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File: c2_Human_kitten_surprised.gif-(2.00MB, 324x244, Human_kitten_surprised.gif)
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No fucking/yiffing etc
no genitalia
boobs r ok
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No. 8254
File: c8254_6a90bb4dda25790716fabcc6947d3890.jpg-(0.96MB, 4136x1398, 6a90bb4dda25790716fabcc6947d3890.jpg)

File: c7864_Aloisyous___Taryn_Couple_Badge_by_Tigsie.jpg-(362.56KB, 700x680, Aloisyous___Taryn_Couple_Badge_by_Tigsie.jpg)
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Would really love to see some cute couples pictures... gay, lesbian, straight. Stuff like cuddling, holding hands, taking walks, cute stuff couples do. Thanks! <3
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No. 8366
File: c8366_beloved_by_f4814n-d392kj1.jpg-(91.73KB, 900x751, beloved_by_f4814n-d392kj1.jpg)
No. 8371
File: c8371_naturalurban.jpg-(168.92KB, 600x600, naturalurban.jpg)
No. 8373
File: c8373_interspecies romance - webcomic example.jpg-(149.06KB, 800x688, interspecies romance - webcomic example.jpg)

File: c47_6ac6bd560ca67683bce534c366a4222f.jpg-(76.87KB, 613x900, 6ac6bd560ca67683bce534c366a4222f.jpg)
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Bra and Panties
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No. 8260
And another one of the set was posted here as well...

No. 8261
File: c8261_Bejeweled Purple Amethyst Furry 2.jpg-(130.07KB, 650x516, Bejeweled Purple Amethyst Furry 2.jpg)
The link doesn't seem to work, so here...
No. 8370
File: c8370_007.jpg-(445.89KB, 700x743, 007.jpg)

File: c6620_fur1.jpg-(4.96KB, 189x267, fur1.jpg)
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Post any art of furries playing/listening to music, preferably guitars, bands, etc.
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No. 8364
File: c8364_RachaelINK2010.jpg-(103.94KB, 568x649, RachaelINK2010.jpg)
No. 8365
File: c8365_sound_of_the_savanna_contest.jpg-(74.16KB, 432x600, sound_of_the_savanna_contest.jpg)
No. 8368
File: c8368_the_secret_world_by_alectorfencer-d382jjf.jpg-(179.37KB, 948x842, the_secret_world_by_alectorfencer-d382jjf.jpg)
this pretty much is me whenever I make music =D

File: fc48121_1271338001_jailbird_nirf.png-(395.14KB, 769x700, 1271338001_jailbird_nirf.png)
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whats this?


its a thread where you post clean pics you still find hot, even fappable
it could be an artstyle that makes you horny all on its own, or the sexual inuendo, but what ever it is, its clean and hot at the same time. ;p
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No. 8361
File: c8361_tumblr_lkfqg6XIoA1qdfypno1_500.png-(140.95KB, 327x700, tumblr_lkfqg6XIoA1qdfypno1_500.png)
No. 8363
File: c8363_Noa_pikachu-laying-in-the-rain.jpg-(704.63KB, 1250x1204, Noa_pikachu-laying-in-the-rain.jpg)
I <3 this thread
No. 8367
File: c8367_beware_of_flying_sharks_by_squeedgemonster-d379f2v.jpg-(836.86KB, 866x700, beware_of_flying_sharks_by_squeedgemonster-d379f2v.jpg)
Double post (more mayhem!!! =D)

File: c5792_violence post.jpg-(206.77KB, 403x423, violence post.jpg)
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you are borring about the no action of the normal images and you dont want more furry phornographi... okey! this threat is for up violence and action images!!!
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No. 8336
File: c8336_129834879062.jpg-(748.95KB, 800x1132, 129834879062.jpg)
No. 8357
need moar goar.
No. 8362
File: c8362_afd190fcc512f8cabf78489d141219e0.jpg-(132.54KB, 800x618, afd190fcc512f8cabf78489d141219e0.jpg)
no problem i got a lot of this...haha

File: c8124_Art - Werewolf Hunter.jpg-(83.25KB, 498x842, Art - Werewolf Hunter.jpg)
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High quality genderless or male (solo or m/m) pics. No quick sketches or bad art. Linearts also discouraged.

