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File: f101051_apkittybj.jpg-(49.23KB, 610x800, apkittybj.jpg)
101051 No. 101051 watch
Got this stuff from a friend, so I'm passing it along. As she said:

>sharue (www.furaffinity.net/user/sharue) draws loads of cub art, but she keeps it all at a secret URL she only gives out to friends. one of them leaked it, and that's where this came from.

Sorry I couldn't get the URL, but here's teh download link I was given for those people who don't have something like Downthemall -


This is a separate thread from Ka/Cub because there's (harsh) stuff in here I don't think would fit well in that thread. You'll know it when you see it (and then you may or may not shit brix).

(I'll be going by folder - there's a load of drawings in the main AP folder, plus three subfolders labeled "FMB", "SMB" and "FN". This pic's from the main folder. I may not get everything uploaded this session, so bear with me - there's a lot of pics. Also, a lot of them come in an inked and an uninked version, so where possible I'll just post the inked ones if that's okay with everyone - I don't think Sharue's sketches are that great, anyway.)
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No. 101053
File: f101053_bdaykit.jpg-(211.06KB, 800x597, bdaykit.jpg)
Going alphabetically.
No. 101054
File: f101054_bearcub.jpg-(266.27KB, 2000x2000, bearcub.jpg)
No. 101055
File: f101055_bearcub2.jpg-(450.05KB, 2000x2604, bearcub2.jpg)
No. 101056
File: f101056_BunAP1i.jpg-(273.90KB, 1454x2000, BunAP1i.jpg)
No. 101058
File: f101058_BunnyAP2i.jpg-(256.10KB, 1367x2000, BunnyAP2i.jpg)
No. 101060
File: f101060_BunnyAP3i.jpg-(332.88KB, 1600x2000, BunnyAP3i.jpg)
No. 101065
File: f101065_BunAP4i.jpg-(238.60KB, 1379x2000, BunAP4i.jpg)
No. 101066
File: f101066_bunmouseageplay.jpg-(314.26KB, 627x800, bunmouseageplay.jpg)
No. 101068
File: f101068_bunsmb5.jpg-(200.50KB, 2000x1530, bunsmb5.jpg)
No. 101070
File: f101070_cheetahageplay.jpg-(303.24KB, 800x593, cheetahageplay.jpg)
No. 101071
File: f101071_CleoSha.jpg-(251.07KB, 2000x2000, CleoSha.jpg)
No. 101073
File: f101073_collieap1i.jpg-(236.46KB, 2000x2000, collieap1i.jpg)
No. 101074
File: f101074_colliesi.jpg-(109.79KB, 1000x1000, colliesi.jpg)
No. 101075
File: f101075_cubdog.jpg-(202.84KB, 2000x2000, cubdog.jpg)
No. 101076
File: f101076_doodle.jpg-(143.08KB, 2000x2000, doodle.jpg)
No. 101077
File: f101077_DoSi.jpg-(268.83KB, 2000x2000, DoSi.jpg)
No. 101080
File: f101080_dreams.jpg-(203.96KB, 2000x2000, dreams.jpg)
No. 101082
File: f101082_em5i.jpg-(258.40KB, 2000x2000, em5i.jpg)
No. 101083
File: f101083_emlast1i.jpg-(211.95KB, 1984x1386, emlast1i.jpg)
No. 101084
File: f101084_fox.jpg-(79.17KB, 800x737, fox.jpg)
No. 101085
File: f101085_foxdouble.jpg-(210.87KB, 800x583, foxdouble.jpg)
No. 101086
File: f101086_gabfirstdick.jpg-(77.94KB, 800x697, gabfirstdick.jpg)
No. 101087
File: f101087_girlscouti.jpg-(360.03KB, 2000x2000, girlscouti.jpg)
No. 101088
File: f101088_girlscoutsi3.jpg-(308.39KB, 2000x2000, girlscoutsi3.jpg)
No. 101089
File: f101089_Hailey.jpg-(220.63KB, 2000x2000, Hailey.jpg)
No. 101090
File: f101090_hcan.jpg-(235.19KB, 2000x2000, hcan.jpg)
No. 101091
File: f101091_HemYnaAP.jpg-(67.21KB, 800x612, HemYnaAP.jpg)
No. 101092
File: f101092_herm.jpg-(295.43KB, 2537x2053, herm.jpg)
No. 101093
File: f101093_hermap.jpg-(86.04KB, 800x559, hermap.jpg)
No. 101094
File: f101094_hermcuub.jpg-(209.33KB, 2000x2000, hermcuub.jpg)
No. 101095
File: f101095_hermcuubap.jpg-(252.34KB, 1925x2300, hermcuubap.jpg)
Another sketch version the the last.
No. 101096
File: f101096_hermfelines.jpg-(91.36KB, 662x800, hermfelines.jpg)
No. 101097
File: f101097_hermmouse.jpg-(227.95KB, 603x800, hermmouse.jpg)
No. 101098
File: f101098_herm-test.jpg-(201.24KB, 2000x2000, herm-test.jpg)
No. 101099
File: f101099_hhc.jpg-(312.80KB, 2000x2000, hhc.jpg)
No. 101100
File: f101100_huskiekitteh.jpg-(156.73KB, 2000x2000, huskiekitteh.jpg)
No. 101101
File: f101101_huskiestallp.jpg-(272.63KB, 615x800, huskiestallp.jpg)
No. 101102
thank you OP i love this shit! <3
No. 101103
File: f101103_Jasmin.jpg-(308.24KB, 2000x2000, Jasmin.jpg)
Doesn't Kyera belong to Eradragon? Didn't realise he was into cub.
No. 101104
File: f101104_Jes1.jpg-(265.32KB, 2000x1878, Jes1.jpg)

