobyou_01.jpg)
[Monty & Po-Ju] Sobyou.zip
No. 106243
File: fc106243_Zoanthropy_01.jpg-(1.22MB, 1479x2100, Zoanthropy_01.jpg)
[Mugen Koubou] Zoanthropy.zip

File: fc39723_meesh_werewolfncorgi01-small.jpg-(87.02KB, 563x727, meesh_werewolfncorgi01-small.jpg)
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Anyone have Meesh's "Werewolf and the Corgi" full comic, all in color?
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No. 106297
British english has a u in favorite. Try harder.
No. 106300
In Canada favourite is written with a "U" too, I think America is the one that is screwed up.

Metric system and Celsius, Fuck Yeah.
No. 106301
*In Canada, favourite...

File: fc79641_1289450012.scappo_agg_characterssheetv2.jpg-(267.34KB, 810x1004, 1289450012.scappo_agg_characterssheetv2.jpg)
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Apparently Scappo has been working on a comic written by Alps Sarsis with those two as main characters for a bit now, he says it's on sexyfur so I was wondering if anyone could get it?I would look on the sexyfur thread but I can't seem to find it anymore...:(
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No. 106298
just open the .jpg as a rar. Don't fuck around with the extensions. Right click, open with... ect.
No. 106310
If you only save the image, you only get the image, eh? Right click SAVE LINK AS.

Saving picture as gives you the bare jpeg picture, with NO hidden content.
No. 106382
It's not a rar archive. It's an .ace archive. Try using something that opens .ace files.

File: fc88471_Isolation Play Cover.jpg-(112.41KB, 313x475, Isolation Play Cover.jpg)
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Anyone have the full book? or a link to a torrent of it? Just got done reading Out of Position and I need more!
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No. 100301
hey vectorman, nice work on removing the spine shadow (how did you do that?)

do you have the images in a high-quailty version without jpeg artifacts? could you make a zip/rar archive and upload it somewhere?
No. 100399
File: fc100399_Kyell.Gold.-.Isolation.Play.(raw).rar.jpg-(330.70KB, 357x265, Kyell.Gold.-.Isolation.Play.(raw).rar.jpg)
> how did you do that?
It's simple i use:
Scan Tailor, ScanKromsator, Book Restorer for cut and split page. http://www.djvu-soft.narod.ru/ a lot of manuals and "how to" for scanning and post processing.
Photoshop/PaintNet for removing black shadow border and reposition missing letters.

> do you have the images in a high-quailty version without jpeg artifacts?
Sorry but no, i use >>93598 scans.

Hi all! I need help.
This is rarjpg contain a raw OCR version of this good book in .txt format, but i need help with proofreading and spell check.
No. 106413
Vectorman, the file you posted is missing page 240. Otherwise it's perfect. Would you please fix it? Thx

File: fc98711_title_PR2.jpg-(191.26KB, 490x700, title_PR2.jpg)
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Is this available yet? I can't read japanese for crap but I believe the site has it on sale.

whatever the case, do want.
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No. 105913
Bump, I really want this and i'm too cheap to buy shit.
No. 106369
File: fc106369_uo31600.jpg-(151.29KB, 1200x924, uo31600.jpg)
No. 106372

Why do her bangs levitate upwards?

File: fc104262_04.jpg-(313.14KB, 919x1300, 04.jpg)
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No. 106407
File: fc106407_lady jimga.gif-(214.11KB, 171x119, lady jimga.gif)
lol y u mad though?
No. 106439
File: fc106439_delete.jpg-(83.72KB, 1520x864, delete.jpg)
No. 106514
File: fc106514_fc98840_1285849602844.jpg-(16.15KB, 333x360, fc98840_1285849602844.jpg)
You are incorrect, and a fucking tool to boot.

File: fc100635_130073370832.jpg-(148.51KB, 763x1100, 130073370832.jpg)
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No. 106706

Everything I know about lesbianism I learned from South Park.
No. 106741
>>106705 Called D-Yikes, season 11 Episode 6
No. 106749
Kami claims on her Fur Affinity journal that the comic was never intended to be amputee-focused. She's also denied changing the comic to suit people's complaints, while also letting slip that the comic's been ready to go since January and that the Legless Wonder was indeed originally designed to showcase a fetish (inflation instead of amputation; she was reworked)...