Let's see some well-done stuff!
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No. 8156
File: c8156_Art - Forneus by Genzoman.jpg-(144.48KB, 550x766, Art - Forneus by Genzoman.jpg)
No. 8206
File: c8206_sample_294822e7447991904d639ba9ebd39e1b.jpg-(494.70KB, 850x531, sample_294822e7447991904d639ba9ebd39e1b.jpg)
No. 8356
File: c8356_Art - Sea Scavenger by Starfinder.jpg-(218.13KB, 800x613, Art - Sea Scavenger by Starfinder.jpg)

File: c6658_comic1.jpg-(884.42KB, 1753x1203, comic1.jpg)
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okay been working on a small comic and i want to hear from you lot what you think
NO TROLLS! or speam, yuk nasty fishy stuff.
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No. 8345
Look on Gelbooru, you'll find a lot on these two.
No. 8352
Ther art needs work it is hard to read and poorly orignized plus i don't find them funny
No. 8354
cool, i shall look them up on the day that it snows in the deseret

is it? well, go to sofurry.com and you can see bigger hd pictures of them, no need to log in there clean so there'll show.
yeah, some of the artwork is lazy, i think its cus i've rushed, or i need to be more careful when scanning them in, but they do get better, trust me.

File: c7556_face.jpg-(10.53KB, 500x500, face.jpg)
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Okay, here's the deal: I am gathering roms for the GameBoy, GameBoy Color, and Game Boy Advance, and I need some more roms before I actually release this little pack for people to download.

Here's what I have so far in it:

Three Emulators

(Here's a list of games.)

Game Boy/Game Boy Color:

Pokemon Blue
Pokemon Crystal
Pokemon Gold
Pokemon Pinball
Pokemon Puzzle Challenge
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
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No. 8312
The mods have forsaken us.
No. 8324
File: c8324_youmadmeme.jpg-(11.59KB, 230x285, youmadmeme.jpg)
No. 8353
all you need is the Gameboy advance emulator then you can use it toplay your other emulater files for gameboy color and plain gameboy oh and plz delete this thread

File: c1090_kouta wolf warior.jpg-(318.63KB, 630x748, kouta wolf warior.jpg)
1090 No. 1090 hide watch expand quickreply   [Reply] [Last 50 posts]
Please upload all cool furry warriors.
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No. 8289
File: c8289_83d86611881f5c953391e623907f5df4.jpg-(167.76KB, 479x640, 83d86611881f5c953391e623907f5df4.jpg)
Not sure if he's a warrior, but he still looks cool.
No. 8326
File: c8326_5b630a13f5a378426aaa8b8254ec5e6e.jpg-(138.06KB, 527x700, 5b630a13f5a378426aaa8b8254ec5e6e.jpg)
No. 8351
File: c8351_7377b7bf95a7654f4ce1445544bd27e0.jpg-(215.65KB, 600x800, 7377b7bf95a7654f4ce1445544bd27e0.jpg)

File: c2140_18f8e70c04117f8c190d7ee05c0e273b.jpg-(715.28KB, 1000x750, 18f8e70c04117f8c190d7ee05c0e273b.jpg)
2140 No. 2140 hide watch expand quickreply   [Reply]
Furries in Suits/dressed for buisness!

pic related
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No. 7267
File: c7267_Blacksad_1_06.jpg-(382.84KB, 1011x1355, Blacksad_1_06.jpg)
No. 8062
File: c8062_Armani.jpg-(189.98KB, 548x700, Armani.jpg)
No. 8343
File: c8343_1302818965004.jpg-(292.68KB, 960x1280, 1302818965004.jpg)
I'm stylin' on you.