You're welcome. Some of the later stuff is kinda... dark, though, so fair warning, eh?
No. 101105
File: f101105_Jessbg.jpg-(198.96KB, 2000x1812, Jessbg.jpg)
No. 101106
File: f101106_jewelhalloween01.jpg-(252.26KB, 2000x2000, jewelhalloween01.jpg)
No. 101107
File: f101107_josah.jpg-(225.30KB, 2000x2000, josah.jpg)
No. 101108
File: f101108_Kcub.jpg-(304.23KB, 800x601, Kcub.jpg)
No. 101113
File: f101113_KellyFMB.jpg-(432.35KB, 2462x2000, KellyFMB.jpg)
I think this is a call-forward to the "FMB" folder, which if I've got this figured out is an imaginary website called "FuckMyBrat.com". Which would probably make the "SMB" folder "SnuffMyBrat.com", so yeah...
No. 101114
File: f101114_Kitbj.jpg-(264.92KB, 2000x2000, Kitbj.jpg)
No. 101115
File: f101115_kittehsd.jpg-(414.53KB, 2596x2520, kittehsd.jpg)
No. 101116
File: f101116_kittenrump.jpg-(216.80KB, 800x695, kittenrump.jpg)
Sharue loves anal. Didn't expect so many herms, though.

(I hope I'm alright in posting herm pics in /f/)
No. 101117
File: f101117_KyeraMint..jpg-(88.36KB, 609x800, KyeraMint..jpg)
Kyera, again.
No. 101119
File: f101119_kymint.jpg-(65.35KB, 800x611, kymint.jpg)
And again. That mouse herm with the curly hair that I can see in a few of these looks familiar too. I think Sharue has her in her more normal art now and again.
No. 101120
File: f101120_lexxieromp.jpg-(246.05KB, 800x589, lexxieromp.jpg)
No. 101121
File: f101121_mewrump.jpg-(246.71KB, 800x647, mewrump.jpg)
No. 101122
File: f101122_mindyap.jpg-(293.12KB, 2000x2000, mindyap.jpg)
No. 101123
File: f101123_MintS.jpg-(96.32KB, 800x625, MintS.jpg)
I guess the mouse's name is Mint.
No. 101124
File: f101124_mouse.jpg-(0.98MB, 7544x2000, mouse.jpg)
No. 101125
File: f101125_mouseky.jpg-(85.19KB, 707x800, mouseky.jpg)
Kyera again, now with added attitude.
No. 101126
File: f101126_pandadogi.jpg-(345.74KB, 2000x2409, pandadogi.jpg)
No. 101127
File: f101127_Rais.jpg-(318.47KB, 2000x2000, Rais.jpg)
No. 101128
File: f101128_Rcub1.jpg-(64.69KB, 610x800, Rcub1.jpg)
No. 101129
File: f101129_rcubap1.jpg-(766.90KB, 2500x2000, rcubap1.jpg)
No. 101130
File: f101130_relhuskie.jpg-(362.78KB, 603x800, relhuskie.jpg)
No. 101131
File: f101131_shakitgroup.jpg-(250.57KB, 800x597, shakitgroup.jpg)
No. 101133
File: f101133_sharuebondagec.jpg-(252.03KB, 2000x2000, sharuebondagec.jpg)
No. 101134
File: f101134_shasuck.jpg-(223.32KB, 1700x2000, shasuck.jpg)
No. 101136
File: f101136_Smoke1ASSRAPE.jpg-(237.40KB, 2000x2000, Smoke1ASSRAPE.jpg)
No. 101137
File: f101137_Smoke2Assrape.jpg-(247.14KB, 2000x2000, Smoke2Assrape.jpg)
No. 101138
File: f101138_Smoke3Assrape.jpg-(247.13KB, 2000x2000, Smoke3Assrape.jpg)
No. 101139
File: f101139_Smoke4AssRape.jpg-(243.90KB, 2000x2000, Smoke4AssRape.jpg)
No. 101140
File: f101140_Smoke5Assrape.jpg-(241.43KB, 2000x2000, Smoke5Assrape.jpg)
No. 101141
File: f101141_spiritwolfap1i.jpg-(323.55KB, 1924x2500, spiritwolfap1i.jpg)
"Spiritwolf" sounds familiar. Anybody heard of them before?
No. 101142
File: f101142_spiritwolfap2i.jpg-(265.76KB, 2000x2250, spiritwolfap2i.jpg)
No. 101143
File: f101143_spiritwolfap3i.jpg-(411.68KB, 2000x2500, spiritwolfap3i.jpg)
No. 101144
File: f101144_spiritwolfap4i.jpg-(400.46KB, 2000x2500, spiritwolfap4i.jpg)
No. 101146
File: f101146_spiritwolfap5ai.jpg-(326.82KB, 2000x2500, spiritwolfap5ai.jpg)
No. 101147
File: f101147_spiritwolfap6i.jpg-(333.10KB, 2000x2500, spiritwolfap6i.jpg)
No. 101148
File: f101148_spiritwolfap7i.jpg-(355.43KB, 1784x2500, spiritwolfap7i.jpg)
No. 101150
File: f101150_spiritwolfap8i.jpg-(178.52KB, 1398x2050, spiritwolfap8i.jpg)
No. 101151
File: f101151_spiritwolfap9i.jpg-(289.05KB, 2000x2236, spiritwolfap9i.jpg)
Bad End!