So if that is the case, why was there an extra week's break in posting straight after people started going "Ick" at the amputee fetishism? Especially if the comic was ready to post two or three months ago? Why does everything posted since then look like it's been drawn with the aim of taking the focus off Ghola's leglessness?

I don't think we're getting the entire truth, but I'll just be happy if we mostly see the mousegirly getting fucked from now on. Less legless gobbling, more squeaking!

Pity her rear's off-limits.

File: fc92483_qff12_page00.jpg-(234.56KB, 673x1000, qff12_page00.jpg)
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Fresh thread for Quest for Fun and other Vixine Comics.

Chapter 12 and beyond can go here.
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No. 104868
well okay sorry for the insult i got carried away (but you still owe us big time)
No. 105584
bumpin for glory
No. 106746
bump please

File: fc105220_1.jpg-(569.37KB, 1200x917, 1.jpg)
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No. 106476
No. 106627
No. 106743

File: fc104232_01.png-(296.22KB, 825x1275, 01.png)
104232 No. 104232 hide watch expand quickreply   [Reply]
For the MLP fans

16 posts and 8 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 106710
You're a fucking idiot.
No. 106714
File: fc106714_130108592568.gif-(821.04KB, 350x338, 130108592568.gif)
No. 106724

Pot calling the kettle black.

File: fc106022_phoca_thumb_l_1.jpg-(482.28KB, 1280x1024, phoca_thumb_l_1.jpg)
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Guys, anyone got this comic full?
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No. 106679
They are already re-uploaded.
No. 106712
And furfags wonder why people hate them.
No. 106723
File: fc106723_1303101079788.jpg-(35.49KB, 500x367, 1303101079788.jpg)
really wtf

File: fc74132_1287799471196.jpg-(222.34KB, 900x1224, 1287799471196.jpg)
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I have part 1 of this. Can somebody please post the end?
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No. 106470
File: fc106470_428197 - Arthur_Pendragon Disney DrSpengler King_A.jpg-(445.86KB, 1300x1000, 428197 - Arthur_Pendragon Disney DrSpengler King_A.jpg)
No. 106659

more squirrely goodness
No. 106722
File: fc106722_sample-f05d5c0f3ab7b64caff54507833ce800.jpg-(257.33KB, 850x1201, sample-f05d5c0f3ab7b64caff54507833ce800.jpg)

File: fc106250_Nini_SecretBeach_DKInu.jpg-(446.56KB, 759x1000, Nini_SecretBeach_DKInu.jpg)
106250 No. 106250 hide watch quickreply   [Reply]
Anyone happen to have any of these three portfolios from this one?
No. 106256
>>106250 2009 CD http://shareboo.com/54jbgr8gbx3aeakqwe
No. 106283

No. 106720
Alrighty, that's one down. How about the other two?

File: fc36167_sample_9dbd4ac90931e04f4abde934fc98ce84.jpg-(98.58KB, 584x800, sample_9dbd4ac90931e04f4abde934fc98ce84.jpg)
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Look! This is only the first part!
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No. 106707
File: fc106707_5664863972_9bcc18a387_o.jpg-(304.56KB, 800x600, 5664863972_9bcc18a387_o.jpg)
Now that we have established our base, We'll be stay here...for a long long time..Maw ha ha ha!
No. 106708
File: fc106708_youmad_tif_jpeg_bmp_tga_png_pic_gif.jpg-(115.43KB, 400x504, youmad_tif_jpeg_bmp_tga_png_pic_gif.jpg)

Aww poor baby - was 4chan down today?
No. 106709
File: fc106709_1277411091073.jpg-(40.66KB, 409x600, 1277411091073.jpg)

File: fc86312_1157844691.fluke_whatapup.jpg-(295.26KB, 960x720, 1157844691.fluke_whatapup.jpg)
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/r/ heat 7.rar
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No. 106466
File: fc106466_Tirrel haves fun.png-(379.11KB, 475x330, Tirrel haves fun.png)

I'm having fun guys lets play a game!
No. 106664
You would think that's funny. >>106466
No. 106703
Hitler says:
Du bist ein dummes Stück Scheiße.
(You are a dumb piece of Shit.)

File: fc70929_untamed-volume-1-59260.jpg-(30.30KB, 355x555, untamed-volume-1-59260.jpg)
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This comic looks promising. If anyone has it, please post 'er up.
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No. 98268
any chance for better scans:)
would be awsome
thanks for your time
No. 101638
i agree,scans would be most epic,but thanks for the pictures
No. 103098

can't read the text T_T ....