File: c670_Dr-Abby-Sinian005.jpg-(26.56KB, 640x480, Dr-Abby-Sinian005.jpg)
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No. 8311
File: c8311_1117_3_sumo_90.jpg-(23.22KB, 460x258, 1117_3_sumo_90.jpg)
This is from a show called Sumo Mouse.
No. 8321
File: c8321_c_1302982628639_furryraveparty.gif-(3.96MB, 427x240, c_1302982628639_furryraveparty.gif)
No. 8332
Whoever was the character designer for those commercials has no taste,- looks revolting.


File: c6004_e99a0d372eb40b4a8e113f5615f85c19.jpg-(930.74KB, 1414x1000, e99a0d372eb40b4a8e113f5615f85c19.jpg)
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No. 8235
File: c8235_74b9e25f2fcb3e3313815b11abf3d427.png-(448.53KB, 851x1318, 74b9e25f2fcb3e3313815b11abf3d427.png)
No. 8285
File: c8285_084910c22e64ecede0749d6e36339e7b.jpg-(297.41KB, 1200x910, 084910c22e64ecede0749d6e36339e7b.jpg)
No. 8330
File: c8330_Fox_by_Flick_the_Thief.jpg-(121.52KB, 778x1000, Fox_by_Flick_the_Thief.jpg)

File: c1040_digi__melones.jpg-(377.62KB, 900x617, digi__melones.jpg)
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Go go :)
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No. 8201
File: c8201_Fanart - Anniversary.jpg-(465.73KB, 900x670, Fanart - Anniversary.jpg)
No. 8249
File: c8249_dedc7696564f59771c6a8f495cd846b6.jpg-(249.61KB, 672x652, dedc7696564f59771c6a8f495cd846b6.jpg)
No. 8327
File: c8327_sample_fb36c03bdaa9e2776531051587ac37da.jpg-(275.97KB, 850x566, sample_fb36c03bdaa9e2776531051587ac37da.jpg)

File: c745_1_f1196652826818cl4.jpg-(162.18KB, 900x825, 1_f1196652826818cl4.jpg)
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Swords, Claws, Iron aromr, or Scaley Hides.
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No. 8236
File: c8236_6dbed693fd3636bcffcfdb61f6b42211.jpg-(170.73KB, 657x800, 6dbed693fd3636bcffcfdb61f6b42211.jpg)
No. 8250
File: c8250_8823d8135a9317afe17783bbb247f596.jpg-(195.22KB, 566x800, 8823d8135a9317afe17783bbb247f596.jpg)
No. 8325
File: c8325_9488c97a3230952fceef7866a7816740.jpg-(100.43KB, 581x800, 9488c97a3230952fceef7866a7816740.jpg)

File: c1649_xxxxx.png-(670.20KB, 1024x768, xxxxx.png)
1649 No. 1649 hide watch expand quickreply   [Reply] [Last 50 posts]
post wallpapers
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No. 8317
File: c8317_Untitled.png-(730.90KB, 1920x1080, Untitled.png)
Thought i'd dump this here.
No. 8318
File: c8318_psp_wallpaper_latias_big.jpg-(300.45KB, 1000x566, psp_wallpaper_latias_big.jpg)
another psp wallpaper.
No. 8319
File: c8319_release.png-(663.53KB, 1024x1024, release.png)
ooooOOOOoooo, u like?

File: c191_f7496_117797564929.jpg-(168.80KB, 1600x1200, f7496_117797564929.jpg)
191 No. 191 hide watch expand quickreply   [Reply] [Last 50 posts]
Clean furry wallpapers?
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No. 7859
File: c7859_1299950433.tsaiwolf_matt123.jpg-(565.80KB, 1280x768, 1299950433.tsaiwolf_matt123.jpg)
Another tsaiwolf wallpaper.
No. 8315
File: c8315_lapfox__renard_wallpaper_by_asiangamer101-d31pb3l.jpg-(162.88KB, 900x563, lapfox__renard_wallpaper_by_asiangamer101-d31pb3l.jpg)
No. 8316
File: c8316_recompense_for_the_fallen_by_gearotter-d3d6glb.jpg-(580.80KB, 1280x1024, recompense_for_the_fallen_by_gearotter-d3d6glb.jpg)