These pics are varying amounts of hot (and want, TBH), but the dialogue sucks.
No. 101152
File: f101152_steallaFMB.jpg-(273.67KB, 2000x2000, steallaFMB.jpg)
No. 101154
File: f101154_stellaap.jpg-(215.41KB, 2000x2000, stellaap.jpg)
No. 101155
File: f101155_stellamint.jpg-(85.55KB, 618x800, stellamint.jpg)
No. 101156
File: f101156_teacher2(3).jpg-(208.92KB, 800x599, teacher2(3).jpg)
No. 101157
File: f101157_Theater.jpg-(95.96KB, 800x605, Theater.jpg)
No. 101158
File: f101158_van21i.jpg-(332.54KB, 2423x1973, van21i.jpg)
No. 101159
File: f101159_wolffelinevoreap.jpg-(98.57KB, 581x800, wolffelinevoreap.jpg)
No. 101160
File: f101160_ygassrpae.jpg-(73.64KB, 600x800, ygassrpae.jpg)
No. 101161
File: f101161_youngfacehugger.jpg-(175.89KB, 2000x2000, youngfacehugger.jpg)
Ending of the main folder. Weird ending.
No. 101162
File: f101162_cyFMB.jpg-(312.47KB, 2000x2000, cyFMB.jpg)
"FMB" folder. I'm going by the armbands and legbands here when I say I think it stands for "Fuck My Brat".
No. 101163
File: f101163_CYH.jpg-(284.21KB, 2000x2000, CYH.jpg)
Not sure what order most of these are supposed to go in.
No. 101164
File: f101164_dhc.jpg-(96.66KB, 800x800, dhc.jpg)
No. 101165
File: f101165_FMBSCIFiI.jpg-(292.64KB, 2000x2000, FMBSCIFiI.jpg)
No. 101166
File: f101166_hermhuman.jpg-(353.57KB, 1671x2500, hermhuman.jpg)
No. 101167
File: f101167_lonessi.jpg-(312.76KB, 2000x2000, lonessi.jpg)
No. 101168
File: f101168_luciFMB.jpg-(326.95KB, 2000x2000, luciFMB.jpg)
No. 101169
File: f101169_shaneeka.jpg-(251.11KB, 2000x2000, shaneeka.jpg)
No. 101170
File: f101170_sharueFMB3.jpg-(295.95KB, 2000x2000, sharueFMB3.jpg)
The board won't let me post "SharueFMB2.jpg" because it thinks it's already here somewhere. Which is weird, because this is the first I'd seen of Sharue's cub stuff and I was told it was all secret.
No. 101171
File: f101171_SharueFMB4.jpg-(283.65KB, 2000x1882, SharueFMB4.jpg)
First version.
No. 101172
File: f101172_SharueFMB4gagg.jpg-(284.42KB, 2000x1882, SharueFMB4gagg.jpg)
Second version.
No. 101173
File: f101173_SharueFMB5.jpg-(253.43KB, 2000x2000, SharueFMB5.jpg)
No. 101174
File: f101174_shaFMB6.jpg-(312.54KB, 2000x2000, shaFMB6.jpg)
No. 101175
File: f101175_sharuefmb7i.jpg-(288.82KB, 2000x2000, sharuefmb7i.jpg)
No. 101176
File: f101176_van1.jpg-(375.62KB, 2000x2000, van1.jpg)
No. 101177
File: f101177_van2.jpg-(371.13KB, 2000x2000, van2.jpg)
End of the "FMB" folder.
No. 101178
File: f101178_wedding1i.jpg-(301.58KB, 2000x2000, wedding1i.jpg)
The "NP" folder. Only small, so once again warning that the "SMB" folder's coming up soon.
No. 101179
File: f101179_wedding2i.jpg-(271.99KB, 2000x2000, wedding2i.jpg)
Not sure what "NP" stands for.
No. 101180
File: f101180_wedding3i.jpg-(337.16KB, 2000x2000, wedding3i.jpg)
No. 101181
File: f101181_wolfcub1 (2).jpg-(364.64KB, 2000x2000, wolfcub1 (2).jpg)
No. 101182
File: f101182_acub.jpg-(583.97KB, 1848x2500, acub.jpg)
Now in the "SMB" folder, which stands for "SnuffMyBrat" I guess.

I get the impression from these that Sharue hates children.
No. 101183
File: f101183_AmyAPVORE.jpg-(372.72KB, 1855x2000, AmyAPVORE.jpg)
Not my cup of tea, but I got 'em together so I'll dump 'em together.
No. 101184
File: f101184_apkitty.jpg-(76.78KB, 590x800, apkitty.jpg)
No. 101185
File: f101185_bluegirlsunderwater.jpg-(296.18KB, 2500x2000, bluegirlsunderwater.jpg)
No. 101186
File: f101186_Campsnuffcook.jpg-(306.16KB, 2000x2000, Campsnuffcook.jpg)
No. 101187
File: f101187_campsnuffvore.jpg-(254.61KB, 2000x1934, campsnuffvore.jpg)
No. 101188
File: f101188_cubcondomd.jpg-(629.25KB, 2500x2500, cubcondomd.jpg)
No. 101189
File: f101189_cubscoutcookc.jpg-(269.40KB, 2000x2000, cubscoutcookc.jpg)
No. 101190
File: f101190_Digestionvore.jpg-(65.53KB, 648x800, Digestionvore.jpg)
No. 101191
File: f101191_Felinecockvore.jpg-(76.48KB, 563x800, Felinecockvore.jpg)
No. 101192
File: f101192_FlowerAirDances.jpg-(80.12KB, 722x800, FlowerAirDances.jpg)
No. 101193
File: f101193_girlabortion.jpg-(319.86KB, 2000x2000, girlabortion.jpg)
No. 101194
File: f101194_jewelhalloween.jpg-(265.69KB, 2000x2000, jewelhalloween.jpg)
No. 101195
File: f101195_jewelhalloween01.jpg-(263.21KB, 2000x2000, jewelhalloween01.jpg)
Think this one was already in the main folder.
No. 101196
File: f101196_jewelhalloween3.jpg-(178.39KB, 2000x1340, jewelhalloween3.jpg)
No. 101197
File: f101197_kitvore.jpg-(253.94KB, 2000x2000, kitvore.jpg)
No. 101198
File: f101198_lexxievore.jpg-(251.72KB, 591x800, lexxievore.jpg)
No. 101199
File: f101199_Lexxievore2.jpg-(278.19KB, 592x800, Lexxievore2.jpg)
No. 101201
File: f101201_momvore.jpg-(194.36KB, 1600x2500, momvore.jpg)
No. 101203
File: f101203_ninja-kitsune.jpg-(246.96KB, 2000x2000, ninja-kitsune.jpg)
No. 101204
File: f101204_rcub2.jpg-(805.19KB, 2500x2000, rcub2.jpg)
No. 101205
File: f101205_sablecubanalrubber.jpg-(211.13KB, 2000x1468, sablecubanalrubber.jpg)
No. 101206
File: f101206_SMB1I.jpg-(350.84KB, 2000x2000, SMB1I.jpg)
No. 101207
File: f101207_smb2i.jpg-(386.14KB, 2000x2216, smb2i.jpg)
No. 101208
File: f101208_SMB3.jpg-(621.69KB, 2000x2000, SMB3.jpg)
No. 101209
File: f101209_smbhang2.jpg-(367.66KB, 2000x2800, smbhang2.jpg)
No. 101210
File: f101210_smbhang2let.jpg-(475.85KB, 1429x2500, smbhang2let.jpg)
No. 101211
File: f101211_smbhang3let.jpg-(549.80KB, 2000x2500, smbhang3let.jpg)
No. 101212
File: f101212_smbhang4let.jpg-(556.85KB, 2000x2500, smbhang4let.jpg)
No. 101213
File: f101213_smbhang5let.jpg-(531.34KB, 2000x2500, smbhang5let.jpg)
These last few are making me feel kinda sick.
No. 101214
File: f101214_smbhang6let.jpg-(435.66KB, 2000x2500, smbhang6let.jpg)
No. 101215
File: f101215_snuffscoutcamp.jpg-(431.18KB, 2000x2500, snuffscoutcamp.jpg)
She really likes seeing people murdered.
No. 101216
File: f101216_truck-hang.jpg-(266.63KB, 2000x2000, truck-hang.jpg)
No. 101217
File: f101217_yglStrangle.jpg-(71.52KB, 600x800, yglStrangle.jpg)
No. 101218
File: f101218_yote-mom.jpg-(403.81KB, 1455x2500, yote-mom.jpg)
No. 101219
File: f101219_yotesuff.jpg-(843.30KB, 1824x2128, yotesuff.jpg)
I think these last two are in reverse order.

