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File: f77528_Saphira 1.jpg-(461.86KB, 1600x1504, Saphira 1.jpg)
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Post porn of Dragon/Scalies here
(If you have a dragon name Saphira I would appreciate if you upload porn of her here) - Plz repost

Allow:Dragon , Any Scalies (snakes,lizards,dinosaurs,crocodiles),and demons also
**I appreciate if you mostly dragons**
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No. 114256
File: f114256_s_1267133323564.slipstreme_kolecommish.jpg-(301.67KB, 900x742, s_1267133323564.slipstreme_kolecommish.jpg)

File: f22856_ba2c38459870457eb2fd67c18a743add.png-(648.05KB, 1280x719, ba2c38459870457eb2fd67c18a743add.png)
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Here we go.

PAWS experiment 1. Let's see how long a thread lasts before someone says something and somebody else says something about that and before you know it, I have to scroll through MOUNTAINS of text to get to PORN. Here are the rules.

1. If you approve, don't say shit. If you don't approve, don't say shit.

2. Post Porn.

3. Fuck your fetishes. Keep it vanilla.

4. Post good porn.

5. Post more porn. Especially if it's a widescreen pin-up. Then I can use it as wallpaper.

Got it?
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
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No. 114111
File: f114111_1304281311.mrgimp21_test_copy.png-(523.68KB, 1280x1161, 1304281311.mrgimp21_test_copy.png)

File: f615_siberia410_apron.jpg-(170.71KB, 700x875, siberia410_apron.jpg)
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I propose a Ka/cub thread! Let me begin for you all.
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No. 114320

File: f19516_870713545d9fed3b058befdfcc6dddfd.jpg-(161.76KB, 1000x1000, 870713545d9fed3b058befdfcc6dddfd.jpg)
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Particularly ones with cum on their bellies! Pic related for hotness!
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No. 114033
File: f114033_demona69_preggy_lace.png-(483.74KB, 541x700, demona69_preggy_lace.png)
No. 114318
File: f114318_06b1bc02d83892cdfa0a5f07299c7eb0.jpg-(125.29KB, 566x800, 06b1bc02d83892cdfa0a5f07299c7eb0.jpg)
No. 114319
File: f114319_c7c868e7470ec4c43f17dde9976275b6.jpg-(179.98KB, 620x800, c7c868e7470ec4c43f17dde9976275b6.jpg)

File: f113939_Elesh_Norn.jpg-(69.97KB, 500x400, Elesh_Norn.jpg)
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Where's my oil filled mutant cyborgs?
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No. 114293
File: f114293_New Phyrexia jason chan.jpg-(37.87KB, 465x340, New Phyrexia jason chan.jpg)
>>114264 visuals are not that important, Phyrexian cretures are instant boner-kill cos they are like 1k times worse/more evil then Sergals
No. 114294
File: f114294_New Phyrexia Chris Rahn.jpg-(28.69KB, 465x338, New Phyrexia Chris Rahn.jpg)
<< phyrexian raping some white archangel
No. 114307
Aww, I was hoping for some porn. Guess I'll just have to look at some inferior human pussy.

File: f103782_f34317_0a6ae1c125b77819d32bc5891bc11c769fdd926a (1.jpg-(315.20KB, 1024x768, f34317_0a6ae1c125b77819d32bc5891bc11c769fdd926a (1.jpg)
103782 No. 103782 hide watch expand quickreply   [Reply] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts]
New Fred Perry thread for all your Fred Perry needs/smut.
I'd love to see an updated version of Gina's *other* lab
...or a follow up to the picture posted
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No. 113641
File: f113641_brit16.gif-(14.34KB, 358x456, brit16.gif)
No. 114050
File: f114050_12548987085.jpg-(205.62KB, 642x800, 12548987085.jpg)
No. 114306
File: f114306_1243870124.maverikat_fp_spots_stripes.jpg-(227.05KB, 1134x871, 1243870124.maverikat_fp_spots_stripes.jpg)

File: f114305_1283617128541.panties.jpg-(449.91KB, 600x1200, 1283617128541.panties.jpg)
114305 No. 114305 hide watch quickreply   [Reply]
I've been trying to find an old artist that first got me into furries. I think his name was Colonel Bahamut, he drew dragons and reptiles and what-not. Haven't been able to find him because I may be misremembering his username by now. Anyone remember? Pic half-related, it's a dragon/reptile.