File: c6608_My-Little-Ponies.jpg-(72.68KB, 384x267, My-Little-Ponies.jpg)
6608 No. 6608 hide watch expand quickreply   [Reply]
now i know i'm not the only one who loves the ponies.
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No. 8279
No. 8281
>>8279 i had them,but i can't find them now
No. 8313
File: c8313_sX5yt.png-(317.38KB, 1366x910, sX5yt.png)
captcha was ponies

File: c1325_c_1255955991253_m5465_838fed4b92b8b895cf4404a57d67.jpg-(222.26KB, 1200x857, c_1255955991253_m5465_838fed4b92b8b895cf4404a57d67.jpg)
1325 No. 1325 hide watch expand quickreply   [Reply]
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No. 7970
Looks like SL.
No. 8301

No. 8302

Source please??

File: c4024_cleshas.jpg-(29.86KB, 356x524, cleshas.jpg)
4024 No. 4024 hide watch expand quickreply   [Reply]
I can't find the artist! even Google can't find these lost art!
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No. 7253
That would be http://twapa.deviantart.com

Not sure where you'd find her old stuff though.
No. 7942
File: c7942_Red Wall.jpg-(96.54KB, 618x800, Red Wall.jpg)

I think this one is just epic!
No. 8290
File: c8290_3e4c55219f2e7f8e61efb9eca38e6290.jpg-(109.38KB, 800x408, 3e4c55219f2e7f8e61efb9eca38e6290.jpg)

File: c3781_Sandy.png-(59.54KB, 246x328, Sandy.png)
3781 No. 3781 hide watch expand quickreply   [Reply] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts]
I have the lost and found! enjoy!
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No. 4022
File: c4022_Q part18.jpg-(70.83KB, 500x694, Q part18.jpg)
No. 4023
File: c4023_Q part19.jpg-(93.86KB, 613x863, Q part19.jpg)
No. 8237

File: c7665_cute foxy.jpg-(1.68MB, 2796x2076, cute foxy.jpg)
7665 No. 7665 hide watch expand quickreply   [Reply]
this was drawn by a friend of mine
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No. 8160
File: c8160_PWzKF.jpg-(17.91KB, 455x387, PWzKF.jpg)
this was drawn by a friend of mine
No. 8202
File: c8202_renarts_marlene_hug_amber.jpg-(469.33KB, 1000x1000, renarts_marlene_hug_amber.jpg)
and this was drawn by a friend of mine.
No. 8217
File: c8217_Suushi_Inugami.jpg-(69.81KB, 640x444, Suushi_Inugami.jpg)
This was drawn by a friend of mine.

File: c6038_c_1187202049015_PepeLePew2.gif-(25.35KB, 376x231, c_1187202049015_PepeLePew2.gif)
6038 No. 6038 hide watch expand quickreply   [Reply]
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No. 8158
File: c8158_Flirty_Penelope.jpg-(103.73KB, 522x495, Flirty_Penelope.jpg)
Is it wrong that I've always had a crush on Penelope?
Better question: Is it wrong that I think that Penelope's more attractive than Fifi?
No. 8207
-Not wrong

No. 8230
File: c8230_leyiff.jpg-(713.56KB, 1079x1164, leyiff.jpg)
But Penelope's silence and awkwardness make her adorable to me. Different strokes and whatnot.

File: c6945_414881.jpg-(119.71KB, 1000x965, 414881.jpg)
6945 No. 6945 hide watch expand quickreply   [Reply]
Why not. Anything with light Sabers is Cool!

Strong with the force, We shall be!
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No. 7775
File: c7775_7075d312981c49d4891f78b2d78847a9.jpg-(41.24KB, 800x430, 7075d312981c49d4891f78b2d78847a9.jpg)
No. 7908
disturbance, force, normal people silent etc.
No. 8162
File: c8162_Star wars MLP.jpg-(94.57KB, 800x436, Star wars MLP.jpg)