And that's the last of them. The only other thing in the "SMB" folder is a copy of that facehugger pic.

So there it is. Sharue's secret (and kinda creepy) cub stash, or what I have of it anyway.
No. 101220
holy, thats quite a secret stash collection you got there.
No. 101225
Forgot to mention that the main folder has one or two "BMP" format pics. Apparently I can't drop them here.


Yeah, it was a fucker to upload manually, but dumpers don't work with captchas, right?

Thank goodness for my DVD collection.
No. 101521
File: f101521_1293413029404.jpg-(39.14KB, 307x485, 1293413029404.jpg)
I've fapped to a lot of different things and have been severely desensitized by the media, years of lurking on 4chan, and general life experiences, but this shit makes me cringe in disgust.

Everyone has their own fetishes and I don't like kids myself, but... holy shit man...
No. 101616
got other Sharue`s art?

bump it!
No. 101668
No, stop samefagging, stop posting, and stop bumping... I would rather deal with homophobic racists then sharue's cub snuff. Where do we go to petition a ban for this crap?
No. 101865
What little consensual stuff there is here is hot.

The rest, TBH, shows the artist is probably fucked in the head. I'd laugh if she has children.

Then I'd cry.
No. 101874

Oh shut up and get out of the thread.

Let's get some more of sharue's vore stuff in here, if any exists!
No. 101889
There's probably plenty of adult vore on her furaffinity account.

Be sure to thank her for the cub stuff.
No. 101955
i do agree ah well that is guro for you
No. 102977

I think that's Gabe's (www.furaffinity.net/user/gabe) Gab character. You can tell by the mole.
No. 104743
anyone got the ones from her that has the xenomorphs and facehuggers?
No. 104762
i still say that sharue's a sick fuck and should be banned from here like it was at e621 and other sites but fine if you like this crap so much enjoy it fuck if i care
No. 104819
If you didn't care, than why did you post?
No. 104846

I don't care about all this sick stuff, so I'm going to post and bump this thread as well to display that fact.

well done, sir.
No. 105256

Prepare to cry. She has two kids. :(
No. 105531


No. 107084

So... Sharue, Eradragon, Gabe... are Duo and Showkaizer secretly into cub porn, too? All those artists seem to hang together...
No. 107116
Well at least not all of it involves imminent death.
I don't know why, but I can handle rape, and sometimes even tears, but vore and wrapping plastic over their heads? No sir. Not even drawings. Even anonymous have limitations...
No. 107118

I dunno. Any of their chars in these pics? Even if there aren't they might have just made cub porn chars up or asked for stuff with Sharue's own chars. Who knows?
No. 107268

I wonder how wide Sharue's cub porn ring was or is? Does anyone here recognise any more of the characters in these pics as belonging to anyone else?
No. 107325
>>101865 that
>>107116 that.

Now I just want to make it clear. I in no way disapprove of this thread, or judge you guys for liking whatever you do.

For myself though, this stuff is just too much. I know it's not the darkest thing out there. The artist could have gone on to depict long, drawn out, graphic torture and mutilation. But still, far past my point of enjoyment. I don't care for anything approaching overt rape.

I'm only posting since as listed above the pieces that are semi-consensual and don't involve death are quite nice, and it would be dandy to have some more of those types in this thread. So, bump to that.

Once again, you guys like the snuff stuff, please keep posting it, and enjoy it. One of the biggest things that irks me here, even on paws, is those select people who seem to go into a thread for a subject they don't like just to harass the posters and fans.

This is YOUR thread, for your kink. Have fun.