File: fc103641_01.jpg-(207.88KB, 763x1100, 01.jpg)
103641 No. 103641 hide watch expand quickreply   [Reply]
Clean Thread Time!
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No. 106634
Bump o3o
No. 106657
Bump bumppity bump bump bump
No. 106689
File: fc106689_130434272217.jpg-(127.75KB, 763x1100, 130434272217.jpg)
In we go.

File: fc22017_whatsthison.png-(702.73KB, 1246x1642, whatsthison.png)
22017 No. 22017 hide watch expand quickreply   [Reply] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts]
Does anyone have the rest of this comic?
215 posts and 53 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 100473

So, wat about the rest of the comic before it? were the other pages finally colored in??
No. 102737
Anyone have the rest?
No. 106675
ressurection bump

File: fc74171_f11ca8fa43f2758f49cba265d109eb45.jpg-(358.75KB, 600x762, f11ca8fa43f2758f49cba265d109eb45.jpg)
74171 No. 74171 hide watch expand quickreply   [Reply] [Last 50 posts]
I know it's sometimes fun. I know you may all be bored waiting for the next page. And i know there are certain times where it IS in good taste. But let me lay down a simple rule:


Many trolls may read this and say: "awww, stupid heavy modderation/china/nofun." But honestly, none of that has to do with this decision. Honestly, i find most of the threads hilarious.

The problem is that for every post of spam you drop, I have to go in and clean it up. It wouldn't be so bad if they were 1 or 2 posts... but lately it's been more like 200. I don't get paid to do this, and honestly this makes my life just that much more difficult.

If you want a borne thread to pass the time, make it in /dis/. If you want an eyebrows thread to pass the time, make it in /dis/. I won't delete threads in /dis/ that are created for awesomely fun spam. It's when you hijack threads here, that it becomes a problem.

So in short, just go to /dis/ and make my life a little easier.
Hell, if you're so lazy you don't want to go to /dis/, just do it in this thread. I don't mind that.
90 posts and 15 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 106251
No. 106281
No. 106655
Need I say more?

File: fc51328_fc41657_BB9_00.jpg-(255.35KB, 680x936, fc41657_BB9_00.jpg)
51328 No. 51328 hide watch quickreply   [Reply] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts]
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No. 106084
>>105903 if someone dont cnow ed means erectile dysfunction :>
No. 106146

Unless you work with a good program that lets you choice the quality of the image, without pixel loss and still able to get a decent or partial JPG compression.


Usually I'm picky on which files should stay loseless, it's great to have HQ stuff, but owning it has an high price. A single HQ mp3 file weighs around 10 mb, that's still a bit much for a mp3; a loseless flac file weighs 4 or 5 more times than that, and we are only talking about audio files here.
No. 106645

File: fc23542_1246611320_kamicheetah_oralcover.png-(699.49KB, 1092x775, 1246611320_kamicheetah_oralcover.png)
23542 No. 23542 hide watch expand quickreply   [Reply] [Last 50 posts]
boy do i ever have one. ;p

anyone got?
64 posts and 10 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 88591
>>88562 That is Kami, Kamicheetah's fursona/character.
No. 89823
Thanks! I've been looking for more of this character for a long time.
No. 106557
still looking for the portfolio with the same name

File: fc53320_65cd8e94837367fb8bd76328b02e2d10.png-(675.42KB, 975x1335, 65cd8e94837367fb8bd76328b02e2d10.png)
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No. 106520
File: fc106520_RaAhBBk4Tj3fm4p2KUS9ngono1_500.png-(189.00KB, 500x375, RaAhBBk4Tj3fm4p2KUS9ngono1_500.png)
the faggotry, is too big in this comic.
No. 106524
File: fc106524_motivator5f86c37f1677f41e0ebf61cea339fbbf45de7cd3.jpg-(79.57KB, 750x600, motivator5f86c37f1677f41e0ebf61cea339fbbf45de7cd3.jpg)
No. 106527
File: fc106527_limitedtimeoffer.jpg-(19.25KB, 300x300, limitedtimeoffer.jpg)
>Entire Thread

