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File: fc106993_1299362622.heartabcd_luca6.jpg-(167.36KB, 1280x1280, 1299362622.heartabcd_luca6.jpg)
106993 No. 106993 Locked Stickied hide watch quickreply   [Reply]
We'll have a new one soon. This one stays locked.

File: fc98916_fc39481_Epic trap comics.jpg-(15.41KB, 205x300, fc39481_Epic trap comics.jpg)
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Clean Thread Time!
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No. 105802
sooooo bump!
No. 106678
No. 106994
did the artist stop making this comic?

File: fc94537_c7341_41ca77d205ae3d7217bf1b0e79dbba3e[1].jpg-(195.56KB, 698x1000, c7341_41ca77d205ae3d7217bf1b0e79dbba3e[1].jpg)
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Does anybody have this comic ?
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No. 102559
Rukis's Cruelty.
No. 102573

If you ask me, that's not a porn comic it's a romance comic. Yes, there is pornographic material but it's only a couple pages, was released seperately, and is not very important to the story whether the sex is included or merely implied.
No. 102579
Okay, this is officially the stupidest thing I've ever seen in porn. I seriously cannot express how much I laughed at this. I've heard of sparkledogs, but WHY IN THE FUCK IS THE INSIDE OF HIS ASSHOLE GLOWING?

File: fc98258_01.png-(422.97KB, 900x571, 01.png)
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No. 102429
didnt you notice something wrong in how the story was moving?
the first page number (5) is actually number 8
someone made a mistake as you can see there is 2 pages with the name (5)
No. 102598
>>102429 Maybe they were blind
No. 102614
File: fc102614_sdfgsdfgsdfgtgcrvrvrvrfewcd.jpg-(18.76KB, 175x130, sdfgsdfgsdfgtgcrvrvrvrfewcd.jpg)

File: fc105402_1.jpg-(195.14KB, 796x1100, 1.jpg)
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Little Buddy 1 >>>> http://pawsru.org/fc/res/105385.html
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No. 106715

No. 106864
bump fer interest
No. 106989

File: fc96806_17.jpg-(764.33KB, 757x1200, 17.jpg)
96806 No. 96806 hide watch expand quickreply   [Reply]
Does anyone have the colored version of this comic?
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No. 102924
the whole comic was on here somewhere, bodyguard makes the kid suck him off while videotaping it, turning the kid into his fucktoy if he dosent keep sucking, the video goes on the net
No. 102945
Yeah but the full colored one hasn't been posted yet.
No. 103017

File: fc66090_1221033370.terdburgler_lindastory1-0.jpg-(148.58KB, 599x775, 1221033370.terdburgler_lindastory1-0.jpg)
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Anyone have pages 16-18 of this comic?
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No. 95522
No. 97490
bumping this thread
No. 103058
Bump, I am the savior of dis thread bow to me nigguhz

File: fc102754_1302041398515.jpg-(116.88KB, 927x1200, 1302041398515.jpg)
102754 No. 102754 hide watch expand quickreply   [Reply]
looking for this set, anyone help me out?
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No. 103060
File: fc103060_fixed.jpg-(141.96KB, 947x1200, fixed.jpg)
No. 103119
File: fc103119_Peter's McStroke.jpg-(19.15KB, 169x296, Peter's McStroke.jpg)

stop mocking me!
No. 103181

really? it was moderated out of everything on here you felt like that was the one thing?
this is why this site is going to shit
nice job

File: fc100569_00196116f264ce7898f042f43e2a34d3.jpg-(160.34KB, 638x825, 00196116f264ce7898f042f43e2a34d3.jpg)
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Was there ever more of this? Anywhere?
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No. 101878

No. 103138
No. 103350
No, that's all there ever was, chill the fuck out...

File: fc85395_1287936366277.png-(558.96KB, 656x1000, 1287936366277.png)
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requesting the comic that goes with this pic
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No. 88230
Resurrection bump.
No. 103182
that is bump in the night i believe
No. 103468
yes it is acomic,pretty amazing but it has a gay part and that kills it.

File: fc9246_12107787067.jpg-(227.37KB, 827x524, 12107787067.jpg)
9246 No. 9246 hide watch expand quickreply   [Reply] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts]
where did this comic go? and does anyone know when the next page of this comic will be posted?
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No. 90427
File: fc90427_FRANK troll.jpg-(117.01KB, 360x480, FRANK troll.jpg)
you mad?
No. 90446
File: fc90446_Me_Mad_Preposterous!.jpg-(231.43KB, 720x576, Me_Mad_Preposterous!.jpg)
No. 91982

File: fc27610_EC1.jpg-(102.15KB, 696x1050, EC1.jpg)
27610 No. 27610 hide watch expand quickreply   [Reply] [Last 50 posts]
Does anyone half all of Meesh's Eye candy comic? I'm missing some pages, sadly.
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No. 92094

By default when one gets the urge to respond to a pic in response to a post, that automatically confirms the poster of the response to be mad. So congrats- u mad.
No. 92107
>>92094 No original thought in this person's brain or rather lack of brain. Please respond again to confirm your idiocy.
No. 92272