(and kindly post some of the 'gentler' stuff if you'd be so kind as a favor for those who enjoy that as well and can't find it XD)
No. 107347
File: f107347_1263664022.missvalentine_oc-kaizer-valentine-sessi.jpg-(307.85KB, 707x1000, 1263664022.missvalentine_oc-kaizer-valentine-sessi.jpg)
As for Duo, I can't spot anything I imediately recognise, though that doesn't mean he didn't commission anything. For reference he has this snow leopard character, as well as a skunk and... a husky? I can't remember.
No. 107458
she was prolly anal raped by her family a lot when she was a kid... I was (mostly my dad) and that's why I like this
No. 107461

No herms here!
No. 107465
why do you social retards always think that just because someone draws something, that they actually do it in RL? God, you people are stupid. No wonder most of you are Jobless Losers with no social life & still living in your parents House (you know who you are)
No. 107526
File: f107526_chibi-valentine.jpg-(113.81KB, 760x1056, chibi-valentine.jpg)
wait...how am I into cubporn again?

This was linked to me so I was curious how that sprang up.

Was it cause of this chibi picture I drew?
No. 107529

OP, you're awesome! Thanks for the hangings especially, they're great!
No. 107599
File: f107599_forever_alone.png-(84.89KB, 898x1042, forever_alone.png)
No. 107608

No, Lexxie belongs to someone else.
No. 107903

1. Be known as a part of a close circle of friends.
2. Have three of the close friends exposed as secretly passing cub porn around between them.
3. ????
4. Suspicion!
No. 107976
File: f107976_foreveralone-web.jpg-(154.41KB, 714x737, foreveralone-web.jpg)
well shit :(.
No. 107979

Way to take it on the chin, but shouldn't that read "FUREVER ALONE"?

So... what's the deal with Sharue and her creepy secret cub shit? Did you know she was drawing this kind of crap?
No. 108005
File: f108005_Valentine-Mardi-Gras-outfit.jpg-(578.70KB, 1412x1432, Valentine-Mardi-Gras-outfit.jpg)
Not really, I talk to Shaure sometimes, shes a friend, and I didn't know. Not that it matters anyway, she can draw what she wants.

I was just curious how I got thrown into it for knowing her really, only came here cause somebody asked me on FA if I was really the owner of Valentine the character.

May browse around here sometimes for fun.
No. 108064

Wow, really? She has kids, she's already regarded by some as having a few loose wires due to being into vore and snuff, and you think it's fine that she draws shitloads of art of children being raped, murdered and even eaten by resentful parents?

As for why you were mentioned, I think >>107903 summed it up pretty well.

*Sharue associates with a limited circle of friends.
*People catch half the group trading in furry CP.
*People who have some knowledge of the structure of the group begin to speculate that maybe it's something they're all into.
No. 108090

Did you even look at what she's been drawing?
No. 108135
Checked Sharue's page out of idle curiosity.

She seems to have wiped her shout box recently.

Someone calling her out?
No. 108164
You people who are targeting Sharue, resurrecting this thread, and keeping it active, what exactly is it that you want to happen?
No. 108167

"spirit wolf" sounds incredibly familiar for some reason, but i'm afraid i just can't place it at the moment. possibly an older name for someone who's now going by a new handle.
No. 108236
We're keeping it open for the furry community to see the kind of shit the artist posted before a news story about Sharue torturing, raping, and eating her children for a sexual thrill is highlighted across america (or at least her residing state)
No. 108242

Excellent and concise statement, dude, but a whiteknight, even a proto-whiteknight in the "I have a question for you..." stage like the guy above, is just the inverse of a troll, and feeds off attention just as much, so... yeah, up to you, but I'd just ignore them.

>or at least her residing state

That would be Oregon.
No. 108248
Her Ftp:
user: ftpuser,pass: Sharue1
user: apuser,pass: Sharue2
I can connect to the ftp,but then i get a timeout, maby someone who knows this stuff can have a look around in there, shouldn be too hard to get into, considering her weak PWs.
Here are some interesting Conversions with Betawolf(pedotaz)regarding Cub Snuff:
No. 108257

Already been done - that's where the OP's stuff came from, unless I'm mistaken. I was wondering if it had been leaked twice, but I'm willing to bet the story in the first post is a chinese-whispers account of the time Lulz.net broke into Sharue's server using the details in Beta's notes and downloaded a whole bunch of crap.

IIRC they were stumped for a while trying to get into the "AP" folder... until they figured out that the password for apuser had been changed to "Sharue3". I think Sharue changed it again afterwards (It would be hilarious if it was now "Sharue4").
No. 108270
>>108236 >>108242

That's bullshit. If you're really worried for her children, if you think she's going to do something like that, why don't you report her to child protective services?
No. 108285

No. 108367
Great, now you just need her name and adress, unless NCMEC somehow can force FA to give up her Name, if they can prove this pics and the ones in her FA acc are drawn by the same Person... sounds a little far fetched to me. :/
No. 108382
>Hi, Sharue. I just PayPaled you the remaining $70 for the art commission. Thanks so much!!

Holy fucking shit. For a scum-of-the-Earth snuff pedophile enthusiast, she's making bank off commissioning fucking black and white line drawings...
No. 108392

It's like you're a stalker.
No. 108393
Umm.. you do know the pics have to be of human children, not animals, to be illegal. And if it's not illegal, nobody's gonna do anything.
No. 108397
Man, this stuff is really shitty art.
No. 108398

Duh. Why do you think she's drawing extreme shit? Very few artists *will* draw it, so the stuff pays well.

also, sure is white knight in here.
No. 108423

Also wrong area, this topic is loaded in herm art <.<
No. 108426
Dude, you don't even know what you don't know. Illegality of drawn stuff (whether human or anthro) isn't nationwide... yet. Oregon doesn't have any laws I'm aware of regarding this shit, but I suspect she could be brought in on child endangerment charges. In any case, it's a long shot.
No. 108427

Something might also be do-able if it turns out she's sold this shit to anyone in Canada, Australia, or any other place where it's illegal.
No. 108444

Nope. It's not illegal where she lives; she didn't break the law. Now maybe said Canadians or Aussies who bought the stuff from her could be in some trouble.


Don't you think posting her personal info crosses the line? The only reason you know that is because her *private* messages were leaked.
No. 109035

That's true. Didn't even think about the possibility of selling this shit.
No. 109044
I've seen it brought up here and on other boards that the repeated themes in a large majority of her art point to Sharue likely having a history of abuse, sexual and possibly otherwise.