File: f110982_1202081402.smoreflambe_boogerpup.jpg-(124.58KB, 873x874, 1202081402.smoreflambe_boogerpup.jpg)
110982 No. 110982 hide watch expand quickreply   [Reply]
Anybody have more photos of these types of characters? I remember a few more, but can't find them anywhere.
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No. 114302
File: f114302_1241580878.smoreflambe_lushlammyflubbergoo.jpg-(248.17KB, 734x782, 1241580878.smoreflambe_lushlammyflubbergoo.jpg)
No. 114303
File: f114303_1202078692.smoreflambe_balloonieamy.jpg-(206.92KB, 588x624, 1202078692.smoreflambe_balloonieamy.jpg)
Also for completeness I guess
because I don't know where to find any of this
and someone else might want it.
No. 114304
File: f114304_1246150733.smoreflambe_pisstamy.jpg-(198.81KB, 461x647, 1246150733.smoreflambe_pisstamy.jpg)

File: f114291_01.png-(749.58KB, 900x900, 01.png)
114291 No. 114291 hide watch quickreply   [Reply]
Find more please :)

File: f114155_807eeaaba050da170de669105d259063.jpg-(108.35KB, 1002x530, 807eeaaba050da170de669105d259063.jpg)
114155 No. 114155 hide watch expand quickreply   [Reply]
Alright folks, I want one and I'm sure you want one too. Who wants to hunt down where to buy one?

My only lead is:

Sold at Wonder Festival 2011.
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No. 114280
File: f114280_DSCF1929.jpg-(72.47KB, 654x872, DSCF1929.jpg)
Yeah, it was a pain in the ass to get my hands on this one. But the quality is amazing and I know I'll put it together with a raging boner.
No. 114289
So how about telling us who you got to import it?
No. 114290
>>114280 please please please post lots of photos of the model from many angles when it is fully assembled.

File: f27556_skkunk.jpg-(38.64KB, 378x480, skkunk.jpg)
27556 No. 27556 hide watch expand quickreply   [Reply] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts]
Can we please start a GOOD skunk thread? ANY AND ALL ALLOWED!
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No. 113557
File: f113557_RoseyC.jpg-(63.39KB, 500x668, RoseyC.jpg)
Sara Palmer
No. 113755
File: f113755_ed74a85a6d1484e7bfb3dc14bccd5bf6.png-(112.80KB, 616x444, ed74a85a6d1484e7bfb3dc14bccd5bf6.png)
No. 114288
File: f114288_1304392421.kii-kitsune_chatin_and_mae.jpg-(255.92KB, 835x1181, 1304392421.kii-kitsune_chatin_and_mae.jpg)

File: f103153_Rave_Rave_Rave.jpg-(223.32KB, 660x1020, Rave_Rave_Rave.jpg)
103153 No. 103153 hide watch expand quickreply   [Reply]
need raver pics of all kinds i love ravers mainly want pics of cats, wolves, foxes and pandas if possible but any rave pics i would love!
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No. 114285
File: f114285_Image-568x758-JPG.jpg-(51.45KB, 568x678, Image-568x758-JPG.jpg)
No. 114286
File: f114286_m54189_1225266850.sapphwolf_phirepoi.png-(315.06KB, 600x792, m54189_1225266850.sapphwolf_phirepoi.png)
No. 114287
File: f114287_Rave_Night_by_tassy.jpg-(145.80KB, 1144x1201, Rave_Night_by_tassy.jpg)
/ dump enjoy! <3