File: fc92252_1.jpg-(433.91KB, 782x1200, 1.jpg)
92252 No. 92252 hide watch expand quickreply   [Reply]
Hot stuff tough I think the wolf's face are quite twisted.
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No. 92264
File: fc92264_13.jpg-(614.27KB, 783x1200, 13.jpg)
Download: http://adf.ly/PMQn

Hope you liked=)
If you would like to show appreciation please press the above link- its only 5 seconds which I sincerely gonna be thankful for.
No. 92282

LOL Womb
No. 92291
mods please move to /fc/
OR /m/

File: fc50849_1165566754.miles-df_havy_metal__page01_.jpg-(176.60KB, 1000x692, 1165566754.miles-df_havy_metal__page01_.jpg)
50849 No. 50849 hide watch expand quickreply   [Reply]
anyone have the rest of this comic?
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No. 92369
File: fc92369_bodybuilder3.jpg-(30.87KB, 306x390, bodybuilder3.jpg)
<- not even that guy?
No. 92377
What a pussy.... lol
No. 92416
>>92369 I doubt that guy can even still move normally. Though I think he needs to be euthanised with all that cancer growth.

File: fc94393_pitw_52x.jpg-(91.13KB, 600x911, pitw_52x.jpg)
94393 No. 94393 hide watch expand quickreply   [Reply]
Does anyone know what this is from? Sorry, the pic is the only info I have. Thx.
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No. 94647
File: fc94647_sarah-keepdoingthat.jpg-(69.75KB, 600x480, sarah-keepdoingthat.jpg)
No. 94648
File: fc94648_1261512953_maverikat_maverik_ashley-2.jpg-(100.81KB, 600x750, 1261512953_maverikat_maverik_ashley-2.jpg)
No. 106978
it's a web comic called PETER IS THE WOLF.

it's a great comic. here's a link.


File: fc94059_3.jpg-(190.97KB, 584x1000, 3.jpg)
94059 No. 94059 hide watch expand quickreply   [Reply]
Hot comic by ICEman (can be found at furaffinity).
Wolf x Dragon:)
1 post omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 94241
>>94059 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=py6s9SeUXX4
No. 94242
anyone have another link witch doesn't have downloaders on it (thank you anti virus)
No. 94809
File: fc94809_ice_comic_commission_xavier_pg1v600x.jpg-(92.22KB, 593x800, ice_comic_commission_xavier_pg1v600x.jpg)

File: fc84992_05.jpg-(130.72KB, 577x800, 05.jpg)
84992 No. 84992 hide watch expand quickreply   [Reply]
Has this been posted here before?
6 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 95305
No. 95306
can we have a bump
No. 95952
Here you go: http://bitshare.com/?f=3uobylog

File: fc93310_Page01.jpg-(160.78KB, 717x1050, Page01.jpg)
93310 No. 93310 hide watch expand quickreply   [Reply]
found this comic in a DL link, enjoy~
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No. 93939
File: fc93939_Anubis_Dark_Desire-v3_38.jpg-(1.54MB, 1100x1675, Anubis_Dark_Desire-v3_38.jpg)
Michele also did the back cover of Anubis: Dark Desire #3.
No. 94065
anyone got the A:DD comic?
No. 94592
Is there a Michele Light thread in here?

File: fc66724_1.jpg-(214.43KB, 713x1050, 1.jpg)
66724 No. 66724 hide watch expand quickreply   [Reply]
I actually really liked this one. However, the ending was never posted. Can someone help me :3
26 posts and 19 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 88244
Resurrection bump.
No. 94619

Bump - Link to last page is a dead link.

Can we have the last page posted?>>66897
No. 94624
File: fc94624_091112.jpg-(162.07KB, 713x1050, 091112.jpg)

File: fc96193_1276292563.scappo_collectingsamples_cover.jpg-(507.39KB, 776x1041, 1276292563.scappo_collectingsamples_cover.jpg)
96193 No. 96193 hide watch expand quickreply   [Reply]
Anyone feel like sharing?
27 posts and 16 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 97003
File: fc97003_Tseduction00.jpg-(299.86KB, 668x857, Tseduction00.jpg)
>>96295 http://shareboo.com/bfbchcqebtvcjjocb2
No. 97038
File: fc97038_awesome.jpg-(62.44KB, 560x448, awesome.jpg)
No. 97343
File: fc97343_Ultramarines.jpg-(54.45KB, 400x500, Ultramarines.jpg)

File: fc95199_Source.jpg-(135.67KB, 547x800, Source.jpg)
95199 No. 95199 hide watch expand quickreply   [Reply]
Looking for anymore of this
10 posts and 1 image omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 97381

seconded! we need a translation!
No. 97510
shame that (pic on top) that was really the only good comic in mofu mofu 3, also shame that it was censored.

and thanks for first and second mofu's
No. 97703
uncensored page of mofu mofu 3 http://wildcritters.net/wc/post/show/26682/

hope i found a useful one of the uncensored copys.