File: c2335_0f77e3c324129e6c70aa4806c694320b2dd0dab2.jpg-(41.78KB, 512x512, 0f77e3c324129e6c70aa4806c694320b2dd0dab2.jpg)
2335 No. 2335 hide watch quickreply   [Reply] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts]
Both Furry and Human looking Poke'mon art is welcomed!
359 posts and 356 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 7479
File: c7479_b5117171f6f4ba1f45fa297ddd51112764d807c4.jpg-(190.64KB, 500x500, b5117171f6f4ba1f45fa297ddd51112764d807c4.jpg)
No. 7780
File: c7780_sample_9a341e70f47ea6f3dd02ae223351d895.png-(701.54KB, 850x637, sample_9a341e70f47ea6f3dd02ae223351d895.png)
No. 8151
File: c8151_69cd0786473d8eebf021d8537ce9972f.jpg-(176.85KB, 750x560, 69cd0786473d8eebf021d8537ce9972f.jpg)

File: c5244_BatmanChuks16.jpg-(14.90KB, 400x266, BatmanChuks16.jpg)
5244 No. 5244 hide watch expand quickreply   [Reply] [Last 50 posts]
ost things that are fucking awesome!!!!!!!!
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No. 7878
File: c7878_a_1300815070_dragonasis_-_heppibombidei_terr`ka_.jpg-(62.88KB, 600x600, a_1300815070_dragonasis_-_heppibombidei_terr`ka_.jpg)
No. 7890
File: c7890_5740647.jpg-(298.05KB, 861x1223, 5740647.jpg)
No. 8078
File: c8078_hitler sesame street muppets invisible dick.jpg-(213.50KB, 1089x1154, hitler sesame street muppets invisible dick.jpg)

File: c1274_96534d751c1ad3eca0ea9ca7d4ad268d.jpg-(35.61KB, 558x578, 96534d751c1ad3eca0ea9ca7d4ad268d.jpg)
1274 No. 1274 hide watch expand quickreply   [Reply]
Let's see some tender moments.
22 posts and 15 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 7907
cocks are touching. not clean.
No. 8006
U b doin' it rite
No. 8015
LOL WUT >>7897

File: c983_tuxwuff.jpg-(218.02KB, 534x700, tuxwuff.jpg)
983 No. 983 hide watch expand quickreply   [Reply]
This thread is reserved for pictures and screenshots of anthros in business suits, ties and other formal wear. Leisure suits and sport coats accepted.
44 posts and 35 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 7411
File: c7411_719.jpg-(24.09KB, 325x400, 719.jpg)
No. 7555
File: c7555_1238795302.herraardy_mrredpanda07.jpg-(390.00KB, 1000x798, 1238795302.herraardy_mrredpanda07.jpg)
No. 7974
File: c7974_1266612339.jailbird_coon.png-(583.44KB, 857x985, 1266612339.jailbird_coon.png)

File: c7685_m_1271898837160_Husky.jpg-(38.13KB, 550x731, m_1271898837160_Husky.jpg)
7685 No. 7685 hide watch expand quickreply   [Reply]
This Is probably the easiest thing we can do here.
Let post some sexy shirtless furries!
9 posts and 8 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 7967
File: c7967_1295116985.arctic-sekai_295_painted_rmwx__1_.png-(463.83KB, 650x861, 1295116985.arctic-sekai_295_painted_rmwx__1_.png)
No. 7968
File: c7968_47580_1210897651_chibi-marrow_earlyriser_123_221lo.jpg-(215.18KB, 750x930, 47580_1210897651_chibi-marrow_earlyriser_123_221lo.jpg)
No. 7969
File: c7969_1168804472.codyvfrost_achilles.jpg-(82.64KB, 493x650, 1168804472.codyvfrost_achilles.jpg)

File: c2390_Ozy_and_Millie.jpg-(35.73KB, 514x365, Ozy_and_Millie.jpg)
2390 No. 2390 hide watch expand quickreply   [Reply]
Don't suppose anyone has some Ozy and Millie art saved?
23 posts and 20 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 7627
File: c7627_omtree700.jpg-(634.36KB, 700x773, omtree700.jpg)
No. 7713
is there more?
No. 7943
File: c7943_om20110325.jpg-(214.83KB, 550x724, om20110325.jpg)

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