File: fc30671_2009-10-05-SWEET-CHRISTMAS-ITS-A-WOLF-GET-IN-THE-C.png-(285.24KB, 940x369, 2009-10-05-SWEET-CHRISTMAS-ITS-A-WOLF-GET-IN-THE-C.png)
30671 No. 30671 hide watch quickreply   [Reply] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts]
Ok, so I vaguely remember seeing some of Rick Griffin's 'Housepets' comic photoshoped to be porn. Will I will not say that seeing boobs poorly attached the chests of Rick Griffin's style of anthropomorphic cat was nothing short of mortifying, I think that with the appearnce of a studmuffin wolf I am in entitled to drool over him and want to see more of him (Get it? More?). If the previously mentioned photoshop catastrophy had been removed due to complaints from the artist I apologise in advance. Still, any change of seeing more of this wolf? (Get it? More? Photoshop? Hmmm? Hmmm?)
299 posts and 142 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 106471
File: fc106471_fannovelnj7.png-(776.52KB, 599x617, fannovelnj7.png)
I TRIPLE DOG DARE someone to do a parody of this with King, Fox, Grape, and Peanut.
No. 106473
File: fc106473_Fox4.png-(13.25KB, 91x100, Fox4.png)
Fox bashed into the door of King’s house, but Fox had little time to describe it.

“King, I am home now!” He shouted as he smoldered at the doorway. His bandana suddenly fell off and rippled across the floor “And I am so handsome and also my bandana is off?”

“Oooh, Fox, oooh!” King moaned. He rested a hand on his head as he swooned toward his canine lover. Suddenly, the corgi leapt into Fox’s arms, smiling warmly.

“Let’s do it.” King whispered quietly to his husky boyfriend. “Yes.” Fox replied, and he gazed into the corgi’s beep blue eyes. “And I will leave my bandana on.” He suddenly dropped King to the floor to pick up and put on his bandanna, only to pick King up again and carry him to the Bedroom of the house.

Meanwhile, within a twenty-mile radius of the event, all the female pets in Babylon Gardens moaned with pleasure as their collars began to rip off in a dramatic fashion. “FOX!” They all clamored.

The male pets, however, began to swoon as they all suddenly became gay. “FOX!” They all shouted.

Overall, it was amazing.
No. 106519
>>106355 Needs color.

File: fc80934_c2ce79aadda424571838c7e5ae01352a.jpg-(339.88KB, 1000x698, c2ce79aadda424571838c7e5ae01352a.jpg)
80934 No. 80934 hide watch expand quickreply   [Reply] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts]
Must have in the name of the Hentai Gods!
113 posts and 63 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 106304
oh yeah, so?
I've just ended to use the 6th as toilet paper
No. 106415

No. 106494
Too mainstream

File: fc27145_wot.png-(127.62KB, 700x420, wot.png)
27145 No. 27145 hide watch quickreply   [Reply] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts]
Does anybody here have cerberus(tirrel) porn. Like a torrent of it would be fine. I mean if there is any record, ya know. Like does anyone here even possesed it. It would be wonderful if somebody does have it. In any case if there is no porn and it was just a rumor then please dissregard this theard, and i would like to apologize this belong to the furry male section, i mean by the looks of this it would belong here under one subject, please and thank you
352 posts and 249 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 106447
File: fc106447_1112.png-(391.97KB, 1024x600, 1112.png)
No. 106448
File: fc106448_1113.png-(275.99KB, 1024x600, 1113.png)
No. 106451
File: fc106451_AntonChigurh.jpg-(17.76KB, 396x291, AntonChigurh.jpg)
When I kill you Tirrel, you will have no warning beforehand.

File: fc93223_bxjpg2.png-(1.06MB, 850x1100, bxjpg2.png)
93223 No. 93223 hide watch expand quickreply   [Reply] [Last 50 posts]
57 posts and 15 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 105816
File: fc105816_bandb.jpg-(15.05KB, 320x260, bandb.jpg)

Heheheheheheh....he said loosen.
No. 106045
File: fc106045_1302284293078.gif-(15.38KB, 1036x772, 1302284293078.gif)
The only problem with these, is that Brian, is a tad too femmy looking. Jasper being fem-ish is fine, and fits him. Brian on the other hand, should look a little more manly.

But other then that, can't wait for them to have sex.
No. 106139
You know SethIova is gonna make us wait two more pages for the smex... Tis obvious

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