File: fc97796_inutonotawamure_001.png-(1.43MB, 1240x1752, inutonotawamure_001.png)
97796 No. 97796 hide watch expand quickreply   [Reply]
Download here: http://adf.ly/jpnH

effin' hot!
Captain Komomora(bleach) x Genryu-san(old but as a fabulous body and incredible stretchy ass, from bleach also)
I think Genryu put a spell on Komomora or something like that(his eyes are shining), and then at the middle of the sex the spell was off and Komomora just loved it so he continued on and on;]
31 posts and 18 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 99452
Hey, isn't the artist named Bomb or something? Does anyone have any other comics by him?
No. 99463
File: fc99463_hahahahah.jpg-(21.62KB, 221x169, hahahahah.jpg)
nigga be crazy >:(
No. 99601
what's the artist name?

File: fc105743_f112582_1276440730.zed001_set1_poster.jpg-(251.40KB, 900x700, f112582_1276440730.zed001_set1_poster.jpg)
105743 No. 105743 hide watch expand quickreply   [Reply]
Any picture of this set,especially the fox cub on the right.
18 posts and 5 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 106389
Anyone has he's male Sam's pictures there was with plush toys or something but he took them down.
No. 106863
Can you post some more please? I'm sure the artist doesn't care. He made his work unavailable, and left the scene for good anyway.
No. 106969

>artist draws cub porn

riiiight.... post it anyways! its not like hes going to care

File: fc68735_downloaddd3.jpg-(4.22KB, 190x195, downloaddd3.jpg)
68735 No. 68735 hide watch expand quickreply   [Reply] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts]
In this topic I accept orders on artpack Artist from FA
You can say a nickname or post a picture of the author

sample pack
103 posts and 22 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 106690
File: fc106690_chicken_feet.jpg-(76.62KB, 504x374, chicken_feet.jpg)
No. 106740
File: fc106740_tumblr_la1eqx2vGf1qb30iko1_400.jpg-(25.13KB, 400x302, tumblr_la1eqx2vGf1qb30iko1_400.jpg)
OOOH is dat sum chickin feets?!
No. 106967
File: fc106967_56c175a9242e51750e33f39b9217660c.jpg-(313.40KB, 992x827, 56c175a9242e51750e33f39b9217660c.jpg)

File: fc99645_1243880747.dnapalmhead_mega_montage.jpg-(444.93KB, 1255x1044, 1243880747.dnapalmhead_mega_montage.jpg)
99645 No. 99645 hide watch expand quickreply   [Reply]

Anyone has this? I think it's called Q&A. It's from DNApalmhead, and it's supposed to be a side story to Free lunch
11 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 103198
No. 103318
Someone must have it
Don't give up
No. 103640
I hope SO

File: fc91073_1294688530_gideon_new-stuff-2011-1.jpg-(464.20KB, 850x546, 1294688530_gideon_new-stuff-2011-1.jpg)
91073 No. 91073 hide watch expand quickreply   [Reply]
Does anyone have a copy of the pdf?
35 posts and 1 image omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 104676
You bump,
He bump,
Everybody bump
No. 105581
No. 105582

File: fc97132_normal__c8098a3bf5cfdecba8103d9a5449d189_ze.jpg-(72.88KB, 550x723, normal__c8098a3bf5cfdecba8103d9a5449d189_ze.jpg)
97132 No. 97132 hide watch expand quickreply   [Reply]
I looking more of her porn
22 posts and 18 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 102909
Oh god not the queen of blades.... >.>
No. 105326
ultra bump
No. 105565
File: fc105565_319 - Kerrigan sienna Starcraft Zeratul.jpg-(394.39KB, 900x832, 319 - Kerrigan sienna Starcraft Zeratul.jpg)
Done by sienna (hentai-foundry)

File: fc69297_page00.jpg-(21.60KB, 200x283, page00.jpg)
69297 No. 69297 hide watch expand quickreply   [Reply]
43 posts and 9 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 90696
could have sworn it was because it's a basement full of slave laborers from India. it explains the speed and lack of quality in art and grammar.

that video was almost gut retching
No. 90750
No. 101665
>>69297 http://g.e-hentai.org/s/72b19d87d3/334563-11

File: fc86742_1186616513.bussaca_goaltendingsml.jpg-(250.70KB, 800x1040, 1186616513.bussaca_goaltendingsml.jpg)
86742 No. 86742 hide watch expand quickreply   [Reply]
1 of 11
24 posts and 10 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 100522
File: fc100522_chuck.jpg-(91.54KB, 750x680, chuck.jpg)
No. 102094
hmm....more would be nice
No. 102174
Fuck....I want to be that goalie so fucking BADLY!!!!!!

File: fc60732_demicoeur_3dognight01.jpg-(0.98MB, 1280x989, demicoeur_3dognight01.jpg)
60732 No. 60732 hide watch expand quickreply   [Reply] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts]
Interesting comic by Demicoeur from FA. Awesome art and great potential. No schedule for updates, but you can always watch the account on FA.
274 posts and 78 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 100913
whaaaaaaaat not cool i found an awsomely drawn comic and it stops............. well back to serching... :(
No. 102291
No. 102402
Her arts not even that good, I've seen a lot better and she charges a ridiculous amount of money for commissions

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