If that's true, I just hope she doesn't pass that abuse on to her kids like so many previously-abused parents have before her.
No. 109073
> I've seen it brought up here and on other boards that the repeated themes in a large majority of her art point to Sharue likely having a history of abuse, sexual and possibly otherwise.

No, not really.
No. 109075

It's all speculation. The only one who knows the answer to that is Sharue.

She is an ex-Marine, though, and can probably kick your ass. ;) She's a tough girl.
No. 109077

It's all speculation. Nobody knows the truth about that but Sharue.

She is, however, an ex-Marine; she's a tough girl.
No. 109138

Whiteknight samefag time!
No. 109149

Ex-Marine means jack shit, probably some desk jocky or invenotry worker.... who happens to like insest baby rape. Damn damn shame she didnt get blown up in combat so one of the good Marines could come home. Fucking disgusting twist of fate that was.
No. 109151
learn to spell dumbass.
No. 109170
Wouldn't training with the marines have beaten this sort of creepy shit out of her? Either that or the marine sergeants themselves...
No. 109259

I posted a duplicate when new messages weren't showing up on the board. I thought the first message didn't get through, so I posted the second. Also, >>109073 wasn't me.
No. 109273

Looks like I'm not the only one who isn't on board with the lynching. Youmad?
No. 109302

Yououtnumbered :D ?
No. 109456
I guess I can't really say I'm up for a lynching. I know a few people who have some screwed up fetishes, so I know that even if a person has one, it doesn't mean that they will indulge it. It seems that some of them almost do it because of the general disapproval of it, a forbidden fruit so to speak. We also don't really know why she draws them, for all we know she doesn't even care for it, but is willing to draw it for other people, and since there doesn't seem to be too many that are, she may get a lot of commissions. That being said, anyone have Sharue art that doesn't involve cub snuffing? Since the original images for the board have been posted, someone might as well post something. For some reason I've always liked Sharue's bondage images, but I'm not one for the whole killing thing.
No. 109468
Wasnt too suprised she does Cub snuff, considering her adult snuff :
No. 109470

>We also don't really know why she draws them, for all we know she doesn't even care for it, but is willing to draw it for other people, and since there doesn't seem to be too many that are, she may get a lot of commissions

Meh, I'd say she's gettin' something out of it on a personal level since apart from the new cub thing it's all the sort of stuff that's already publically known to float her boat (subhuman treatment, abusive dialogue, vore, snuff, rape and as one guy on Lulz put it, "ANAL ANAL ANAL").
No. 111056
I'm surprised nobody's mentioned those pet snakes of hers. It seems that every time she talks about them she can't help bring up the subject of their eating/biting habits. I think she even named one of them after one of her vore characters.
No. 111288

Neither of those were made with the intent that people should find their violence sexually arousing.
No. 111290
File: f111290_Fuck it.png-(277.27KB, 384x800, Fuck it.png)
The quality, it is laughably poor.
No. 111417
>>111288 Then what was the point at all? This is seriously some of the most screwed up artwork I've ever seen, vore aside... I've seen guro, gore and all that shit, but this is down right disturbing... especially knowing that she has children and can draw stuff like this? Says a lot about a person, normal people don't think about this stuff, normal people wouldnt even draw this stuff for money.... Just WOW.

I've seen a lot of things that I've 'disliked' in the furry community, but this is the first thing that downright disgusts me. Great artwork, but the content is just.. too much...
No. 111439

>>111288 was in reply to a person who claimed that two movies (Clockwork Orange and Saw) were "worse" than Sharue's stuff. Said person has since deleted their post.
No. 111440

Dude, there's far worse than Sharue. Both in content and quality. Lurk moar. :3
No. 111923
jax has clearly never heard of oyster~~~ oyster makes this look like kid friendly art o.o
No. 111966
Are there any current dox in this chick? After reading through a few of the pictures, I can honestly say that somebody needs to take away her kids.
Holy fuck, that's going to stay with me for a while now. I really wish I hadn't have read any of that.
No. 111971

what is this oyster?
No. 112037

Though her RL name and personal details were deleted when they were posted in this thread, it's come to my attention that it's still not very hard to find that information for someone who knows how to look.

In fact, if you already have the right equipment, you don't even need to navigate away from this page.
No. 112096
guys seriously; it's just art. why don't you guys go after the people who draw loli rape/gore? you know, the ones that actually involve "human" characters instead of going after one that uses make-believe beings?
http://readhentai.net/reader.php?mangaid=1282&pagenum=1 - one such artist, oyster. some of his stuff is sickening really. and MUCH worse than any furry art i've ever seen.
@111966 - grow a pair; this is tame art.
No. 112138

Anonymous wants to do some *ahem* research.
No. 112383
Look at you tough guys, using the internet to bully people like you have a pair. Good for you. Your testicles are finally dropping.

Now, hands raised for people who are actually jacking off to this with one hand while trying to hate with the other, typing bullshit to cover themeselves while trying ever so hard to get people to like them on the internetz, and give them the respect they can't earn irl . . .

. . . anybody, come on haters, raise those hands!
No. 112420

Hi, Betawolf.

How's that overpaid, underfunctional deskjob your daddy got you going for you?
No. 112426

Beta, dude, I know it makes you feel better to pretend that everyone who expresses distaste for you and your sad and shrinking little clique is secretly like you, but it just ain't the case, man. You're projecting, probably due to some kind of deep-seated self-loathing which you may not even be conciously aware of. I mean, half the time you argue your points you sound like you're desperately scrambling to convince yourself.

Do us all a favour and go get your head read before your multiple issues unionise and demand a pay raise from your psyche.
No. 112462

Aww, wook, I think the widdle pedowoofie's been cut off from one of his favourite sources of kiddyrape pictures.