File: f114279_d.jpg-(76.47KB, 500x637, d.jpg)
114279 No. 114279 hide watch quickreply   [Reply]
pic related

File: f23006_8008de3fb444656930d3e938a0554c61.jpg-(572.83KB, 608x837, 8008de3fb444656930d3e938a0554c61.jpg)
23006 No. 23006 hide watch expand quickreply   [Reply] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts]
The last swimsuit/bikini thread died (to my knowledge), so we need a new one. Post your best swimsuit/bikini girl pics nao.
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No. 114191
Anyone got the one of Sandy Cheeks in her new diving suit and Spongebob and Patrick don't recognise her?
I remember seeing it somewhere around her two days ago, now I can't remember whether it was here of Fchan.
Could someone please put the image up here please?
No. 114274
Try the "Sandy Cheeks" thread...
No. 114278
Since I'm so nice...

File: f114275_f38102_1262551295.kacey_nivennas_harem.jpg-(344.27KB, 644x800, f38102_1262551295.kacey_nivennas_harem.jpg)
114275 No. 114275 hide watch quickreply   [Reply]
Pic related! Moar!

File: f113961_Alice.gif-(112.92KB, 556x766, Alice.gif)
113961 No. 113961 hide watch expand quickreply   [Reply]
anyone got the color version of this pic?
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No. 114247
File: f114247_1298755348731.jpg-(50.84KB, 600x461, 1298755348731.jpg)

hey Colour guy, do you have any more of this bunny character? black n white or "colour"?
No. 114265
File: f114265_0910cct_02_o+custom_paint_house_of_kolor+jon_kosmo.jpg-(191.06KB, 900x1200, 0910cct_02_o+custom_paint_house_of_kolor+jon_kosmo.jpg)
1st; " > I'm a Canuck, not British "
And that makes you any less if an internet target? Especially now you've spammed so much Tirrel "art" all over the place in a fit of butthurt.

2nd: There's only one "Kool" way to spell Kolor! You dig daddy-o?
No. 114273
File: f114273_Alice_titfuck_clr.jpg-(127.49KB, 667x877, Alice_titfuck_clr.jpg)
jeremy mullens aka polar (via sexyfur)
been doing a LOT of his alien races lately

File: f112938_fc104649_thid.jpg-(50.45KB, 421x220, fc104649_thid.jpg)
112938 No. 112938 hide watch expand quickreply   [Reply]
Does anyone have the full versions of these pics from Sexyfur? A lot of people have been asking for them and no one has responded. Very much appreciated. :)
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No. 114182
Not chance you got the rest of that set, do you?
No. 114188

No. 114272
File: f114272_tumblr_lj3xzbzNI01qf4big2.jpg-(4.86KB, 150x222, tumblr_lj3xzbzNI01qf4big2.jpg)
can someone post this

File: f114074_1219tiger_3055a.jpg-(89.13KB, 360x248, 1219tiger_3055a.jpg)
114074 No. 114074 hide watch quickreply   [Reply]
Ok, it was a few years back. But while browsing through one of the millions of furry sites out there, I found a comic of a girl running through a forest. She is being chased by a tiger. The tiger knocks her down, rips of her cloths and begins to have sex with her. At first she hates it, but later on they love each other, sleep together, wake up and have sex again. If someone please know's of where I can find this, or has the comics PLEASE post it here. I've been looking for a long long time. Thanks. And no, its not a laura croft hentai. Image ever so slightly related.
No. 114270
I can't find it either, but I want it.
No. 114271
oh and bump

File: f105459_1203611995.crescentmoon_queen_of_the_nile_colors.jpg-(186.24KB, 650x975, 1203611995.crescentmoon_queen_of_the_nile_colors.jpg)
105459 No. 105459 hide watch expand quickreply   [Reply]
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No. 105656
File: f105656_Rati_by_chalosan.jpg-(122.60KB, 593x800, Rati_by_chalosan.jpg)
No. 105672
File: f105672_1221109467.wolfkidd_wolfjakl.jpg-(96.78KB, 360x582, 1221109467.wolfkidd_wolfjakl.jpg)
No. 114269

File: f4909_1206513237900686171.jpg-(103.25KB, 666x840, 1206513237900686171.jpg)
4909 No. 4909 hide watch quickreply   [Reply] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts]
I have not seen a thread about horsies in here ... so here I start one :)
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No. 114032
File: f114032_avinz_veronika - november.png-(875.01KB, 1050x1050, avinz_veronika - november.png)
No. 114112
File: f114112_groovebird_ stella.jpg-(308.91KB, 878x658, groovebird_ stella.jpg)
No. 114268
File: f114268_29730a7067d8652efe257f14c04f1a44.jpg-(67.63KB, 1280x1120, 29730a7067d8652efe257f14c04f1a44.jpg)
decisions decisions mlp thread , horses, BBW

horses thats the ticket

File: f103869_netherwulfdildobear.jpg-(370.91KB, 862x1000, netherwulfdildobear.jpg)
103869 No. 103869 hide watch expand quickreply   [Reply]
Trying this again.

Please post pics of females with strapons, either solo or lesbians, or strapons being used on plushies like in this pic.

No strapons being used on or by males, herms, shemales, dickgirls or cuntbois.

Thank you. ^^
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No. 105646
File: f105646_1279778472066.jpg-(111.74KB, 648x486, 1279778472066.jpg)
No. 114260
No. 114266
>>105646 LoL good one!

File: f101749_1145247074.lucah_aritosketchnew.jpg-(191.83KB, 450x590, 1145247074.lucah_aritosketchnew.jpg)
101749 No. 101749 hide watch expand quickreply   [Reply]
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No. 105156
File: f105156_lucah_kirimi2.jpg-(281.77KB, 504x832, lucah_kirimi2.jpg)
No. 105157
File: f105157_lucah_kirimi1.jpg-(270.28KB, 504x831, lucah_kirimi1.jpg)
No. 105660
File: f105660_lucah_conjure.jpg-(324.48KB, 720x1132, lucah_conjure.jpg)
some yummy reindeer

File: f100152_tails2.jpg-(500.29KB, 765x990, tails2.jpg)
100152 No. 100152 hide watch expand quickreply   [Reply] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts]
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No. 112826
Safety bump
No. 113317
No. 114257

File: f110051_sookta.On_the_Rocks.fap37389.jpg-(741.27KB, 1600x1050, sookta.On_the_Rocks.fap37389.jpg)
110051 No. 110051 hide watch expand quickreply   [Reply] [Last 50 posts]
Sad to see there's no anal thread. I'm gonna fix that.
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No. 114245
File: f114245_37892 - Cassie dragon_tales emmy.jpg-(71.66KB, 517x673, 37892 - Cassie dragon_tales emmy.jpg)
No. 114246
File: f114246_besped_and_edna.jpg-(182.01KB, 700x700, besped_and_edna.jpg)
No. 114254
File: f114254_4ccd16da6b429bfe0891b22a7331f8db.jpg-(79.15KB, 618x800, 4ccd16da6b429bfe0891b22a7331f8db.jpg)
does this count :0)

File: f113362_f1153_Gillian.jpg-(418.48KB, 1481x1135, f1153_Gillian.jpg)
113362 No. 113362 hide watch expand quickreply   [Reply]
There was a pic made by Michele Light a long ago called "Millicent", in the pic was a female racoon with long, white hair with a pose almost similar to this one

Anyone have it? I don't care if it's the preview version, I'm still looking for it. I already checked the thread in /ar/, googled and searched through known packs. No luck, I'm afraid.
7 posts and 4 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 113938
Glad to be of help, thanks for the wallpaper.