Look, lil' fella, if she's quit drawing cubby porn out of shame like the rumors have it, she's not gonna go back to drawing this stuff for you to whack off to just because you stick up for her in a random image board thread, 'kay? 'specially since you're actually attracting attention to the stuff she wants to blow over when you do stuff like this, understand? Double-'specially since it's you who's doing it, and everyone seems to be able to spot you. Triple-'specially since it's sort of your fault in the first place that her stuff got ripped, you neon-colored little hack-target, you.

So you just toddle off and let the people who are over four feet tall deal with this, 'kay?
No. 112509
File: f112509_Haters_Logo_Blur.jpg-(265.27KB, 1200x889, Haters_Logo_Blur.jpg)

This site's primary purpose is just to make self righteous assholes look like white nights for humanity while they steal artwork, and post artwork just as bad as the artwork they're criticizing, and rant with no rational thought to inflate peoples' egoes. The same people who are criticizing Sharue are posting their own cub art, keeping The Madness thread going, and posting material just as bad as Sharue's while trying to point the finger while jacking off. Come on guys . . . hate all you want, but I think they doth protest too much. Why not enjoy your porn and just stfu.
No. 112515
File: f112515_Super Haters.png-(222.19KB, 1417x1654, Super Haters.png)

Stop talking to yourself, Betawolf.
No. 112516

Famous? Why, we shall immortalize you via... limerick!

There once was a pedo called Taz
Who was such a terrible spaz
He argued for CP
While jacking his peepee
But everyone gave him the razz
No. 112517

My turn:

There once was a pedo from Washington
Who thought that CP was a load of fun
He vouchsafed to DC
He'd get some soon, easy
But didn't expect to be hacked upon
No. 112518

Oho! Challenge accepted...

There once was a man on the skids
Who thought folks should diddle their kids
"Education!", he said
"Sex expands a child's head!"
But people shook theirs, and he hid
No. 112519


There once was a man name of Helms
Who thought that the net underwhelms
He wanted a porn site
That was more of a gorn site
But Freehaven's people posted his private conversations and he got caught saying he wanted child porn and laughed off the Internet

Sorry, that last line needs work.
No. 112520

I would have put it more like so...

There once was a man named Rich
Who thought life without CP a bitch
Ol' Helms got caught saying so
And failed his saving throw
And claimed loss of Internet itch
No. 112523

I don't think I'm a world class rhymer.

When Betawolf finds himself craving
He whacks it to cub porn while claiming:
"When my 'philia emerges"
"It helps stop my urges"
Then buys more like a crackhead. Amazing
No. 112524
File: f112524_wolf sock puppet.jpg-(30.18KB, 240x320, wolf sock puppet.jpg)
These are wonderful. Mind if I join in? I love a good 'rick.

A pedophile hailing from King,
Gawked kids while a-stroking his thing
He sockpuppeted paws,
While extolling strange mores,
But no-one believed anything
No. 112525
This one came to me all at once. Ahem.

There was once a short pedophile lad,
Who pretended to be his rich dad
He got researched with flair,
And his claims were laid bare,
He was just a desk jockey. So sad
No. 112526
A man name of Helms, Richard Lee
Thought that all child porn should be free
People googled his folks
while they laughed at the bloke
And his skewed view of reality
No. 112527
This thread is funniest thread.

A pedophile artist named Sharue,
Found a miniature wolf in her schmoo.
Said the midget, "Don't shout!"
"There are haters about!"
"Oh, could you draw me some kiddy porn, too?"
No. 112529
While speaking of things ultra-whacked,
A pedophile got himself hacked
"Oh my God!", He did shout,
"I am being called out!"
So he blamed Dragoneer, and then tracked

IIRC Betawolf claimed at least once that Dragoneer allowed the hack to happen as part of a conspiracy against him.
No. 112530
A man claming morals untethered
Cried out "I am leaving forever"
Yet he turned up on paws
Where everyone saw
He could keep to no promises, ever
No. 112531
A pedophile standing alone-al,
Complained of his problems hormonal
"I hit puberty early",
"So I'm all small and girly"
Which made everyone present just groan-al
No. 112532
How 'bout a haiku?

A man of gross tastes
Living with his little bro
Some suspect incest
No. 112533
A creep with delusions of greatness,
Wore his voice out proclaiming his straightness
"I am straight as a rod"
"Straight as Wayne, straight as God"
"I like little girls only, no gayness!"
No. 112536
@_@ I am confused... who is betawolf, and how do you guys know thats him o.o am i missing something here? O.o o.O and now pedo haiku's... randomness ftw~
No. 112538

Long story short, Betawolf is this guy who used to do dumb things like arguing for the legalisation of child porn and commissioning uber-creepy cub porn, all while claiming he "wasn't a pedophile" and that he was "trolling the haters" with his cub commissions.

Generally he acted like a total tool while sorely tempting a load of non-cub artists to draw cub porn against their better judgement by waiting until they hit a financial rough spot and then dangling firstfuls of cash in front of their noses. Basically a manipulative douche who pushed a lot of artists down a path that eventually made most of them feel downright soiled.

Then his notes got leaked in the FA hack incident, and there was loads of stuff in there with him not only drooling over the cub porn and commissioning some really sick secret stuff of people like Sunkra, but also saying he was real keen on obtaining some real-world child pornography as soon as he could work out a way of getting it without attracting attention from the authorities. A little while after that stuff got out and people had sorted through it, he suddenly claimed he had decided to leave the Internet because it wasn't fun any more, despite the fact he'd been raving about how awesome his new home, InkBunny, was just a few days before.

Oh, and that whole thing where he was blackmailing DCRabbit over a piece of cub stuff DC did might have had something to do with it, too, maybe.

So, yeah. As for how we spot him, let's just say he's not very good at disguises, especially if you've read his notes.

But back to the randomfun.

A pedophile, a sadist and a sociopath all post on Paws.

Everyone shouts "Fuck off, Betawolf!"
No. 112553

He claims much support
Always mentioned, never seen
They live in his head
No. 112578
Could you please post that Dc Rabbit pic ?
Also, something new from her Ftp ?
No. 112579
File: f112579_conservative stupidity.png-(242.74KB, 600x463, conservative stupidity.png)
So . . . none of the haters here have presented any evidence that anything truly malicious is going on . . . their sentiments are just butthurt. Plain and simple. Useless bitching from people who simply enjoy hating the world.
No. 112580
File: f112580_totally lying.jpg-(28.62KB, 504x498, totally lying.jpg)
None of the haters are denying they aren't bustin' a nut to this shit. Enjoy your porn faggots=D
No. 112581

A pedophile midget, diseased
Thought that he could do as he pleased
He got caught and baaaawed
Thus we knew he was sore
'cos we sense the butthurt of the teased.
No. 112584
File: f112584_largely ignored.png-(57.90KB, 709x498, largely ignored.png)

A pedo with false assertations,
Thought he could control conversations
His claims unsupported,
The folks merely snorted,
And all wandered back to their stations

No. 112587


While vomiting shit with abandon
Projecting his guilt 'round at random
Beta slipped and was spotted
Messing up when he plotted
Now he tries to save face in the fandom
No. 112590
How about a non-limerick?

Beta said to Artist A,
"Would you porn for me today?"
Artist A said "Maybe not",
"People say you're not so hot"
"Piff and wiffle", Beta said,
"Artist B says I'm not bad"
"He's working for me as I speak,"
"Churning cub out like a freak."
"Is that so?", said Artist A,
"I'll get back to you in a day."

So Beta turned to Artist B:
"Draw me cub porn? I'll pay a fee!"
Artist B said "I'm not sure",
"You seem to be somewhat deplored"
So Beta sneered at B and said
"I guess I'll stick with A, instead!"
"He's drawn so much I cannot count",
"I bet you can't match his amount!"
"Artist A?" said Artist B,
"I like that guy, he's better than me!"

So Artist A, and Artist B,
Both drew for Beta, they did not see,
He'd played them false, and in his way,
He'd won small victory that day
Until the fateful day last year,
When FA, owned by Dragoneer,
Was threatened by the hackers' script,
And from it private notes were ripped
The notes laid bare for all to see,
The evils Beta spread for free

An anon wild, with time to spare,
Decided that he'd show he cared
He stripped the info from the clot,
And pointed out the ick and rot
"He fibs to artists!", anon cried
"He mis-presents, he always lies!"
"He pressures them with other names",
"Of folks he targets with false claims",
"Of cub porn drawn and secret cliques",
"Of pedophilic artists, yeesh!"

"This guy is cancer, one big asshole-a!"
"He's virulent like Zaire Ebola!"
And artists heard, and came to see,
The ball of lies and misery,
The wolf had spun, without a care,
As people in his grip despaired
And Artist B, and Artist A,
Saw the truth laid out that day
Glanced at each other, each shaking his head,
"We should have just stuck to our guns, instead."

So A and B, now firmest friends,
Traded art and set new trends
They dialogued and repartee'd,
And published comics as they pleased
And Betawolf, the lonely pedo?
He lurked on Pawsru instead-o
With sullen glares and false bravado,
He came across as el retardo
A lolcow now, no dignity,
For ever more, in eternity
No. 112592
Hey guys, how about a haiku?

Duck duck duck duck duck
Betawolf is a faggot
duck duck duck duck duck
No. 112593

Why sir, that's just ducky!

Incidentally, if anyone wants non-poetic explanations of Betawolf's asshattery, a certain amount of the gory details can be found here, and in subsequent posts:


Bonus points for guest appearances by a certain pedophile.
No. 112595
Anyone want to try writing something a person can sing? Scratch or modified lyrics, whatever.
No. 112596

To the tune of "The Merry Go Round Broke Down" (the Looney Tunes song)

Oh, the pedophile broke down
His eyes span round and round
Each time he'd hiss on him we'd piss
While the pedophile went

Blub-blub-blub, blah-blah-blah
Yabber, jabber, blah-blah-blah

Oh, the pedophile broke down
He made the weirdest sound
When he says "Yo!", little kids shout "No!"
And the pedophile went

Blub-blub-blub, blah-blah-blah
Yabber, jabber, blah-blah-blah

Oh, what fun, a wonderful time
Poking fun at a pedo with this lyrical rhyme

Oh, the pedophile broke down
But you don't see us frown
Case undermined, he's redefined
'Cause the pedophile went

Blub-blub-blub, blah-blah-blah
Yabber, jabber, blah-blah-blah
Oh, the pedophile broke down
No. 112601
File: f112601_this-pleases-me_wrestling_kevin-nash.jpg-(91.40KB, 300x300, this-pleases-me_wrestling_kevin-nash.jpg)
No. 112617

Freehaven and Betawolf in the same thread? My world is shakey and uncertain.

Beta was a pedophile,
His lust for kids unbounded,
He liked to claim his critics,
Had a hate for him unfounded.

But then they chanced upon his notes,
(A hacker was their saviour).
They read them through and found he totes,
A pile of bad behaviour.

Blackmail, lies and creepy stuff,
Abounded in the files,
But intent to get some child porn,
Stood out by several miles.

Publicising all the facts,
Bought artistic attention,
A free exchange of anecdotes,
And anti-Helms contention.

Beta caved and "left the 'net",
He'd seen that he'd been licked,
Though he seems to hang around and bitch -
He must be really ticked.
No. 112693

For extra added fun, sing this to the tune of the Gilligan's Island theme song. 83
No. 112705
File: f112705_furfag.jpg-(141.38KB, 600x338, furfag.jpg)
Dammit Freehaven, keep the wrestling memes on /wooo/!
No. 113503
why are we targeting someone when some-one else used to do worse? proves how there will always be retards, and they'll always be drama
No. 114098
finally, a decent enough artist who draws female cubs getting analled by big dicks, hottest thing I've ever seen, shame there's not enough artists who draw cubs, let alone analled ones, and those that do analled cubs often have boys, not that I'm complaining, but cock sizes in cubs tend to be small, how dull
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