Ouch, that sucks and is a reason, why I have bought 2nd internal drive as well. And no, I haven't uploaded archives here.
No. 113960

And about the archive, I wasn't talking about here specifictly, but it's alright.

Is there any chance you could upload your archive? If that's not much to ask, of course; I really want to keep up with the gallery, so it would be nice. I could suggest a small, excelent program for uploading purposes if you find that aspect rather troublesome.
No. 114253
File: f114253_Imaninja.jpg-(64.03KB, 159x200, Imaninja.jpg)
Bumping the thread so the kind Anon that helped me can see this >>113960

Also with some content, here is a pic I'm trying to restore. The original one I found is only a bit bigger, I did some fixes like uncensoring it and that kind of things, I only need to find a good fix for the bigger version.

File: f114251_6ddcaa6278c368f6884913ff21d1e409.jpg-(184.26KB, 730x989, 6ddcaa6278c368f6884913ff21d1e409.jpg)
114251 No. 114251 hide watch quickreply   [Reply]
I recently found about this artist, and I was wondering if anyone saved most of her stuff if not all.

File: f111379_Archives.jpg-(52.80KB, 500x500, Archives.jpg)
111379 No. 111379 hide watch quickreply   [Reply]
Does anyone have an art archive of the following artists?:

JW Kennedy (AKA, Dr Phlogiston or Tegerio)
>He deleted his whole gallery to sell it later on a CD.
FA: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/tegerio/

>He deleted part of his gallery time ago, the reason is unknown.
FA: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/metaltron/
No. 113648
No. 113655
stop biring this bake up no one cares
No. 114086
How the fuck is this thread staying at the top without ppl bumping it?

File: f110996_lintu_33_clex.png-(306.08KB, 574x1070, lintu_33_clex.png)
110996 No. 110996 hide watch expand quickreply   [Reply] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts]
Veil styled clothing. Gypsies, belly dancers, harems, genies. Any and all!
123 posts and 120 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 113959
File: f113959_0905dd5f23834017e3dfac5dac1f26d4.jpg-(84.44KB, 490x600, 0905dd5f23834017e3dfac5dac1f26d4.jpg)

Omaha the Cat Dancer 3/3
No. 114019
File: f114019_neltruin_cheetah.png-(207.68KB, 400x960, neltruin_cheetah.png)
No. 114248
File: f114248_ksharra_haremdancer.png-(402.00KB, 540x735, ksharra_haremdancer.png)

File: f104105_125287509485.jpg-(48.43KB, 800x600, 125287509485.jpg)
104105 No. 104105 hide watch expand quickreply   [Reply]
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No. 113300
File: f113300_246655 - Asthexiancal David_Siegl tagme TaleSpin.jpg-(56.83KB, 600x456, 246655 - Asthexiancal David_Siegl tagme TaleSpin.jpg)
No. 113301
File: f113301_638328 - Sally_Acorn Sonic_Team saltcore.jpg-(234.47KB, 512x512, 638328 - Sally_Acorn Sonic_Team saltcore.jpg)
No. 114241
File: f114241_toon_1225423602639_nanojam_knux_rouge2.png-(191.52KB, 600x646, toon_1225423602639_nanojam_knux_rouge2.png)

File: f100166_353879 - Lola_Bunny Looney_Tunes nitro space_jam w.jpg-(214.32KB, 764x643, 353879 - Lola_Bunny Looney_Tunes nitro space_jam w.jpg)
100166 No. 100166 hide watch expand quickreply   [Reply] [Last 50 posts]
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No. 112740
File: f112740_lola_is_on_top_of_the_world_by_rabbette-d3dhl3o.jpg-(282.62KB, 900x1120, lola_is_on_top_of_the_world_by_rabbette-d3dhl3o.jpg)
No. 112959
File: f112959_warner04.jpg-(94.83KB, 420x684, warner04.jpg)
No. 114240
File: f114240_1292534044.nitro_lolas.jpg-(109.30KB, 936x712, 1292534044.nitro_lolas.jpg)

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